One characteristic in each ATV that requires a constant update is that the Best ATV Tires. That is the Truth. The clasp only slides off with time and that which might have been great for you a couple of months ago might not do it for you now.

Nobody wants to wind up performing tails twist and severely injure themselves simply as they were too idle to find the best tires.

ATV tires are rather popular as they are constantly being updated to satisfy the necessities of the rider. However, what choices are there?

Well, as each ATV owner understands, the sophistication from the hunt of the best ATV tires is located at the features.

Your research will be directed by your lifestyle and the sort of terrain you will encounter across more importantly as we proceed.

Reviews Of 10 Best ATV Tires For Your Car

Reviews Of 10 Best ATV Tires For Your Car

Bestseller No. 1
Set Of 4 Tusk Terraform ATV UTV All-Terrain Tires Front: 25x8-12 Rear: 25x10-12
Front Size: 25x8-12 - Rear Size: 25x10-12 | 12 in front and rear wheel (rim) diameter.; Tough 6-ply rated tire with 3/4” (19.5mm) tread depth.
Bestseller No. 2
Set of 4 SunF Power.I ATV UTV all-terrain Tires 25x8-12 Front & 25x10-12 Rear, 6 PR, Tubeless A033
Front Size: 25x8-12 - Rear Size: 25x10-12 | Wheel (Rim) Diameter: Front 12 in - Rear 12 in
Bestseller No. 3
SunF Power.I 25 inch ATV UTV all-terrain Tires 25x8-12 & 25x11-12, 6 PR Front & Rear Set of 4 A033, Tubeless
Front Size: 25x8-12 - Rear Size: 25x11-12 | Wheel (Rim) Diameter: Front 12 in - Rear 12 in
Bestseller No. 4
Full Set 04-17 Honda Fourtrax Rancher TRX400 420 ATV Tires 24x8-12 & 24x10-11
Full set (2 front+2 rear) for complete replacement; Original equipment tread design; fitments for a variety of 2 or 4 wheel drive ATV applications
Bestseller No. 6
Set of 2 New WANDA ATV/UTV Tires 25x8-12 /6PR P373 - 10243 …
Tread depth: 0.6", Rim Width: 6“, max load 340lbs/7psi, load/speed index: 43J; Durable, light weight, smooth rolling design provides quicker acceleration and braking
Bestseller No. 7
Set of 4 SunF Warrior AT Mud & Trail 26x9-12 Front & 26x11-12 Rear ATV UTV Off-Road Tires, 6 PR, Tubeless A048
Front Size: 26x9-12 - Rear Size: 26x11-12 | Wheel (Rim) Diameter: Front 12 in - Rear 12 in
Bestseller No. 8
Full set WANDA ATV/UTV Tires 25x8-12 Front & 25x10-12 Rear /6PR
Full set of 25x8-12 front and 25x10-12 rear ATV/UTV tires, 6 PR, smooth ride.; Durable, light weight, smooth rolling design provides quicker acceleration and braking
Bestseller No. 9
Complete Set of 4 All Terrain ATV UTV Tires 25x8-12 Front & 25x10-12 Rear 6PR Tubeless
Top notch handling in dirt, mud or rock; Superior traction in woods; Great in the desert
Bestseller No. 10
Set 4 ATV UTV Tires 26x9-12 & 26x11-12 for 14-17 Polaris Ranger 900 CREW/XP
Full set (2 front+2 rear) for complete replacement of 14-17 Polaris Ranger 900 CREW/XP; Top notch handling in dirt, mud or rock, Superior traction in woods, Great in the desert

Best Overall- ITP Mud Lite AT Terrain ATV Tire

Design Features

This is the best ATV scooter in 2018, and concise research to its unparalleled features will let you know precisely why it is topping the charts. This 14.81 lbs ITP Mud Lite is a superior all-weather tire that’s specially constructed to deal with the trail.

This ITP Mud Lite features a 3/4 inch drag with measurements of 26* 26 *12 inches. It is a radical 6-ply all circumstances tire for your road. The bottom diameter is a shocking 12 inches using a bicycle depth of 0.75 inches only ideal for your best radial-like ride.


This scooter version is acceptable for all-terrain vehicles and off-road motorcycles. If you’re a mild backwoods or sand rider, then the ITP Mud Lite is the best ATV scooter for you.

It can pull you from a sandpit and at precisely the same time keep you in the lead throughout your desert race.

Regardless of the thick tread mode, the ITP Mud Lite tires may slide over muddy terrains softly since they’re the lightest of their ATV tires.

It provides each rider having a unique radial like a railway with its distinctive centre tread contact on surfaces.

