Besides decorative purposes, car window tint also serves as a shield to protect you from the intense heat of the Sun while driving. As the market is flooded with models from different brands every day, it can be daunting to choose the best car window tint that suits your style and budget.

No worries! We’re here to help! In today’s article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive review of the best car window tints as well as some tips to get the best car window tint. Stay tuned!

Why is Car Window Tint Necessary?

Why is Car Window Tint Necessary?

So, what are the benefits of having a car window tint? As trivial as it sounds, you’ll be surprised to see the advantages you’ll get. In fact, these are enough to compel you to get one right after finish reading.

  • Protect from the heat and UV rays: there are parts of the world where the heat can be so intense that you can even make an omelet when leaving your pan on the sidewalk. In this case, a window tint comes in handy as it keeps the heat away and protects you from the UV rays.
  • More privacy: window tints tend to come in dark colors, enhancing the ability to conceal what’s inside.
  • Increase the lifespan of your vehicle interior: high-end window tints even have the ability to block the sun from fading your car seats as well as dashboard.
  • Keep your window glass from shattering: high-quality window tints can boost the glass protection to the fullest, preventing your window glass from being shattered when a strong impact occurs.
  • Lessen fuel consumption: it might sound irrelevant, but believe us, it does help reduce the fuel consumption by keeping your car cool, so you won’t have to crank up the AC as often – one of the reasons why your car consumes so much gas.

Best Car Window Tint: Top 10

1. WPCTEV Window Film One Way Mirror – Our Top Pick

WPCTEV Window Film One Way Mirror

Starting off our list today is a product from one of the most prestigious brands in the window tints making industry – the WPCTEV Window Film One Way Mirror. This roll comes in a variety of colors for you to choose: black silver, blue silver, brown silver, and silver.

We personally fall in love with the black silver as it gives a more classy feel and, at the same time, does an incredible job to block 90% infrared rays and 85% UV rays from the interior of your car. Also, this window film provides an outstanding thickness of 6 millimeters, resulting in excellent thermal insulation effect. It makes a great option for those who have odd working shifts and are most likely to spend some time taking a nap in the daylight hours.

However, some people find it quite hard to install the product on their window even though they did follow the instruction carefully. As a note, you should purchase a scraper to help you tackle that issue. What is more, the box cutter is not sharp enough to cut through the tint and its plastic backing, so you should use your own knife and remember to sharpen it first before you do.

2. HIDBEA One Way Window Film – You Never Knew You Needed This

HIDBEA One Way Window Film

The HIDBEA One Way Window Film is a transparent vinyl film that offers advanced UV blocking protection with an anti-glare effect. No mess, no cleaning; all thanks to the static cling application that helps you install the piece at ease instead of using adhesives, which tends to result in the uneven finish if you’re not a tactful person.

This multi-purpose window tint can also be applied to your window at home or the office, providing optimal privacy from prying eyes during the daytime. You might not believe this, but once you’ve applied the tint, the temperature in your car can reduce up to 10 degrees. How crazy is that?!

However, you should know that the reflective mirror effect of this window tint relies on the intensity of the light. For example, if it’s a cloudy day with no sunlight, it’s best to have the curtain down if you want to maintain the privacy.

This results in a significant drawback to this product as cars don’t have curtains. You cannot have the privacy you wish for on cloudy days. Nonetheless, the fact that these tints don’t work well on cloudy days does not affect their ability of keeping the heat and UV rays away.
All-in-all, HIDBEA one way window film can please even the most skeptical buyers. Don’t believe us? Purchase the product and see it for yourself!

3. F&B Led Light Self Adhesive Tint Vinyl Film -For Your Headlights and Brake Lights

F&B Led Light Self Adhesive Tint Vinyl Film

Did you know that tint films don’t just go on vehicle windows, but they can also be applied to headlights and brake lights? When people install F&B tint vinyl film on these positions, the tints play an important part in protecting the glass from being easily shattered when an accident happens.

Likewise, some people just want them there for decorative purposes; you know, add an extra touch to the general design of the vehicle by making these tints stand out. Nonetheless, first-timers will find it hard to apply these tints on the lights. In that case, make sure you know the sticky side and the side that stretches; once you do, everything will be much easier.

For such a price, you shouldn’t expect these to stay on forever. These tints are decently made, and they do an incredible job of protecting your lights from being broken; of course, they will peel off eventually, and you’ll have to apply new tints, but who cares?

As we’ve said, they’re low-priced and do a great job. You should know that you’ll get quite less material on this roll than other rolls on the market, and the size is also smaller. That’s because they’re specially made for headlights and brake lights only; they can become more versatile if there are any other objects you want to apply that fit the size. If not, don’t expect too much.

