For many car fans and DIY mechanics, Best Car Ramps are a lot safer and provide more stability for extended hours of working under your car or truck.

In comparison to jack stands, they’re only convenient when working for shorter intervals as enabling excellent pressure concentration on a single joint is more prone to bending or falling off.

On the current market, there are dozens and dozens of automobile ramps to select from with a variety of brands of particular reputation. This won’t ever be a simple task even for the intermediate level auto mechanics.

To aid you, Yourhotcar has made this very simple buying guide to ensure you made the ideal selection for purchasing that ramp.

Reviews Top 13 Best Car Ramps For You

Reviews Top 13 Best Car Ramps For You

Bestseller No. 1
RhinoGear 11912ABMI RhinoRamps MAX Vehicle Ramp - Pair (16,000lb. GVW Capacity)
Portable automotive ramps with a rugged and structural design; CoreTRAC non-skid base helps reduce slippage
Bestseller No. 3
7 FT x 15" Aluminum 6000 LB RampS CAR Truck Trailer Auto Hauler Knife & Hook Ends
Load height ranging from 12" to 36" ALL Dimensions are plus or minus 1/4"
Bestseller No. 4
GEN-Y Hitch Aluminum Trailer Ramps ATV car Truck ramps 1- Set Two ramps = 6000lb Capacity 14" Wide 72" Long
Hybrid hook attachment ends, hook to car hauler trailer decks etc; Minimum Deck Height: 15 in. Maximum Deck Height: 36 in.
Bestseller No. 5
Black Widow PSR295 Plastic Car Service Ramps
Measures 35.5" L x 12" W x 8.5"H; maximum 16,000 lb weight capacity; Grid design allows water, snow, and dirt to filter through
Bestseller No. 6
The Impossible Challenge Mega Ramp Car Stunt 2018
The Impossible Challenge Mega Ramp Car Stunt 2018 Features:; 🚗 Realistic physic and smooth controls
Bestseller No. 7
Best Music Posters 94" X 15" X 2.75" 5250 LBS Aluminum Trailer RAMPS Car Truck auto Hauler Hook Ends Knife Foot
Aluminum car truck ramps trailer 5000 LBS; car hauling ramps; Aluminum trailer ramps; car truck ramps

RhinoGear RhinoRamps Vehicle Ramp


The RhinoGear RhinoRamps consists of a plastic polymer and contains a 17-degree slide angle that will lift your automobile 6.5″ off the floor. Because of this, it’s user friendly for low clearance vehicles.

To help avoid slippage once you first drive it onto, it’s a rubber mat under the front of the ramp. Its breadth ensures it may handle tires with a tread contact patch of 9″ wide.

Additionally, this width enriches weight reduction as well as the weight capacity of the ramps.

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These ramps are made with a proprietary heavy-duty resin substance developed and created by RhinoGear. The substance employed is demanding and will serve you for a lengthy time period.

The substance can be sturdy and will encourage a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) up to 12,000 lbs.


This is only one of the very best vehicle ramps which you could select to buy today. What is more, it’s presently among the lowest costing ramps on the marketplace.

Due to its worth, an increasing number of people are selecting this particular brand new. Along with being cost-effective, it works well even though it simply costs less than other manufacturers.

It has added features like its own storage which makes it a really convenient tool to utilize.


They’ve been made with lightweight fabric that also makes them mobile. It just weighs 19 pounds, that’s light in comparison to other automobile ramps.

The RhinoGear RhinoRamps also features a space-saving layout for efficient and effortless storage. Becoming lightweight means it is simple to carry around particularly if you frequently move around.

Patented Design

RhinoGear RhinoRamps has CoreTrac non-skid feet that assist with minimizing the likelihood of slipping during use. Besides the patented design, these ramps have a tread design which makes them the most efficient and secure ramps available on the marketplace.

Angle of Incline

These ramps have a 17-degree tendency angle which makes them a fantastic tool to get low-profile vehicles. This is principal because the angle of incline provides an efficient and adequate clearance for these vehicles without the chance of damaging their undercarriage.


  • Being manufactured from lightweight material implies They are easy to carry about
  • They’re among the cheapest car ramps available on the Market
  • It features a hardy and durable construction
  • The 17-degree incline makes it convenient for low clearance vehicles


  • They aren’t as broad as they ought to be reviewed by the majority of users. For this reason, you can’t use them when the diameter of the tires is greater than 9 inches.
  • Unlike a number of other vehicle lifting apparatus, you can’t fix this ramp’s height if a vehicle is resting on it.

