Purchasing the Best Car Lift For Home Garage might be a fantasy for a committed automobile enthusiast. Still, occasionally it is a dream that becomes a nightmare because the particulars overwhelm us.

In this guide, we will have a long look at ways to begin your expertise in an ideal way. Picking the perfect automobile lift should not be a challenge.

We have done a great deal of research to recognize the very best car lifts for home customers, including a comprehensive purchasing guide for convenience.

Along with hints to get the absolute most from your new installment, we have also provided our top 11 selections on the marketplace.

Top 11 Best Car Lift For Home Garage Recommendations Of 2020

Top 11 Best Car Lift For Home Garage Recommendations Of 2020

Bestseller No. 1
XK L2900 Car Lift 9,000 LB 2 Post Lift Car Auto Truck Hoist w/12 Month Warranty 220V
Auto Car Lift L2900 - Features 220V 60HZ 1PH 3HP MOTER; Door guards protection rubber / Double Point Safety Lock Release
Bestseller No. 2
Xk 10,000lbs Car Lift L1100 2 Post Lift Car Auto Truck Hoist / 12 Month Warranty
Door guards protection rubber / Double Point Safety Lock Release; Auto Car Lift L1100 - Features 220V 60HZ 1PH 3HP MOTER
Bestseller No. 3
XK 9,000 LB Over Head L 2910 2 Post Lift Car Auto Truck Hoist / 12 Month Warranty
Auto Car Lift L2910 - Features 220 V 9,000 lbs Capacity; Door guards protection rubber / Double Point Safety Lock Release
Bestseller No. 4
Bestseller No. 5
BendPak QuickJack BL-5000SLX Portable Lift - 110 Volt, 2 1/2-Ton Capacity, Model Number BL-5000SLX 110V
Local Sales Tax will apply for IL & CA Orders; 110V AC Motor; Other motors available: 12V DC, 220V AC, 240V AC - Please see other listings
Bestseller No. 6
APlusLift HW-10KBP 10,000LB Two Post Floor Plate Auto Hoist Car Lift with Combo (Symmetric and Asymmetric) Arms / 24 Months Parts Warranty
Improved design from APlusLift HW-10KBP model; Combo (Symmetrical and Asymmetrical) Arm Assembly with Screw-in Pads!
Bestseller No. 8
CHIEN RONG CR Two Post L2900 220V Auto Lift 9,000 lb. Capacity Car Vehicle Lift 12 Month Warranty
comes with screw in pads, truck adapters $40 optional; The overall Height 110-1/4"; The overall Width 133-1/4"
Bestseller No. 9
NOT for Individual Sale - 7,000 lbs. Capacity Portable Car Lift Box 1 of 3 - do not Purchase - Full Product Available on its own Listing
Listing is for BL-7000SLX LEFT hand frame assembly ONLY; MUST visit QuickJack listing to purchase complete unit.
Bestseller No. 10
APlusLift HW-8SXLT Extra Tall Extra Long 8,000LB Portable Storage Service Car Auto Lift 4-Post Lift Truck Hoist (Stock in GA, MO, NC, PA, TX, WA)
Free Caster Kit, Tool Tray, Drip Trays, and Approach Ramps; Time-Tested Car Lift Model for 30 Years

APlusLift two Post Home Garage Growth


The APlusLift2 is among our favorite products for many reasons, such as its aggressive features and cost. It is durable, performs perfectly, and can be CE-certified. The elevator is also user friendly, exceptionally powerful, and retains the automobile securely.

The business utilized Q345 steel for extra strength, and many built-in security features leave us confident about advocating the APlusLift2 for you.


It’s your typical two-post layout, with a few intriguing upgrades. The floor plate was improved, and also the columns have a Double-S design for improved durability. You may lift to 10,000 lbs around 78 inches in height with total assurance.

The prominent Security features include:

  • A dual-purpose security lock release.
  • Locks on the arms if power fails.
  • Redundancy steps within the electric pump to prevent it from overloading.

The purchase price for your AplusLift two is perhaps the most surprising facet. It is an excellent price, considering the excellent technology and high-quality construct. This is excellent value for what you buy and make it that the stand-out product on this listing.


  • Rated up to 10,000 Pounds
  • The hydraulic system and raise construction are CE-certified
  • Parts guarantee of one year after purchase
  • Lifts to a height of 6 feet 9 inches when utilizing the truck adapters
  • Double-S column to get a stronger structural integrity
  • Updated floor plate
  • Q345 steel for extra strength
  • Employed for trucks, SUVs, and automobiles


  • The setup instructions provided are not useless.

