Some of those best 6.5 component speakers are potentially the most essential element to get an automobile’s stereo. Additionally, it may be the toughest to choose occasionally.

They vary in cost, size, power, and much more importantly quality. With unlimited choices from producers all over the world, finding a set of the best car speakers is tough.

Top 13 Best 6.5 Component Speakers - Buying Guide

Top 13 Best 6.5 Component Speakers – Buying Guide

Bestseller No. 2
Infinity Reference 6530CX 6-1/2" Component Speaker System
Edge-driven textile tweeters for smooth clear highs; Newly engineered baskets are optimized to fit most factory speaker locations
SaleBestseller No. 3
CERWIN VEGA XED650C 6.5-Inch 300 Watts Max 2-Way Component Speaker Set, Black
XED series; Curvilinear Poly Cone; Butyl Rubber Surround; 350w Max
Bestseller No. 5
JBL Stage2 604C 540 Watt a Pair 2 Way Components 6.5" Inch Crossover & tweeters
Noise Power: 45 W (RMS), 270 W (Peak) Each Speaker; 4 ohm resistance; Sensitivity (2.83 V / m) 91 dB
Bestseller No. 7
Focal Auditor Bundle - RSE-165 6.5" 2-Way Component Speakers (Pair) and RCX-165 6.5" 2-Way Coaxial Speakers (Pair)
Lightweight Polypropylene cones; RSE-165: Separated pre wired crossover (12db/oct); RSE-165: Silk/Aluminum tweeter
SaleBestseller No. 9
Alpine S-S65C 6.5" Component Speakers S-S65 Coax Speakers
Perfect for an OEM upgrade with many sizes to choose from to suit almost any vehicle; Larger voice coil and new CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) cone
Bestseller No. 10
Focal Access 165 A3 6.5-Inch 3-Way Component Speaker Kit
6.5-inch three-way component kit with woofer, tweeter, midrange driver, separate crossover

JBL GTO609C Premium 6.5-Inch Component Speaker System

We start with a superior pair from JBLs fantastic high-fidelity GTO collection that’s among the most advanced lines.

They comprise big carbon-injected cones, designed with PlusOne technologies that give them a larger surface area. They displace considerably more atmosphere than other 6.5 inch speakers in their course. This gives them exceptional bass-handling skills.

They’re outfitted with JBLs optimized UniPivot tweeters allowing users to guide the audio to where it’s desired. The elements used are top quality and well-made.

They mount effortlessly using a mounting cutout diameter of 5-1/16 inches and a mounting depth of two inches. They’re priced accessibly low, well under the hundred dollar mark making them a really inexpensive choice.


  • 60 RMS each.
  • Committed frequency speakers.
  • Premium components.

We Liked It – They produce high-fidelity noise and are powerful and create a Superb replacement set of speakers that give you a sound upgrade for your car.

Best Select: Hertz MPK 165.3 PRO

Hertz MPK 165.3 PRO 6.5″ part car speaker system has all the newest and best features that Hertz has to provide. It is a true sound enthusiast system through and through and requires the number one place on the list.

What we’ve always enjoyed about the Hertz lineup of products is that their devotion to using superior materials and speaker parts.

When you’ve got a Hertz, you’ll sense that the rigidity and sturdiness of the speaker using its thick magnet along with a hefty voice coil. The construction is remarkably precise. Concerning features, the MPK 165.3 PRO can handle 110 watts RMS (220 watts peak).

It is an innovative V-cone layout, together with the Boundary Free rubber surround and the basket design makes it stand out visually, but it is not only for looks.

When you have a look at the specs, then it truly does outperform a lot of speakers also. It is second in line on the minimal power management, provides the cheapest range concerning frequency to provide a more full-range encircle, and its sensitivity ranks fairly high also.

At first, glance, being besides this Mille show from Hertz and taking a look at the plan, Yourhotcar believed this speaker was a $700 — $800 speaker but were amazed to find it is pricing under $500.