RaceRamps RR40 40″ Race Ramp

These lightweight ramps are specially designed so that they do not scuff the garage floor. They comprise a 16.7-degree angle of approach and are meant for sports cars like Miatas, BMWs, and Jaguars.

They are also perfect for vehicles that have short front finishes. The Race Ramps can accommodate vehicles up to 1,500 lbs per ramp with a maximum tire width of eight inches.

These ramps are made from a thick, thick foam-like substance and provide a fantastic quantity of clearance.

They are big but light and easy to move. Having a massive surface, they grip the floor firmly, preventing slippage when going a car forward or backing down it.

The ramps are just acceptable for smaller sports cars with wheels measuring eight inches or smaller in diameter. Under heavy fat, the ramps can deform and bulge slightly without sacrificing structural integrity.

These ramps will also be pricier than some other choices available on the industry.

Electriduct Rubber Curb Ramp

Our next runner for the best automobile ramp comes in Electriduct. This one has a greater weight lifting capability. 1 ramp can take on 20,000 pounds of weight. This works nicely with campers and other vehicles that are heavier.

The material used for this can be an industrial standard reused rubber. According to its performance, there’s zero denting or deformation to use this ramp on vehicles that are heavy such as a 32 ft RV. 1 ramp weighs about 25 pounds that are rather hefty.

Surprisingly, you’ll never believe it budges when financing on these ramps. It securely retains unto the tires and the foundation is able to continue to keep a decent grip on the floor. Regardless of the wonderful features of this ramp, we discovered two gripes about it.

The back height is allegedly 5.5″ but it’s about 5-1/8″. The next gripe is all about its pungent rubber odor. Right from the box, it will have a different odor, but it burns as you allow it exposed in the atmosphere for hours.


  • 20,000 pounds weight capacity
  • Fantastic tire traction and secure foundation
  • Strong rubber substance


  • Smelly rubber odor and also the back height are about 5-1/8″

Nicky Nice Solid Steel Automobile Ramp Sets


Even though the majority of the ramps available now are made from resin or plastic, those Nicky Nice ramps are made from solid steel.

This makes them harder and more lasting. To reduce corrosion, in addition, to wear and tear, the surface of those ramps is powder-coated.


To improve grip, the Nicky Nice steel ramp features extruded holes onto the surface. These assist the tires to grab and prevent ramp slippage.

On either side of the ramp are increased security ribs, which can be especially beneficial in providing security when switching on the ramp.

Size of Ramp

Measuring 8 inches tall, these ramps provide enough clearance for one to carry out maintenance on your car. So far as width is worried, they measure in at 9 inches.


  • Being made from strong steel this ramp is lasting and of sound construction
  • It’s relatively stable on rough grounds due to the increased ribs on the sides
  • Features extruded grip holes to Make Sure That vehicles can push in almost any circumstance
  • The ramps can encourage a combined weight up to 6,500 Pounds
  • Don’t price much, making them very affordable to many
  • Cannot easily rust because they’ve powder coated surfaces


  • Some clients consider them overly high for ordinary cars
  • Several customers report the grade of this ramp is reduced

BISupply Vehicle Service Ramp Sets

Use this collection of ramps to do maintenance in your car like belt replacements and oil changes. It’s a sturdy set made from heavy-duty vinyl and may also handle trucks, SUVs, and pick-up trucks.

Each ramp from the group can hold up to 4,000 lbs (1,814 kg) of weight and lifts your automobile 6.3 (16 cm) inches away from the floor, sufficient clearance for you personally, your own tools, and supplies, and sufficient space to do the job.

Each slide is 11.5 inches (29.5 cm) wide to fit extra-wide wheels.

The ramps are powerful but light, so it is easy to carry them around in the store. The ramps’ surface is textured for good traction along with the pads on the undersides stop the ramps from slipping across the ground of the workplace.

On the other hand, the plan of those works best on flat, clean flooring. Additionally, you won’t find any specification mark on the ramps like weight capacity.

