As it appears inevitable that accidents will always occur, it’s thus vital to get yourself the best-repairing substances.

The automobile body fillers play an essential part in ensuring the automobile’s body may maintain its form and appearance.

There’s not any doubt you’re going to have an excellent time working together with the best auto body filler should you get you.

The filler may also be convenient for fixing the dings, scratches, filling holes, and dents. Below we get to observe a few of the best auto body filler choices.

You ought to have a wonderful time choosing the best body filler in general if you know where to look.

Reviews Top 7 Best Body Filler In This Year

Reviews Top 7 Best Body Filler In This Year

SaleBestseller No. 1
Bondo Body Repair Kit, 00312, Everything You Need to Get Started, 1 Kit
Do-it-yourself auto repair kit makes for durable same-day repairs; Easy to use – includes step-by-step instructions
Bestseller No. 2
Evercoat 156 Light Weight Body Filler - Gallon
Auto Body Filler: Smooth spreading and easy sanding formula; Includes Blue Cream Hardener: Forms a nice consistency when mixed with hardener
SaleBestseller No. 3
Bondo Metal Reinforced Filler - High Strength Filler, Can be Drilled and Tapped - Will Not Rust, 11.2 Fl oz with 0.37 oz Hardener
Reinforced with aluminum – extra strength in an easy-spreading filler; Fast-dry formula allows for sanding in as little as 20 minutes
Bestseller No. 4
Bestseller No. 5
Evercoat 112 Rage 3 Liter Gold Premium Lightweight Body Filler
Includes Blue Cream Hardener: Forms a nice consistency when mixed with hardener
Bestseller No. 6
Body Filler: How To Eliminate The Most Common Mistake When Sanding Body Filler (Collision Blast Basic Auto Body and Paint Training Book 4)
Amazon Kindle Edition; Smith, Donnie (Author); English (Publication Language); 79 Pages - 01/03/2014 (Publication Date)
Bestseller No. 7
All-metal Specialty Body Filler
The world's first aluminum-filled autobody filler; Ideal for restoration work and classic car repairs
SaleBestseller No. 8
3M Platinum Plus Filler, 01131, 1 gal
Adhesion promoted for excellent adhesion to many surfaces; Advanced formula recommended for use with galvanized steel and aluminum
SaleBestseller No. 9
Bondo All-Purpose Putty, Designed for Interior and Exterior Home Use, Paintable, Permanent, Non-Shrinking, 1.9 lb., 1-Quart
Two-part filler bonds to broad range of surfaces for permanent, non-shrink repairs; Cures fast; sandable in 15 minutes for fast same-day repairs
Bestseller No. 10
Bondo Body Filler, Original Formula for Fast, Easy Repair & Restoration of Your Vehicle, 14 oz with 0.5 oz Hardener
two-part lightweight compound mixes easily and spreads smoothly; spread easy and cures in only 20 minutes for same day repairs

3M Bondo 261 — Best Total

Bondo is a well-known manufacturer in producing functional and superior automobile body fillers.

This is a breath of fresh air for automobile owners and auto body professionals because of its microsphere formulation, which helps fix easily and fast, making it our best total product.

Bondo auto body filler is a two-part solution, including a resin-based filler plus a hardener that is utilized to fix dents, holes, rusted regions, and scratches by the exteriors.

Surfaces like wood, metal, concrete, fiberglass, and much more are formed and treated in minutes. Additionally, this is a lasting alternative that will provide you the ideal automobile exteriors or other surfaces.

Want to purchase this? You’ll find a tube of this hardener that creates a beautiful creamy consistency to use on the affected place when combined with the filler. The mix makes a chemical reaction to treat the scratches, rust or scratches, etc..

Since this filler hardens up very quickly, you’ll have to employ it quite quickly. However, unless you’re working on really more significant regions, this may hardly ever be a problem.


  • Best brand filler
  • Consists of a microsphere formulation
  • Non-shrinking and durable
  • Cures fast and contours in minutes
  • Super simple to use


  • Hardens up too quickly

Evercoat 156 Lightweight Body Filler

This is only one of the best alternatives which you could get at this time. It does include a few fantastic functionalities for dense filling and fixing.

