When you are transporting freight on a trailer, one thing that you should ask yourself is”What best brake controller should I purchase?” It is an important accessory which makes towing considerably safer.

Basically, the system sends the trailer to prevent each time you use the brakes on your tow car. Read our electrical trailer brake control review to come up with the best trailer brake control available on the market.

Top 8 Best Brake Controller Brands Of This Year

Top 8 Best Brake Controller Brands Of This Year

SaleBestseller No. 1
Tekonsha 90160 Primus IQ Electronic Brake Control
Utilizes Plug-N-Play port for 2-plug adapters; Self-diagnostics features will illuminate LED readout when issues occur
SaleBestseller No. 2
Reese Towpower 8508211 Brake Control (Proportional BRAKE-EVN)
1-4 Axle capacity; Boost feature gives ability to apply more initial trailer braking; Reverse battery protection
Bestseller No. 6
Redarc Tow-Pro Elite Electric Brake Controller
MPN::EBRH-ACCV3-NA; Brand::Redarc
Bestseller No. 8
TEKONSHA 90885 / Tekonsha Prodigy P2 Electronic Brake Control f/1-4 Axle Trailers - Proportional
Includes Tekonsha Prodigy P2 Electronic Brake Control f/1-4 Axle Trailers - Proportional
Bestseller No. 9
Fits: '10 - '20 Lexus, GX460 ; '03 - '09Lexus, GX470; Fits: '03 - '07Lexus, LX470 ; '08 - '11Lexus, LX570
Bestseller No. 10
Redarc Tow-Pro Liberty Electric Brake Controller
MPN::EBRH-ACCNA; Brand::Redarc

Tekonsha P3 Digital Brake Control

This electrical trailer brake controls around four axles and features an easy-to-read LCD screen with multiple display color choices and screens in English, French, or Spanish.

The diagnostics display output, battery, brake, and output signal voltage and warning system alert to”no trailer brake” situations.

The system involves an increasing characteristic for customized braking and also an incorporated plug-n-play interface for two-plug adapters. A snap-in mounting clip lets you remove and save the device when not being used.

Everything operates in unison as it needs to, and it’s fast and simple to fix. It uses the brakes without repainting the truck and trailer.

The one-button change to alter the increased setting is quite convenient, especially if the burden of this trailer varies considerably between empty and full.

Additionally, the screen warns you immediately when something isn’t right and reveals how much brake has been implemented. Additionally, it is quite simple to install in case your automobile is searching to get a brake controller.

Furthermore, it mounts at any angle and auto-adjusts to some angle.

There are several reports that the buttons making it hard to find the settings you desire. Another drawback is that there isn’t any on or off switch, so the system goes into a sleep mode.

Additionally, the screen may freeze or fail over time. The unit is even more costly than several other versions.

Editor’s Select: Curt TriFlex Brake Controller

The Curt TriFlex brake control is one of the best trailer brake controls you can purchase.

This proportional brake controller features a triple-axis accelerometer, nine degrees of steering modification, and provides braking for up to four axles.

Additionally, it has a user-selectable electricity output signal and trailer brake light activation but mechanically amounts and calibrates itself so that you do not need to do some tedious installation function.

You’ll need to purchase an adapter cable to put in this product, but it ought to install quite easily when you have.

It’s simple to use once it is installed as nicely with simple operation and will provide a confidence-inspiring, gradual braking texture.

This is a fantastic trailer brake control for the cost, alerting many competing products while doing better. Some consumers dislike the fact that it needs an adapter cable, nevertheless, and seasoned a parasitic energy loss that murdered their battery.

Pros/Gradual braking feel, Simple to Use and install, Good price

Cons/No off switch which can Lead to battery drain, adapter cable needed

Bottom Line/A well-priced, well-designed trailer brake control which will not steer you wrong

Redarc Tow-Pro Elite

Why It Is Wonderful

Having a flexible controller knob such as this of Redarc’s Tow-Pro Elite, motorists may enjoy the advantages of eloquent proportional braking without forfeiting their leg space.

The Tow-Pro Elite comprises an OEM-like controller knob which mounts pretty much everywhere you need, at any angle, even while the most important unit runs from sight.

No longer tiny LCD screens to squint in –only an LED-lighted knob. No maneuvering the device to reach the right angle–the major unit could be mounted at any angle and will nevertheless correctly feel the deceleration of your car or truck.

The Tow-Pro Elite provides two accessible braking modes. The initial style is proportional to ordinary use. The next manner is user-controlled, which sets the ability of preset flying on your palms.