Pyle Heavy Duty Plastic Curb Ramps

We may have prejudices about plastic curb ramps as being breakable and not powerful in any respect. But this one out of Pyle proves us wrong as two drops can withstand 3.3 heaps or 6,600 pounds of weight. Taking this, it may efficiently lift bikes, trailers, sedan cars, scooters, and wheelchairs.

The plastic material used has sufficient tensile power to completely meet its specification. Other items worth jotting out of that ramp are its cheap cost, flexible function, and lightweight.

By comparison, the gripes we discovered from it comprises its 4.1-inch lift plus it can’t accommodate heavier weights. But we find this ramp perfect for all-around use.


  • 2 bit drops with 6,600 lbs capability
  • Lightweight and space-saving
  • Reasonable Price


  • Cannot take on heavier weights
  • 4.1-inch elevator

Magnum 1002-01 Automotive Ramp System

Build Quality

Made out of tough, eco-friendly substance, this ramp is environmentally friendly. The hard material makes it effective at carrying up a gross weight capacity of 16,000 lbs.

It’s a four-piece removable platform that you may construct and disassemble making it effortless to store.


As soon as you’ve set your ramps and pushed upon them, you can reverse the locking mechanism on every slide to disengage the slopes.

The sloped pieces function as chocks for another car’s wheels. It features a low-angle design that aids in a simple push the ramp.


  • It’s relatively lightweight only weight 17 pounds which makes it very portable Too
  • It’s Made from a Challenging eco-friendly material
  • It features a Security chock that corrects your car, preventing it from rolling any side
  • It requires minimum storage, which makes it appropriate for car owners with limited storage area
  • It’s cheap
  • Simple to build and use with no tools needed


  • It’s not a Perfect ramp for vehicles using a low clearance
  • As reviewed by most clients, the ramp Might Not Be broad enough for most modern automobiles
  • Additionally, most clients have complained about the standard of the plan and stated it isn’t acceptable for their own vehicles.

66″ Low Profile Sports Car Lift Service Ramps

Sports cars are a struggle because they are low to the floor and do not match on regular ramps since the incline is too steep. These low-profile ramps would be the solution.

The incline is a gentle 11.5 levels and measures 66 inches. After on the ramps, your automobile is going to probably be lifted 7 inches away from the floor.

This set of 2 lifts are every 14 inches wide on the ramp and 16 inches wide on the stage. There is also an integrated wheel to prevent. They have a weight capacity of 3,000 lbs.

The aluminum construct of those lifts makes them more durable.

The more incline is ideal for lower-to-the-ground vehicles which you wouldn’t otherwise have the ability to get beneath. They have rubber burning on the floor to help them remain firmly in place as you drive your vehicle.

Regrettably, they have a relatively low weight capacity. This should not be a problem for smaller sports cars but may be a problem with a lowered truck or thicker car. The welds are also not the very best and will pose a danger of breaking.

Discount Ramps 6009-V2

In case you’ve got a low-profile automobile that a car jack can’t easily lift, this ramp is the very best alternative.

It may efficiently lift these automobile types such as the 2010 Grand Sport Corvette into some 2.5-inch height. After, now you can easily apply your vehicle jack or a different ramp with a greater vertical elevator.

A pair of the ramp can totally raise 4,400 pounds of weight effortlessly for an estimated angle of 9.05 levels. The mechanism is practical and neat for low-level automobiles.

In addition, we respect the honeycomb perforations of the ramp in preventing moisture from piling up which leads to a heightened risk of slipping.

The bicycle stop groove functions as anticipated, provided that you move slow and smooth the ramp-up. In general, we find this a superb ramp for low-level cars.


  • Greatest for low-level automobiles
  • 4,400 lbs capacity
  • Honeycomb stations to Permit moisture to trickle down


  • Not enough vertical elevator for upkeep

Trailer-Aid Tandem Tire Changing Ramp


Made from lightweight, super-strong plastic, this ramp is strong and of high-quality construction. As a result of this strength, it may hold an entire weight capacity of 15,000 lbs. Additionally, it’s resistant to water and rust.


It is simple to alter your trailer tires even when you’re alone because the Trailer-Aid tandem ramp is mobile and easy to store away when traveling.

With back front and slow pockets, it provides you with easy access and tackling. It’s a clearance of 4 1/2 inches ensuring you’ve got more than enough space to operate in your own trailer.


  • It’s fairly simple to use alone because you just have to lift 1 tire while another gets support.
  • It’s durable due to its strong and high-quality construction.
  • It’s perfect for tandem trailers.
  • Lets you keep freight in the trailer whilst changing the flat tire.