For the enthusiast, this is a fantastic worth speaker for the cost and will not disappoint.


  • Innovative design
  • Produced from high-grade materials
  • Configurable Based on personal preference and place of setup
  • Fantastic low-frequency range


  • Price tag

Morel Maximo — Best for your Money

Produced in Israel, Morel includes a long-standing reputation for creating high-fidelity speakers that provide quality audio.

Their Maximo lineup is a selection of excellent entry-level unit speakers. This part set includes 2 mids, two crossovers, two tweeters, and 2 woofers.

Useful Info:

When playing audio which demands a stronger mid-range and mid-bass, this place plays well.

If your budget is anywhere between $100 to $200 max, then it is tough to discover a component place that will provide you better audio quality than this particular one.


  • They produce crystal-clear and hot sound, even if amplified and turned up full blast. It is extremely difficult to dismiss these speakers.
  • The mids are clean and smooth.
  • The tweeter holders are removable, which makes them simpler to set up.


  • The speakers lack tweeter-attenuation choices. The only way to flip down the tweeters would be to adjust the treble and bass settings in your head unit.
  • Ensure to have space for them.

Best Quality: Focal PS165FX

The Focal PS 165FX features new technologies by Focal that’s geared toward providing you a speaker using much more natural and lively audio.

Focal is proven to continuously develop technology which enables its engineers to provide high-quality speakers throughout the business.

Together with the Focal PS 165FX, the programmers infused the speaker using a lightweight cone made from hollow flax fibers which are woven and put between ultra-thin glass membranes.

The cone has been hung by a dependable Butyl surround and the flax design ensures exceptional strength in addition to incredible resistance to undesirable resonances.

The Focal PS 165FX features a specially designed stage plug that ensures frequency dispersion problems are something of the past.

The device combines those revolutionary woofers with Focal’s renowned inverted magnesium metal dome tweeters to deliver exceptional all-natural sound when you require it.

The inverted tweeters somehow behave like little woofers by distributing large frequencies in a broad pattern and so producing rich, crisp sound. The tweeters are outfitted with all the poron suspension for improved durability.

To correct your speaker’s output signal, the PS 165FX part speaker system provides crossovers which are bi-ample – which you can utilize unique amps to personalize your woofer’s and tweeter’s sound output.

The crossovers offer you a 2-position tweeter level and mid-range control, letting you tweak the audio quality of the machine for your own liking.


  • Sophisticated technology
  • High power handling
  • No distortions
  • Bi-amp system
  • Authentic and organic audio output
  • Reputable construction material for long life


  • Huge magnets — need more space to put in
  • Cost is on the high end

Infinity REF6520CX — Best Budget Speakers

People today adore this collection offers you a fantastic sound update from the original producer’s speakers.

Rather than paper cones and quite smallish magnets just like you find about the initially installed speakers, then this pair has ceramic cones and magnets which are nearly 3 times bigger and thicker.


  • Speakers work well for mill head units and you might also update later using an amp if you prefer.
  • Clear nose with no unpleasant highs and widespread midrange.
  • Sound better afterward OEM speakers.


  • Do not anticipate the bass on this Infinity place to seem like 12-inch woofers. The leaves made this collection to adapt a normal pitch array only.
  • Crossover may be smaller.
  • Will require Additional speaker cable and connectors to finish mount

CT Appears Strato Pro Audio 6.5 Inch Component Speaker Set

Now to get a slightly lower priced pair which sits only comfortably within the hundred dollar mark and come as a pair with everything you require to get a hassle-free setup.

The bundle features dual 6.5-inch mid-range drivers using woofer grilles for greater sound dispersion teamed with a set of top output aluminum silk ribbon tweeters which quantify 25mm, somewhat bigger than a few, for effectively dealing with the greater frequency answers remarkably well.

The mid-range drivers have been newspaper coned and nestled in a fabric border surround to help soften any undesirable resonance. They use a 1″ voice coil and a high-quality Y30 Ferrite magnet.

