The Best ATV Battery or quad-core is a multi-terrain vehicle that’s versatile and fantastic fun to ride. Like all-electric vehicles, it’s battery-powered.

The battery also controls the startup of the ATV engine and helps assist the charging platform.

What’s more, if you’ve rough electric devices installed on your own ATV, then you must go using a high-capacity and dependable battery.

But how can you locate one?

To be able to assist you in discovering the best ATV battery for the cost, we assembled a few popular versions and provided you our opinions below. With no additional ado, let’s get into it!

Top 11 Best ATV Battery Brands Of 2020

Top 11 Best ATV Battery Brands Of 2020

Bestseller No. 1
YTX4L-BS 12V 3AH 50 CCA Power Sport SLA Battery - Mighty Max Battery Brand Product
Included Components: 10 Agm Style Motorcycle Batteries
Bestseller No. 2
YTX14AH - 12 Volt 12AH 210 CCA - High Performance Maintenance Free SLA AGM Power Sport Battery - Mighty Max Battery Brand Product
YTX14AH is a 12V 12AH 210 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Battery
Bestseller No. 4
YTX14-BS - 12V 12AH 200 Cca - SLA Power Sport Battery - Mighty Max Battery Brand Product
YTX14-BS is a 12V 12AH 200 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Battery
Bestseller No. 7
Energizer TX20HL AGM Motorcycle and Atv 12V Battery, 310 Cold Cranking Amps and 18 Ahr. Replaces: YTX20L-BS and others
Permanently sealed at the factory and maintenance free – no topping off necessary; Fit type: Vehicle Specific
Bestseller No. 8
ADX15 - Replacement Motorcycle Battery UPGRADE
UPGRADE for YTX14AH-BS; 18 Month Free Replacement Warranty with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Yuasa YTX20L-BS Battery

This sealed and maintenance-free battery features 18 AH and 270 CCA. Its particular dishes and absorbed glass mat separators consume the acidity for spill-proof functioning.

The product’s innovative lead-calcium technology retains its particular gravity over three times more than traditional batteries. Note: that the battery is provided dry using an acid bottle included.

Considering that the battery ships dry, it will provide maximum performance compared to other batteries, which may sit for a protracted-time period.

It is easy to include the acid, including easy-to-follow directions, and there is no mess or spillage. The battery includes good-quality fittings and contains hardware for wires. If kept properly, it may last for many decades.

One drawback is you might need to charge the battery for 8-12 hours before using it once you include acid. There also have been some reports it won’t recharge over time. In the end, it might not fit specific on several ATVs given its dimensions.

Odyssey PC545 — High-capacity with Long Lifespan

  • Ability: 13 AH
  • Cold Cranking: 150 CCA

The Odyssey PC545 is a high-capacity ATV battery that has a very long lifespan. Indeed, as stated by the producer, this battery should last you anywhere from 3 years to 10 years, which is very impressive.

What’s more, it includes a 400-cycle life that makes it rather decent, especially considering its size. However, where this battery completely shines, particularly on a dimension to performance ratio, is unquestionably its ability of 13 AH.

This is a strong battery that will deliver a constant stream of current to your different ATV electrical apparatus. It’s possible to use a high-powered headlight in your ATV using the Odyssey PC545, no problem.

Additionally, this unit includes a sealed layout, which means it won’t spill battery acid when the ATV is employed in rather rough terrains.

What’s more, the cold cranking amp 150 CCA is surprisingly surprising and extremely good, which usually means that this battery won’t have a problem with powering the motor in very cold temperatures. If you normally drive your ATV in the winter, then this is a superb battery to consider if the purchase price is a bit steep.

The only drawback we notice with this battery would be the cost might have been a tiny bit better. Additionally, it’s fairly choosy and not compatible with all vehicle models.


  • Sealed layout. Won’t flow
  • High ability of 13 AH. Willing to power any electrical device Effortlessly
  • Vibration resistant
  • Long lifespan of around ten years based on the manufacturer


  • The cost might have been a bit more aggressive.
  • Not Acceptable for vehicles such as Harley

ThrottleX AGM Replacement Power Sport Battery

This maintenance-free battery features AGM non-spillable sealed technologies. Its innovative lead-calcium technology boosts improved beginning power and interrupts sulfation.

It surpasses the specifications of batteries and also features 220 CCA and 12 AH. It weighs 11 lbs, includes bolts and nuts, and is fully charged and ready to install. The business also comprises a 12-month free replacement guarantee.

This battery provides lots of power when beginning your ATV; the search motor begins immediately even in chilly weather.

It’s great cranking power, fits well, and is simple to install. You also don’t need to place it on the trickle charger as frequently as some rival batteries to keep battery life.

