We all understand how frustrating things can be when your car has to go through the emission test, but it’s not ready yet. That may be the reason why you clicked on this review to look for the best catalytic converter cleaners to solve the problems.

Even though it might be a challenge to find the best fuel system cleaners out there that deserves your hard-earned money, it isn’t impossible. Let our best catalytic converter cleaners review help you to buy the best one for yourself!

Now let’s get right into it, shall we?

Top 11 Best Catalytic Converter Cleaner Reviews

1. Best Overall – Red Line 60103 Fuel System Cleaner

Red Line 60103 Fuel System Cleaner

Since its establishment in 1979, Red Line has always been a reliable source for fuel system treatment and providing better performance for your vehicles.

With the mixture of high-temperature and low-temperature detergents, this catalytic converter cleaner can clean all the fuel systems from injectors, carburetors to valves, combustion chambers.

Also, Red Line Fuel System Cleaner contains the highest percentage of PEA for the price, ranging from 30% to 50%, which surpasses most of the other fuel additives in the market nowadays.

For someone who doesn’t know anything about PEA, it is basically a chemical that has been proven to be one of the determining factors in optimizing the fuel system cleaning, lubricating, and restoring process.

In a nutshell, It quickly removes both hard and soft carbon deposits and also prevents future carbon build-up in the fuel lines, oxygen sensors, fuel injectors, and cylinder heads.

For that reason, if you want to restore and improve your fuel system as much as possible, it would be best to look for any fuel system cleaner that contains this ingredient.


  • Simple to use
  • Multifunctional additive
  • Quick result
  • Safe for continual use

  • Not work for diesel or LPG-fueled engine

We recommend this product for everyone that is looking for a reliable and effective catalytic converter cleaner. With all the amazing things it has to offer, the price is fairly reasonable.

2. Best Budget – LUCAS LUC100013 Fuel Treatment

LUCAS LUC100013 Fuel Treatment

Considering the price of this LUCAS Fuel Treatment and its benefits, we’re sure this product is well-deserved to be listed as the best-budget one among the others. It lets you benefit from an enormous volume of 1 gallon per container, and yet, the price you have to pay is just the same as the cost of so many other additives that weigh less than half of this.

The concentration of this additive is 3 ounces per 10 gallons of fuel, and it is currently available in 128-ounce containers at such an affordable price. All things considered, isn’t it evident that this product is a great purchase, especially if you are a regular user of catalytic converter cleaner?

Moreover, this additive can quickly increase the engine’s performance as well as the power and miles per gallon by burning out all the excess exhaust emissions. By reducing the carbon emissions, it can also solve the issue of low sulfur fuel problems in so many vehicles.
Although LUCAS Fuel Treatment doesn’t contain any PEA and alcohol, it has a relatively high PIB percentage.

Generally, PIB-based fuel additives can still be considered effective in cleaning and lubricating the upper end of your vehicle or truck’s engine. Not only will it prevent premature engine failure, but it will also give you more horsepower and quicker response when pushing the accelerator.


  • Safe for gasoline and diesel engine
  • Smoother engine operation
  • Quieter engine start-up sound

  • Hard to clean up
  • Require regular use

This product seems to include no recommended treatment rate on the bottle, so you should consider adding it based on your mileage and not overuse it. We highly suggest this product for preventative maintenance usage.

3. Give Maximum Engine Performance – Cataclean 120007 Catalytic Converter Cleaner

Give Maximum Engine Performance - Cataclean 120007 Catalytic Converter Cleaner

Cataclean Catalytic Converter Cleaner has been widely loved by professional and residential users for a long time, mainly because of its ability to improve your vehicle performance in literally every aspect.

This product can solve most of your driveability problems, such as power reduction, rough idle, slow acceleration, and lost fuel economy.
Moreover, Cataclean fuel injector cleaner has been proven to be able to reduce the highest percentage of hydrocarbon emissions in any gasoline-based or diesel-based fuel system.

As we all know, hydrocarbons are a significant threat to both the surrounding environment and human health. Based on the test conducted in an independent emissions testing facility, Cataclean can lower the total hydrocarbon emissions by up to 50 percent! Isn’t that amazing?

In addition to that, with its ability to reduce carbon deposits and clean your fuel system, you can save a ton of money for not having to purchase a new catalytic converter or oxygen sensors for your vehicles.

