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Have you ever been thinking of methods to convert your tape tapes and records to Mp3 format? Well, You’re in the ideal place, like you, I was troubled when I had been thinking of Strategies to conserve my older records.

They feature years of thoughts and the desire to remain linked with all the past has always been something which my heart can not quit beating.

In years past the cassettes have attracted plenty of people together from yesteryear forming music listening classes, then it moved to listen to audio at a personal setting and while on the go.

Top 16 Best Cassette To MP3 Converter Brands Of 2020

Top 16 Best Cassette To MP3 Converter Brands Of 2020

Bestseller No. 6
Cassette to MP3 Converter,Cassette Player, Portable Cassette Converter Recorder Convert Tapes to Digital MP3 Save into USB Flash Drive
Cassette tape to MP3 converter, Plug&play ,With auto-reverse.; Convert tape’s music to MP3 fils and save into USB flash no PC required.
Bestseller No. 7
DIGITNOW USB Audio Capture Card Grabber for Vinyl Cassette Tapes to Digital MP3 Converter, Support Mac & Windows 10/8.1/8 / 7 / Vista/XP
Coming with professional audio capture/converting software ( Audacity) and online updating
Bestseller No. 10


If you’re trying to find a system that does more than simply convert your cherished audio tapes to MP3 format, then the Re-006 cassette player is a superb selection.

It’s lightweight, compact, and features trendy old-school controls like switches, an open/close switch, and a volume dial. Additionally, you may use it with almost any cans you desire.

If you would like to use it as a converter, then you’ve got all you want right in the bundle. The tape player is delivered using converter applications, a 5V DC USB power cable, and the essential directions to get the task finished.

When you’ve got all set, you simply have to connect the player to a notebook, PC, or even a notebook CD burner (for immediate transport to CD).

The conversion is fast, and the end result is made of high-quality, but you will want to operate in a quiet area because it doesn’t differentiate between desktop and tape.


  • Compact & Simple to Use
  • It functions like a converter and a Walkman
  • The conversion process is hassle-free
  • Crystal-clear audio quality
  • Outstanding quality and worth for the Purchase Price


  • Does not have speakers, therefore it will not play by itself
  • No clothing clip for greater portability
  • It picks up some stationary sound if it is too near the PC/laptop

AGPTEK Cassette to MP3 Converter

The AGPTEK Cassette to mp3 converter is both streamlined and simple to use the apparatus. It doesn’t consume much power and it utilizes battery or USB to power on. You convert your old cassettes from the simplest of ways on this device and you may save it straight to your computer.

It’s also possible to edit the sound because you convert and you’ll be able to listen to the sound working with a headset, a stereo, or anything speaker you’ve so that you understand the output you are receiving.

This apparatus will work on shared computer operating systems such as the windows and Mac operating systems, it, nevertheless, works best with current versions of those operating systems.

You’ll be asked to set up the apparatus software on your computer before you may use the apparatus, it comes at a CD in addition to the apparatus as you buy. If your device doesn’t have a CD ROM, then you can get in touch with the device makers and they ship you an electronic copy of the applications so that you may also install.

To understand how to use this AGPTEK Cassette to mp3 converter efficiently, you ought to be a decent use of the added user guide since it explains about the gadget.

The AGPTEK Cassette to mp3 converter is a really portable device so there’ll not be any difficulties with carrying it out with you everywhere. You ought to know that the quality of the sound output is dependent upon the tape you’re converting.

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DigitNow Cassette to MP3 converter: Best overall


  • Very Simple to Use
  • Adequate quality conversions
  • Great cost


  • Some users report sound hissing
  • Cheaply made

DigitNow is experts in the switching of elderly formats to electronic. This tape into the MP3 converter is not difficult to use, compact and light, and includes all the performance that you want to copy and listen to audio from cassette tapes.

While the device itself does feel cheaply made… that is as it’s, which can be reflected in the purchase price.

You can usually pick up the DigitNow converter for under $30, making it a lot less costly than most other tape converters.