You receive it working well for damaged panels up to 1/2″ in thickness. Any consumer will surely have a great time in regard to working with it in general.

You’ll also find it using a blue colored hardener, which may be combined together with the cream to make the best consistency you want.

If you compare it with all the other versions of the current market, you need to find it is rather good concerning performance. It’s thus able to provide you with the best job every time it’s used.

You get it is equipped to allow also for the simplicity of smoothing and sanding all of the time. You will undoubtedly have an excellent time working with it.

The users locate it is quite simple if you’re seeking to spread it equally. In addition, it won’t harden while employing. Because of this, it’s likely to produce the application more straightforward and quicker. It’s definitely something good to give you the best adhesion.

The version can also be great concerning cutting labor expenses. This usually means you will have a fantastic performance choice all the time. It’s also great for quicker abrasive cutting. Typically, it ought to be a worthy buy.


  • Clog free formulation
  • Fantastic for thick filling
  • It’s an exceptional adhesion.


  • Hardener not included

Permatex 25909 Liquid Metal Filler

Whenever you have minor damages to correct, and you also would like to get done with it in a really brief time, this really is the product for you.

This product is out of a line of adhesives that don’t need any mixing. So you’ve got one tube which includes everything you will need for a fast and effortless fix.

You may expect this to have a fantastic grip on galvanized steel. It was also designed to operate well on items such as oil pans, door panels, and any part made from cast alloy, etc.

In reality, all these are suggestions produced by themselves.

It is a fantastic alternative for smaller damages on wood, metal, and concrete, but it may also repel water, gas, and petroleum. With simple use — simply pop the lid and squeeze the filler on the broken region and disperse it smoothly.

Provided that it’s not significant damage that is too big for this tiny tube to pay, you’re all set.

Composition: Barium Sulfate, Acetone, Isobutyl Acetate, Titanium Dioxide, Quartz Silica, Carbon Black.

Bondo Glass 00272 — Strong and Fast-Curing Fiberglass Filler

With actual fiberglass strands and fibers, the Bondo Glass 00272 will provide you an end that’s more than double more powerful than routine fillers. Besides, it cures considerably quicker and will be prepared to sand in only 20 minutes, making automobile repair quicker.

Additionally, this will be an ideal product if you would like to do a comprehensive auto body fix as it could easily match glaze and body filler.

Since it will work nicely with any paint kind, it’s also not prohibitive and will be ideal for use with almost any vehicle on the market.

This filler can be fully waterproof, and other automobiles will also work for ships. And to make matters much better for you, it is going to include a cream hardener.

The presence of these fiberglass pieces can make this product a bit hard to disperse. But, you should continue to get it done with just a little patience and practice.


  • Strong filler which cures quickly
  • Ideal for whole body repairs
  • Works with paint types
  • Completely waterproof


  • Could be a little challenging to disperse

Bondo 312 Autobody Filler Kit Quart

There’s no doubt that Bondo is among the best in making a number of their best products. You’re going to find it is excellent to use as from now when you need to.

Many men and women find it is excellent as a result of the formulation used to create it. Consequently, once you’re purchasing it, you’ll find it is worth the cost.

This filler kit is great concerning fixing the rust holes, scratches, and dents on the panels.

As it’s made from excellent quality components, it will be great concerning attaining the best outcomes. You should certainly have a fantastic time working with it.

One more thing is that it has a self-adhesive metallic body odor, a spreader, reddish cream hardeners, and the entire body filler.

As you can see, it will include everything you want when it comes to coping with all the repairs. Because it’s also familiar with professionals, you discover it is among the best in working together with it.

Another top feature is that the formulation is durable. It can stay working great even after it’s done when it has to do with general appearance. It doesn’t shrink as others to give you a minimal excellent finish.


  • It functions as a complete kit.
  • Works great for big holes
  • Benefits of utilizing


  • You Need to apply quicker as the mix hardens quickly.

24035 Duraglass Qt 448833 Valspar

Duraglass is a gorgeous title to give to some potent combination of resin and chopped fiberglass.

Frankly, it is perfect we want. We thought of this.

As its great name implies, this is really a durable reinforced body filler that may be used to get a vast selection of functions.

Whatever you can think about to use a filler to get, this filler may get it done for you. Its potency trumps over that of many-body fillers. They seem around Duraglass for advice.

