When it’s time to transition your child to the best backless booster seat, you understand your number one priority: security.

No parent wants to consider becoming a car crash with their child from a motor vehicle. Sadly, the street is not always as secure as we need it to be.

That is why we’ve compiled a list of 10 of their best backless booster car seats. These can enable you to compare your choices and discover the one which will keep your kid safe.

Let us dive into the listing of most highly-rated booster chairs for layout, comfort, and security.

Top 10 Best Backless Booster Seat Brands Of 2020

Top 10 Best Backless Booster Seat Brands Of 2020

Bestseller No. 1
Cosco Topside Backless Booster Car Seat (Leo)
This booster seat includes a 1 year limited warranty
Bestseller No. 2
GoFit Backless Booster Car Seat - Raindrop
Removable, machine-washable seat pad and armrest covers; 2 fold-away cup holders are removable and dishwasher-safe
SaleBestseller No. 3
Diono Solana, Pack of 2 Backless Booster Car Seats, Lightweight, Machine Washable Covers, 2 Cup Holders, Charcoal
EASY REMOVE COVERS - Machine washable covers for easy cleaning.; TWO CUP HOLDERS - Elasticated cup holders perfect for road trip drinks and snacks.
Bestseller No. 5
Britax Skyline 2-Stage Belt-Positioning Booster Car Seat, Dusk - Highback and Backless Seat
Fit: 40 to 120 pounds and up to 63 inch height; Big kid comfort: Plush, foam padding and built in arm rests
Bestseller No. 7
Britax Highpoint 2-Stage Belt-Positioning Booster Car Seat, Cool Flow Gray - Highback and Backless Seat
Fit: 40 - 120 pounds and up to 63" height; Big kid comfort: Plush foam padding and built-in arm rests
Bestseller No. 8

Graco TurboBooster LX No Back Car Seat

The Graco TurboBooster LX No Back Car Seat is a terrific way to transition your child from a car seat in their first”big kid” seat. It supports kids between 40 and 100 lbs in weight and as tall as 57 inches, approximately four ft., 9 in.

The Graco TurboBooster adjusts super readily with one front fix latch system. You can also set this up with just one hand. It is designed to maintain your child firmly in place to keep them secure in an auto accident.

What is more, the TurboBooster is designed to teach your kid how to begin being independent regarding the car seat and vehicle security. They can buckle the seatbelt and then are contingent on the booster staying steadily and securely in place.

Even if the child isn’t sitting in their chair, the TurboBooster is intended to stay in place on your automobile seat. It’ll stay properly latched so that you won’t have to bother with it the next time you get ready to hit the street.

So what is the main takeaway?

The most significant thing about the Graco TurboBooster is it is designed to keep your kid secure. Simply since they’re getting older doesn’t mean car seat security is any less significant — that every parent understands.

What is more, the Graco TurboBooster is also simple to correct, meaning you don’t have to fight with a booster chair each time you get in the vehicle.


  • The Graco TurboBooster is simple to install and adapt to create your child’s placing in a booster chair secure and simple.
  • The seat remains properly latched, although not in use, so you are aware that it’s always ready to go.


  • The straps of this TurboBooster might be too brief for a few cars.

Clek Ozzi​

The Clek Ozzi Backless booster seat accommodates children four years old and upward from 40-120 lbs and between 40 and 57 inches. It may be used for as much as nine decades. Therefore it can readily be handed down to younger siblings.

It connects to a car’s LATCH anchors with inflexible lower push-on straps, which can be fairly rare and contain a metallic substructure, making it sturdy.

It comes in 1 color: licorice (black).​ Chair measurements are 13.25″ x 12.75″ x 5″ and it weighs 5 lbs.


The plush fabric is detachable and hand-washable. Under the cover lie energy-absorbing foam and a thicker foam pillow to stop”numb buttocks,” Fabric wrap around the chair’s bottom to protect your car or truck upholstery from scrapes and snags.