Because Cataclean has been legalized in 50 states and has even met federal low-sulfur content and VOC and OTC regulations, there is nothing to be concerned about its quality


  • Suitable for gas, diesel, hybrid and flex-fuel vehicles
  • Easy to use
  • Prevent fuel alteration

  • Not safe for oil/gas mix fuel system
  • Not an affordable price

Even though the price of this product might not fit some people’s budget, it still does its job better than most of the other items out there. It’s advisable to use Cataclean four times a year to optimize the performance and protection of your vehicles.

4. Best Lubricant – Royal Purple Max-Clean Fuel System Cleaner

Royal Purple Max-Clean Fuel System Cleaner

Royal Purple is the brand that has been taking the world by the storm for all the high-quality lubricants and additives that they provide. And after testing out their fuel system cleaner, we can surely say that it has all the essential qualities of a reliable product, which are reflected in its trustworthy features and outstanding performance.

The reason we considered this product as the best lubricant is mainly because of the ingredients that it contains. Surprisingly, the concentration of PEA in this fuel injector cleaner is about 15%, which is relatively high compared to most of the products on this list. It also contains a reasonable amount of a chemical named amino phenols. This element plays an essential role in lubricating and stabilizing the fuel system.

In terms of engine performance, Max-Clean will not disappoint you. This synthetic additive can deeply penetrate into the engine system and improve fuel economy by up to 3.2% as well as reduce the hydrocarbon emissions on average of 12%. With just one single treatment, we could already see the noticeable improvement of my acceleration and power delivery. The rough idle, stalling, and premature spark plug fouling situations have been fairly reduced.


  • Affordable price
  • Effective preventative measure
  • Engine noise reduction
  • Boost fuel stability
  • Work on both gasoline, diesel engines

  • Short-lived result

This product is one of the best options for engine maintenance and lubricant. It would be best if you followed the recommended treat rate (6 ounces per 20 gallons) to get the most out of the product.

5. Best Detergent Additive – CRC Catalytic Converter Cleaner

RC Catalytic Converter Cleaner

Generally speaking, CRC Catalytic Converter Cleaner is a potent product and well-deserved of the hype it is getting from users. This item is a very popular fuel treatment, especially because of its function as a detergent additive. The CRC fuel system cleaner is strong enough to remove all harmful carbon deposits and build-ups. Therefore, it can impressively clean the entire fuel system as well as reducing emissions in gasoline-based vehicles.

It was such a bold statement that CRC had made when they said this product is guaranteed to help you to pass your emissions test. But when looking at the ingredients that this item contains, we can say that it is a fairly well-rounded product that works perfectly as an emissions system cleaner.

According to the Material Safety Data Sheet, this product features a fairly high number of PEA (15% to 25%), allows it to maximize the emissions reduction and give your vehicle a better performance. However, this fuel injector cleaner requires a regular refuel to gain the best results from it. It’s advisable to use this additive every 3000 miles for better acceleration, fuel economy, and emissions removal.


  • Easy to use
  • Reasonable price
  • Whole fuel system cleansing
  • Work with gas and ethanol-blended fuels

  • Not work with diesel engines
  • Insignificant change in fuel economy performance

This is a well-solution price for the advantages this CRC fuel system cleaner provides. However, we recommend using it mainly for preventative maintenance and not expect it to solve all existing problems in your vehicles’ engines.

6. Minimum Refueling – Solder-It Catalytic Converter Cleaner

Solder-It Catalytic Converter Cleaner

For most fuel system cleaners in the market these days, the average reuse recommendation is about every 2,000 to 3,000 miles or 4-5 times a year. On the other hand, the long-lasting impact of this product makes them stand out from the other additives. It can minimize the refueling because you only have to repeat it every 6,000 miles or twice a year. For that reason, it can be a good option for regular users.

This product can also work as a deodorizer and help you get rid of the rotten-egg odor in your engine, too. This bad smell is usually due to some problems in your catalytic converter. Typically, the sulfur in your vehicle’s fuel will be transformed to sulfur dioxide, which has no smell at all. But when there is a problem with your catalytic converters such as carbon build-ups or too many emissions, the sulfur can’t be converted; therefore, the rotten egg odor will appear.