Fixing holes up, dents, cracks, scratches, tears, and rust holes have not been made so simple.

What is even better, this exceptional formula may be used to pay large holes those holes you’d think about welding at first prior to using fillers on it.

However, with ceramic fabric, you can cover a broad area to fix and prevent welding in precisely the exact same moment.

It comes packed with a white cream hardener. It’s also rustproof and waterproof when used in metal, wood, and fiberglass.

So expect outstanding results if you’re using it onto a busted ship’s body.

Composition: Styrene, N, N-Dimethylaniline.

U. S. Chemical & Plastics All-Metal

If you’re working on a recovery project and you also have not heard of this, let’s familiarize you with a complete monster in auto body repairs.

This really is so powerful that utilizing it over welds may be among the best methods in automobile recovery.

It comes packed with all the entire body filler, all-metal aluminum filler/metal mender. This combo is liable for the rock-solid bond, which continues to function well for decades later.

It sets up quickly, and the sanding is effortless. You’ll be amazed by how simple once you try it.

This tempered filler is also simple to complete.

To get a human body filler so powerful, this really is a brand new benchmark in body filler worth.

Be certain that you get enough to the job that you would like to do in the present time since this product does not last long on the shelves.

It might provide you four months until it starts to harden by itself.

Composition: Styrene, Epoxy resin, N, N-Dimethylaniline, Hexanoic acid, 2-ethyl-, cobalt(2+) salt (2:1), Naphthenic acids, cobalt salts.

The Way to Obtain the Best Automobile Body Fillers

While our testimonials previously will provide some great recommendations, you still ought to consider the following important factors when purchasing.

1. Kinds of Auto Body Filler

1.1 Metal

Metal fillers consist of aluminum alloy components, and they’re some of the most frequently used fillers. These fillers will include aluminum alloy particles, and they’ve been in use since 1965.

They’re famous for their low moisture retention and don’t shrink once applied, so you won’t have to be concerned about reshaping. A fantastic illustration of a wonderful metallic filler is Permatex 25909.

Though they also provide a smoother end compared to other filer forms, they’re also more expensive.


  • Low moisture retention
  • Smoother finish
  • They Don’t shrink
  • Harder when cured
  • Easy to operate with


  • Relatively more expensive

1.2 Fiberglass

Fiberglass or resin fillers as they’re also known as consisting of fiberglass and metal particles.

This sort of filler is used by sanding the dent and then employing the filler in layers. Heat is then implemented to ensure proper healing before trimming.

Because ceramic filler such as Bondo Glass 00272 is tough and long-lasting, it’s extremely great for significant scale repairs or if dealing with vehicles that have extensive damages.

The existence of fiberglass pieces within the body filler and how it requires heat therapy can make dispersing it a little feverish, but things should get easier once you get accustomed.


  • Doesn’t absorb moisture
  • Perfect for large scale fix tasks
  • Quick-drying
  • Works with almost any paint type and color


  • Could be a little difficult to disperse
  • Requires heat Therapy

1.3 Lightweight

Lightweight fillers such as Evercoat 112 are simple to sand and water-resistant. They’re more like metal fillers, however, using a more lightweight formula.

These are frequently used as the last coating when fixing dents as they’re not thick enough to pay big holes. But they contain high levels of resin to guarantee the repairs continue long enough.

Additionally, as these fillers are usually a lot easier to sand than fiberglass or metal, they have broader applications. Moreover, their lightweight character makes it easier to manage since they may even be packaged in newspapers.


  • Smooth and superior end
  • Wide applications
  • Simple to use and sand


  • Not thick enough to get big holes

2. Compatibility

Before buying any auto body filler, remember to check if it’s harmonious for a damaged surface, automobile body, or whatever that you need to fix.

Fillers are created for different surfaces like concrete, wood, metal, or vinyl, and therefore it’s crucial to know which one will work for the surface you’re fixing.

However, it’s also worth noting that most contemporary automobile body fillers will have distinctive formulation and components that enable them to be utilized on several surfaces.

3. Benefits of Application

Any auto body filler you select ought to be simple to apply whether you do it for the first time or are professional.