And, to be clear, all of the similar versions we considered with this manual had comparable construct quality but did not really provide the identical sound conversion fidelity, which means you are getting a fantastic deal here.

This one includes a USB cable that plugs into your PC or Mac, and a software CD and documentation. We recommend using another piece of software such as Audacity (which is free) to digitize your cassettes, as the included software CD is struggling to remain compatible with the most recent versions of Windows or Mac OS.

You also receive a set of earbuds for this one also, which can be cheap and bad quality but can function as a good back-up pair in case your most important cans are dropped or abandoned at home by mistake.

It runs on AA batteries if you would like to utilize it like a simple Walkman and can even draw power from a DC power connection should you have one.

Neither electricity choices are contained, so be sure to have batteries in the home. At under $30 it is an inexpensive bit of technology, but it works just fine and is ideal for many needs.

Straightforward Cassette Tape to MP3 Converter

The Inatuur Cassette Tape to MP3 Converter is a comparatively small and mobile device, just large enough to completely have a cassette tape. It utilizes battery but also forces on once linked to your PC with a USB cable, so you might not require a battery whatsoever to use this gadget.

No batteries are included if you purchase this product so that you may too skip purchasing power and some it using a USB if you would like to utilize it.

It’s not hard to use in converting plus it has a software CD to install on your computer. Just contact the producers to find a soft copy of the setup software if your PC doesn’t have a CD ROM to operate the Software CD.

The program runs on all windows operating systems from 2000 into the current ones and you have to make certain your PC has a RAM of 512M or greater along with a Hard Disk with up to 1GB free space.

You may listen to the sound output by means of a stereo headset, or some other speaker you might have.

The quality of the sound output you receive will be based on what the tape may give, to receive the best results, you must be a decent use of the added manual. In addition, it can be applied as a normal cassette player, it works fine that way also.

Marantz Professional PMD-300CP: Best sound backup


  • Superb audio backup
  • Great build quality
  • Reputable


  • Considerably More expensive
  • Very bulky

If you are seriously interested in the character of the transformation from tape to MP3, you ought to look to obtain a technical in-home deck, such as this one from Marantz.

You will pay far more for this – about $150 is regular – but you are going to find a trusted cassette player and copier which will make ideal digital files from the previous audio and sound records.

The Marantz Professional PMD-300CP includes a complete assortment of features and does just about anything you desire using a tape (except untangling it in case the cassette has looped out).

It’s possible to record in ordinary or high-speed dubbing, and there’s a noise-reduction attribute to increasing the caliber of this first backup.

Though the Walkman-style converters produce nice copies, and you’ll be able to clean up the electronic file using another computer program, the Marantz will produce exceptional original copies, which means that you will have the ability to create your digital files much cleaner and sharper.

You could also hook up this to different speakers to play tape music in your house, and copy from tape to tape, even should you have to produce copies.

The single missing features are autoreverse and recording from the decks (you can just play from among those decks – not listing ), but these are far from fundamental features.

In general, this is the one to get if you require sound quality and reliability above all else, and you also would like to cover the extra bucks.


A contemporary & compact design accompanied by the timeless Walkman design creates a nice-looking and user-friendly apparatus.

It is possible to use it for regaining old cassette tapes (with the conversion function) or for listening to them (through the 3.5millimeter AUF jack).

Actually, the gadget includes headphones and a tote to get superior portability. It works with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 flash drives, therefore there is no need to have a computer about if you wish to digitize your tapes (by turning them to MP3 files).

But, it is important to understand it merely supports flash drives in FAT, FAT32, and exFAT formats to 64G. Additionally, it is best to operate with quick USB drives (read speed of 40-60M/S).

To prevent any lags while switching the documents, this tape player is made with automatic side changing. This usually means the converter may change either side of the tape, without you having to open the front cover.

Last, the converter operates in Auto and Manual modes. In-Vehicle, the converter retains each tune from the tape into another track on the flash drive. In Manual, you’ve got complete control over the duration of the document being digitized.