It’s a 6-ply score with angled shoulder lags to supply smooth grip in the sand. Negotiating corners has never been simpler using all the ITP Mud Tires smooth stability and responsiveness.


The ITP Mud Tires is undeniably the best in the company and can take the roughest of any driver’s challenges. You’d believe that it could have a jaw-dropping cost on it, but that is not the situation.

This infant offers all of the fantastic attributes you require for the most recent version of a high-performance automobile at an affordable price.


  • It’s very durable for a lasting Price.
  • Fantastic grip through muddy trails
  • It includes computerised technology for high performance.
  • It’s the lightest of these ATV tires but also very demanding.
  • Maintains its high performance in various character paths


  • None have been listed up to Now.


All these ATV tires are constructed of thick six-ply nylon to withstand punctures and abrasions. They’re lightweight, durable, and are intended to provide rapid braking and acceleration.

They have a tread depth of 0.6 inches, a rim width of 6 inches, a maximum loading of 340 lbs, and also a load/speed indicator of 43J.

These good-looking tires have a pleasant, deep tread and provide excellent traction. They’re strong, well-made, and possess a competitive grip for you going without falling on snow and also in different states, such as rugged terrain.

They also have great puncture resistance and a fantastic load-carrying capacity.

One drawback is that the tires are extremely demanding and may creep on paved surfaces. There also have been several complaints that the tires are smaller than promoted, which may influence performance.

Additionally, a few have noted that the tires are somewhat tough to mount.

SUNF all-terrain Tires

Together with the SUNF all-terrain tires, then you receive an entire set of four wheels to get a more than competitive price. Immediately, this is a bonus since you do not need to fork out lots of cash to purchase all of them individually.

As its name implies, these are advertised as tires you may use on many different terrains. They work exceptionally well on abrasive and rugged paths, together with the clasp holding up quite nicely and revealing excellent traction.

It’s simple to get up paths which you probably would not have the capacity to perform with stock tires out of the ATV manufacturer.

Additionally, but lots of individuals also say these tires work excellently from the snow too. That means you might choose to utilise these tires when you experience an ATV snowblower.

Part of why these tires operate nicely on all-terrain is they’re manufactured from rubber. It is extremely high-quality materials, and there is especially increased traction and slip control also.

Another upside of this is that the tires are amazingly tough too — they are 6-ply rated, making them quite thick indeed. This means that they resist punctures and any tears or rips easily.

Thus, you do not just get a pair of tires offering excellent grip across several terrains, and you also get something which you can rely on to stay in good condition with no punctures.

The sole drawback is they perhaps do not work nicely in extremely cluttered locations. They are fine in a small bit of sand, but if you are constantly traversing through thick and wet muddy places, then they may not get the job done for you.

Although, the ideal ATV winch will work out this problem. However, they are brilliant across rocky deserts, desert sand, snow, grass, plus a whole lot more.

Carlisle All Path ATV tire

Design features

The Carlisle All Trail bicycle features a protracted wear tread which efficiently delivers in regards to the two durabilities and dependability. Its measurements stand at 25 * 25 * 8 inches with a segment diameter of 25 inches.

This product is categorised using a speed rating of B along with an aspect ratio of 8. The bottom diameter is 12 inches; enough to provide a fantastic control, and the tread thickness is 0.56 inches for optimal grip.


The Carlisle All Trail Tire ought to be earmarked for all those strenuous but exceptional rides.

It functions nicely in both smooth and hard terrains, and that’s exactly why it’s favoured for safety patrols and blazing through construction websites. Additionally, it provides great stability and traction during rough surfaces.


The Carlisle All Trail scooter is very versatile, seeing it comes in various sizes. What is more is it is excellent for utility vehicles, entertaining carts, as well as other comparable car kinds. It’s thus reliable for everyday usage because of its durability and flexibility.


  • Perfect for the Sea, dirt and mountainous paths
  • Is a perfect match on ATVs
  • Can undergo grassy terrain without squandering turf
  • Perfect grip stability
  • Comes in different sizes


  • The tire Isn’t full proof of stone hits.

Ocelot Atacama 6-PLY ATV Tires 25×8-12 and 25×10-12

This collection of four ATV tires include a six-ply construction and daring tread design. This specific set just comes in 1 pair of sizes: 2 of those tires step 25 x 8-12, and 2 of those tires step 25 x 10-12.

You could even purchase this tire as one rather than a set. You will hear this scooter known as a”desert tire” since it works well on hard-packed surfaces, in addition to stones, sand, and sand.

The lightweight design of the scooter will improve the rate of your acceleration and braking, while the exceptional shape of this tire will help with simpler and more precise steering. The wraparound lugs offer you additional traction during aggressive cornering.