There are many accessories available for sale individually, such as a carrying strap, beverage holder, cleaning kit, traveling tote, and chair mat.


Primarily, this booster seat is roughly double the purchase price of many of the chairs on our listing. Some parents said it was very difficult to attach the seat to the lower anchors together with all the rigid-LATCH systems.

Additionally, there is no strap on the front to launch that, so switching the chair between automobiles can be challenging.

The slick design is fine for larger children who do not need the cutesy chairs, but many parents loathed the major warning sticker on the front part of the chair, which isn’t exhibited in the product images.

The largest drawback we found was that the lack of accessories included. This one is barebones, and also you must special order all of the extras out of the corporation.

Compilation of Consumer opinions

In general, this is a sturdy, secure and comfortable booster chair, particularly for extended drives. If you do not need to change the chair between automobiles often and do not need many accessories, it is an excellent investment.

Cosco Topside Booster Seat

A lightweight backless booster seat with a slick design, the Topside by Cosco is a wonderful value pick. The cushioning is extra-plush and comfy, providing your child the desired increase to securely utilize the normal automobile seat belt.

Its lightweight design makes it quite portable and good for traveling. This version will not prevent scuff marks or other damage in your automobile chairs with a seat-safe layout.

This booster seat is intended for children between 40 and 100 lbs and 43 to 57 inches tall. It is available in many different colors to match your own (or your kid’s ) preference.

It’s also among the safest seats in the current market, tested to meet and exceed Federal Safety Standards and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety automobile safety evaluations. Its compact design makes it perfect for even the smallest automobiles.

Overall this super-lightweight booster is a good choice if you want to conserve money but do not need to skimp on quality.

We did note that this chair is somewhat narrower than other versions of the current market. Therefore it may not give the same type of relaxation to each kid.

Evenflo Amp Performance No Back Booster Car Seat

The Evenflo Amp Performance No Back Booster Car Seat is designed to remain securely in position in an accident. Their evaluations operate at the double the force necessary for national crash test criteria, which means that you may make certain your child will be secure in almost any function.

The Evenflo Amp Performance is created for kids involving the burden of 40 and 110 lbs. It follows that you may very well receive a long time of usage from it! It’s intended for children between 40 and 57 inches in height.

The Evenflo Amp Performance can be comfortable, with specifically contoured pads. This usually means your kid will be equally secure and comfortable even on long trips.

This pad is machine washable and may be eliminated without the fuss to be washed.

For even more comfort, it’s a suitable double cup holder created from elastic. You won’t have to be unbuckling your seatbelt to look for the vehicle for a water bottle!

Your child should be at least four years old to utilize the Evenflo Amp Performance Booster.

The priority with each car or booster chair is security, particularly since 25 percent of all automobile accidents are side-impact accidents. Luckily, Evenflo shares parents’ concern for the safety of kids.


  • The Evenflo Amp Performance Booster is exceptionally vetting to guarantee security in case of an accident.
  • It’s simple to install and fix.
  • It’s machine-washable.


  • It might not be in a position to latch closely in each car make.

Chicco Go Fit Plus​

When there’s any booster chair simpler to set up than the Graco Affix, the Chicco GoFit Plus can. Designed for children four decades old and upward, this chair accommodates a weight selection of 40 – 110 lbs and a height selection of 38 – 57 inches.

It comes in two colors: iron (black) and flow (black/blue). Chair measurements are 15″D x 17″W x 5″H, weighing 5.7 lbs.


Easy download and install is the title of this game. Not merely are there any easy-to-attach push-on LATCH connectors along with a one-handed tightening strap, but there is a quick-release layout to eliminate the straps in 1 pull of the deal.

Add to the machine-washable chair, armrest covers, the built-in transport grip, the shoulder belt clip, which position that the seatbelt is just right, and you have a single easy-to-use booster chair.

Plus, two detachable, dishwasher-safe cup holders fold when you want a little additional space.


