Best Car Window CleanersWhen it comes to car maintenance, the outside appearance is just as important as making sure that the car is properly serviced. The windows, in particular need special cleaning as they are more likely to get dirty. When it comes to car window cleaning, you may have to look at the best car window cleaner to prevent damage to your windows. Cleaning your car regularly can keep it looking brand new, even if it is a few years old.

Using ordinary cleaners, especially ammonia based cleaners, for your windows can cause permanent damage to the glass. It will also cause scratches and may damage the shine of the window.

The best option is to look at specially formulated window cleaners that are designed to bring the shine back to your window and prevent damage. While there are hundreds of cleaners available in the market, you should choose the best ones to prevent damage to your car. Here are the top 10 Car window cleaners:

Top 10 Best Car Window Cleaners

1. Invisible Glass Premium Cleaner

Invisible Glass Premium Cleaner

The Invisible Glass Premium Cleaner is probably the best car window cleaner that literally outshines in every aspect. It is carefully formulated to prevent damage to your windows, especially when it comes to removing the thin film of dirt that regular window cleaners often leave. During this process, you will hardly see any damage to the glass. The shine that this cleaner leaves is one of the best and you’ll be surprised at the final result. It comes in a 19oz spray can that usually lasts for several cleans.

The best thing about this cleaner is that it offers the best value for money as well. Unlike other cleaners, it is priced reasonably, so you won’t feel guilty about treating your car with a premium product. The application process is quite simple as well. All you need to do is spray the cleaner onto the window and wipe with a clean cloth. It comes out as a foam, which makes it easier to spray across the whole window. If you are looking for the window cleaner with great value, then this should be your first choice.

Key Features:

  • Foam spray for easy application
  • Special formula removes extra thin coating of dirt
  • Can be used on both inside and outside of the windshield

  • Weight: 1.19 pounds
  • Dimensions: 9.33 x 2.06 x 2.06 inches
  • Manufacturer: Invisible Glass

2. TriNova Streak Free Glass Cleaner

TriNova Streak Free Glass Cleaner

If you are looking for a premium car window cleaner with a strong reputation, then you should definitely consider trying out the TriNova Streak Free Glass Cleaner. This car window cleaner is designed to remove even the toughest stains and dirt from your windows. Unlike many other cleaners, it is also quite efficient in removing grease from the windows without leaving a streak behind.

Many users were actually surprised at its effectiveness in removing tough stains, such as water stains. When it comes to the final shine; this cleaner lives up to its reputation. Available in an 18 ounce spray bottle for easy application. This brand is quite reliable as well as was voted top choice be a few car enthusiasts. All their products are quality tested so you won’t have to worry about damaging your car’s windows. Manufacture red in the USA, the TriNova Streak Free Glass Cleaner is definitely one of the safest and most effective car window cleaners available.

Key Features:

  • High quality formula removes tough grease and water stains
  • Easy to use spray bottle for easy application
  • Leaves a great streak free final shine on your windshield

  • Weight: 1.3 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10.91 x 5.39 x 2.8 inches
  • Manufacturer: TriNova

3. SprayWay SW050-12 Glass Cleaner

SprayWay SW050-12 Glass Cleaner

Sometimes, your windows might become so dirty that you’ll need a heavy duty window cleaner to remove the tough stains. This is especially true after you’ve come home from a long trip and there are tough stains and dirt all over your windows. One of the best car window cleaners that remove even the toughest of stains and dirt is the SprayWay SW050-12 Glass Cleaner.

It contains a special formula for dirt removal, but does not damage your window in the process. For this reason, many car enthusiast prefer to use this product because of its high durability. While it does not provide a protective final shine, it is certainly the best option when you are looking for a heavy duty cleaner. You’ll often notice this cleaner in many service garages as they use it to remove any grease or oil that may spill on the car windows during a service. If you are looking for quality and a heavy duty cleaner that will not damage your car’s windows, you should consider getting this one.