  • Compact & lightweight
  • Works with USB flash drive for conversion
  • 3.5Millimeter AUX interface for playing audio with external devices
  • Great quality of converted documents
  • Perform Back & Automated side changing features


  • Auto Mode adds a few minutes of quiet on side B
  • The headset jack and the USB port are too close together

China Supply Handy USB Cassette Player

The China Supply Handy USB Cassette Player is among the best tape tapes to mp3 converter device, you can put your hands.

It forces on when attached to a USB in order using this apparatus, you won’t actually be needing batteries.

Converting cassette tapes into mp3 files with this handy USB cassette player is relatively simple, it’s an easy plug and play device that lists immediately. I

Installing the apparatus software is simple and takes only minutes to be finished, it employs the favourite Audacity applications for the conversion and you may too edit the sound in order to find the best output.

The program is included in a mini-CD which is included with the device, you are able to as well bypass using it and just simply download the Audacity program on the internet.

This way you may download the latest version and also the best compatible with your PC. It includes earphones so you can listen to this output sound, you may too plug it into a headset or stereo.

If you want only a simple cassette player, the China Supply Handy USB Cassette Player is also of excellent use, it’s quite mobile so that you can take it with you everywhere.

For this, however, you’ll be needing batteries, the system uses 2 AA batteries and you’ll find it easy to use as it features different control switches.

Ion Tape Express Plus: Best Excellent participant


  • Constructed from high-quality substances
  • Audio conversion is high quality
  • Mobile


  • No ability for sound removal
  • Slightly more expensive

If you do not require a full-bodied tape deck but nevertheless need high-quality sound conversions, then consider the Ion Tape Express Plus.

This converter is constructed of more durable stuff than any other Walkman-style converters, such as the DigitNow, and that’s reflected in the purchase price since you’ll pay near $40 for this. This makes it an effective participant, but how can the copying stand up?

It is far from ideal when it comes to copying cassettes however, for the most part, does a fantastic job.

When we analyzed this version it really improved the audio quality in some cases, but this really is something Audacity does more efficiently as soon as you’ve really copied the audio for your PC.

Thus, you’re not gaining much (if anything) in the conversion within the more affordable versions.

The Ion is not difficult to use, and we really do like the more rigorous materials and simplified layout.

If you are seeking to carry it together and play with tapes on the transfer, it is certainly the best choice. If you’re searching for a pure converter, then it does the job, but at a greater cost compared to a few.


The best cassette players of today are made to provide amazing audio quality when incorporating a user-friendly interface that is simple to use even by novices.

So, since the player/converter from Pyle is designed to seem like an old-school Walkman, it ought to not be a surprise that people find it intriguing.

Additionally, you can connect it to a pc, your automobile’s system, or an iPod and listen to this audio in your cassette.

Obviously, you may use the 3.5millimeter AUX jack port to capture music from external devices and play it back into another place or store it as an MP3 file.

The conversion can be carried out with no external device (a laptop or a PC) because the participant works using a USB flash drive.

What’s more, it supports both the Manual and automated conversion, which means that you can have complete control over the process.


  • Plug&play functionality (no need to set up applications )
  • Could be connected with a Wide Selection of devices that use the 3.5Millimeter jack
  • Clear sound quality
  • Simple to convert sound files from cassette to MP3 format
  • Supports recording


  • There’s a Small background sound
  • The construct seems somewhat flimsy

Rybozen Portable Cassette Tape Player

With this Rybozen Portable Cassette cassette Mp3 converter and player, you are able to convert all of your old cassettes for storage or perform with them on your vehicle, iPod, or even PC.

It’s excellent for novices and convenient for professionals since it takes less tweaking to begin shifting your tape to a digital sound format.

There are two manners on the apparatus the automobile mode and the Manual mode.

The Auto mode will automatically convert and partition sound on the tape into the USB drive in Mp3 format. It is going to automatically discover the pause periods between tunes and then split them into different files and rescue them.