You also receive a set of ABS 2-way class crossover boxes that work as a passive frequency filter system and provide you a little control on just how much bass (for instance ) you need from the mixture.

They’re simple to mount in your vehicle, they comprise spring terminals and result in a fantastic update to stock speakers that won’t put you back too significantly concerning an investment.


  • High-performance drivers.
  • Fantastic crossover.
  • Each of the essential cables.

We Liked It – They are simple to install and present excellent value for money, and we love the brushed aluminum on the tweeters they seem amazing aesthetically.

JL Audio ZR650-CSI

JL Audio’s Evolution ZR part speakers were engineered and constructed to perfection in Germany. The system’s woofers and tweeters feature die-cast metal baskets.

They’ve Kurt Muller cones and suspensions and one-inch aluminum tweeters. The ZR part tweeters are 1-inch aluminum domes with rubber-roll encircles and produce amazing detail.

The ZR crossovers are all bi-amp competent and constructed with premium components. Including U.S.-made Mills™ resistors mounted in an extruded aluminum heat sink, polypropylene capacitors, and segmented air-core inductors.

The ZR crossovers contain five degrees of tweeter attenuation, along with four degrees of mid-range presence. This allows for modification so you can personalize the speakers’ audio with around 20 configurations.


  • Speaker’s audio is customizable with around 20 configurations
  • Fantastic sound and build quality
  • Characteristic’s top-of-the-range technology
  • Engineered and constructed to perfection in Germany


  • High price tag

Rockford P165SI

The most important benefit to this particular set is that because it’s a concealed crossover, so you won’t have to mount some of these black boxes you would normally have with different systems.

Additionally, this collection definitely has more energy than many factory-installed speakers. It gives a high dynamic range nearly as an expander would, or so the audio gets a lot louder even once you turn up the volume only a little.

They do not require an amplifier to sound great if you would like music without a lot of basses.

Nevertheless, you should mention that the inner crossover dims down many bass frequencies since it is supposed to operate with an extra amplifier and subwoofer. Don’t confuse this collection for coaxial or full-range speakers since they are not similar.

When you purchase it, you are getting a total of four speakers, or 2 mids and 2 tweeters.


  • Clarity of audio with the stock head unit.
  • This collection is far better compared to other Rockford models in case you do not have a lot of room in your car for an external crossover.
  • Easy install.


  • They need an excess amplifier and subwoofer to acquire any powerful bass from them.
  • The tweeter’s mounting method within this set isn’t the simplest to install. Consider obtaining a professional to put this up to you in the event that you do not have a lot of experience installing speakers.

Image Dynamics XS-65

The XS65 speakers are Picture Dynamics’ premier collection of speakers. Quality, detailed, functionality — how the XS65 were all engineered.

They comprise multilayer ceramic fiber along with Rohacell composite cones with parabolic rubber surrounds. They are placed in a fiberglass composite non-resonate framework for distortionless sound reproduction.

Among the features that place the XS65 apart is that their tweeters. They feature a more suitable convertible mounting method. This permits you to install them on top of the cone such as a coaxial speaker.

Or, in the event that you selected, it is possible to mount them differently like a conventional element. But no matter how you put in the tweeters, you are searching for a fantastic set of speakers.


  • Seamless mixing of those highs, mids, midbass and tweeter dynamics
  • High audio attention, precision, and clarity
  • Suitable semi mounting method for tweeters


  • Cost is a little on the side

Alpine R-Series R-S65C

Alpine is a well-trusted new speaker from the audio community. BMW and Mercedes factories have regularly had Alpine speakers within these to get a good reason.

Buyers have remarked that listening to their songs on those speakers while driving is similar to being at a concert hall.

This set includes 2 subwoofers, two tweeters, and 2 outside crossovers.


  • Audio quality is great enough for one to burst these speakers with no distortion.
  • Contrary to other speakers at this budget, it will not seem too bright. They have a solid mid-range.