One problem is the fact that it could be tough to mount on particular ATVs. Also, you might need to improvise to find the retaining strap to hold it all in.

Additionally, the provided screws might also be too brief. There also have been some reports it may quit working after a couple of months.

Weize YTX14 BS ATV Battery

There are many fantastic ATV batteries available on the market these days, but we’re certain you will fight to find one better than that. Primarily, we’re amazed when it comes to the cost of this battery compared with all the various available alternatives.

Like most of those ATV batteries offered at the top end of this current market, you can be certain of low upkeep and protection as a result of its AGM technology.

It’s also believed you will become approximately three decades of fantastic charge when using this battery, which is with comparatively regular use too.

These batteries are constructed with absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology and lead calcium metal. For this reason, you can be certain of high-performance performance and no upkeep.

Besides that, we’ve been impressed with the high-quality materials which were used to construct those batteries.

What’s more, the battery was tested stringently to make certain security and optimum performance, efficacy, and OEM compatibility.

The version promises no water to test, in addition to no spills and leaks. Corrosion can be averted, extending the lifespan of this battery.

Chrome Battery YTX14-BS

ATV battery is promoted as ‘carefree’ — that is almost always a fantastic place to get started with an overview! You do not wish to purchase a battery that needs lots of upkeep as it takes up time and you are constantly worrying about it.

The key to this absence of upkeep comes from the kind of Absorbed Glass Mat technology. This means that the battery is firmly absorbed by specific plates that prevent corrosion.

This makes it a spill-proof battery too, which ultimately contributes to prolonged battery life.

Another factor to consider when purchasing the best ATV battery is how lasting the product is. Consider it; you are going to be flying around in all-weather states across varying terrains.

Your battery will take a beating, which means you will need something durable and will withstand this. The Chrome Battery is much more than capable of this!

They also include extreme flexibility as the batteries have been sealed — this means that you may mount them at almost any position.

Additionally, you can recharge this battery for 2,000 occasions, which means you are likely to find a good deal of use from it.

When you mix this with an appealing price, it leaves one with an ATV battery that provides an exceptional price. Oh, and one final stage; the battery comes charged and ready to roll and rock, so all you have to do is add it and zoom off!

Mighty Max Battery ML8-12 — Cheap and Value for Money

  • Ability: 8 AH
  • Cold Cranking: 200 CCA

The Mighty Max is just another ultra-affordable ATV battery with a high cold cranking amp of 200 CCA plus an adequate capability of 8 AH. This version is rated quite highly by many Mighty Max battery evaluations on the internet.

Additionally, this battery includes an AGM layout, which means it has a higher discharge rate, and so, it may be utilized for heavy-duty software. Additionally, it has excellent resistance to consequences and won’t leak battery acid because of the sealed design.

Furthermore, this version is maintenance-free, and as a result of technologies used within the battery, it ought to be quite durable and long-lasting.

Best of all, the producer provides no less than one-year warranty with this battery so that you don’t have anything to be worried about. The only real caveat is the form of the battery.

You need to make sure that it matches with the battery casing of your car or truck. If it does, this version is decidedly among the best UTV batteries available in the industry, especially considering its low cost and high cold cranking amp worth 200 CCA.

Just notice that the battery terminals are level that makes it unsuitable for use in many cars without having an adapter.

Furthermore, this battery isn’t meant for heavy-duty functions. However, it’s decidedly among the best ATV batteries to get four-wheelers, it’s possible to get for casual use.


  • Very inexpensive. Value for money
  • Fantastic price to performance ratio
  • High CCA value of 200. It will have no difficulty powering the motor in cold weather
  • Very resistant to vibrations and shocks


  • Cannot be applied as a heavy-duty ATV battery
  • Uses horizontal battery terminals rather than routine lead rods

Pirate Battery YB14A-A2

If you’re trying to find a trusted kind of battery that you could always rely on, you’ve discovered it using all the Pirate Battery YB14A-A2. You know what they say; older is golden, and it is certainly true with this particular lead-acid battery.

You can replace your current battery with the major stock of YB14A-A2 power game batteries, which are readily available.

Out of each of the batteries, you’ll be able to buy in the marketplace currently, there’s not any denying that AGM Sealed Lead Acid batteries have been termed the top-performing.

These batteries have been constructed with absorbed glass mat technology and lead calcium metal, leading to an operation that’s free of maintenance. AGM separators boast a superior layout, promising no leaks and no clogs.

Not only are we impressed with all the attributes associated with these batteries, but they also include an 18-month guarantee. You also receive a 60-day money-back guarantee, which means you can get complete peace of mind.

Energizer ET16L AGM

If you think of batteries, then you think about Energizer. They are a worldwide manufacturer with considerable standing, so there is an instantaneous security layer when you get this battery.