The GoFit Plus is roughly double the purchase price of typical backless boosters. Though it will have a carry handle, it does not fold up or possess its carry bag for easier transportation.

It may feel a little bulky and heavy if you need to take it around quite long, but if it fits into a bag, a large stroller or backpack is just nice.

The shoulder for positioning the shoulder belt may be somewhat tricky to use, so make sure you consult the guide or try to find tutorials.

Compilation of Consumer opinions

For households who must change cars and seat arrangements frequently or people using cabs and Ubers, this can be a great alternative. It is still quite new in the current market, so there are not many customer comments yet.

BubbleBum Inflatable Backless Booster Car Seat

The BubbleBum Inflatable Backless Booster Car Seat is designed to encourage kids between the ages of 4 and 11. This exceptional design keeps kids between 40 and 100 pounds secure on the street.

The BubbleBum consists of specific materials and techniques which make it super comfy. It is inflatable and full of memory foam. Your son or daughter will have the ability to relax on long car rides without any suffering from sitting.

The BubbleBum is super compact and easy to transfer. It’s possible to fit three across the chair if you would like, meaning everyone in the vehicle is comfortable.

Additionally, it employs a particular”foam technology,” which keeps it inflated in case of a crash, so making certain your child is kept secure. Even if the chair is punctured, the memory foam inside will still maintain its structure.

What is the best part?

The BubbleBum has been voted a”Best Bet” Booster eight years running from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. It is designed to keep your child safe once the street simply is not.


  • The BubbleBum employs a mix of atmosphere and memory foam to help keep your child comfortable.
  • It’s super compact, meaning there’s more space in your vehicle for everybody.
  • It’s the backing of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.


  • The BubbleBum might not remain comfortable during long car rides.

Mifold Grab-and-Go​

The Mifold Grab-and-Go is most certainly the unique chair on this listing. It is designed to match its title – this chair folds into a compact little bundle you can shoot anywhere.

The mifold is for children four decades and older that are 40-100 lbs and 40-57 inches tall. It comes in many colors and 2-packs of varying colors. Seat dimensions are 10″ x 5″ x 2″, and it weighs 1.6 lbs.

It does not look like it’d do the job of a booster chair from looking at it. It functions not by fostering the kid up, but by bringing the seatbelt down to fit properly over the shoulder and lap.

This little apartment issue is fully safety tested and meets or exceeds all criteria.


If you are constantly on the move and shifting vehicles, then you should consider that chair. You can fold it up and save it almost anywhere, such as backpacks, purses, glove compartments, etc..

This chair may be a terrific alternative for smaller compact automobiles that don’t match other booster seats nicely. Additionally, it is a fantastic travel alternative for taxi and Uber travel.

There are unwanted alterations that extend the chair as the child develops (M, S, L), which likewise changes the positioning of their shoulder and lap straps.


This chair is a brand new invention from a current start-up firm. Though entirely safety-tested, we are not certain how well they analyzed comfort levels.

It seems like it’d be comfortable from how it stays flat against the chair. However, several parents said that their kids whine about it being uncomfortable.

Other parents said they weren’t able to work out how to use it, while some said their kids could not buckle it and couldn’t release it with no assistance. If you are a booster chair newcomer or take long road trips, this chair might not be for you.

Compilation of Consumer opinions

Many parents love this chair since it’s so light and portable. However, the comfort level is suspicious, as is the simplicity of usage.

The organization does have many educational videos, which might be quite beneficial if you’re eager to provide this new layout ago.

Clek Olli Backless Belt Positioning Portable and Compact Booster Car Seat with Latch

The Clek Olli Backless Portable and Compact Booster Car Seat are designed to be simple to install, secure, and comfortable.

It utilizes the car’s anchoring hooks to maintain the chair securely as you’re moving. This means extra sturdiness in case of an accident. This utilizes a specialization”rigid latch” to lock the booster chair securely into your motor vehicle.

