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Legend 2Dr Exhaust


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Legend 2Dr Exhaust Buy Acura Legend 2Dr Exhaust

The original Legend was initially a four-door sedan, with a two-door coup� added later to meet the demand from audiences.

Acura Legend
In the mid 1980s, Honda Motor Company (HMC) had been selling cars in the United States and Canada for over a decade successfully, and they had become known for their efficient, low priced vehicles and motorcycles. HMC had been basically nothing more than an entry-level model that nobody wanted, offering very little along the lines of power or luxury, but in 1985, they released a car in Japan that would be their first attempt at a luxury model, and a year later, the Acura Legend became available for sale in the United States. While named the Honda Legend in most of the world, HMCs new Acura model line, which was specifically intended to be a sort of high-end line in the US market. The Legend was the second car in that Acura lineup, following the also popular Acura Integra, and was marketed as their flagship luxury model worldwide regardless of the brand name.It was the model which launched Honda's upscale Acura brand in the United States to compete with other luxury vehicles. This was a great move by the company.

The first-generation Honda Legend was manufactured from 1985 until 1989, with a second-generation model (also offered as a sedan and coup�) launching in 1990. The Rover 800 was not renewed, continuing and utilizing on the old XX platform. The great sequal third-generation Legend was released in 1996.

The first and second-generation Honda Legend was known as the Acura Legend in North American markets from 1986-1995, and in 1996 the third-generation was renamed the Acura RL, while the Legend name continued on in Japan and other markets onto a third and fourth-generation. This car just moved and shaked like no other.

The second (part II) generation Legend was also manufactured by Daewoo in South Korea from 1993 to 2000 under the name of Daewoo Arcadia, for the domestic market mostly. It was a vehicle for upper class families to drive while keeping the reliability of Honda.

The third-generation model was offered as a sedan only. A mid-term facelift came in 1999.

The swoopier fourth-generation Honda Legend was launched on October 7, 2004 and became Japan's Car of the Year for 2004�5, marking the fourth time in five years that Honda has taken the award. The new car has a 300 PS engine and an intelligent night-vision system to detect pedestrians.

The Legend went on sale in Australia for the 2007 model year, based on the third-generation RL.

Do you like loud or soft Legend 2Dr Exhaust? Or do you simply want to change the look of your vehicles appearance. An Legend 2Dr Exhaust can serve as performance upgrade, sound or visual. An Legend 2Dr Exhaust is a great way to make your car perform and sound good. Impress your friends when you floor your vehicle with a nice throaty sound. Original mufflers are usually made from cheap metals that rust, while new mufflers we sell are made from high quality stainless steel. Furthermore, aftermarket mufflers weight much less than stock mufflers. What this means to you is, if your looking for best performance, shedding every weight from your car is going to increase your HP to weight ratio. Legend 2Dr Exhaust sound varies from manufacture to manufacture so its best to ask or hear a car in person before decided to buy that particular Legend 2Dr Exhaust.