Best Cabin air filter is devices that clean the air that gets to a car’s cabin. They’re set in a car’s ventilation system and trap particles of dust, dust, soot, and even insects.

Cabin air filters are real lifesavers for individuals that hate to take care of the odor of dust, soil, and exhaust fumes inside their vehicle. The drawback is they get clogged with time and you want to replace them.

Yourhotcar will reveal to you a few of the greatest cabin filters available on the marketplace which are adequate replacements to the clogged-up cabin filter.

Top 13 Best Cabin Air Filter Brands Of This Year

Top 13 Best Cabin Air Filter Brands Of This Year

Bestseller No. 1
Bestseller No. 5
Bosch Automotive 6040C HEPA Cabin Air Filter for 2011-2019 Dodge Durango, 2011-2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Cabin air filters should be replaced at least once every 12 months (or every 12K miles)
Bestseller No. 7
FRAM Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filter with Arm & Hammer Baking Soda, CF10728 for Hyundai/Kia Vehicles
Filters up to 98% of dust, pollen, and other contaminants; Fram recommends this cabin air filter be changed every 15,000 miles or every year.*
Bestseller No. 9
FRAM Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filter with Arm & Hammer Baking Soda, CF11777 for Select Jeep Vehicles
Filters up to 98% of dust, pollen, and other contaminants; Keeps damaging particles from entering the engine and causing increased engine wear

K&N VF2000 Cabin Air Filter

The reusable element to this cabin air filter makes it a no brainer. Cabin air filters may get dirty really quickly, which makes the atmosphere in your automobile lower quality.

The air filter is created with electrostatically charged substance, therefore it catches dust particles coming in from the external air and holds onto them so you’re not inhaling them in.

Besides dust, in addition, it helps to remove mold, mildew, fungus, allergens, germs, and several other debris in the air that moves into your vehicle.

Despite your furnace or air conditioner running, this filter captures the debris which irritates allergies and other respiratory complications.

The K&N air filter is easy to install for any DIYer and can be readily removed for cleanup. When you proceed to buy the filter, then you may provide your car’s year, make and model to be certain to get the one which fits your vehicle.

This filter replaces the inventory cabin air filter which arrives on your vehicle, but instead of being required to buy a new one each time, you simply clean it and reinstall it over and over. It includes a cleaning kit option that’s specially designed to safely clean out the filter.


  • Filters dust, mold, mildew, allergens and much more
  • Simple to set up
  • Washable and reusable


  • Does not match in all auto makes and models
  • Must be cleaned with a cleaning solution

FRAM CF10134

The FRAM CF10134 is the very best choice since it retains the cottage smelling much better and fresher for longer. It filters out 98% of dust, pollen, and other air pollutants to stop allergen-induced respiratory ailments.

The filter also traps large and tiny particles which may damage critical areas of the engine. Within the first couple weeks of usage, you’ll discover improved airflow within your cottage along with your car will smell and feel fresher.

The filter employs carbon and Arm & Hammer baking soda to absorb odors that sip throughout the venting system. It’s simple to set up the filter, and you might discover it to be more powerful than your initial OEM filter.

Furthermore, this filter may provide you around 30,000 kilometers of use life, and it is a good selection for people living in urban and rural environments.

The most important drawback of this FRAM CF10134 is it’s not great at filtering exhaust fumes. It is more effective in trapping particles compared to filtering gases.

The filter’s gray shade makes it hard to wash, as it is difficult to spot dirt contaminants. It’s also more costly than other cabin air filters.

EPAuto Replacement Cabin Filter With Activated Carbon

These cabin air filters, that are offered for various popular car makes including Honda, Chevrolet, and Toyota, are top quality and will do better than the usual generic cottage filter out of a regional fast oil change shop as well as some OEM filters.

The key to EPAuto’s layout is at the carbon dioxide. The carbon can help filter out pollutants and other harmful airborne substances.

The newspaper can also be of a high-quality feel when compared with the thin, more affordable paper substance which other cabin filters utilize.

EPAuto urges users to substitute these cottage filters every 12,000 miles or every 12 months — whatever comes first.