  • Not acceptable for many trailers you, so, need to assess if your trailer works for this ramp.

BunkerWall Tandem Axle Leveler Ramps

If you’re interested in finding quality ramps to provide whole support for both conventional and tandem wheel axles, then that Bunkerwall ramps are the ideal option.

The set has a weight capacity of approximately 10,000 pounds, and it features two-wheel leveling ramps.

For design and construction, we’d say it’s well-built. Stabilizing your own 27-foot trailer or RV while parking is crucial and this you can efficiently perform its task of providing optimum support.

The anti-slip tire feel and foundation work as anticipated.

This ramp may lift the brakes 4 inches above the floor, which is good for the function. In general, this functions as a fantastic alternative for your own trailer and RV leveler requirement.


  • 10,000 pounds weight capacity
  • Guaranteed anti-slip tire operate
  • Strong material and construction


  • 4-inch elevator

Specter 08226 Plastic Automotive Ramp Place


Made from resin rather than the conventional plastic layout, the Specter Plastic Automotive Ramp Sets provides quality and durability at a wonderful price that any automobile operator is able to afford.

The rugged design of the ramp means you could drive-up an automobile weighing up to 12,000 lbs. But at 20 lbs these ramps are rather heavy to carry around.

The ramp features a center parabolic arch in its own layout to disperse weight and optimize the potency of the plastic.

Along with the arch, the Specter ramp comes with an open grid layout that enables snow, snow, soil, and lots of additional things to fall through.

You can make confident no particles will accumulate on the ramp. What is more, this spacious grid layout doubles up and provides great traction and safety.


  • It’s lightweight, but sturdy which means which it is possible to take it whenever you journey.
  • Powerful with fantastic weight reduction as a result of arch layout.
  • The grid layout prevents the buildup of soil, snow, snow, and water while at the same time providing enough grip for your own automobile to push up the ramp.
  • Comparatively wide at 8 inches making sure that you truly feel secure while the maintenance is about the ramps.
  • Due to its potency, it can support weights of up to 12,000 lbs.
  • Safe for all-weather use.


  • It requires additional storage space
  • It will not provide much clearance to vehicles like MK7 It’s.

Tomioka Racing Super Car Ramps

This is just another fantastic ramp option for low-profile automobiles. It is very lightweight, every ramp weighs about 5 pounds and a couple can hold approximately 3,000 pounds.

In addition, we enjoy the honeycomb stations of the ramp as it helps prevent moisture piling on the surface that causes slipping.

The bicycle stop groove in the end functions as expected so long as you move nice and slow the ramp-up. The plastic material used with this particular racing ramp is sturdy and solid.

The most important criticism we have to this is its reduced lifting clearance of about 3 inches.

But as a ramp for low-level cars, it functions as expected. For the cost, it appears to be reasonable when looking at the quality it gives.


  • Fantastic ramp for low-profile automobiles
  • Strong plastic substance
  • Anti-moisture build-up abilities


  • Low lifting clearance
  • Want to improve the stability of the foundation with a greater weight capacity

Guide to Buying the Finest Vehicle Ramps

The aforementioned 10 drops would be the ideal vehicle ramps on the industry now. This might help you limit your choices so that picking the ideal product gets simpler.

You may pick one or more one of these versions and use them next time that you’re draining your automobile radiator or changing the oil. Before making your mind up on which automobile ramp to buy, take a peek at a few of the significant considerations you want to make.

Everything You Have to Consider While Purchasing Vehicle Ramps


To stop ramps from changing, moving, or launching out from under the car’s wheels’ some ramps are fitted using anti-slip surfaces.

These surfaces maintain the automobile ramps in place for a car is being pushed off. If your garage has a smooth cement floor, it’s essential your automobile ramp has anti-slip features.

You should be concerned if your garage flooring provides you with higher-traction, usually a gravel floor.

Garage Roof Height

It’s crucial to make certain your garage roof gets proper clearance over exactly as you’d wish to be aware of the clearance requirements under your car or truck.

People with high-sitting trucks may be in for a rude shock when they utilize their automobile ramp and also have a garage with a very low roof.

To prevent an untimely impact, it’s very important to inspect the distance between the car’s roof, along with the garage roof from the elevator elevation of the ramps.

