When you ask how to choose the best 4×6 speakers, what do people often say? Without a doubt, the answers would be something about well-known brands or several common products.

We, with nearly the same answer, are not an exception. However, besides the high-rated recommendations, a detailed guide will become of great help in making the right shopping decision. But first, we will take a look around the recent market to see what it has to offer. Are you ready for the juicy bits?

Best 4×6 Speakers On The Market 2020

After researching the market, we picked ten among the mass as the best 4×6 speakers. And here they are.

1. Pyle Three-Way Speaker – Best for an eye-catching design

Pyle Three-Way Speaker

We love to get started with an eye-catching product named Pyle 4×6 Three Way speaker. The impression lies in its cone design. The central part of the speaker features a blue poly injection cone which is not only attractive but durable as well. Plus, it can reduce the sound distortion without adding weight to the whole device.

The nice look comes with good sound quality. It is noticeable that is the ohm – an electrical resistance rated at 4. The lower this rating is, the more effectively it can work. So, users can consider this low impedance as compensation for the undersized wire.

Plus, instead of the cone tweeter, the Pyle 4×6 Three Way speaker is available with a mid-range dome one. Thanks to the high-quality tweeter, the speaker can deliver smooth sound quality and a frequency response from 2.5 to 20kHz. However, the bass seems to be a weak spot of the Pyle 4×6 Three Way speaker. If you want to improve the situation, we suggest preparing a high-quality amplifier.


  • Installation ease
  • High-quality tweeter
  • Attractive design
  • Low sound distortion

  • Bad bass

Undoubtedly, we should not expect too much in a small car’s speaker to produce bass as well as specialized devices. If this issue does not matter much to you, the Pyle 4×6 Three Way speaker is definitely worth buying.

2. Rockford Fosgate P1462 Two Way Speaker – Best for installation ease

Rockford Fosgate P1462 Two Way Speaker

The next recommendation on the list is one of the most common 4×6 speakers in the market, which is the Rockford Fosgate Punch P1462. Unlike the first product, this unit is a two-way speaker with some differences in design.

You do not have to spend too much time to set the device in place since it comes with the installation ease. The sleek basket design makes it suitable to fit in almost all types of cars. Also, you will find it easier to make adjustments thanks to a 6×8-inch adapter plate for sure.

If producing the high-quality bass is impossible for the Pyle 4×6 Three Way speaker, this second unit – Rockford Fosgate P1462 can nail this task exceptionally well! The Vertical Attach Surround Technique helps to boost the radiating cone area. Consequently, the speaker is able to produce deep and strong bass.

Apart from the advantages, there is still a drawback regarding the two-way design that we found with the Rockford Fosgate Punch P1462. It has no midrange to handle the spectrum middle range from 500 Hz to 4 kHz.


  • Dome tweeter
  • Durable rubber woofer cone
  • 1-year warranty

  • No midrange

Rockford Fosgate Punch P1462 shows an ideal improvement in the bass, making your music experience much better. Would you like to experience it?

3. Infinity REF-6422cfx – Best for audio performance

Infinity REF-6422cfx

In the car audio market, Infinity is not a strange name. They have launched their products with the top audio performance. And the Infinity REF-6422cfx is also on-trend.

Why is it the best choice for audio performance? The Harman patented Plus One cone is an important part of the Infinity REF-6422cfx. It equips the speaker with a stiff cone surface. The more well-structured the cone gets, the better the audio performance becomes, even with the low-end frequency.

Furthermore, the speaker is available in various sizes as well as the compact design. So, there is no need to worry about whether the device can fit in your car or not.

We would like to give one more appreciation for the tweeter. By the high-frequency band, the Infinity REF-6422cfx tweeters outperform many other brands’ speakers. Even when you set the speaker at the full volume, the sound will not crack at all.
However, the life of this Infinity REF-6422cfx only lasts about six months, which is not too long. Moreover, it cannot handle the bass.