TRIUMPH 8000Lbs 4 Post Storage Service Lift

This four-post automotive lift is made for service and storage usage. It’s a caster kit, so it is simple to move the elevator around in the garage.

The jack lets you use a bottle jack or floor jack to lift one end of the motor vehicle. Along with the three drip trays, maintain fluid from dripping on to the motor vehicle’s base.

This automobile elevator is well-made and hardy. It is portable, easy to install, and requires approximately five to six hours to build. The automatic locking method participates in 10 distinct points though you increase the car or truck.

The intricate parts are pre-assembled, as well as the wires are already threaded through everything but the pole pulleys.

On the other hand, the directions are somewhat vague, making it challenging to correct the security loopholes and linkages. The elevator is also quite heavy, and it’s challenging to build independently.

QuickJack BL-3500SLX — Best Automobile Lift for the Cost

  • Weight Capacity: 3,500 Lbs
  • Height Range: 3 inches to 20 inches
  • Material: Steel

QuickJack BL-3500SLX is the best automobile lift for your cash because, for its price, it’s super hard to find anything better.

Like many other high excellent car lifts, solid steel material is produced to guarantee maximum sturdiness and endurance. The elevator can hold up to 3,500 lbs and has a maximum lift of 20 inches to make it simple to get under the car or truck.

Setting up is also simpler, and it’ll be ready to use in as little as 60 minutes. And since it includes all the accessories such as the hydraulic power unit and hydraulic hoses, it’s available for instant usage.

Moving it across the garage should likewise not be a problem since there are a few wonderful transport wheels in the base.

While the elevation may not be large enough for larger repairs or piling automobiles, it’s ideal for smaller repairs, which would be the most frequent ones.


  • Comparatively Less Expensive
  • Quick and Effortless installation
  • Mobility wheels included
  • All Necessary accessories included.


  • Height still insufficient for Larger repairs

Best Mobile Option: BendPak QuickJack BL-5000SLX


The automobile elevator plays admirably, particularly in case you’ve got a little distance. If you’re searching for a sturdy lift that will hoist your vehicle completely from the way, this isn’t the ideal tool. Rather than getting articles on each side, it functions on a method of jack frames.

It is going to only lift the vehicle about two toes. It does not seem like much, but it is still helpful when you want to check for something below the automobile. You might even use it to rotate your tires.

Its best quality is the fact that it is going to fit in the trunk of your vehicle. If you have limited space alternatives, you will love this nifty automobile lift version. It is going to lift into a max of 2.5 tons as large as two feet.


The BendPak QuickJack was made to be uncomplicated. Twist it under the vehicle until it is in the ideal position. Then hit the button and allow the jacks to do the remainder.

These jacks do occupy a reasonable amount of space below the vehicle, so access to your regions will be restricted. The business has also contained a dual-position safety-locking mechanism. It prevents the car from crashing into the floor if the jacks neglect.

It is not a complete automobile elevator, but you do not always require an extensive automobile lift mechanism. If you do not, this is a fantastic option at an affordable price.


  • Fits in your back
  • Space-saving and compact
  • Light enough for one individual
  • Simple to set up and use
  • Outstanding Security features
  • Ability to lift to two-and-a-half tons
  • Cheap


  • The maximum lift height of 2 feet is restricting.
  • It is vital to employ the lock features to get greater outcomes.
  • It is not likely to make a passionate Vehicle mechanic joyful.

Xk 10,000pounds 2 Post Car Life Auto Truck Hoist

This can be a beefy two-post garage car lift effective at hefting around 10,000 lbs of weight. It features a 5/16-inch diameter cable plus a dependable and sturdy 4.56-inch Cable system.

The high-quality cabling is intended to decrease anxiety during the synchronization process and raises this cable’s life span.

As another large advantage to you, the system includes an ultra-high molecular self-lubricating nylon slider to guarantee maximum efficiency and smooth functioning.

Additionally, it will come with a high-powered industrial 220V 60Hz three horsepower engine. The device also features door guards to protect your vehicle, truck, SUV, or Jeep and contains a dual purpose security lock release.

There’s a small grab with it, however. You have to have a forklift or tractor capable of hauling it in the cargo. It’s fairly hefty and weighs 1,400 lbs.

You’ll need to pay extra if you do not have a way of hauling it to your garage. Installing and setting up it can be a problem if you don’t have the essential tools, and it may be time-consuming also.