Key Features:

  • Heavy duty formula removes even the toughest of stains
  • Perfect for removing oil and grease on windows without leaving a stain
  • Preserves the natural appearance of the glass

  • Weight: 1.43 pounds
  • Dimensions: 2.7 x 2.7 x 10 inches
  • Manufacturer: Sprayway

4. Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner

Meguiar's Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner

If you really love your car and want the best professional window cleaner, then you need to try out Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner. This cleaner is mostly used by professional car dealers and other services. It is designed to leave the window in a perfectly clean condition with an added shine to make your car look as if it just came out of the showroom.

The special cleaning formula is perfect for all types of windows, including tinted ones. It not only removes dirt, stains and grease from the windows, but also leaves a protective shine that allows your windows to get a distinct sparkle. If you have stains that are impossible to clean using regular cleaners, without damaging your windows, then you should try cleaning it with Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner. It is the first choice for many professionals and comes in an easy to use spray bottle. When using this car window cleaner, you’ll notice a significant difference in the shine after you apply this product.

Key Features:

  • Professional grade cleaning formula removes both dirt and oil stains
  • Leaves a High quality protective shine afterwards
  • Can be used for all types of windows including tinted ones

  • Weight: 1.73 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10.41 x 3.2 x 1 inches
  • Manufacturer: Meguiar’s

5. Chemical Guys Signature Series Glass Cleaner

Chemical Guys Signature Series Glass Cleaner

When it comes to safety, then Chemical Guys Signature Series Glass Cleaner is something that you can rely on. It has a specially designed formula that works on even the most delicate of glass surfaces, without causing any scratches or affecting the shine.

Whether you have tough stains on your windows or are simply cleaning the dust off the surface, this car window cleaner has the best results. It contains a unique formula that prevents dust from gathering on the window surface, leaving a unique shine finish. Many vintage car keeper and people who have sports cars prefer to use this cleaner as it is one of the safest options available. Comes in a smaller can with a spray nozzle and handle for easy application.

Key Features:

  • Safe ammonia-free formula prevents damage to your windows
  • Works on delicate glass surfaces in older cars as well
  • Non-stick formula prevents dust from gathering in the window

  • Weight: 1.1 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 2.36 x 2.36 x 8.27 inches
  • Manufacturer: Chemical Guys

6. Shine Society Glass RX

Shine Society Glass RX

If you want the complete window cleaning package to transform your car’s windows, then you should try out the Shine Society Glass RX. This window cleaner is based on one of the most advanced formulas and is based on natural ingredients. The anti-streak formula is designed to prevent any stains from staying on the windshield.

Unlike other cleaners, this window cleaner is safe for the skin as well as it is made from natural ingredients. It doubles up as a disinfectant as well and kills most germs on the surface of the glass. This makes it perfect for use on the inside of the windshield as well. Comes in an 18-ounce spray bottle for effective use.

Key Features:

  • Specially designed formula helps it kill most germs for proper disinfection
  • Anti-streak formula leaves zero stains after cleaning
  • Natural formula makes safe for use around kids

  • Weight: 1.17 pounds
  • Dimensions: 21.6 x 6.9 x 6.6 cm
  • Manufacturer: Shine Society

7. Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner

Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner

One of the most trusted brands in terms of car window cleaners, the Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner is certainly a cleaner that you should have in your garage. While Armour supply cleaning materials in all industries, their car window cleaners are quite famous for the unique formula that gets rid of most dirt and grease.

It can also remove hard stains on the windows and leaves a shine afterwards. One of the best benefits of Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner is that the formula is safe for use on all windows due to the ammonia free base. It comes in a larger 22 ounce bottle with an easy grip handle. Many people who used this product are amazed at the finish that it leaves as its formula is great for window polishing as well. If you need an all-in-one option, then this window cleaner is for you.

Key Features:

  • Safe formula removes dirt on all auto windows
  • Large spray bottle makes it easy to apply the cleaner
  • Doubles up as a window polisher for best results

  • Weight: 1.43 pounds
  • Dimensions: 2.6 x 9.92 x 5.35 inches
  • Manufacturer: Armour All

8. 3M’s Glass cleaner

3M’s Glass cleaner

If you are looking for the best valued cleaner with a difference, then 3M’s glass cleaner should be on top of your list. Not only is it specially designed to overcome the problems with regular glass cleaners, the unique formula is strong enough to remove most stains as well. One of the benefits of using this window cleaner is that it is foam based which prevents wastage and allows you to easily apply the cleaner to every part of the window.