  • High audio quality
  • Installation ease
  • Outperforming tweeters

  • Short-term durability

Although the Infinity REF-6422cfx is not the best choice in the long term, it has great audio quality. The product is still worthy of invest in.

4. BOSS Audio Systems CH4630 – Best for warranty

BOSS Audio Systems CH4630

How do you think about a three-year Platinum warranty for the BOSS audio system? Well, it is such a perfect deal to have, isn’t it?
Not only the warranty but the power is also another point worth appreciating. The product comes with a maximum of 250 watts for a pair of speakers. It is not too high but powerful enough to reduce the issue of running out of power, even in highs or lows.

As for the design, it is a combination of red and black for worth-praising visual aesthetics. What about sound quality?

When it comes to audio performance, we will think about the cone material right away. Fortunately, the woofer cone of this BOSS CH4630 comes with a poly injection in order to harden the surface and add more durability. Also, there is the butyl rubber layer for further aid surrounding the cone. Unlike soft materials, the stiff poly will reduce the sound distortion at most.

The weight of this item gets about six pounds which is quite compact to fit in any car. However, because of the lightweight structure as well as small size, it is not all that sturdy and likely to break under impact.


  • Amazingly long term of the warranty
  • High-quality cone
  • Compact design

  • Fragility

The BOSS CH4630 provides users with a three-year term of the warranty, showing its dependability. You probably try using it!

5. Pioneer TS-A1370F – Best for reduction of sound distortion

Pioneer TS-A1370F

The model A1370F is the next generation for the Pioneer TS series with the Carbon & Mica reinforced IMPP cone. It is a combination of a new magnetic circuit and the long symmetrical voice coil to produce the rich deep bass and reduce the sound distortion.

By cutting off the lead wire connection, the speaker comes with a clean look. This change also helps to reduce the impact of short noise. Besides, thanks to the convenient design, the item offers users a lot of options for installing and making adjustments.

The power handling peak reaches 300 Watts with an RMS of 50 Watts. Both of them enable the speaker to produce a smooth and powerful sound.
In the market, this speaker may get a higher rank if it comes with a long warranty. However, we cannot find any information regarding this factor.


  • Convenient design
  • Installation ease
  • Rich bass

  • No warranty information

Using the Pioneer A1370F, you will not meet sound distortion while enjoying music with speakers.

6. JBL Club 6420 – Best for cone quality

JBL Club 6420

Our list will be surely incomplete if we miss JBL Club 6420. It is not the best model of the brand, but honestly, the item offers an exceptional cone quality.

The main material for this part is the UV-resistant polypropylene. Unlike soft paper cone, the stiff one will give the best reduction for the sound distortion.

Furthermore, the JBL applies the Harman patented Plus One woofer cone architecture for this model. This can increase the overall cone area in comparison with the standard speaker. Consequently, it creates high sensitivity and makes the low-frequency output improvement.

Instead of the cone tweeters, the JBL Club 6420 comes with dome ones. Despite being more expensive, these tweeters result in clearer and smoother highs.

For this speaker, you should not use any liquid tape. The speaker will heat up while operating and cause the tape to melt.


  • High sensitivity
  • Dome tweeter
  • Compact design

  • Low durability

If you do not expect much for the bass quality, the JBL Club 6420 is not a bad idea. It can perform well from the mid to high range of frequency.

7. Polk Audio DB461 – Best for tough environment

Polk Audio DB461

The speaker stills deliver a smooth and robust performance under any weather conditions. It is the story of the Polk Audio DB461 with the Marine Certification.

It has the cone made of Dynamic Balance polymer/mica composite mineral for both lightweight and rigidity. They prevent the sound distortion from disturbing the powerful sound output.

Besides, the speaker features crossovers – the high and low pass filters. A high-pass filter does the role of reducing below-cutoff-frequency content, then the higher frequencies can pass through the crossover. By contrast, a low-pass filter will work with the above-cutoff-frequency content to boost lower frequencies.

Another element helping the item to withstand tough weather conditions is the durable butyl rubber surround. It is built to last even under high temperatures.