A simple body filler to use is just one that is simple to combine and has a beautiful consistency for straight forward spreading. Additionally, the ones that arrive with a spreader and thorough instructions will provide you a simpler time.

The Way to Use Automobile Body Filler?

You may need to remember lots of steps in regards to utilizing the entire body filler. Let’s get to view them.

Evaluate the general damage

Before you can purchase your car body filler, it might be well worth checking out the harm. At times you may not even want it. Well, it’s a little place, a little bit of cleaning is required to assess the damage farther.

Additionally, it can help you understand which sort of body filler to purchase and how much volume. You’ll have some notion of choosing the best product that is appropriate for you in the long run.

Select the Right product

You have to consider obtaining the correct product. This is contingent upon the evaluation you’d made. For the bigger repairs, you will need to use the premium quality fillers.

From the smaller fixes, utilizing a product using the correct and easy ingredients should be sufficient to keep the car looking great.

Preparing the formulation

One more thing you’re likely to do is currently preparing the formulation. This entails mixing the filler and hardener. Be certain that you keep the suggested ratio, so you have the ideal consistency.

Follow the directions on blending the ideal ratio based upon the manufacturer. Consequently, you need to wind up getting a product that works well and provides typically you the best performance.

Implementing the body filler

What follows is your application process. With high consistency, you’ll have the ability to apply quicker and simpler. Over mixing will produce the consumer overuse over the surface, which translates into some tricky time sanding.

Because of this, you must combine it properly, so the program process is also simpler.

Be certain that you use the filler in coats and shape it with the applicator. This assists in sanding after it’s dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are answers to a number of the most well-known questions people ask about such products.

What’s body filler used for?

Even though many people have imaginative applications for this resin-based material, its important use would be to fill (therefore, the”filler” from the title ) damaged stains on a car panel.

It’s generally the first step before priming and painting. Thus, to smooth out the top layer of the auto body, individuals use body fillers.

How thick does one go with body filler?

You may go as low as a hair’s width; however, there is such a thing as too much in regards to just how thick. If your system filler is too thick, then your fix work will not continue long.

With time it’ll shrink and start to crack and finally drop off; hence that the maximum thickness you need to go to get is 1/4 inches.

There are cases when you’ve got to work on the panel first prior to using the filler.

After the dent is over 1/8 inches deep, you need to renew the entire body to its initial form. You can achieve so by bumping, stretching, pulling, or some other combination of those 3.

What’s the best Evercoat body filler?

This can’t be stated because those body fillers are distinct for different factors.

Everything depends upon what you would like to use it to get. Some are fantastic for use on ceramic, as you can’t ever rely on them and anticipate the identical sort of results.

If you understand exactly what you would like to utilize the filler for, you may read the testimonials we provided and choose which one will work best together with the goals you are thinking about.

Are body fillers waterproof?

Not everybody works out there will provide you the waterproofing qualities you need in your own work. Body filler will obviously absorb moisture, and with time this will pose a few problems like rust and corrosion. It is going to also have an impact on the bond between the Bondo and the alloy.

There are two methods to address this problem: the easy way and the hard way. Let us begin with the tough way.

The hard way: You require impeccable welding abilities for this. Ensure that your welding work (that’s if that’s what you’re working on) is flawlessly done. This isn’t easy for everybody to reach, so…

The simple way: Buy fiberglass filler. With ceramic filler, moisture absorption is no more a problem. If you’re working on a welded place, the brief hair kind of fiberglass filler is sufficient to take care of the problem.

Would you use body filler?

Yes, you can. Standard body fillers operate well on fiberglass. It’s simply on Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) panels, which may pose a few problems for you. However, this isn’t a problem for automobiles with Chrome bumpers.

There’s an abnormal’ procedure individuals use to use body filler. To begin with, they squirt 2k High Build Urethane Primer on the automobile before trimming it and utilizing the filler onto that. This also aids the filler bond better.

Can you utilize automobile body filler on timber?

Yes, a few men and women working with wood use it to fix minor harms on their job. Vehicle body fillers do a fantastic job of resisting stress and keeping up their construction. However, you have to know one thing, however: Wood absorbs water.

Let us clarify the science, hoping that it does not give you. Wood is composed of cells. These cells would be how the plant (as it had been alive) consumed water and made it flow out of the origin through the stem into branches.