Audiophiles should really get a fantastic equalizer method to join it to restrain the mid-range audio. Otherwise, the sound can become overly showy.

You will need a strong amplifier to push these if you would like to get the most sound from these.

Best All-Weather Select: Polk Audio DB6502

Rich, tidy, full-range — all these are a few of the expressions which are describing Polk’s DB6502 speakers throughout the net.

According to their own predecessors, the DB6501 (who happened to be on our record before) they come in a line of excellent actors.

What really stands out, in our view, about this collection is their flexibility. Polk forced them to work well in most environments.

Whether you have a Jeep and want to play in the sand with off the top, or when you’ve got a daily driver which just requires a fantastic update to the OEM speakers.

They are an outstanding working set speakers that are fantastic for just about any use instance. Did we mention they’re also water-resistant also? With waterproof outer and inner surrounds, they’ve got an IP55 rating which makes it water and dirt resistant.

A polypropylene UV tolerant cone also makes it a fantastic choice for outdoor usage. We would suggest these speakers for cars and boats alike. And for cost, the DB6502 is unquestionably the best value on the list.

Killer key features worth noting:

  • Water-resistant — Marine IP55 accredited
  • Polypropylene UV tolerant cone
  • Waterproof outer and inner sounds
  • Noncorrosive plastic speaker grilles included


  • The speakers contain waterproof outer and inner surrounds
  • Fantastic for outside usage and we recommend them for use on automobiles and ships alike
  • The cost tag is about the cheap end
  • Great audio quality


  • Might be a Bit More Challenging to install than many others
  • Highs are Somewhat harsh

Kicker 43CSS654 CSS65 — Best Sound using a 50 Watt-Per-Channel Amp

The kicker made this collection using polypropylene cones that contain both ribbed and UV-treated surrounds. Place at a really inexpensive price, these speakers are strong, taking 100 Watts RMS each.

Please be aware that this element system actually needs a 50 Watt-per-channel amplifier in the minimum for you to find the entire sound experience from these.

This collection features two tweeters, two mids, and 2 crossovers.


  • The audio comes out clean and crisp for all sorts of music.
  • If you use it together with the ideal amplifiers, the audio is similar to other leading brands.


  • This system isn’t simple to mount at midsize SUVs. It could require customized mounting within the sail panels. Consult with a professional installer.
  • Because of this decrease in selling price, the producers made a number of the components from more expensive materials. Thus, don’t expect them to survive as long as higher-quality speakers.

 MB Quart ZC1-216 — Compact Design that Lasts

Some consider the fresh sound from these speakers to be right on par with Polk, JBL, and Infinity, which is amazing considering that the reduced cost point.

This collection comprises four speakers. You get two tweeters and 2 mid-range speakers using their own crossover. Additionally, they comprise the hardware you want to mount them flush with your inside or on the surface.

To get the best results while listening to your songs, use them using a high-quality deck such as the noodle brand as well as an extra amplifier.

Bear in mind that since these speakers aren’t like coaxial ones, you need to mount the tweeters separately. As with other element systems, these tweeters belong to their holes in the car’s interior.


  • They are easily able to work well even after a few decades.
  • Made with ceramic-coated tweeters that have ceramic domes, they provide a well-balanced noise.


  • They’ll blow out when you’re not cautious when installing them. They can not deal with too much electricity.
  • Don’t expect these speakers to be heavy-duty as manufacturers like Pioneer. They have a milder build, intended for ordinary buyers.

Buyer’s Guide

Which are the benefits of speakers?

Now bear in mind, any pair of speakers where the mids, tweeters, and crossovers are different parts are a pair of”speakers” What’s that good?

Mounting tweeters in the part set in distinct locations within your automobile creates the supreme surround-sound experience. Putting your tweeter in various places gives better noise-canceling within your vehicle. That is what dramatically improves your overall listening experience.