We appreciate the Polk Audio DB461 for its excellent durability. Yet, it is not for the great bass production.


  • High durability
  • Effective high and low pass filters
  • Marine Certification

  • Bad bass production

Polk Audio DB461 is a worthy choice for durability, not for high-quality bass production, which is an important thing to consider carefully.

8. Kicker DSC46 – Best for price

Kicker DSC46

Another choice worth considering is the Kicker DSC46, which is an ideal replacement for the stock speakers due to its compact design. Moreover, if you only have a tight budget, it is truly a good buddy to consider.

In the market, Kicker is a common brand specializing in mid-range audio systems, speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers. Among Kicker products, this DSC46 has become one of the most outstanding choices.

Again, thanks to the compact design, the speaker comes with installation ease. It only takes you a few minutes to complete installing the device. The audio performance is acceptable at a budget-friendly speaker.

The only drawback that we found is power handling. The peak power rating is only 120 Watts.


  • Installation ease
  • Compact design
  • Friendly budget

  • Weak power handling

In the limited budget, the Kicker DSC46 is an ideal option. The product is enough quality for you to experience the sound as desired.

9. Kicker KSC4604 KSC460 – Best for the compact design

Kicker KSC4604 KSC460

With 50 years of development, the Kicker brand deserves a position in this list. And the model that we would like to suggest is the Kicker KSC4604 KSC460. It is one of the best 4×6 speakers highly recommended for the price.

The woofer of this Kicker speaker is the Polypropylene one surrounded by the tough rubber. This material not only ensures high durability but offers excellent sound quality at the same time.

In terms of appearance, the item comes with a thin-mount design. It makes your installment much easier without any hassle. What a clean look!
Another impression is power handling. At the highest RMS power of 75 Watts, the speaker still delivers loud and clear sound. There is no sign of crippling even when it is running at full volume at all.

The Kicker KSC4604 KSC460 has silk dome tweeters. Undoubtedly, it shows an exceptional performance even in the high frequency. Nevertheless, using these tweeters while driving on the highway with the car window down is not a good idea due to the impacts of outside noises.


  • Durable cone material
  • Compact design
  • Excellent power handling

  • High price
  • Silk tweeters/li>

If we can change a thing in this Kicker KSC4604 KSC460, it will be the tweeter material. The metal one helps to reduce the outside impact on sound more effectively than the silk tweeter does.

10. Skar Audio RPX46 – Best for bass production

Skar Audio RPX46

To upgrade the listening experience, the Skar Audio launched its model RPX46 which is a pair of two-way coaxial speakers. It belongs to the RPX sports series with powerful, rich sound and strong bass.

The speakers come with a premium ferrite magnet to give better sound stage enhancement. Even at the high volume, you can still enjoy the smooth sound with perfect big bass production.

Additionally, the item features a 1-inch KSV copper voice coil. This part combines with an aluminum dome tweeter, making the sound clearer than ever. Plus, around the cone, there is a durable premium rubber that can add more durability to the speaker.

However, the microfiber paper material of the cone may be a problem. Its softness can cause a slight change in the frequency, leading to sound distortion.


  • Big bass production
  • Powerful and rich sound
  • Clear audio performance

  • Sound distortion

The soft cone material makes the Skar Audio RPX46 more suitable to enjoy music while driving without impacts of outside noise. We do not recommend this model when you often drive on the highway with windows down.

Tips To Buy The Best 4×6 Speakers

Buy The Best 4×6 SpeakersIn the next section of the article, we’d love to introduce a quick guide to choose the best 4×6 speakers. The consideration, in general, will depend on six main components. They include:

  • Power handling
  • Sensitivity
  • Audio performance
  • Woofer cone quality
  • Installation ease
  • Price and warranty

Power Handling

Power HandlingWe have two key factors regarding power handling to consider. One is the peak power rating and the other is RMS standing for Root Mean Square.

With the former, you are equipped with the information about the highest power which the speaker can handle in short bursts. And the latter helps to identify the speaker’s capacity of withstanding power regularly.