Auto Lift Car-Park-8 – Best Automobile Lift for Stacking

  • Weight capacity: 8,000 pounds
  • Height Range: 74.75 In.
  • Material: Steel

If you’re short on space, then this automobile elevator is a superb model to consider for garages. It could comfortably hold two vehicles effortlessly since it’s large enough (74.75 inches) for piling up, and it doesn’t consume a great deal of room.

This top-rated automobile lift has a weight capacity of 8,000 pounds, meaning it may lift and store just about any vehicle, ranging from a normal car to an SUV. And using its aircraft-grade wires, you can be sure of maximum safety.

For even more safety, this automobile lift includes a security lock that automatically locks the elevator, even if there’s no electricity. Users also get ten different locking positions to be certain that you can get the lift exactly where you need it.

While the rollers with this automobile lift aren’t the most effective, they’re still fairly useful as you can readily move the elevator around.


  • Enables for vehicle stacking
  • Strong steel frame
  • Superior quality wires
  • Drip trays and approach ramps included
  • Security lock auto hire mechanism


  • Perhaps not the Most Effective roller casters layout

Mayflower Blacksmith 2 Post Lift automobile Lift


Despite some drawbacks, the Mayflower version is an extremely powerful lift and a staunch competitor. It is easy to set up, simple to use and includes around 9,000 lbs. The highest lift height is 75 inches, and it can be a helpful height.

It has a lot of room to operate comfortably under the vehicle. However, the top models we have mentioned provide a great few inches or a lot more.

Because of this, the Mayflower fell down the rankings. On the flip side, however, it is priced at less than the very best versions.

The car climbs easily in this version, and there is minimal influence, so that is to its benefit.


Mayflower is chosen to get a symmetrical layout with the arms. If that is not to your liking, then the arms are flexible.

These arms do comprise a security lock that may engage in a range of places, which means you should not need to think about the auto moving to earth.

The business has employed high-quality steel to construct this hardy model. It is also among the less expensive choices on our listing. This version is not ALI-certified, and that reduces the price.

The ALI-certification is vital for a pro mechanic operating on a lot of cars. Since we are focusing on home users, however, besides, it adds unnecessary expenses.


  • The internal width of these rods is 115 In.
  • 134-inch General diameter makes it ideal for smaller vehicles
  • Cheap
  • Simple to set up
  • Simple to Use


  • Bulky
  • Can not be Utilized at a professional garage

Triumph NT-9 — Outstanding Cost to Weight Capacity Ratio

  • Weight capacity: 9,000 pounds
  • Height Range: 4.5 inches to 72 inches
  • Material: Steel

The Triumph NT-9 is unquestionably among the best automobile lifts in the marketplace if it comes to cost to burden capacity ratio.

Because of the price, this 2-post automobile lift has an adequate weight capacity of 9,000 pounds. Meaning it will technically have the ability to lift any large-sized and heavy automobile easily despite its small size.

Additionally, the utmost arm lift height of 72 inches demonstrates it may lift a car quite high, thereby enabling even a tall man to inspect the motor vehicle’s base. Plus, it only requires an impressive 40 minutes to reach maximum lift.

Furthermore, this automobile lift also includes 3-stage front arms, making certain you receive an excellent reach in various sorts of vehicles. Additionally, there are swing arm grips, which will make arm placement easier and faster.

With this automobile elevator, you also receive a floor plate to help protect the hoses and wires and permit the elevator to fit under low ceilings.

The lock system this elevator usage isn’t the best as a few times. It can be tough to use. But a few knocks together with the hammer are usually great enough to lock it in position.


  • High weight capacity because of its cost
  • Super-fast lifting
  • Provides excellent Automobile reach
  • Uncomplicated arm placement
  • Floor plate included


  • Perhaps not the best lock program

TRIUMPH NT-11 Automobile Lift


The operation of the bad boy is remarkable. It effortlessly lifts 11,000 pounds to a height of 72 inches–lots of distance if you want to operate beneath the vehicle.

The engine is comparatively silent and functions easily. The elevator is CE-certified and ISO 9001 compliant.

It’s also simple to prepare and use. Get any help with the setup as a precaution– that is no lightweight version.


It’s a straightforward layout, and that is a part of this product’s allure. It is not a huge lift, and it’s a lot easier to fit into a little space than several other models. On the downside, however, it weighs about 2,000 lbs.

You’ll need to make sure that your garage will have the ability to take 13,000 lbs of pressure, that’s the principal reason this version looks so low on our record. Another explanation is that we believe it is probably more lift compared to ordinary home users.