It does not run off the glass surface like other foam based cleaners, which makes application a breeze. This does not compromise its ability to clean stain, however. 3M’s glass cleaner can remove even the toughest stains such as oil and grease and will not leave any streak afterwards. It is also one of the best valued car glass cleaners available in the market.

Key Features:

  • Foam based spray makes it easy to apply on the whole window surface
  • Strong formula cleans tough stains, including grease and oil
  • Safe for all glass surfaces, including tinted windows

  • Weight: 1.48 pounds
  • Dimensions: 2.64 x 9.37 x 2.68 inches
  • Manufacturer: 3M

9. SafeliteAutoGlass Glass cleaner

SafeliteAutoGlass Glass cleaner

If you are looking for a simple cleaner that will not damage your window and is reasonably priced, then consider the SafeliteAutoGlass Glass cleaner. It has a special formula that helps clean most dirt and stains from your car’s windows. Because it comes in a can, it is not as messy as many other cleaners and is reasonably priced as well.

The cleaning formula of Safelite does not contain ammonia or any harmful chemicals that may damage your windows. It also has a neutral smell, which makes it useful for cleaning the inner sections of your car’s windows without leaving a bad odor afterwards.

Key Features:

  • Aerosol can for no-mess application
  • Safe formula can be used on all windows
  • Removes most dirt and stains

  • Weight: 5.75 pounds
  • Dimensions: 10.3 x 5.6 x 5.5 inches
  • Manufacturer: Safelite

10. Hope’s Perfect Glass Cleaner

Hope’s Perfect Glass Cleaner

One of the premium car glass cleaners available, Hope’s Perfect Glass Cleaner is designed to provide the ultimate cleaning experience. Not only does it have the best formula for removing tough stains, grease and other dirt, it also contains an anti-abrasive formula that will prevent dust from gathering on the windows.

It is soft on the window surface and does not leave any scratch marks or cleaning stains. The final effect will be a clear window surface with a special shine that will make your car look brand new.

Key Features:

  • One of the strongest window cleaner formulas that removes most stains
  • Has a soft effect on the glass and prevents damage
  • Leaves a special after-shine that makes your windows sparkle

  • Weight: 2.29 pounds
  • Dimensions: 4.9 x 3.6 x 9.6 inches
  • Manufacturer: Hope’s

Why it is the best choice?

Car Window Cleaner

When it comes to car window cleaners, nothing beats the Invisible Glass Premium Cleaner. Not only is it specially designed to remove tough stains such as oil and grease, it has a foam based application that makes it easy to use. In addition to this, it provides the best value for money as well and is one of the cheapest options. If you want both quality and price efficiency in one product, then look no further than the Invisible Glass Premium Cleaner. Your car windows will have a shine that makes it look brand new.

Criteria for Selection of Best Car Window Cleaner


Safety Car Window CleanerMany normal cleaners are ammonia based, which cause damage to your car’s windows. It can also leave a blurry appearance and cause the shine to get finished. The idea car window cleaner will have a formula that is free from ammonia and other harmful chemicals. It should also be scratch free and should not dull the shine of the window.

Cleaning strength

Cleaning strength CarCan you average cleaner remove car grease without damaging the window? Probably not. However, the best car window cleaner are designed to clean the toughest of stains including grease and car oil stains. They can also remove hard to notice stains such as water strains without damaging the glass.


Selection of Best Car Window CleanerWhile there are many specialized cleaner available, most of them are quite messy and difficult to apply. The best car window cleaners come in easy to use cans or spray containers that are designed to remove dirt and stains without causing a mess. Some even use foam based formulas for easy application.


As a customer, you still have to look at whether you are getting the right value for your money. If a car window cleaner costs a premium price, it should offer a premium product as well. Most customers are willing to spend the extra dime on a quality product when it comes to car maintenance, but it should be affordable as well.

The Bottom Line

While there are many different car window cleaners to choose from, you should only consider the best car window cleaner. Your car windows are probably the first thing that someone will notice about your car and having spotless windows can make your car look as it just came out of the showroom. Always choose a reputable brand to prevent damage to your car’s windows.