To solve this problem immediately, the Solder-It catalytic converter cleaner is a perfect option. It is claimed to super-clean the catalytic converter, reduce the contamination, and heavy dirt in the engine. Because of that, it will quickly eliminate the rotten egg odor in your vehicles.


  • Good preventive measure
  • Extend times between tune-ups
  • Clean the oxygen sensor

  • Not suitable for diesel vehicles
  • Insignificant performance improvement

This additive has helped me a lot in getting rid of the bad smell in my vehicles. However, the engine improvements might not be significant enough to be observed in a single-use, so you should wait after a few refuelings to see the final results.

7. Techron Fuel System Cleaner

Techron Fuel System Cleaner

As the name on the bottle suggests, Techron Fuel System Cleaner can clean your complete fuel system, from the fuel injectors, intake valves to combustion chambers. Also, this product can restore the operation of the fuel gauge sensor. As we all know, if there’s any malfunction in the fuel gauge sensor, it can directly affect the performance of your vehicles.

One of the signs that can let you know whether your fuel gauge sensor is working properly or not is the horsepower effectiveness, acceleration, and fuel efficiency of your vehicles. If your car started to show problems such as slow engine activation, rough idle, it’s time you looked for something like Techron to solve the issues.

With the Techron fuel system cleaner, you are required to refuel your automobiles or trucks every 3,000 miles to sustain the optimum state of your vehicles’ engines.


  • Feature PEA in the ingredients
  • Fuel stability
  • Suitable for all ethanol fuels

  • Work only on gasoline vehicles
  • Unsubstantial overall performance gains

The price of this product is reasonable for a 32 oz container. It is also fairly simple to use. You just need to add 1 ounce of it for every 1 gallon of gasoline.

8. OXICAT Catalytic Converter Cleaner

OXICAT Catalytic Converter Cleaner

At the price that it offers, OXICAT is a safe and effective option for both oxygen sensor and catalytic converter cleaning. This product also works very well with both gasoline and diesel vehicles.

While it might not be the perfect option for improving engine performances, it is excellent for refreshing and cleaning up your oxygen sensor. After a few applications, I could surely feel the smoothness in the oxygen sensor when the engine is activated.

However, it requires regular use to be able to get the best results. Even though it can protect your vehicle from renewed dirt, the continual refuel can lead to increased dependence on refuel in the long run.


  • Suitable for both gasoline and diesel vehicles
  • Certified by TUV
  • High-quality Germany product

  • Need regular refuel
  • Quite hard to use

It’s advisable to use this product based on the treatment rate recommendation for better outcomes. OXICAT will not work properly on malfunction vehicles, so make sure your vehicles aren’t cracked, damaged, or completely clogged.

9. Mac Auto Parts Catalytic Converter Cleaner

Mac Auto Parts Catalytic Converter Cleaner

Like any other catalytic converter cleaners, this product can remove deposits from your vehicles’ valves, injectors, and combustion chambers and improve the engine performance.

The unique thing that separates this item from the others in the market is that it comes in a pack of two bottles. The Mac Auto Parts kit will include one bottle of Fuel System Ultra Cleaner and one bottle of Rapid Induction Deposit (RID) Cleaner to maximize the cleaning process.

To be able to use the RID Cleaner, you are required to add it directly into a vacuum line in your vehicles to release the intake. Because of that, if you have never cleaned your catalytic converter using this product before, it might be confusing at first.


  • Extra bottle included
  • Work on both gas and diesel vehicles
  • Whole fuel system cleaning

  • High price
  • Hard to use, experience needed

The price of this product might not be suitable for some people. It is only recommended for professionals or experienced users, so you want to consider carefully before purchasing it.

10. Mr. Gasket 120009 Catalytic Converter Cleaner

Mr. Gasket 120009 Catalytic Converter Cleaner

Mr.Gasket is a safe solution for removing excess carbon & soot in your engine. If you are looking for a solid item to clean up your contaminated fuel system, it is definitely worth a try.

However, due to some extremely strong chemicals that this product contains, the coating paint of your vehicles can easily be rusted or peeled out if it is spilled on. Therefore, during the cleaning process, make sure to manage the product carefully.

Because this product is specifically formulated for industrial use, it would be best if you owned trucks or fleet of work vehicles. Also, for long-lasting results and optimum efficiency, it is advisable to repeat the fuel system treatment every 5,000 miles.