Of these two components, you should pay more attention to the RMS. Unless you want to see the speaker’s life reduction, choosing low-powered speakers is not advisable. We suggest picking the ones with a higher RMS rating instead if you can prepare robust external amplifiers.


SensitivityIt is the result of a measurement of how well the speaker produces sound with the power supplied.

As for speakers with the lower power (often less than 15 W RMS), the manufacturers often design them with high sensitivity (greater than 90dB). On the contrary, lower-sensitivity speakers feature the larger power system which will be more than 16 W RMS.

Audio Performance

Audio PerformanceThe best sound system gives you the best audio performance in which sound is accurately reproduced. It links directly to the sensitivity we mentioned above.

In case that your car comes with a low-sensitive speaker, you can buy another speaker with higher sensitivity as a replacement to improve the sound quality.

Additionally, the frequency response is also an element to assess whether the audio performance is decent or not. The ideal range is often from 20Hz to 20kHz. It will be better for you to choose a speaker that can work well without deviation regardless of the low or high-frequency reproduction.

Woofer Cone Quality

Woofer Cone QualityThe size of this part has a direct effect on low-frequency reproduction.

Due to the limitation in the car speaker size, manufacturers have to focus on the woofer materials. The higher quality the woofer comes with, the better output it can produce. Hence, before buying speakers, you should consider the type of cone to choose from.

Aluminum, paper, polypropylene, and polymer are the most common materials for the woofer cone. But the soft one may change the frequency slightly and then distort the sound. So, the stiff materials should be the priority.

Not only the cone materials, but the glue can affect the sound quality, too. When there is too much glue in use for the woofer cone parts, the sound has to face with the distortion.

Installation Ease

Installation EaseBefore replacing current speakers in your car with new 4×6 ones, you must gather information provided by the car manufacturers. This step will ensure that the new product can fit in the place perfectly. Also, you can measure the old speaker by taking them out of its place and examine the configurations.

Price and Warranty

Price and Warranty Last but not least, you need to take both the price and warranty into consideration. 4×6 speakers are available in the market with a wide range of prices. To have a wise choice, you must decide on your main expectation, then make a comparison, and choose the most reasonable one.
Plus, checking the warranty is a thing that you should not miss during the shopping journey. And it goes without saying that a long-term warranty always receives a high appreciation.


1. How many types of 4×6 speakers are there?

Basing on the tweeter shape, manufacturers divide 4×6 speakers into two main types. They are the cone-tweeter speaker and the dome-tweeter speaker.

Dome tweeter: This type comes with materials such as polycarbonate and titanium, which give the speaker the better sound quality. It has a smooth response along with the average sensitivity in the range between 2.5 to 20kHz.

Cone tweeter: Despite not having better audio performance than the dome tweeter does, this one is more common on the market. There is a paper megaphone with the cone tweeter to boost the treble.

2. Can 4×6 speakers produce bass greatly?

No, we are afraid. The 4×6 speakers cannot produce great bass due to their small size. To get a strong and punchy bass, we suggest you prepare a high-quality amplifier as well as a subwoofer.

3. What should I do with the sound vibration or distortion?

The solution is to choose suitable speaker materials, especially light ones. We recommend polymer or rubber, which is not only durable but also helps to avoid both sound vibration and distortion.

4. Which one is better, metal or silk tweeters?

Depending on where you drive, the answer will be different.

For example, you enjoy listening to the speakers while driving on the highway with windows down.

In this case, speakers with metal tweeters will be better to produce a smooth sound response. As for places without too much noise, you can choose the silk tweeters.

Final Word

Which product did you put in your shopping basket for the best 4×6 speakers after exploring our list above?

For us, the speaker from Pyle seems to be the most ideal option since we love things with an attractive design. Moreover, its lightweight body combined with smooth sound reproduction is a good fit for all purposes.

We hope that all information provided in this article will come in handy for you. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line. Thank you and we will see you in the next topics!