How a part audio system functions go like that:

To begin with, your songs goes via the headset. Some headsets have a good deal of choices to adjust bass, treble and other items too. Your head unit communicates your songs as a low-level sign to your amplifier.

Next, your amplifier enhances the signal and moves it via your crossover system to the tweeter along with your”mid,” or mid-range frequency apparatus. They work together to give you optimum sound quality by balancing each component.

Component speakers offer you more liberty to listen to your speakers. That is the reason you can get far better sound from them on your car than many coaxial speakers or even factory-installed speakers.

What 6.5-inch part speakers would be best for bass?

In accordance with the majority of music lovers, Rockford and Focal possess the best gifts for providing you a solid bass.

You must remember though that this is sort of a trick question. That is because the producers designed part speakers as mid-range managers. The entire purpose of a part pair of speakers would be to use them using an amplifier so as to find out what they could do.

RMS Power Rating: Just how much power do I want for the new speakers?

When you are comparing speaker specifications, then you may see two different types. They record”RMS”, which signifies the constant power-handling capacity. They then also record the peak or maximum capacity of power the speaker can handle. The main specification to check at is the RMS rating.

For instance, if your speaker includes a 150 Watts RMS score, then so that your speaker will manage 150 Watts of power without blowing off. The crucial point to consider from this evaluation is that you ought to find an amplifier that is more than 150 Watts to utilize with the speaker. Ensure that you’re providing your speaker with the ideal quantity of electricity in order to don’t harm it.”

As a general guideline, lower RMS-rated speakers operate better to electricity factory-installed or aftermarket stereos. Greater RMS-rated speakers operate best once you use an external amplifier.

The reality is that the majority of speakers can manage about 25 percent additional power compared to their recorded RMS rating. That surplus of electricity won’t shorten its lifespan.

For instance, a speaker using a score of 100 Watts RMS can easily manage up to 125 Watts RMS. But it is best to not push your amplifier outside its limitations because that’ll blow the speakers

To provide a good illustration of acceptable power you are able to estimate that a speaker may get 25 percent more electricity than its RMS score and have a very long life.

Therefore a speaker that’s rated for 100 watts RMS can safely manage 125 watts RMS. Obviously, should you push the 125-volt amplifier for its limitations you are back in precisely the exact same ship and your speakers will gradually die a tough death.

Be kind to your own speakers and for your ears. In case your ears or the audio sounds bad then flip it down. Your speakers and your ears are being ruined and your speakers would be the only ones that can be substituted.

What’s a sensitivity score?

Speakers sensitivity rating expression sensitivity evaluation refers to a dimension in decibels, or”dB.” It is a score that lets you know how loudly your speakers will perform the total amount of power you’ve got out of the amplifier.

The greater the sensitivity score is, or so the higher the decibel amount is of this score, the less energy you want to acquire exactly the identical quantity of sound. If folks discuss the very energy-efficient speakers, they are often referring to this kind of sensitivity score.


There are a large number of component speakers available on the current market, contemporary manufacturing has decreased the price of production considerably in the past decade that means that you really can get far more for your money on the present sector.

Using a set of speakers rather than a coaxial set can radically improve the listening experience and they frequently allow for a much better crossover adjustment.

The advantages are definitely notable and lots of businesses are designing design which matches quite convenient mounting techniques so setup is of minimal work.

Discovering the proper pair for you would be, obviously, restricted by your own amplifier and budget the remainder is basically down to taste.

Finally, the choice is in you, the purchaser’s hands but we expect the best component speakers inspection and buyers that are handy guides will probably have served as a helpful tool in helping you on the hunt for a brand new pair of speakers for your vehicle.

Relevant Resouces:

Professional Tip

If you’re in doubt about mounting, it constantly recommended seeking the services or advice of a professional for speaker setup, however, if this isn’t a viable path, then as mentioned, you will find a wealth of educational videos on the internet. Some are specific to the specific version like the one we provided on how to set up part.