4. LEXEN 2Ply Carbon All Windows PreCut Tint Kit – Best for People Who Opt for Style

LEXEN 2Ply Carbon All Windows PreCut Tint Kit

As you can already tell by the name, the LEXEN tint kit has pre-cut portions, making it a breeze to tell whether you’re not taking enough tint or you’re taking too much. This saves you more time in the installation process than you think; literally, all you have to do is to stick the tint to the window, and you’re done!

The best thing is, this kit includes a squeegee for ease of adaptation, saving you a lot of hassles and reducing the work amount of up to half. This film roll is made out of premium-grade, 2-ply polyester chip dye that is scratch-resistant and also durable. It is able to block 99% of the UV rays, saving you from developing skin cancer, even on cloudy days.

So, what’s the catch? Some customers reported that the tint was wrinkled when they got them; yet, consider the benefits as well as the reasonable price this product offers, you can’t ask for much. Don’t forget to check your car’s compatibility before purchasing as several buyers have happened to buy the wrong size for their vehicle, resulting in the product going to waste.

5. Coavas Heat Control Window Film – Best Value

Coavas Heat Control Window Film

You cannot miss checking out the Coavas tint as it is one of the high-quality tints coming to the market at a very budget-friendly price of under $20. What’s special about this window film? First of all, it is able to block 90% of the Sun’s IR rays, saving you quite some money spent on fuel due to having the AC on for too long.

What is more, it sticks super easily without needing any glue and can be reusable in case you mess up sticking it in the first place.
The best thing is, this thing was designed to last. The static cling feature does an excellent job of keeping the tint on the surface for as long as you desire; unless you want to remove it, it stays on perfectly without peeling, loosening up, or changing color. Former customers confirmed this, so you don’t have to worry about us exaggerating.

The only drawback to this product is how it is easily wrinkled. The tip here is to have another person holding the other top edge while you peel off the protective film and attach it to the surface. This will mimic the problem and keep the surface flat and clear.

6. Gila Xtreme Limo Black Window Tint – Best for Ultimate Privacy

Gila Xtreme Limo Black Window Tint

You want a product that is classy looking but at the same time does a good job of keeping your car exterior cool and fresh? You’ve looked for the right product – the Gila Xtreme Limo Black Window Tint.

This tint doesn’t let any light go through your window when it blocks 97.5% light from coming into your car. Therefore, the thing literally darkens the view, both from inside and outside, giving you an ultimate private space you’ve always wanted. Don’t worry; you’ll still see things clearly from the inside because the tint reduces glare and increases the visibility even more.

A friendly reminder is that you should check with your state regulations over using dark tints for your car’s window as it might be illegal for certain states. You can apply the tint easily with the help of the Gila Complete Application Kit, but if you don’t want to make an additional purchase, it is totally fine. A squeegee, or even a credit card, will come in handy in situations like this.

The thing about this product is that the application can be hard and time-consuming to some people without the help of the special kit from Gila, even if you follow the instruction thoroughly. The bubbles just keep rising! When this happens, the important thing is not to panic. Keep pressing on the tint, and slowly work from the center outward to all edges. That should do the trick.

7. PROTINT WINDOWS Window Tint Film Roll – Best for Keeping You Cool Against the Heat

PROTINT WINDOWS Window Tint Film Roll

We keep our list going with a product from PROTINT WINDOWS – the PROTINT WINDOWS Window Tint Film Roll. This product is convenient and versatile when you can use it as a residential-type tint film roll with a wide range of visual light transmission levels (from 5% to 50%).
Besides, the tint is advertised to protect you from 99% of UV rays, which was confirmed by a bunch of positive feedback from former customers. If you wish for more privacy, we got you!

The 5% tint should be enough when it can block 95% coming through your car window or any other surfaces you want. How cool is that?!
The only complaint we have here, which is also commonly known among tint rolls, is how it is easily wrinkled or creased up. The shipping process is part of the reason for this annoying problem; still, this is something we cannot forgive, and will be one downside to making consumers think twice before purchasing the product, despite the ease of installation.

8. VViViD Colorful Transparent Vinyl Car Window Tinting – Best for DIY Enthusiasts

VViViD Colorful Transparent Vinyl Car Window Tinting

As we’re close to the end of today’s list, we’d like to introduce you to a product of VViViD – the VViViD Colorful Transparent Vinyl Car Window Tinting.

Let’s get straight to the point. Besides other common features that most tints have, we love how this tint is dust- and dirt-resistant, making cleaning a breeze. You’ll be glad to hear that the adhesive-backed vinyl side is effortless to install and remove, leaving no mess behind once everything is done.

DIY enthusiasts will appreciate this multi-functional tint as it comes in many colors such as orange, blue, green, etc. and can be applied to other glass surfaces. You might as well use it for decorative purposes; if you’re creative enough, nothing is impossible. Nonetheless, these tints don’t do very well on keeping the heat away, so if you want a tint roll mostly for decorative purposes, this is the one.

9. UEi T-View Window Tint – A Must-Have For Every Car Owner

UEi T-View Window Tint

The UEi T-View Window Tint makes an excellent choice for car owners. Why? T-View is a brand known worldwide for making some of the best window tints on the market. For that reason, it doesn’t surprise us to see this film roll become many people’s firm favorites.