One drawback for this scooter is the big gaps between the tread blocks can create these tires bumpy on paved streets. The tread blocks may also wear down fast or even on off-road terrain.

There are restricted notches and sipes from the tread blocks, so there are restricted edges for catching.

Roadstar All-Terrain ATV/UTV Tires

These are the lowest priced sets from the five collections reviewed, but you do not have a cheap product. The build quality is up there with all the best because it features hefty 6-ply ranked construction.

This provides you with all of the resistance you want to fend off punctures and tears — that is vital in an all-terrain tire!

The tread offer is quite pleasing as it provides you with expert control in some of the harshest terrains on the market. They are a common snow scooter for ATVs, but they are equally as striking as those used on coastal plains, grassy earth, as well as sand.

That is very significant as some all-terrain tires do not stand up to sand all that nicely. However, these come out blank once you make your way through muddy regions — that also will help keep them at the best condition.

In the end, you would like to get your hands on ATV tires that provide comfort and support when you are driving around. These offer you just this, and you will be amazed by how smooth the ride is on tough roads!

Carlisle Knobby ATV Tire

Design features

This version from Carlisle comes in weighing just 7.1 lbs. Its configuration includes measurements of 16 * 16 * 8 inches. Quite small in contrast to other ATV tires.

The Knobby includes a part width of 16 inches, a rim diameter of 7 inches, tread thickness of 0.5 inches and a company aspect ratio of 8. Additionally, it is made from a broad network of contact stains and demanding tire construction.


One thing each rider enjoys about the Knobby is its consistency no matter the motorsport being undertaken.

Its touch patches make it effortless to navigate through rugged and other hard surfaces while its sturdy construction provides additional traction when gliding over gentle terrain.

Both of these functions work in hand to provide the amazing ride steering when taking corners.

The flexibility in the application of this tire makes it perfect for navigating in virtually any terrain. Its layout and settings make it straightforward to keep control and stability while stirring at high rates.

The bicycle is likewise quite light, meaning it will not overwork the motor when going on off-road surfaces.


The Knobby is a superb tire which may be used off and on the street. You’ll receive your money’s worth from the product and will love its attractive yet aggressive design.

Besides, it is acceptable for first-time riders as it’s light and requires just a tiny power to maneuver the motor vehicle.


  • Outstanding stability
  • Fantastic stability and control even at high rates
  • Guarantees first-class functionality in sand, dirt and other Unique Sorts of terrain
  • An appealing appearance because of its fun knob design
  • Great for on and off-road trips
  • It’s very light to Manage.


  • Not Acceptable for too rugged terrains

TG Knight ATV/UTV Utility Tires 26×9-12 and 26×11-12

This collection of tires out of TG Knight includes four wheels: 2 are size 26 x 9-12 along with another two will be 26 x 11-12.

This works with many Arctic Cat Wildcat, Kawasaki KAF, and Polaris Ranger vehicles, so make sure you confirm the compatibility with your specific version to make certain they match.

These tires feature a flatter layout throughout the surface of the tire. They’re fortified with a six-ply construction.

You will enjoy a smooth ride over the roughest of trails when you are on those tires. There are additional lugs on the shoulder to protect your tire’s sidewall and rim while on the street. You might discover that these tires glow on stones, soil, and desert terrain.

Regrettably, the huge flat contact surface of those tires can make your ATV feel less nimble on horizontal surfaces when creating tight corners. You will also discover that these tires are not easy when riding on paved surfaces.


The previous product to go into the record is this set of four wheels out of MASSFX. This brand is the same as ATV tires, which means you immediately receive a feeling of confidence which their product will probably be helpful.

The fascinating thing about these tires is they utilise a distinctive tread design referred to aside Bite’. The producer recently introduces this, and it means there is more of a focus on the sidewall.

The outcome is that you become greater cessation protection than at almost any other tires — most will not focus too much on the sidewall, and that’s really where lots of punctures happen.

You obtain a 6-ply rated scooter here — that is standard when searching for the best ATV tires — and this further increases the quality and durability.

The plan of this lug helps improve the management you have when braking, which provides you with excellent traction in a variety of terrains.

If you are somebody who enjoys racing your ATV on the tarmac, then all these are excellent since you can go over 50mp with barely any wiggle in the tires in any respect. However, they also work well in sand, gravel, and rugged terrain also.

They do not function as well as a few other products in thick moist sand. But they have held up quite nicely when used to plough snow, so keep this in mind.

All these will be the most expensive choices on this listing, but you’re paying for a high-quality product. By spending only a tiny bit more than the majority of the other people, you’ll find a pair of ATV tires that last a very long time.