The Clek Backless Booster is specially formulated to help your child stay comfortable on long car rides while preventing the fear numb-bum.

What’s that exactly?

It is the sense that you get when you sit on a tough, uncomfortable surface for quite a very long moment. The Clek Backless Booster intends to prevent that and maintain your kid super comfy during your trip.

With another cushion, it is meant to feel exactly like a normal vehicle seat.

Additionally, it is designed to be simple to wash. The surface of this Clek Backless Booster consists of accredited Crypton superb fabric.

This usually means that it remains clean regardless of what kid messes have been thrown at it. It wicks moisture away and keeps out stains.

Meaning you’ll never have a stale or rancid booster chair to take care of!


  • The Clek Backless Booster includes a distinctive rigid latch that snaps on your automobile’s anchoring hooks to get an extra equilibrium layer.
  • It’s designed to be more comfortable during lengthy intervals.
  • Its custom made cloth exterior struggles stains and moisture.


The Clek Backless Booster isn’t harmonious in most automobiles. Your car or truck should have seat covers.

Hiccapop Uberboost​

This inexpensive seat with all the cool titles is the only inflatable booster chair on the list. It requires less than 20 minutes to inflate it, and even children can do it. Deflated, it fits nicely into its travel bag or some other backpack, big bag, or bag.

For children 4 – 11 years old and 40 – 100 lbs, this chair comes in 1 color (blue/gray). Seat dimensions are 14.5″ x 14.5″ x 4.5″, weighing only a bit over 1 pound.


Portability and lightweight design are the main pros of this particular chair. It will not take up much space even if inflated, so it is fantastic for compact automobiles or installing involving full-size automobile seats.

A non-skid base holds it in position, so there is no slipping.

Belt-positioning clips onto the side to get the lap belt in the ideal place within the kid’s lap. The air-filled pillow is comfortable for long rides. Has a patch kit for pit restoration.


Some chairs might need to be reinflated frequently, and with almost any inflatable thing, you always have the danger of holes.

The threat is greater for all those who have critters in the auto or children with pens or roughhousing. This chair will spring a leak.

The seat belt clips can also be fairly flimsy. While they are simple to use, a very wiggly kid can elongate the seat belt out of the clips.

Compilation of Consumer opinions

This chair makes a fantastic occasional traveling chair, but maybe not a fantastic everyday seat due to the difficulties with deflating and pockets.

It is cheap enough to purchase one or more to get a few street trip vacations but does not expect several years of usage.

Aidia Scout Backless Safety Booster Car Seat

The Aidia Scout Backless Safety Booster Car Seat is meant to provide a blend of durability and ease of automobile for a fantastic booster seat encounter.

Its powerful outer layer is constructed from sturdy plastic. This was made to resist accidents and shield children efficiently in case of an auto accident.

The Aidia Scout intends to be streamlined, demanding, and unable to beat while also offering shelter and comfort to the child riding inside.

The plastic construction isn’t hollow. Instead, it’s sound, a layout made to be demanding.

Furthermore, the Aidia Scout is super simple to set up, fix, and keep. It could be rough on security, but it’s utterly straightforward to take care of.

Greater than anything, the Aidia Scout has gone through several Federal crash tests. Constructed according to these principles, it’s been assessed and proven secure for the little one.

To make life much simpler for you, the cover of this booster seat is securely machine-washable.

Just follow the directions, and you can keep the cover of your youngster’s Aida Scout fresh and clean for as long as you use it. All this gets the Aidia Scout among the best backless booster car seats for the child.

Why Purchase a Backless Booster Car Seat?

Security first. A booster car seat is a legal requirement in most states since they have been proven to radically improve the protection of a child riding in a car and guarantees proper belt-positioning.

A good-quality booster chair will keep your children safe for a long time to come.