Car owners who want to upgrade the look of their vehicle, or simply just want to add a little touch to the general scheme of the car, the UEi T-View Window Tint is just the product you’re looking for. It is a classic choice with decent quality and can be bought at a reasonable price on any e-commerce site or convenience store near you.

This tint roll works like a charm when it comes to blocking the heat and sun glare. UEi T-View Window Tint is a must-have for anyone who is most likely to spend a lot of time driving around during the day.

You’ll appreciate the anti-bubbling feature as it helps to attach the tint to the glass surface effortlessly. What is more, the 2-ply material ensures to keep the tint long-lasting for as long as possible as well as resistant to scratching.

Yet, nothing is perfect, and the same goes for this product. Some customers have complained about how the tint percentage is not accurate when they can still spot too much light going through the tint. This problem, however, is minor and can be solved at ease. All you need to do is to purchase a darker tint than the one you desire, and that’ll do.

10. DNF Window Tint Dyed Film – The Best Value

DNF Window Tint Dyed Film

We’ve finally come to the last product of today’s list – the DNF Window Tint Dyed Film. This tinted film offers outstanding quality with great value. In fact, this product is for sure under anyone’s budget; you have our word. First of all, you’ll be impressed by the 1-ply, dyed polyester material that is highly durable and can last very long regarding environmental factors.

We assume DNF exclusively made this product for cars (and other vehicles) only, as it doesn’t say anything about residential-use. The shade factor can be a little overwhelming and partially hard to understand, but you just need to dig in a little deeper into the review section, and you’ll be good. Another option is to contact the customer support department; they’ll be glad to help.

We love how this product comes with a kit for ease of installation: a tri-edged squeegee and a knife, to be more specific. It is surprising to see the benefits you’ll get from purchasing this product when DNF offers a warranty and a satisfaction guarantee in case you want a refund or encounter any problem.

The installation can be a bit tricky even with the support of the tool kit; yet, there are many perks considering this product at such an attractive price.

How to Get The Best Car Window Tint?

After going through a list of different products, the big question is: how to get the best car window tint?

Well, there are many factors contributing to making the best car window tint. In the end, there’s no such thing as ‘the best,’ only something that meets your needs, preference, and budget.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the details and features you’ll have to pay close attention to when purchasing a film that is ideal for you.


How to Get The Best Car Window Tint?As you may know, each place has different regulations over the allowed tint level on your vehicle, so make sure you have all the information checked out carefully before making a purchase.

Don’t forget that there are different laws in terms of where you’ll be applying the tint; for example, you can get a 35% tinting film for your rear glasses but not side glasses, so it is essential that you are fully aware of that to avoid getting a fine.

You can look up for more details on the Internet, but sometimes they might not be 100% foolproof. For that reason, it is recommended that you go directly to the local law enforcement department.

Tint Percentage

Tint PercentageThis has something to do with the factor mentioned above. The tint percentage differs, but companies usually provide buyers with a percentage of 50, 35, 15, and 5 (for limos only).

To be more specific, the tint percentage (also known as the visible light transmission level) shows how much light one tint lets through the car. It depends solidly on your preference to decide how much light you want to block out, but once again, make sure to abide legislated laws of your state.

Reduction of Heat and UV

Reduction of Heat and UVYou can find tons of models on the market that offer 99% UV rays blocking and, at the same time, work as a charm on reducing the heat coming into your car. Your tint must work well on protecting you from the UV rays since they can cause some unpleasant skin allergies, or worse, put you at risk of getting skin cancer.

It’s such a pain in the neck when you live in an area that gets a lot of sun throughout the year, and the car heats up extremely quickly when you’ve only left it there for a few minutes. Tip: Look for a tint that disperses rather than absorbs the heat for the best outcome.

Pre-cuts or Rolls?

Pre-cuts or RollsTough question, isn’t it? Let’s break it down to help you understand. So, you can send measurements of your car’s window to certain companies, and they’ll customize a roll that has been precisely cut for the car.

This will save you tons of time, measuring and cutting the perfect size. However, these products are often very costly; thus, if you got the wrong measurements, you basically wasted all the time, effort, and money. Consider all the cons we’ve mentioned carefully before you decide to opt for pre-cuts.

As for the rolls (self-measurements), it can be quite time-consuming; in return, if you mess up the measurement, you can always start again with a new one, and the cost is also much lower.

The Bottom Line

Window tints are not just there to help upgrade the look of your cars. They’re there for many other reasons, including keeping you safe from the heat and harmful UV rays of the Sun.

Have you found the best car window tint to meet your needs yet? We’ve provided you with a list of various products coming to the market at different price ranges, and that should be good enough to help you. But if it is not, go over the factors we’ve mentioned again, and good luck on finding similar products to your preference and budget!