Locating the best double DIN head unit could be challenging in today’s automotive sector. Trade books are usually filled with business jargon which makes it tricky to understand which aftermarket unit is ideal for you and your motor vehicle.

To create that search simpler, Yourhotcar has reviewed 16 of their best performing dual DIN head units available now. After studying every thorough review, make certain to browse our DIN Unit Buying Guide.

Bestseller No. 2
Pioneer MVH1400NEX 6.2 Inches B07951J34N
Includes wiring harness, USB extension cable, Bluetooth microphone and manual
Bestseller No. 4
[D] Pioneer AVH-2550NEX 7-Inch AV Receiver w/CarPlay and AndroidAuto
Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Compatible; Weblink Compatible, Built in HD Radio, Rear Aux Unput and Rear USB Input

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Top 16 Best Double DIN Head Unit Brands for 2020

Top 16 Best Double DIN Head Unit Brands for 2020

Pioneer AVH4200NEX 2-DIN Receiver

You receive a large 7″ screen and the device caters to everyone if you’re searching for a way to maximize your sound experience or you wish to reevaluate the way your automobile supplies for your driving tastes like hands-free phoning.

What is quite notable is that you may connect two devices (mobiles ) simultaneously so the radio may behave according to 2 people’s whims.


It’s a DVD/CD receiver or you may join through Bluetooth and listen directly from the other devices. Additionally, this allows hands-free phoning for the 2 telephones connected. The screen is satisfactorily big at 7″ and the whole unit’s measurements are 11″x 9.5″x 6″. The screen is motorized.

The stereo will immediately use SiriusXM Sxv300 and you are going to have the ability to use your double din head unit to get weather data, traffic, and much more. Regrettably, it will not supply you with navigation choices that are the largest disadvantage that could permit you to select something different from this list of testimonials.


You obtain an inner amp, that makes it rather simple to connect your audio system, together with the four supplied channels to connect to your speakers. It’s a 14W RMS rating, that isn’t the very best in the industry but still adequate. It’s possible to enjoy a more 50W peak level when listening to a favorite tune.


It is possible to link this to your iPod, iPhone or even iPad therefore it is a winning choice for Apple fans. It is even Siri Eyes Free friendly. Fortunately, it’s also Android compatible, so anybody can appreciate using this.


  • Android and iPhone friendly
  • Built-in speaker and amp outputs
  • Large screen


  • No navigation
  • Expensive unit

Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX

The Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX distinguishes itself from the pack having an abysmal portfolio of wireless performance. Whether you utilize Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, or Miracast, then you will be able to port with this headset. Corded choices can also be supplied for each system to be able to add further reliability.

If you are searching to play your songs or amusement from an old medium, the Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX has you covered also. With an integrated CD/DVD driveway, this headset unit can play almost any kind of media easily available now.

This version does have a significant disadvantage, however. Unlike a lot of modern head components, this version features a GPS navigation system.

Although this represents a substantial reduction in all-in-one performance, this exclusion also disturbs a few hundred bucks from the version’s standard cost tag.


  • Wireless Apple CarPlay performance
  • Wireless Android Automobile performance
  • CD/DVD participant
  • Intuitive physical button port
  • The reasonable price tag for a feature portfolio


  • Lacks a capacitive touch-screen
  • Lacks a GPS navigation system

Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX – Total Best in 2020

Pioneer comes high in the line for video and audio clarity, simplicity of use, and perfect connectivity. The AVH-W4500NEX exceeded our expectations with its vibrant screen and extremely flexible functions and controls.

It is designed to match the digital lifestyle of almost any contemporary driver looking for innovative entertainment features in a positive cost.

Why select Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX

The large and vibrant screen permits you to have the comfort and convenience of getting all you want on a 7-inch screen. A larger screen means more pleasurable viewing and improved navigation. Why strain your eyes above a little HU display while the Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX 7″ Motorized Screen can be obtained?

Connect two phones at precisely the exact same time and revel in switching between the two most frequent smartphone operating systems.

Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX includes two interfaces to allow one to connect both your own Android and iOS apparatus and utilize Android Vehicle or Apple CarPlay anytime you desire.

Play audio from several sources: Join the HU to mobile via USB and Bluetooth or perform CDs with the DVD player to enjoy your favorite songs.

And you won’t need to put more cash into audio amplification since the DVD/CD receiver includes an inbuilt 14W-RMS amp.

Easily navigate your smartphone without taking eyes off the road. The AVH-W4500NEX features a built-in iPod, iPhone, and iPod controller.

In Addition, it functions with SiriusXM Sxv300 which supports flash attributes and supports weather & traffic new and now song mix


  • Bluetooth-enabled hands-free phoning
  • Extra-large display
  • Detachable screen (for Simple care and anti-inflammatory motives )
  • Wireless remote controller
  • Supports adaptation of copy camera


  • Occasional slow touch display response time
  • You Can’t utilize Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in Precisely the Same time

Alpine iLX-207

This layout’s popularity thanks into the exact intuitive, simple to use screen design. You receive great connectivity options, even though it may nevertheless be improved upon these as moving absolutely wireless rather than needing a USB cable to get specific purposes.


