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SLK LED Products Buy Mercedes SLK LED Products

The Mercedes SLK LED Products is a luxury car built by Mercedes-Benz since 1997. The SLK LED Products has a retractable hard top which is very unique. The first model from 97-99 had the 185hp motor with 2.3L supercharged I4. In 1999 the Mercedes SLK LED Products came with a 5 speed manual transmission with 215 HP 3.2L engine. In 2001 the SLK LED Products 320 came with a more powerful engine. An AMG model was added in 2002 with 354hp supercharged engine which is one of the best performing. The Mercedes SLK LED Products was updated again in 2004 visually and was one of the ten best cars in 2005.

We carry the latest SLK LED Products. L.E.D. stands for light emitting diode. It is the latest method to transmit light. If you have noticed most electronics incorporate some kind of led in the power button to let you know the device is on or off. With advancing technology new leds have been introduced that give a lot of light. The light output of our leds is bright enough to light up an area a normal flash light did before. You probably have seen these led flash lights in the store. But imagine what you can do with our product, use it anywhere. \r\n One thing you must understand is that they consume low power, so don't think you need fuses. Even if you used a fuse, the change of it burning out with even a 100 leds hooked to it would be low.