Motorhot ATV/UTV Tires

If you’re searching for great all-around tires to the quad or SXS, the Motorhot ATV/UTV Tires might be an ideal option. Though they’re made for use in catchy terrains, like sand, desert, and stone, they are appropriate on the more secure ground also.

As a consequence, you may minimise the number of times you want to set up or purchase new tires, which saves you money and time.

What is more, Motorhot ATV/UTV Tires are famous for their quality. Giving you raised stability and lighter steering, using appropriate tires to the terrain raises security also.

The 6-ply construction of those tires makes them resistant to harm, abrasions, and punctures. When you are driving across rough terrain, lasting tires are crucial, and that’s why those Motorhot ATV/UTV Tires fit your bill.

A particularly fantastic feature is the inclusion of additional shoulder lugs. This extra protection can help to stop the sidewall or the rims of your ATV from becoming ruined when you are out and around.

A load index score of 77.5 means they are acceptable for ATVs or even UTVs around 420kgs, even though a J rate rating offers rates of up to 100km/h.

Though Motorhome tires may be utilised in the sand, many users report slippage, especially slick problems. If you regularly use your ATV in very tight conditions, these might not provide the grip you’re searching for.

In rugged states or as all-around tires, nevertheless, these work extremely well. What’s more, they are compatible with a large assortment of models and makes, making them a favourite option with ATV and UTV owners.

Features to Consider in Great ATV Tires


The tread patterns produce a feeling of touch or grip. Whether you’re riding for pleasure or planning to function, you would like your ATV tires to provide the best grip.

In other words, how it concurrently responds to power and load in addition to negotiating the terrain to keep you on the program. With the proper grip, you may readily negotiate through distinct terrains without the fear of slipping and performing a 360 along with your vehicle.


The radials in almost any ATV scooter possess their plies set perpendicularly into the waist of this tread or sometimes, it’s constructed consistent with the railing.

The plies flow bead to bead to the sidewalls and above the tire’s face hence forming a wrap pattern. Some distinctive designs have comprised a steel belt end to improve stability and limit wear and tear.

Tread style

The tread styles vary based upon the terrain to be coated. A great tread strikes an ideal balance between tire durability and enhanced performance when negotiating corners.

If you should venture into hard terrain like sand, you’d require a tread design which essentially digs deep to the surface and catches to maneuver your ATV.

Tire size

The tire dimensions will determine how efficiently the ATV will operate concerning horsepower, control, torque, gearing, and human anatomy. You do not need a small diameter that will overwork the transmission and over-rev the motor.

Bias Design

If it comes to prejudice, we concentrate more on the tire’s ply; that’s a sign of its strength and endurance. The more plies you will find, the more lasting the bicycle is.

ATV tires manufactured from a Bias-ply construction are more resilient than regular ones. This is since the Bias-ply construction has excellent puncture resistance and demanding sidewalls.

Additionally, because of the powerful construction, they provide a better grip. Bias construction, however, will offer you a quieter ride when compared with radials because of the rigid construction which produces the tires heat up quicker.


It can be tricky to mount a pair of ATV tires on your own. If you do not understand how to do it, then consult with a professional because poor alignment may result in tire failure.

Regularly check the tire pressure. Uneven pressure may cause problems with handling and balance and may result in a flat tire. Low stress may also result in premature wear.

Bring a puncture repair kit along with you whenever you ride. But notice that bicycle slime and tire fix foam products are a temporary solution, and a few products might lead to corrosion if they are left to the wheel for an elongated time.

After riding your ATV, wash the tires and wheels brake dust and other debris do not harm the equipment. This will also let you check the tires for any harm.



A: Check to find out whether the tread lugs are chunking or cracking. They might want to be replaced whenever they’re shedding their sharp edges and are curved.

They must also be substituted if they have many punctures or one enormous puncture.


A: If you can, replace all four wheels to get the best grip in sand and other terrains. They must have great tread for both functionality and security.


A: If swapping out your original equipment (OE) tires you’re able to keep the same dimensions or go larger. Just be certain that there is sufficient clearance between the wheels and the suspension.

Look on the sidewall of the OE tire or the operator’s manual to find out the size. ATV tires normally contain three amounts.

The first one represents tire diameter, so the next is the tire width, and the next is the width of the wheel rim it matches. The dimensions are in inches.

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Last Words

There you have it, folks, a thorough guide that will help you make an educated choice about receiving the best ATV tires once you go shopping around to get a few. Tires are the most significant part of your motor vehicle.

A fantastic motor and suspension style are all wasted if you do not have tires.

By now, you understand that the best way to have a scooter would be to match the kind of riding you do use the most acceptable tire combination for this function.

You won’t miss the mark should you select one of the top ten tires because of your favourite alternative.