You truly feel comfortable handling the business, and you realize that they produce great products. We have among those more high-end batteries available on the market now. It ends up at almost double the cost of the previous two offerings, but you get a great deal for the money.

Primarily, there is a mightily impressive 260 Cold Cranking Amps to help make your vehicle start from the coldest conditions.

There is zero maintenance required as a result of this Absorbent Glass Mat technology. Therefore it always sparks itself and recharges without compromising the operation.

It’s possible to use it when it arrives, and all the Energizer batteries are sealed from the production warehouse. This usually means they’re not draining any electricity while sitting on a shelf, and that means you buy a product that is going to have a superior lifespan for a lot.

ExpertPower ETX7A-BS — Works with Just about Any ATV

  • Ability: 7 AH
  • Cold Cranking: 90 CCA

The ExpertPower ETX7A-BS is a midsize and top-rated ATV battery that has a potential of 7 AH. With this kind of capability, this version will have no problem powering the motor off just about any kind of ATV on the market.

What’s more, it has a small and compact form factor so that it won’t require a good deal of room during setup.

Further, its streamlined shape makes it very versatile as this battery may be used for different programs.

For superior security, this version has a sealed layout along with the outer casing is made of ABS plastic that’s quite durable and long-lasting. It is going to not flow battery acid, even in case you use it on rough terrains.

The only real thing is the rather low cranking amp 90 CCA. With this respect, this battery may have trouble in very cold weather. Nonetheless, this remains a decent value for casual use at any given temperature that’s above freezing.


  • Affordable. Value for money
  • Produced from ABS plastic for durability
  • Sealed layout. Won’t leak battery acid in rough terrains


  • Low cranking amp worth of 90 CCA. Not Acceptable for cold weathers

UpStart Battery UB-YTX12-BS

This maintenance-free, sealed lead acid battery works with numerous motorcycles and ATVs.

The factory-activated 12-volt unit ships are prepared to set up, and you do not have to bring any acid into it. It features a leak-free layout to stop rust and has a potential of 10Ah. Also, it is backed with a one-year warranty.

This battery fits perfectly in a Honda 250 Recon. It’s simple to install out of the box. Just use two screws, and it is all set. It is an adequate excellent battery that holds up well over time, and costs considerably less than many rival brands.

Your quad should begin immediately with this battery, even if it’s been sitting around for a week.

The largest gripe about the battery is the terminals may have crushed, or other components could be damaged during transport.

Additionally, the nuts that include the battery might be the wrong size. Also, you might need to use the mounting hardware in the preceding battery to put in it.

Shotgun YTX14-BS

Here you have a product that comes in at about half the price of your normal ATV battery from a local auto parts shop. Thus, we’re off to the ideal foot; it is affordable.

If it happens, you do not need to control it all, so it is ready for you to utilize. A wonderful feature of this specific product is the producer provides you with screws and terminal folds to aid with the setup.

Nonetheless, you may not even want them since you may use the ones from the old battery — that usually means you have now got a couple of spare parts if anything else happens to the previous ones!

An essential characteristic of the best ATV battery is the fact that it’s produced of quality materials. With this particular product from Shotgun, you receive something which only utilizes the maximum quality cells and parts.

This leads to the battery that provides exceptional durability and power — it also means that it functions well in water, snow, and other terrains.

You’ve got something that may be utilized in many different weather conditions, which means that you do not need to worry about rust or anything like this.

Like most of the other ATV batteries within this listing, you’ve got AGM technologies to provide low-maintenance and protection.

Additionally, it is believed you may get up to about three decades of fantastic charge from the battery — using comparatively routine use. Insert a 1-year guarantee to this, and you have got a very useful product.

The Way to Obtain the Best ATV Batteries

1. Traditional or AGM Battery

A traditional ATV battery is generally a lead-acid battery that’s rather popular and fairly reasonably priced. On the flip side, an AGM battery is generally a heavy-duty battery that’s more expensive.

This sort of battery can provide additional battery power for your electrical components and are going to have the ability to enhance your charging system using more power whenever required.

Also, because the ATV is ordinarily used on rough terrains in which there’s a constant vibration happening throughout the automobile, it’s best to go with an AGM battery because AGM has superb resistance to shocks and vibrations.

This is only because the ceramic sheets used in AGM batteries are extremely close together that nullifies the chance of those sheets going within the battery even if there are important vibrations out.

2. Compatibility

Among the main elements to consider when buying a battery to the ATV is compatibility. Your ATV isn’t compatible with each kind of battery in the marketplace. To start with, you want to consider the voltage and power of this battery.

You don’t wish to decide on a battery that surpasses the manufacturer recommended specs. This may put a little strain on your charging system and may close electric failure.