Pros/Available for all makes, carbon monoxide filter, Higher Excellent paper, cheap

Cons/Better quality filters exist

Bottom Line/Good inexpensive Alternative

Mann-Filter CUK 2939 Cabin Filter

The Mann-Filter is just another high-quality cabin air filter to pick Audi and Volkswagen automobiles. It’s lined with triggered charcoal, that enhances the filtering attributes to permit clean, fresh air to pass into the cottage.

The activated charcoal helps trap pollen, spores, dust particles, and perhaps even harmful gases like carbon dioxide, ozone, and fuels by massaging it into pores in the filter’s substance.

The fibers are produced with non-woven-based particle media, which functions like a sponge and improves the firmness and filtering capacities.

The technology behind those filters is exactly what makes them work really well. They’re produced to operate with a blend of mechanical and electrostatic appeal, and that’s exactly what draws in the dust and dirt particles.

Additionally, it comes in numerous packs so it is possible to save the extras and store them later and switch them out as soon as the filter gets too cluttered.

Though this filter is unique to Audi and Volkswagen vehicles, so it’s still important to ensure that you opt for the proper fit for your car or truck.

By providing your automobile information whenever you’re buying, you can be certain that this cabin air filter is ideal for your vehicle. When you have the best one, the seal and fit are certain to be ideal.

These filters are extremely simple to install by yourself.


  • Straightforward setup
  • Comes in packs of filters
  • Activated charcoal aids filter better


  • Just fits Audi and Volkswagen vehicles

ACDelco CF188

ACDelco CF188 is just one of the very best aftermarket air filters which trap 100 percent of particles that are airborne.

The product features innovative filter press technologies, in which the construction entails three layers of non-woven substance that retains dust, pollen, smoke, and other pollutants out of penetrating your HVAC system.

The outer coating captures the particles, the surface traps the tiny particles, along with the last layer strengthens the filter to allow it to be secure and durable.

With this product, your car will always smell clean, and you’ll be protected from damaging air pollutants. In addition, it reduces the residue on the enthusiast and prevents bacteria and mold from growing in the vents.

The filter is easy to install and has an arrow pointing in the direction of airflow; you won’t need to think about installing it again.

1 drawback of the ACDelco version is the fact that it is not a carbon air filter and consequently does not effectively prevent bad scents.

Additionally, it does not fit a few of the vehicles marketed by the producer. This product is a recommended OEM substitute for GM vehicles also may fit in a Buick, Cadillac, GMC, and a Chevrolet.

Spearhead Breathe Easy Cabin Filter

The Spearhead cabin air filter is a very durable thing designed to provide exceptional performance and much more relaxation.

Together with the three-stage filtration system, the product effectively filters debris, exhaust fumes, and allergens. You’ll see the improvement from the old air filter shortly after setup and eventually enjoy the fresh air.

There are three filters in the product: a dust filter, an antimicrobial filter, along with an absorption filter. This type of system ensures that you don’t encounter any unpleasant reactions to the polluted atmosphere, for example, allergy reactions.

Additionally, it removes odors. As a result of this thick stuff, the filter captures all of the very small particles, preventing them from going into the cabin.

One other fantastic thing about the product is its total durability. The honeycombed charcoal weaves can endure up to 15,000 miles. They also include a mileage box you can use to keep track of the filters that are installed.

What may be a problem with this product is your setup. A good deal of buyers had problems fitting the filter to the socket.

The advantages may be somewhat bulky, and also the included instructions aren’t too beneficial. You will probably have to start looking for some online videos to guide you through the process.

EcoGard Premium Cabin Air Filter

The EcoGard Premium Cabin Air Filter is offering in a vast assortment of sizes and shapes to match quite a few vehicles both old and new.

This no-frills filter runs easily in any car and features comprehensive instructions specific for your automobile.

Like most high-quality cottage filters, it is not only going to guarantee clean air reaches your automobile’s inside via the HVAC system, it is going to ensure the durability of your auto’s HVAC by promoting routine airflow.

Pros/Inexpensive offered for a Vast Array of vehicles

Cons/Not carbon triggered

Bottom Line/A no-frills filter That’s Great for the budget-conscious consumer

Kootek 2 Package Cabin Air Filter

As another choice for vehicles, this cabin air filter includes triggered carbon that functions as the primary filtering element. What that puts this cabin air filter apart is the capacity to consume contaminants as small as 5 microns.