Vehicle’s Ground Clearance

It’s very important to consider how large the bottom of your car or truck is over the floor. This can allow you to avoid damaging your automobile by purchasing a ramp that won’t fit under your vehicle.

Consequently, you’re advised to purchase a ramp based on the floor clearance of your vehicle. Low clearance automobiles will require a low profile.

Low profile ramps feature gentle slopes and therefore are more to enable the car to slowly drive them onto without causing any harm to the undercarriage. On the flip side, vehicles with adequate clearance have ramps that are briefer as well as steeper inclines.

The width of this Ramp

You have to consider the diameter of the ramp in regard to the tire width when choosing the ideal vehicle ramp.

Doing so will make certain you are aware of how much room for error you’ve got while driving your vehicle up the ramps. You have to gauge the width in your automobile’s tires to ascertain the ideal width of the vehicle.

The ideal ramp for you ought to be broad enough to accommodate the tires and leave sufficient distance on each side of the tires.

By way of instance, when you’ve got standard P215 tires using a diameter of 8.46″ that you want to obtain a ramp using a diameter of approximately 12″.

Deciding on the proper diameter of a ramp can decrease slippage when loading the vehicle on the ramp.

The Way to Properly Utilize Vehicle Ramps

Vehicle ramps are more stable and also a much simpler option to steel jacks should you use them properly and safely.

You may need a little practice to push on them, but so long as you set them on a face with sufficient grip, you’re all set. To properly use car drops:

Park your car on a non-slip surface and make sure that the wheels are facing ahead.

Place both ramps with their lower slopes based perfectly with all the tires.

Gently push up and forwards on the ramp when making sure that the front wheels are in the middle and horizontal field of the ramp. Repeat the above should you discover they’re not properly aligned.

When the vehicle is sitting around the middle of the vehicle, you may use the parking brake to keep the vehicle from rolling back. Stone your vehicle to make sure it’s secure.

Put two wheel chocks to guarantee the car does not roll off in almost any way.

Tips on Proper Use of Auto Ramps

RampDespite becoming more secure and safer than automobile jacks, improper use of ramps would render its general function futile. Here are a couple of ideas on properly using automobile ramps and ensuring that your security and the vehicle.

⦁ Locate a flat floor for parking:

You can’t merely easily apply your ramp everywhere. You have to decide on a level and flat terrain in utilizing your vehicle ramp to prevent the probability of slipping and fall.

⦁ Position your Ramps:

Grab your set of ramps and put it in the front of your brakes with the reduced slope facing the tire. Ensure to have aligned the ramp professionally together with all the tire.

⦁ Gradually Drive and Climb On the Ramp:

After securing the place of your own ramp, select a slow pace drive, and carefully climb over the ramp.

⦁ Use your hands or parking brake:

As soon as you’ve completely grown up the ramp, then pull on your handbrake or trigger the parking brake.

⦁ Supplement Wheel Stability:

After, catch two wheel chocks and set one before every wheel in addition to the ramp.



A: Once you pick an automobile ramp, the angle should not possess a standard bigger than 20 percent. Cheaper automobile ramps have smaller ranges, therefore it is a lot easier to push up.


A: It is crucial to select a ramp that could accommodate the dimensions of your automobile’s tires. Broad automobile ramps are easier to push, but it is important to center your tires onto the ramps.

The broader the ramp, the harder it’s to center your car or truck.


A: Many kinds of car collapses will endure for many, many decades provided that they’re used properly and kept in a protective atmosphere.


A: Both metallic and plastic automobile ramps are safe to be used. Improvements in technology have made it feasible for vinyl and polymer products to be strong and resilient as their metal counterparts.


According to our general screening, we highly suggest RhinoGear Rhino Ramps as the all-around automobile ramp for small to midsize cars.

For the cost, we locate it undefeated because it could accommodate 12,000 pounds of weight. There are no worries with falling because of its own ramp provides improved grip to maintain the tires set up.

Additionally, there is less hassle using little garage space since it’s fully stable. You may not ever be wrong from picking this ramp to your everyday care requirement.

Then again, the last decision still rests on you. Carefully consider all the details, advantages, and drawbacks of the products. Conduct your market study.

If you discover this article useful, kindly share it with friends and family and coworkers who will gain from it. You could even have a look at our additional pertinent articles for additional insights.