This setting may be adjusted for various terrain scenarios is perfect for off-road usage. Redarc also provides a cheaper choice, the Tow-Pro Classic, that delivers the user-controlled style only.

The Tow-Pro models provide a more subtle, more stylish appearance compared to many brake controllers on the current market, and it is unbelievably simple to use–as simple as turning a wireless volume knob.

What is Not Awesome?

You won’t wish to move this brake control between automobiles, because it not only involves adjusting the brake controller module but also removing the knob (and leaving a pit behind).

And though like most brake controls the Tow-Pro Elite provides diagnostics, there is just so much an illuminated knob may inform you. (it is a fantastic idea to maintain the reference material useful with this one.)

Best on a Budget: Reese Towpower

The Reese Towpower is a favorite, cheap proportional trailer brake control with the capability to deliver kinetic electricity to four axles incomplete.

Additionally, it features a little readout display, which shows the current quantity of voltage being delivered to a trailer.

This trailer brake controller may also be attached to the base of the dashboard easily with the included brackets. You will also need to make certain you have the right wiring harness to your automobile to utilize this control.

This product is very good for people who don’t wish to devote a great deal of cash in their brake control.

We would say this is one of the best cheap trailer brake controls available now, even though it will lack some features of much more costly products.

The buttons can also be mounted on the top, which may restrict your mounting choices.

Pros/Inexpensive, Simple to Use and set up

Cons/Buttons mounted on top make mounting a struggle, lacks adjustability features

Bottom Line/Don’t need to invest a great deal of cash? This Inexpensive controller is Perfect for you


Why It Is Great

The Autowbrake is comparable to the Prodigy RF with respect to being a trailer-mounted, remote-controlled system.

On the other hand, the Autowbrake is somewhat sleeker (both the primary module along with also the key fob), as well as also the module mounts at any angle and direction.

The Autowbrake provides a much more permanent setup–only wire it into your trailer junction box and revel in a clutter-free taxi.

The only region of the Autowbrake that accompanies you to the ride would be that the added remote key fob, which permits you to fix or override the control together with the press of a button.

This very simple installation makes it a cinch to transfer the machine between vehicles.

The Autowbrake features weatherproof casing along with a 1-time calibration Smart Start attribute, which will remember the previous towing setting after disconnection–no need to recalibrate if you draw your trailer from storage.

What is Not Awesome?

The Autowbrake is at the very top concerning cost. It takes hardwiring in your trailer’s junction box, which is a little more complex compared to the plug-and-play installment of this Prodigy RF.

Draw-Tite I-Stop IQ Electronic Brake Control

This proportional electronic brake controller is for one- to three-axle trailers. It’s an increased feature and self-diagnostics features which can illuminate an LED readout when problems happen.

It works proportionally in reverse and uses a plug-and-play interface for two-plug adapters. A snap-in mounting bracket lets you remove and save the device when it is not being used.

It generates an extremely smooth quitting experience, as well as the increased feature, which works well. The setup, including wiring and mounting, is simple. Programming and setup are easy, and the control is dependable and effective.

Additionally, it contains features not found on similarly priced components, for example, auto-leveling. The gadget is your sister unit into the Tekonsha Primus IQ but is significantly less costly.

1 problem is it could be difficult to prevent locking up the tires on dirt surfaces. Furthermore, if you do not switch back to the road intensity following a steep downhill grade, the wheels can lock up suddenly at a slower rate and on the hot sidewalk.

Additionally, you have to disconnect it when not being used or it remains on.


The Hopkins Insight trailer brake control is a three-piece product consisting of the control itself, a very small LED display for displaying existing voltage, and caution the driver of any system problems along with a slider for adjusting the degree of the brake program.

This trailer brake control is simple to install and use and provides a linear braking texture.

A drawback to this three-piece method is that collectively, the components and their wires can actually occupy quite a little space and have some time to install.

Because of this, we would say this trailer brake control is a little less convenient than many others on this listing.

Pros/Slider makes it Simple to fix brakes on the fly, linear brake texture

Cons/Three-piece system requires a Lot of wiring and may Occupy a Great Deal of space

Bottom Line/This brake control Permits You to change the brake placing on the fly, but it also takes up a Great Deal of space

CURT Venturer Electric Trailer Brake Controller

The Curt brake control is just one of these straightforward and affordable options you may use for lighter loads. It is incredibly convenient, secure, and user friendly. Having an intuitive LED screen and streamlined design, this control ensures hassle-free towing.

The control provides safe operation and does not require leveling.