The Manual mode will let you partition every tune by the press following button during the listing.


  • Automatically or manually partition tunes
  • Standalone Converter (Mp3 Player), no pc required
  • Plug & play small dimensions, it can perform, convert anyplace


  • Requires AA batteries
  • Requires earphone to listen to songs

Bon Venu Portable Cassette Player Tape Converter

Next on the list is just another exact functional tape converter and also a perfect purchasing option. This unit is a handheld one, quite mobile and ultra-lightweight, no pressure is struck in regards to carrying it about.

You power it upon utilizing the included USB or you’ll be able to buy 2 AA batteries, it consumes less electricity since it consumes a maximum of 400mw.

The conversion applications it includes is Audacity, the program is included at a mini-CD. You may install it with the CD plate or even download the Audacity program on the internet.

Employing the Bon Venu Portable Cassette Player Tape Converter to convert your old cassette tapes is a really simple process; Input your cassette tape to the Bon Venu Portable Cassette Player Tape Converter, connect it to a PC using the USB cable, then run the applications and you receive your music file.

The sound file may be put to either mp3 or wave and you are able to leave your files saved on your PC or you could burn it into a CD.

You may listen to your music output utilizing any speaker system such as a stereo or even a headphone. There’s an included user manual to assist you in utilizing the apparatus so that your audio output signal is in its potential best.

The Bon Venu Portable Cassette Player Tape Converter isn’t only a cassette converter apparatus, in addition, it functions as a personal cassette player to perform and enjoy tunes from the old cassettes.


Even though there’s a very clear difference in sound quality between old-school storage mediums (CDs, cassette tapes, vinyl) and electronic formats like MP3, the latter is far more dependable and simpler to access utilizing modern devices.

Therefore, many people who own cassette tapes or CDs will need a copy of the music paintings in electronic format. In this manner, once the tape goes off, they’ll continue to gain access to the sound files.

Thus, if you are simply considering converting analog sound files into electronic ones, and you are a Windows user, a device such as the Fly Kan catch card ought to be sufficient.

This system sits between a tape player or a portable CD player and a computer, which makes the conversion between both devices.

It utilizes a USB port and also a 3.5millimeter interface to connect both devices, also it requires converting applications like Audacity to create the move into MP3 or WAV files. Much more, it can also process audio files from the RCA phono L/R input signal.


  • Simple to set up and install (Plug & Play installation )
  • Works with both 3.5mm and RCA ports
  • It may be utilized with a wide Assortment of recording apparatus
  • The design is compact and mobile


  • It requires a preamp for leading quality
  • There may be some background sound

SolidPin Cassette Tape to MP3 CD PC converter

The SolidPin is a tape converter in addition to a cassette tape player, it is a Plug and performs USB device, no drivers required, the gadget includes a stereo headset, a USB cable along with, and a sound editing program setup.

The unit is user-friendly, simple to prepare and user friendly, even once you don’t have any prior understanding of how to convert your music to Mp3.

It includes tape converter applications to guide you through the transfer creating this device perfect for both seasoned and inexperienced individuals that wish to convert their previous combination into Mp3 and play or store with.


  • User-friendly
  • The”Walkman” experience and feel is a Wonderful touch to it
  • Has a complete set of accessories and also an easy to follow the installation guide


  • The sound quality once transformed does look marginally lower
  • It needs a PC and CD Rom for your own sound editing software to operate


The Teac LP-R660-PB is a professional device for all those who really wish to get the best out of their analogue sound sources.

Equipped with a three-speed turntable, a CD drive, a built-in cassette player, and an AM/FM tuner, this is among the best converters/players available on the marketplace.

Moreover, the apparatus has its own speakers, which sets it apart from the rest of the converters we examined. And, given the build quality and attention for functionality, the sound it provides is very clear and rich.

Last, the system works nicely with Windows and Mac computers, irrespective of the OS version they operate. Thus, given its numerous attributes, it is possible to consider this to be an all-in-one recorder plus a wonderful player of analog sound resources.