Even if the plant is dead, and also becomes a coffee table, these cells do their jobs.

So you see just how this could be a problem? During the rainy months, the coffee table that was mended with Bondo might likely encounter some problems around this area.

Can human filler be implemented over primer?

A good deal of individuals asks this particular question. It is common to generate a little mistake before repainting. And, yes, this is fine. You do not have to sand down to the bare metal. Only work over the primer.

For additional precautions, you ought to sand the place a little. You have to get this done so that the filler may have a tough surface to grip to. When it’s too smooth, you won’t have a fantastic bond.

Can I use body filler to bare metal?

It is possible to readily use filler to bare metal. You merely need to know that using a fantastic bond is vital. Take this: If you floor the metal surface using 24-36 grit, you’ll give the filler great tooth to grip to.

We mean by”great tooth” is a rough surface that makes enough friction to your resin-based product to abide by the metallic surface. If you’d like adhesion that lasts for a lengthy time, then consider”great tooth.”

How long can body filler take to dry?

It takes approximately ten minutes.

Bondo, putty, body filler (a product has too many titles ), anything you might want to call it; it is not automatically”dry.”

Additionally, it”cures.”

This curing occurs when the chemical reaction between the resin at the filler and the hardener is finished. This response is sexy, literally.

The time that it takes for this response to be performed is dependent upon the temperature around it.

If the temperature is cold, it is going to have quite a while for the response to be performed and for your own Bondo to”dry.”

However, if you’re working at room temperature, then it’s largely 10 minutes to healing.

Can this bond?

Most fillers aren’t meant to adhere to plastic. They have been created for use on aluminum, steel, fiberglass, SMC (Sheet Molding Compound), zinc-coated steel, and galvanized steel. You may locate this on the product’s technical information sheet.

Even though you may attempt using body fillers on vinyl, this isn’t highly recommended, especially if you would like to use it on bumper covers made from vinyl.

Such plastics are normally made out of Polypropylene (PP) or thermoplastic polyolefins (TPOs). They do not love things sticking with them.

What is the distinction between Evercoats: lightweight, anger, and z-grip?

Rage is employed because of its long healing period. Whenever you’ve got a massive area to cover, this is perfect for the job. Rage can last long enough to permit you to work for as much as 40 minutes. This makes it possible to work faster and better.

Z-Grip is utilized in demanding programs, for high technology metals such as stainless steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Lightweight is the hottest of the three and the number one selling body filler, which is remeasured for how simple it’s to use. Simple sanding, smooth and easy dispersing; it is by far the most frequent selection for fixing cracks and dents.

Can human filler be implemented over rust converter?

This is different. The rust residues left after using the rust converter is inert. That means it won’t respond with all the filler.

In case you’ve completed every other element of preparing the alloy and cleaning it properly, you are able to proceed with the filler. Just be certain that you don’t sand a lot of the fantastic metal away. Moderation is crucial here.

As soon as you’ve completed this, you may opt to prime the surface before applying the filler or not. By experience, it will not actually make much difference.

On the flip side, you need to be mindful of what primer you opt to utilize. Should you use an epoxy primer (instance, Southern polyurethanes) about the rust converter acid, then you’re likely to get problems.

Does body filler operate with automobile paint cracks?

Yes, it functions nicely. If you know how to use your system filler, it is possible to easily fix auto body paint cracks readily with body filler.


Would you add color to Body filler prior to using it?

You can really do so, even though there are two distinct beliefs about this. Many people today believe you should not do it, but others have proven you can do it without a problem in any way.

If you are courageous enough to test it, then here is an idea:

Whenever you’re using Bondo or a different polyester filler with benzoyl peroxide to get hardener, you may use fresco colors to add colors to the mix. A little problem with the color will differ when it is cured and once it’s sanded.


In the manual above, you will get to find it is fairly significant to wind up getting the best product readily. You merely need to make the best product, which will aid in making the car better than it had been earlier.

If you wind up with the perfect product, you will certainly enjoy the outcome. The extra purchasing guide should assist in providing the ideal functionality generally.

Well, go right ahead and decide on the one which you locate it the best for you. We advise you to choose some products about the best wax for black cars!