For size comparison, a single hair is about 75 microns around, hence 5 is particularly tiny. This greatly improves the air quality in your vehicle.

This filter also has active hydrogen and carbon, helping absorb odors in addition to common debris and dust particles.

Aside from improving the odor, this may also help improve or improve HVAC functionality, which means that your air conditioning operates better for more.

This filter is the most useful for eliminating germs and street dust, which makes it great for anybody who suffers from allergies.

Setup is finished in just 7 simple steps, which can be included with the filter. Additionally, there are various videos on the internet that could help walk you through the setup.

The Kootek Cabin Air Filter replaces the present stock filter at the car or truck. It’s sturdier and doesn’t have the frequent mill odor that fresh filters may have.

A large number of pleats, or folds from the true substance, allow for more air to flow through the filter so you’ve got a greater quality quantity of air in your car’s cabin.


  • 7-step, simple installation
  • Can absorb exceptionally small dust particles
  • Improves HVAC functionality


  • Only available for vehicles

Bosch Automotive 6057C Cabin Air Filter

The Bosch Automotive filter is intended to collect microscopic pollutants like pollen, mold, and allergens, letting you breathe clean air in your car or truck.

It fits a broad selection of vehicles, such as different versions of Chevrolet, Hyundai, Kia, and Saturn vehicles.

The filter is extremely effective in trapping particles. It’s a melt-blown electrostatic coating and an additional static cotton coating that ensure outstanding outcomes. Moreover, structural ribs have been inserted to produce the filter more secure and durable.

In general, this air filter may stop dust and dirt from penetrating your vehicle and permit for airflow. It satisfies HEPA criteria and installs at a cinch. The producer also provides an accurate graph you can use to find out if the filter matches your car.

But, there are a number of things to remember before buying. Because of the improved decoding skills, the filter may decrease airflow. It is rather obvious, especially at a moderate and higher speed.

Additionally, the directions are somewhat confusing about which side goes up, so be certain that you double-check it prior to setup.

Potauto Cabin Air Filter

This cheap cabin air filter is a fantastic buy for the price. Not only is it incredibly inexpensive in comparison to competing products, but it is going to last up to 15,000 miles, or only within a year.

If you are working on a small budget and do not wish to bother using a carbon filter, then scented filter or a reusable filter, then this cheap and disposable unit out of Potauto ought to do the job just fine.

Like others on this list, it is available for a vast array of models and makes and needs to be compatible with the majority of popular vehicles that are popular.

Pros/Simple and affordable offered for a High Number of models and makes

Cons/Not carbon triggered, more economical feeling

Bottom Line/A great budget filter

TYC 800001P2 Cabin Air Filter

This filter comes in two distinct choices as wither a Particle filter plus a handheld filter. While both are great options, they all have various functions.

The Particle filter is really a single-stage filter, whereas the Blend filter has an extra carbon coating to help prevent and eliminate odor. Both variations collect dirt and dust particles, however, the Blend filter requires an excess step to stop odors.

The TYC cabin air filter removes almost all lingering exhaust gases and airborne contaminants before they earn their way in your vehicle’s cabin.

They are also designed to filter more atmosphere than many cabin air filters, which means that your car’s cabin won’t become uncomfortable or stuffy.

Using its specially designed filter, this filter has a greater load capacity, therefore it may collect more dust and dirt while still enabling the proper airflow to pass through.

This filter is extremely easy for DIYers to set up. It includes during installation directions and there are numerous movies on the internet that could help walk you through the process.


  • Two filtration Choices
  • Prevents odors
  • Greater dust load capacity


  • Just works for Honda vehicles

ATP Automotive Carbon Activated Air Filter

ATP Automotive is a lesser-known manufacturer in contrast to K&N or even Fram, but this cheap carbon air filter functions only and others.

Using an extremely porous coconut shell-based carbon filtration system, this filter will trap all of the undesirable scents, pollutants, and material and will guarantee your vehicle’s HVAC system keeps optimal airflow.

Additionally, it is simple to alter and contains detailed instructions specific to your automobile. Like many different filters on this listing, the ATP filter will help save you money and is quite simple to install.