  • It functions together with vinyl, CDs, and cassettes
  • Strong build and striking visual aspect
  • Crystal clear audio delivered with built-in speakers
  • Works with both Windows and Mac OS
  • Fantastic value for the money


  • It’s Somewhat hard to set up
  • The preamp Isn’t very strong

Feir Portable Cassette to MP3 Converter

The Feir tape jack converter is distinctively designed as a multipurpose mobile and on-the-go tape converter, in precisely the exact same time that it functions nicely as a cassette tape player.

It’s an in-built converter which converts your tapes, therefore, all you will need is a flash drive to maintain your documents when it’s converted.

A gadget is a superb option for novices and for people who not overly proficient with the program.

You automatically become a specialist as you do not need an external apparatus or cover an audio engineer that will aid you with the process of conversion of your tapes.

It is possible to use 2 AA batteries or link to the USB electricity (Not included), but don’t use both at precisely the exact same time or over 5V DC.

It does not have any built-in speaker, thus, you’ll have to use earphones to listen to your songs.


  • Very good Excellent sound after recording
  • Plug and play feature is designed for Simple operation
  • No PC needed to document


  • Requires AA batteries
  • It functions with thumb drives with FAT, FAT32, and exFAT files system and not compatible with NTFS format flash drives
  • It’s no built-in speaker

GEEKLIN Cassette Player Tape to MP3 Converter

The GEEKLIN cassette player and Mp3 Converter is intended to be mobile and portable, which will allow you to convert your music to Mp3 format everywhere you are.

The easy requirements would be to have a cassette tape, and also a USB flash drive that is formatted for FAT, FAT32, or even exFAT accessible, you do not require a PC or any additional software, with only a couple of simple actions that you can record your tapes and convert them automatically on this gadget.

The system runs on two AA batteries and may also be powered if the USB port attached to a PC. It functions as a plug and play device.

It may be utilized as a “Walkman” participant and it’s packed using a USB cable, an earphone for playback and a user guide.


  • Compact and portable design
  • Flexible battery USB-powered
  • No drivers needed for drama, no pc needed to convert


  • Sound quality not precisely as the tape following conversion
  • Not compatible with NTFS Flash drives
  • Require earphone to listen to songs


Simplicity of Use

Tape to MP3 converter ought to be simple to use by a standard person. Therefore, most devices we examined do not even want a computer link.

And, the ones that do work through applications, possess a user-friendly interface that is simple to comprehend and navigate.

These devices differ from straight-forward plugin & play choices to professional converters that need some personal knowledge. Thus, be certain that you pick the one which you are able to know.


It’s just natural to desire the led digital documents to be high-quality since the analog supply, but this isn’t feasible. To start with, MP3 digital files have been compressed in order to be easy to move and access irrespective of the apparatus used to perform them.

Second, the last result also depends upon the characteristic of the converter and the era of the cassette. Therefore, low-cost converters won’t produce exactly the exact same caliber as high-priced ones.

However, this does not mean that you can not get a fantastic result; you only have to pick the ideal device.


If you’re searching for more than only a converter, then you might want a system that also allows you to listen to the tapes, listing other noises, and much more.

And, since we are speaking about tape tapes, you might wish to pick a converter that is easy to carry around (such as a Walkman). Fortunately, there are plenty of trendy devices you could try, and you may have your choice concerning layout (from old-school to contemporary ).


The interfaces and controls onto a tape recorder inform you exactly what you could do with the apparatus. For example, a 3.5millimeter interface lets you connect your unit with speakers, speakers, or the AUX jack in your vehicle.

On the flip side, a USB port tells you about electronic devices that work together with your own converter.

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In a nutshell, your set of cassette tapes, CDs, FM signal on radio, and vinyl could be spared in the wear and tear of time, but only in the event that you take the ideal actions to achieve that.

Obviously, the first step is to receive the best converter that fulfills your requirements. And now you have access to our testimonials, there is no reason to keep postponing this undertaking!