Moreover, the enclosure of your battery is also important. Not all bolts will match the ATV enclosure because it generally has a fixed form.

Consequently, you will need to be certain the battery you’re considering will suit your ATV. Assessing through the brand new specs of this ATV battery ought to allow you to know whether this specific version works with your car.

3. Battery capacity

As previously mentioned, the battery capacity is another important facet. You want the ideal sort of capacity for your ATV.

If you go for an ATV battery with a greater capacity than that which your ATV charging platform may provide, you will be left having a battery that will constantly be undercharged.

On the flip side, if the ATV battery includes a lesser capability, then your charging system will always overcharge the battery, resulting in a rise in temperature and a reduction in its lifespan. And of course, it may be a massive security hazard too.

4. Cold Cranking Amps

Simply speaking, the cold cranking amps CCA is a metric used for batteries to demonstrate how successful the battery is at chilly temperatures. Normally, the greater the CCA worth then, the better it’s to be used in chilly winters. If your ATV is generally left out in the cold, then you must consider the CCA worth.

Typically, a chilly amp greater than 500 CCA should ensure you will not have any problem starting your engine if the temperature is below zero.

5. Brand

You don’t wish to decide on a no-name brand when buying a quad-core battery. This is since a branded battery is going to have a superior lifespan since it’s created from high-grade materials. You also receive a kind of guarantee when opting for a branded battery that’s vital.

6. Cycle Life

Essentially, cycle life is the total amount of time in which the battery could be recharged over and over again. You would like the number of bicycles for your ATV battery to be as large as you can.

Typically, a bicycle lifetime greater than 3000 must make certain you’re obtaining a high-quality ATV battery that will last you a rather long time.

7. Cost

Regardless of the ATV battery being cheap, costs can easily go up if you’re careless. Thus, we advise that you make a budget and stick to this budget when purchasing an ATV battery life online. Whatever the case, a fantastic ATV battery must cost you less than $75.


Stay away from using recycled or discounted batteries. Many producers warn an inferior battery can damage your car or truck if it does not provide enough electricity or is inferior quality.

Do not purchase a no-name battery. Well-known manufacturers are generally made of high-quality materials and possess exceptional lifespans. Many even include guarantees, which signify a producer’s confidence in its products.

Would you like an inexpensive ATV battery that performs well? Consider a direct acid. But remember that this kind of battery can be hard and dangerous to keep. It can be better to pick a more expensive battery for convenience and security.

Expanding their lifespan and keeping capacity, ATV batteries will need to keep a fantastic charge. If you do not intend to use your ATV to get a few weeks, then you must connect the battery into a charging apparatus.

Trickle charges a new battery for 8-10 hours utilizing between 1 and 3 amps before using on your ATV. If the battery isn’t properly triggered, it might get rid of a great deal of capacity.

ATV batteries can be quite pricey, but they could also work for an elongated period. Before substituting one on your car or truck, ensure it is totally dead rather than just discharged.

Don’t make a habit of undercharging your battery life. If you often undercharge the battery, then the electrodes may sulfate. Rather, give yourself sufficient time to charge the battery properly before using your ATV.

Do not overcharge your battery life. This could lead to higher temperatures, which may lead to many battery problems. Among the worst things that may happen is that the battery can expand and flow acid anywhere.

If you are keeping your ATV for a long time (especially for over three months), remove the battery life. Store it in a container in a cool and dark place. If your ATV is sitting for just a few times, then use a battery tender.

More Infomation:



A: Check your owner’s manual to discover the battery’s place (many are beneath the chair ). In the event, the battery is straightened, use a socket to remove the unwanted cable followed with the positive cable.

Additionally, remove the retaining bar. Place the new battery in place by joining the cable first, followed closely by the cable. Then reinstall the retaining bar.


A: There are a couple of ways to control an ATV battery life. It’s possible to use a standalone battery charger or jump start it with a different ATV or your vehicle.


A: It depends upon many things, such as how well you keep the battery and also how many times you ride ATV. Batteries normally last 3-4 decades, but they could last longer if they are properly preserved.

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Normally, ATV manufacturers state not to purchase aftermarket batteries to place on the ATV for safety reasons.

Each of the models we’ve recorded in our ATV battery inspection above is whitelisted versions, and you ought to have no problem installing them.

So long as these batteries fit in the battery compartment of your quad, you ought to be all set.

Furthermore, the installation is very simple. Everything you will need to do is eliminate your old battery and pop up from the new one.

Furthermore, the majority of the batteries are heavy-duty, lasting, and have a very long lifespan. Best of all, they are ultra-affordable, and the cost won’t block you from acquiring an excellent battery for the ATV.