Pros/Inexpensive carbon monoxide filter

Cons/Lesser known manufacturer, not as many automobile applications as other filters

Bottom Line/An inexpensive activated carbon filter which may work as advertised if It Is Going to fit Your Car or Truck

Motorcraft FP-70 Filter

As the title says, this filter is specially designed to fight particles and odor to maintain your cabin air clean and fresh.

These cabin air filters have been placed through a very comprehensive testing both at a laboratory and during real-world evaluation to be certain they’re meeting high standards.

They’re made to be dependable, high performing filters which provide the highest quality of filtered air into the car’s cabin.

Each filter includes multiple layers of material that filter soot, smog and tobacco smoke via electrostatically charged layers.

Does this help improve the quality of air you’re breathing, but also can help protect your HVAC system by restricting the quantity of dust, mold, spores, pollen and pollen that collects on its own components.

This filter catches up to 90 percent of particles that are 10 microns or larger (again, refer back to the simple fact that a human hair is approximately 75 microns!) .

This helps stop even the tiniest dust particles from passing through the interior of the motor vehicle.

The polyester spun framework is strong and aids the filter maintains its contour, in addition to reducing the quantity of atmosphere that permeates past throughout the edge of this filter.

With simple installation directions, this filter is simple for any DIYer to install themselves.


  • Filters are professionally analyzed
  • Numerous layers of filtration
  • Can snare very small dust particles


  • Only available for vehicles

Advantages of Cabin Air Filters

Improve HVAC functionality:

In case you’ve not ever replaced your mill cabin air filter, then odds are that it is clogged-up along with your HVAC system isn’t providing enough atmosphere to your vehicle.

The HVAC system may also be noisy. Consider getting a new cabin air filter to unclog your HVAC system and improve the life span of its crucial components.

Eliminate bad odors:

Can you receive a musty odor coming from your venting system each time you turn it on? You need to consider obtaining a cabin air filter replacement that has activated charcoal or carbon that absorbs bad smells.

It may improve the air quality in your vehicle and help alleviate symptoms of motion sickness in certain passengers.

Reduce allergic responses:

If you’re constantly sneezing, coughing, or coughing if you’re in a lengthy driveway, then you will need new carbon air filters to look after these allergies. The carbon monoxide filter will trap pollen, dust, and other contaminants that might influence your wellbeing.

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Different types of Cabin Air Filters


Charcoal cabin air filters filter out big and tiny particles and also have coal as a particular ingredient to eliminate terrible scents. The coal residue may comprise cigarette smoke that is within a vehicle and protect against exhaust fumes from reaching the motorist.


Activated carbon filters normally function exactly the exact same manner as charcoal filters but have activated carbon because of the distinctive ingredient.

Activated carbon absorbs harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and other airborne contaminants that pass through the venting system.


Particle cottage filters trap tiny particles that are small as 0.3 microns until they enter your vehicle. They’re the best filters for filtering pollen, dust, smoke, mold spores, ribbons, strands of hair, along with other miniature debris.


The layers of this filter have been electrostatically charged so they can pull and maintain ultra-fine particles.

Electrostatic filters are great at filtering cigarette smoke, exhaust pollutants, contaminants, mold, germs, fungus, mold, and gas dioxide. They’re also great at controlling bad scents.



A: Your cabin air filters are probably filled with grime and have to be replaced or cleaned.

Cabin air filters collect a good deal of dirt and dust with the airflow gets blocked. Clean the air filter when it is not worn outside or consider purchasing a new filter in case your old one is falling apart.


A: Many manufacturers suggest that you alter your cabin air filter every 15,000 miles. It’s also wise to change it once you begin to detect bad smells that will not go away or inadequate airflow from the vents after you wash the filter.


A: Many cars built after the year 2000 have a cabin air filter. Some European luxury automobiles from 1980 were built with a cabin air filter.

An ordinary car generally has just 1 cottage filter, but luxury models have around three filters. The cabin air filter is located under the bottom of your car’s windshield or beneath the glove box.


In the conclusion of the day, you need a car that does not stink, and which you are able to breathe easy in. Some of the products listed above can help you achieve increased air quality at the cabin of your car or truck. You simply need to determine which cabin air filter is perfect for your vehicle and your requirements.