But, there’s a small premium on the cost to acquire the power this version provides.


  • Not badly priced
  • Powerful and durable
  • Works perfectly
  • Lifts around 11,0000 Pounds
  • Smaller footprint
  • A length of 113cm will adapt most passenger automobiles.
  • Lifts to 72 inches can be useful for taller folks or if You Would like to save another vehicle under it.


  • It is heavy — you Want to Make Sure that your flooring can handle the burden of a car or 2
  • The CE certificate Isn’t sufficient if You want to run a professional workshop.

APlusLift Mid Rise 6,600LB Automobile Scissor Lift

This automobile elevator might appear small and streamlined, but it is quite a competent little apparatus. It features a 51-inch highest lift height and features truck adapters for additional convenience.

It has a maximum length of 88 9/16 inches and a diameter of 78 3/4 inches. Additionally, it features a dual 3.25-inch liter cylinder arrangement, which lets you lift 6,600 lbs.

It is a bright orange color you can not overlook, so it’s possible to stay away from it, such as traffic cones. Additionally, it comes with wheels for easier mobility and ease of access across the store.

It is a triple roller layout that enhances its firmness and touch with the ground. It’s also among the lightest automobile lifts on our listing since it weighs 1,200 pounds.

When it might be a highly effective jack for your house garage, it still lacks precisely how much weight it could deal with. Its limitation of 6,600 lbs is a great deal, but it is the 2nd smallest of our decisions.

Additionally, it does not lift automobiles high, and you still need to bend or crawl beneath the vehicle to receive a proper look at it.

Atlas OH-10X Car Growth


The Atlas OH-10X is a dependable, powerful lift. It can hoist around 10,000 lbs to a height of over 70 inches. The business has employed high-grade steel to provide exceptional structural assistance for a variety of vehicles.

The carriage is more than average to guarantee maximum stability. You may also easily store another automobile under the very first.

We like it to accommodate bigger automobiles.


It’s a large, heavy vehicle elevator. You’re going to want at least 13 feet of elevation to accommodate it satisfactorily. You will also want reinforced cement flooring that is capable of handling the weight.

Besides the lengthier carriage, the layout is comparable to other lifts on our listing.

The business has remained tight-lipped concerning the safety features that it is added. The exterior of telling us concerning the strengthened arms and more carriage spans has not mentioned some different specifics.

But you ought to dig deep–that is among the most expensive models we have reviewed. Is it worth the purchase price? It’s a nice piece of gear, but we are not certain it’s well worth the label, take a peek and see what you believe.

For all of us, it is so much like the other versions we find it difficult to justify the additional price.


  • Big
  • Lifts to 10,000 Pounds
  • Roomy enough for bigger vehicles
  • Easy enough to set up and operate
  • Designed for taller mechanisms
  • Shops another car underneath


  • Expensive compared to comparable models in the marketplace
  • We are not sure about the security features.
  • You need a lot of space in your garage.
  • Comparatively new (untested) version

The Way to Obtain the Best Automobile Lift

1. Two Post vs. 4 Post Car Lift

In case you’ve been on the lookout for the best automobile lift for the cost, you probably have noticed they come in two types: the 2-post and 4-post.

2-Post Car Lift

The 2-post automobile lift is likely to use two articles to encourage the vehicle’s weight reduction. And despite what a few users may presume, these lifts continue to be exceptionally secure.

These are somewhat more perfect car lifts for professionals since they make it simple to work on the automobile by leaving the whole under-car available and readily accessible. Additionally, the suspension has been left hanging for a simpler wheel switch.

The 2-post automobile lifts such as Triumph NT-9 also tend to be less expensive than the 4-post forms.

However, since it isn’t safe to leave an automobile on a 2-post elevator for protracted periods, these aren’t suggested for garage parking. Besides, they’re not great for piling vehicles up.

4-Post Car Lift

4-post automobile lifts are the types that may have four articles, as their name implies. These elevators provide greater support to the automobile since it’s encouraged at four distinct positions.

This will be the perfect gift for the ones looking to leave the vehicle in the elevator for protracted periods.

Most producers will also provide casters due to their 4-post lifts, making them easier to maneuver around.

These auto lifts will provide you additional repair skills as the vehicle is lifted off the floor. However, what many consumers love is that it doubles the garage up the area since you can park a different vehicle beneath the raised one.

In case you’ve got a busy workshop in which you lift a lot of vehicles of different kinds, these will also be the best lifts.

