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Del Sol Body Kits & Conversions


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Del Sol Body Kits & Conversions Buy Honda Del Sol Body Kits & Conversions

Starting with the 1995 models, Honda dropped the 'Civic' name from the del Sol cars. The del Sol then underwent a slight alteration in 1996 (which included removing the two auxiliary headlamps) in an attempt to boost sales, but uncharacteristically poor body maintenance (the targa tops were prone to leaks in early models) and poor promotion had all but doomed the del Sol. Production and sales ended with the 1997 model in the U.S. and 1998 elsewhere, with a total of slightly fewer than 75,000 models sold in America.

Del Sol Body Kits & Conversions are a popular modification to sport cars. A body kit can be a great way to make your vehicle look cool and exotic. If you have seen the fast and furious movies then you know how nice a car can look with a body kit. Most the cars that appeared on that film had the same body kits we carry here. With some basic painting and good installation your car can look just as good if not better! Installation of body kits can be done by yourself or by a shop. Its best to have a body shop paint your body kit. Installation of most the Del Sol Body Kits & Conversions are done by screws or special adhesive to the original bumpers. Don't forget to look at our other body kit accessories such as grilles and LEDs to make your car look even more exotic.