You may use it on almost any trailer with one to three axles, which can be very handy. Better still, the system comprises a guide brake slider, and a flexible power toggle and ramp time.

The setup is fairly straightforward, too. There is a flexible mounting bracket, you may use to establish the apparatus based on your requirements. The added instructions are also quite beneficial.

Nonetheless, the unit isn’t without defects. The most important one regards the total sensitivity of the controllers. You might discover that hardly touching the switches makes extreme alterations.

The bothersome one is that you are going to need to purchase bolts individually. The bundle does not necessarily arrive with those necessary for the setup.

Advantages of Trailer Brake Controllers

Improve safety

The best trailer brake control will make sure that a trailer heavyweight does not push or move ahead once you stop your car or truck. The steering helps stop a trailer out of jackknifing or losing control, which can be quite harmful and possibly deadly.

Monitor your system

A top-rated trailer brake control will permit you to control and manage the towing vehicle program as you’re driving. It’ll feature complex diagnostics that permit you to monitor what is happening, such as updates on the trailer braking as well as freight.

Extend the Life Span of your brake pads

If you do not have a brake control, then the towing car’s brake pads provide each the stopping power. They’ll wear more rapidly over time and might lead to brake fade.

Pay hardly any

The best brake control for your cash can be quite reasonable, especially in contrast to other trailer accessories. It is worth your reassurance to use the best electric trailer brake control without having to spend a great deal of cash.

Different types of Brake Controllers


There are important differences among a proportional vs. time-delayed brake controller. A proportional controller utilizes internal, inertia-based detectors to ascertain if and how your automobile brakes.

Whenever your tow vehicle decelerates, the detector reacts and controls the control to deliver power to the wheels. The best proportional trailer brake control provides uniform, smooth braking with no push-pull moves.


This sort of controller includes a delay once you first use the brakes. A signal is delivered to the brake control, which sends voltage to the trailer brakes.

The delay can be adjusted from the consumer, who can alter it at the sync setting. A time-delayed controller could be mounted at any angle since it doesn’t have inner components that feel the tow car’s braking moves.

They’re easier to set up and more economical but not suggested for bigger trailers. Braking power and speed of application are flexible based on factors like road conditions, load size, and sort of trailer.

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A: Generally speaking, you require a trailer brake control when you’ve got a trailer that weighs over 1,000 lbs. Towing a trailer with no brake control can be quite dangerous, particularly in the event that you stop suddenly.

The towed car will continue to move in exactly the exact same rate while the towing vehicle stops. This may lead to a dangerous domino effect.


A: In most situations, a proportional trailer brake control is the better choice, particularly if you tow frequently or tow heavy trailers.

Proportional braking is exceptional through emergency flying situations. Timed brake control is nice if you only sometimes tow smaller trailers.


A: First, you’ll require a wiring harness to plug in your car or truck, especially if it doesn’t own a towing package. Then check to find out whether your car or truck is pre-wired to get an electric brake control.

Then join or splice the wiring harness. Connect the wiring in the automobile to the control, and then attach the control to an available space below the dashboard. Lastly, adjust the settings to match your towing requirements.


A trailer brake control won’t work with older-style trailers that don’t have digital control. The apparatus just works in a trailer with electrical or electric-over-hydraulic brakes.

If you are not technologically savvy, consider using a professional help set up the brake control on your car or truck. They can also advise you on the best kind to fit your requirements.

If you are mechanically inclined, it is not overly tough to set up a time-delayed or proportional brake controller. You’ll have to be knowledgeable about basic wiring and works like the trailer feed, ground, brake switch, and battery life power.

Even though you might seek out a cheap brake control, you will be better off in the event that you buy a system that has additional functions. When it could be more costly, it’ll last longer and cover off in the long term.

Some nations need trailer brakes for heavy loads. By way of instance, in Arizona, independent brake systems are needed when the gross vehicle weight is 3,000 lbs or more.

In California, each trailer camp or coach trailer with a GVWR of 1,500 pounds or more should have brakes on at least two wheels.

Before you travel with a trailer, be sure all the digital contacts and hitch are protected. Periodically assess the system by tapping on the brakes to make sure it’s working properly.

Additionally, often examine the screen monitor to be sure the system is working as required.

Last Ideas

Our choice for the best trailer brake control is your Tekonsha P3 Digital Brake Control. Moreover, If you want to research the best trailer tires, we are updated here!

It easily uses the brakes, controls up to four axles, also contains an LCD screen and one-button boost change. It’s also fast and simple to fix, mounts at any angle, and auto-adjusts to any angle.