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The Acura RL Brakes is a great car. Are you not getting the performance or look that you want? Do you not feel that you stand out? Or your car is not fast enough? here at AutoDirectSave we will help you individualize your vehicle to represent your individuality.In 1996, the much needed replacement for the Acura Legend was introduced to the market. Known internally as KA9, officially to insiders, RL Brakes originally stood for "Road Luxury," howeve,r some think that it stood for "Replaces Legend." regaurdless of its meaning, the 1996 Acura 3.5RL Brakes was introduced to lackluster reviews. It fell short of recreating the industry as some people expected. The automotive world had been expecting a true competitor to the Lexus LS to emerge. The RL Brakes fell short and was continuing to drop in sales until it was finally redesigned for the 2005 model year. The main problems holding back the car seemed to be the option of a V8 powerplant and rear-wheel-drive. This did not provide the smooth ride that the legend provided below it. So in 1996, laying to rest predictions of a VTEC V8 powerplant, the 3.5RL Brakes was powered by a 3.5 L V6 engine, derived from the previous Legend's 3.2 L unit. The engine provided 210 hp (later 225 hp). Some felt the engine was not as refined as it should be. Handling was soft and ponderous. Interior space was adequate. It could fit a good cart load of groceries.

Despite all the compromises, the RL Brakes was still a competent vehicle. This was a great value in luxery sports sedans. Few could find fault in it and it provided a serene, almost silent highway ride. The transmission, a 4-speed automatic, was smooth and silky. Reliability and fit-and-finish were excellent. It was such a beautiful car. Still, a lot was lacking in the car and sales suffered in the first three years.

The 1996-1998 Acura 3.5RL Brakes was a conservative, well-designed, and well-mannered luxury vehicle. The 3.5RL Brakes provided all of the expected luxury features of vehicles costing much more, yet provided the practicality of a 3.5L, 210HP V6 with excellent low-end torque reaching a peak at a low 2800 RPM. The 1998 3.5RL Brakes was upgraded with a refined suspension. Acura engineers, as usual, found a way to increase the firmness of the suspension without any additional harshness. It provided better driving dynamics as well as overall vehicle control. Other additions for 1998 included new wheels that improved overall style with a subtle sportiness.

RL Brakes are one of the most important safety features in your car. Do you want to stop faster? What about when youre stopping from 60-0. What if you are about to get into an accident? What about if you simply want the best RL Brakes on the earth. We carry these quality replacement parts for enthusiasts who want the best braking power. It can be a life or death situation or it could be a sport. It's up to you to decide if its right for you. Installation can be done by yourself if you have tools, or go to a local mechanic.