Cozy rides. If you are a lover of extended road trips, booster car seats have an extra benefit of earning a car ride not just securely, but also very comfy. A well-cushioned chair that provides the ideal support can make all of the difference.

Convenience. Many contemporary backless booster chairs comprise cup holders, trays, and pockets, so providing your kid ample access to what they want for a cozy trip in your vehicle.

Peace of mind. A properly installed booster car seat frees the forces accompanying an automobile crash, helping protect your child from harm.

Knowing your child is protected in case of a side effect or other crashes can facilitate your automobile – and – driving-related worries.

Purchasing Guide For Best Backless Booster Car Seat 2020

Whenever you’re on the watch for the best backless booster car seat, you may be thinking about relaxation or additional features like cupholders. However, that is not the first thing in mind.

Your priority is the child’s safety in case of an auto accident. You might be unable to trust street conditions or other motorists, but you wish to have the ability to trust your booster chair.

That is why the best backless booster car seat is designed, most importantly, to maintain your kid surrounded by protection.

When automobile accidents occur, kids remain safe by being at the proper vehicle seat with proper installation.

What are the security features you ought to keep an eye out for when picking the best backless booster car seat?

Proper Installation Methods

You must focus on the manner you will have to set up the booster seat in your vehicle. Some booster seats need features like seat covers for proper setup.

But not every car has seat covers. Thus, it’s vital to be certain your automobile is equipped for everything you want to your booster chair.

Do not ever believe you will have the ability to perform a substitution. In regards to car seat safety, any kind of DIY work is going to produce a seat that does not protect your child. That is why it’s essential to be certain your booster chair and your car are compatible before making a purchase.


No parent wants to consider their child being in an auto crash. But that is what automobile booster seats are for — keeping your child safe in case of the unthinkable.

Picking a chair made from high-quality substances is an absolute necessity. The chair should also provide strategies to attach firmly, positioning your kid securely and comfortably. Proper attachments should be certain the chair stays securely in place without too much motion.

Before buying any booster chair, find out exactly what it is made of and how it’s installed. This may make or break your choice, one which you shouldn’t take lightly.


It might be a fantastic idea to get more than one booster chair per child since this will guarantee your child constantly has this important security tool at their disposal. This is particularly critical if you tend to carpool.

Cleaning a booster chair will be rather simple. Most mid-range seats are produced from high-quality substances that allow a simple wipe-down to take care of most stains and dirt.

Some booster car seats even comprise a detachable and washable seat cover.

If you are concerned about stains and spills, consider using a crib sheet to cover your car seat. You might even use a blanket or similar thing to bring a layer of protection on the booster chair.

Just ensure it’s not bulky and does not interfere with the fit of the seat belt.

The further lightweight your booster chair, the simpler it is to take it together for traveling.



A: Many backless booster seats are simple to install, just requiring threading of their car’s regular seat belt throughout the booster seat belt manuals in case it is properly positioned.

Ensure the lap belt fits snugly across your child’s upper legs rather than their stomach. The shoulder belt should cross the center of your kid’s chest and ought not to be in their neck.

If your booster includes a LATCH tethers, it is possible to install this too.


A: This depends on many things, but your child’s height and weight reduction are the most important. Generally, a child will outgrow a forward-facing safety seat when they hit a weight of between 40 and 65 lbs and are at least 35 inches tall.

You can safely use a booster seat at that stage until they are old enough to utilize the normal automobile safety belts. Remember that weight limitations may and do vary by producer.

See more: Car seats: Information for Families


Purchasing a backless booster car seat can appear overwhelming at first. You are creating a significant choice by moving your kid from a car seat into a”big child chair.”

However, now you understand all of the things you ought to be looking for, you can make an educated choice about a booster chair for the son or daughter. If you are interested in the Best Heated Seat Cushion For Your Car, let click here!

Having a chair that’s comfortable in addition to sturdy and protected, you won’t only have more joyful car rides — you’ll also be in a position to maintain peace knowing your child is secure on the street.