  • 60% emission reduction
  • Suitable for various kinds of vehicle
  • Good price

  • Hard to clean up
  • Not suitable for 2 stroke engines

Guess what? You can get this 170 oz container at such an affordable price. Also, the refueling requirements of this product is only about 2 times a year, so it is obviously a good investment for your money.

11. i-Gear HG3270s Catalytic Converter Cleaner

i-Gear HG3270s Catalytic Converter Cleaner

Hi-Gear catalytic converter cleaner is another product that we suggest for preventive measures rather than treating existing issues.

You can profit from this product more as a prevention tool because it doesn’t contain the chemicals needed to fix the existing issues. You’re probably not going to observe any significant change in the overall performance, but it can protect your vehicles from future damage.

Also, it might not be able to solve the clogging problems in a single-use, but gradually, it still can do its job. This product can also reduce the low sulfur fuel problems to help you get rid of the terrible rotten egg odor in your vehicles.


  • Toxic gases and emissions reduction
  • Use at ease

  • Require continual use
  • Not suitable for diesel-fueled engine

One full bottle of 15 oz can treat 17 to 20 gallons of gasoline, so you will be able to use it for quite a while. Remember to be patient because the result might not be noticeable in the first application.

Factors To Consider While Getting The Best Catalytic Converter Cleaner

Is it compatible with your vehicle?

Is it compatible with your vehicleThere are so many kinds of catalytic converter cleaners in the market these days that serve different purposes. Some additives are only suitable for either gasoline-based or diesel-based vehicles, but the others can work for both gas-fueled and diesel-fueled engines.

With that being said, before purchasing a fuel system cleaner, you should definitely check the kind of your vehicle and its compatibility. Or else, it won’t work even though the product might be extremely reputable and high-quality.

Can it clean the whole fuel system?

Can it clean the whole fuel systemA high-quality and potent catalytic converter cleaner should be able to clean up the whole fuel system instead of only fixing the catalytic converter itself.

The reason for that is because to function properly; the catalytic converter needs to be connected with all other parts in the fuel system, such as the oxygen sensors, fuel injectors, carburetors, valves, combustion chambers.

Is the quantity worth the price?

Is the quantity worth the priceBesides the quality of the product, its quantity is also one of the crucial factors that contribute to the overall price.

For instance, LUCAS Fuel Treatment can be an excellent candidate. It is available in 128-ounce containers at such an affordable price when the treatment rate is only 3 ounces per 10 gallons.

You should take your time to compare different options to find the product that provides the balance between both quantity and quality before making a final decision.

What ingredients does it contain?

What ingredients does it containThe chemicals used in catalytic converter cleaners can be the determining factors for evaluating the product’s efficiency.

The products that feature chemicals such as PEA (Polyetheramine), PIB (Polyisobutene), PIBA ( Polyisobutylene Anime) tend to do a much better job at restoring, improving the fuel system performance as well as reducing the carbon deposits in your engines.


What is the best catalytic converter cleaner?

Though there are hundreds of additive brands out there, we have picked out the most reliable and potent products after numerous test-outs and evaluation.

And among all the high-quality products we have mentioned, we ranked Red Line 60103 Fuel System Cleaner as the best catalytic converter cleaner in the market right now.

With all the top-shelf cleaning ingredients that the product contains, it is the best option if you want to restore and improve your fuel system performance at maximum.

How often should I use the catalytic converter cleaner?

It can be different for each person depending on their driving and the product they choose as well. You should generally repeat the catalytic converter treatment every 3000-5000 miles or 3-5 times a year for the best outcomes.

How much should I use in one application?

To know how much to use in one application, you should carefully read the treatment rate recommendation because this factor can vary depending on different products.

Do catalytic converter cleaners actually work?

Yes, they do, but only if you choose the right product that is compatible with your vehicles and the product itself is capable of performing its job.

Also, it’s essential to check if your vehicle is still functioning properly. Catalytic converter cleaners can clean up your fuel systems, but it can’t fix a cracked, damaged, or completely clogged one.

The Bottom Line

You probably will need more time to compare products before making your final decision. But that should not be something to worry about, especially after reading our concise and informative reviews about the top 11 best catalytic converter cleaners. Anyhow, good luck, and I hope you will find the best catalytic converter cleaner for yourself soon!