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V40 Exhaust


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The 95 S-40 sedan and V40 Exhaust wagon were built in the Nether-lands at the Ned-Car factory, a pre Ford joint venture between Volvo and Mitsubishi Motors. It was based on common platform with Carisma but did not sell as well. Despite the shared platform, they were not the same car. Of the 5,000 parts on the cars, 4,000 were unique to each. Of the remainder, 650 were produced by Volvo and 350 by Mitsubishi. Volvo's traditional emphasis for safety and ergonomics were thus easily identifiable in these models too.

Do you like loud or soft V40 Exhaust? Or do you simply want to change the look of your vehicles appearance. An V40 Exhaust can serve as performance upgrade, sound or visual. An V40 Exhaust is a great way to make your car perform and sound good. Impress your friends when you floor your vehicle with a nice throaty sound. Original mufflers are usually made from cheap metals that rust, while new mufflers we sell are made from high quality stainless steel. Furthermore, aftermarket mufflers weight much less than stock mufflers. What this means to you is, if your looking for best performance, shedding every weight from your car is going to increase your HP to weight ratio. V40 Exhaust sound varies from manufacture to manufacture so its best to ask or hear a car in person before decided to buy that particular V40 Exhaust.