From lifting lightweight vehicles to heavy vehicles such as SUVs and trucks, the 4-post lifts like BendPak XPR-10AS perform a wonderful job.

2. Weight capacity

The auto lift’s weight capacity only lets you know just how much weight it could lift until the security mechanism kicks in, preventing the elevator arm from going.

Typically, a car elevator for the home garage can lift at least 6,000 pounds or more.

If you’re planning to utilize the automobile lift at a professional setting such as a mechanic or a car park, it’s probably best to go with a version that could lift 9,000 pounds like Mayflower Blacksmith BP9000.

The automobile lift is more elastic and can lift a broader assortment of vehicles that come in various weights.

3. Size

Besides this weight capability, the elevation range will explain how far up the automobile lift may lift the car or truck.

The more complicated the height variety, the more distance you below the auto lift, enabling it to accommodate taller cars. Here, something which may provide a lift of between 60 and 100 inches is usually good enough.

However, about the dimensions, you also will need to consider the most width range. The broader the diameter array, the more elastic it will have in adapting vehicles with various widths such as SUVs that are usually wider vehicles.

To keep large vehicles such as an SUV, we advise that you go with a version with a width variety of 132 inches or longer.

4. Lift material

The elevator substance is maybe among the main aspects you want to consider when buying a car lift.

This is because the substance employed in the auto elevator construction will dictate heavy-duty, lasting, and long-lasting the automobile elevator will be in either the short-term and in the long run.

Typically, the safest assembled construction material of the auto elevator is steel.

This is only because steel is a challenging metal that does not rust, has great immunity against materials like auto oils, and is very durable.

The only real caveat is that a steel automobile elevator is quite heavy, and you might have trouble carrying it about.

5. Security

There are several distinct sorts of security features utilized in the automobile lift. On the other hand, the most crucial one to keep an eye out for is the automated safety lock mechanism, which can automatically lock the elevator setup while it climbs.

It prevents it from abruptly falling on you or your underside vehicle in a power outage. And when it’s multiple locking positions, the greater.

Furthermore, make sure your automobile elevator includes a lock bar attribute. It does ensure the automobile lift arm descends easily and hands-free once you would like to bring down the vehicle.

Nevertheless, different automobiles will take advantage of different security features. Therefore, the main issue is to make certain that the version you select is secure enough for you, your vehicles, and everybody else about you when using it.


Always study the company’s manual until you lift your motor vehicle. It is never a fantastic idea to wing your surgery since you might drop your car or truck.

Always respect and adhere to the weight limitations of the auto lift. When it’s a maximum capacity of 6,000 lbs, do not even consider lifting a 9,000-pound truck onto it. It might wind up falling on you once you’re working under.

Always set the elevator on a steady level platform. In this way, the elevator can function safely without falling or slipping. Additionally, the vehicle will not be shaky as you operate on it.



A: Ordinarily, a flat floor is advised for flat lifting, but the hope isn’t lost if you’re inclined to become creative. You have to cut a 40-inch from 40-inch square out of the broken slab and then put it into fresh concrete to a depth of one foot.

Then, out of the slab to be matched with the present slab. As an alternative, you could buy additional chemical anchors to improve grip on the surface.


A: The wisest thing you might do is measure the elevation of your garage and your automobile, then comparing these amounts to the maximum lifting height of the elevator you choose for.

Ideally, your ceiling needs to be at least 12 feet; many manufacturers recommend a 9.5-foot ceiling to match most fundamental automobile lifts.

More answer: https://www.garageliving.com/blog/how-do-i-know-if-a-car-lift-is-right-for-my-garage/#


A: It mostly depends upon the kind of car hoist you’ve. 2 – and – four-post lifts need a minimum of approximately 4 inches (100 millimeters) of a reinforced concrete slab.

Additionally, it may be as low as 3.5 inches when the elevator has a very low lifting capacity of fewer than 6,000 lbs.


Automobile lifts are an indispensable garage element, whether you’re a professional mechanic or just a normal vehicle enthusiast. And with our detailed automobile lift testimonials previously, you need to have a simple time picking one.

From our listing, the simple to set up Triumph NSS-8 is the best overall version as it pertains in a time-tested layout, is out of a reputable brand, and can be highly mobile to enable you to use it in various locations.

However, if you’re trying to find the best value for the hard-earned bucks, proceed with all the QuickJack BL-3500SLX.

Moreover a great price, it has a great deal more to offer as a complete package including all the accessories. If you want to research the Best Car Seat Cleaner, let’s click here!