The 7″ touchscreen provides you simple access to attributes and you may enjoy back camera perspective to assist you when switching. The display also contains anti-glare features Which Make It easier to use when the sun is shining brightly

It is possible to deal with the system through the display or by the steering wheel and also you may utilize Apple Car Play or even Android Auto. This device also provides simple accessibility to navigation choices.

A nifty feature is that you may have a double view to continue using the screen but also watch the back via the camera.


You get three pre-out vents to strengthen your automobile’s sound system. Just be ready for lower electricity than several other versions.

Additionally, it provides you over 2 000 radio channels to select from on both AM and FM frequencies.


Yes, this device has Bluetooth capabilities to contact your own smartphone, but do not assume that this will work in most conditions.

If you anticipate making calls, obtaining instructions, and listening to your favorite music understand that a few of those attributes and video screening only work when you are plugged into the machine through the USB cable.

It is still hands-free for a few functions, and you’re going to hear the sound through the car speakers. On the other hand, the instant that you add cabling into a system there is yet another element that could malfunction.

Obviously you also must be sure to have your cable available in any way times. This is not ideal, so hopefully that the newest can improve on this in the future.

It will connect with Apple and Android using Android generally requiring the cable over Apple features.


  • Double view enabled
  • Large screen
  • Works with both the Android and iOS


  • Low RMS

Sony XAV-AX100

This searchable supplying for Sony does not go overboard on additional features and is the better for this. The Sony XAV-AX100 comprises both Apple CarPlay and Android automobile performance, provided that you don’t obey a wired link.

Although this version’s 6.4-inch screen is smaller than many of its rivals, it stays crisp, responsive, and easy-to-read in the driver’s view.

Additionally, the Sony XAV-AX100 gives a comfortable volume and choice interface, using a useful volume knob which allows for extra flexibility and choice when it comes to controlling your audio. As mentioned, however, this version’s cheap price tag comes at a different price.

Even the Sony XAV-AX100 lacks a CD/DVD participant and satellite-radio capacity, meaning it loses a fantastic deal of its performance in case your phone is inaccessible.

In addition, you will not have the ability to restrain this head unit with your integrated steering wheel controllers since this version lacks an iDatalink adapter.


  • Budget-friendly while maintaining core performance
  • Crisp 6.4-inch touch screen
  • The convenient and comfortable volume knob
  • Clear, detailed sound amplification with 10-band equalizer


  • Lacks a CD/DVD participant
  • Lacks satellite-radio capacity
  • Cannot port with integrated steering wheel controllers


A fast glance at the characteristics of JVC KW-V85BT will notify any seasoned head unit, expert, or reviewer, it has something amazing.

First things first; should you a solid enthusiast you’ll love this receiver. And for everybody, the smartphone integration and net radio control offer here are simply magnificent.

Characteristics of JVC KW-V85BT Head Unit

Amazing audio quality: How do you adore up scaling whatever you listen to? A 24-Bit DAC produces audio quality nearly 3 times greater than what you get from a CD. JVC KW-V85BT additionally provides one of the most effective sound customization skills to additional control audio quality.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay: JVC set a great deal of focus on smartphone integration within this model. Both of these will let you import essential apps such as Google Maps, Spotify, and Pandora to a large onscreen screen for easier usability whilst driving.

Pair two phones concurrently: This unit permits for the pairing of numerous telephones through Bluetooth so it’s simpler to see both of them in the in-dash screen. You’re able to actively use the 2 phones simultaneously — for example, calling with you and enjoying audio among the other.

Easy-install, superb match for many car kinds: It is very pleasing to put in the device on your own using the Maestro interface.

Installing the hardware and steering wheel controllers is a job you can perform in a couple of minutes and the power amp functions flawlessly on any sort of automobile.

What We Like

  • Exemplary audio quality
  • Packed with entertainment purposes and options you actually need
  • Flawless integration with your Android or iOS apparatus
  • Big screen for Simple visibility and Fun video playback
  • Two-phone-pairing

What We Do Not Like

  • Sun warmth on the screen till the screen color is changed
  • Radio presets hard to handle

Our opinion

Whichever car version you ride, the JVC KW-V85BT head unit will completely change your amusement and navigation skills. Pair both mobiles and revel in earth-shaking beats out of this strong receiver.

This head unit features everything the iOS or Android apparatus user wants to appreciate their commute. Ensure that you take a look.

Kenwood DDX774 Din Receiver with Bluetooth and HD Radio

This is just another round performer because you are able to join most SmartPhones, it supports your own audio system nicely and it is quite customizable. The user-friendly screen ensures you immediately get accustomed to this new attribute in your vehicle even when you’re not quite a tech-savvy.

1 criticism is that this isn’t an extremely quick version. It requires a while to react when you press on the touchscreen buttons. Additionally, it lacks GPS Sat Nav but nowadays most motorists use their cellular phones’ programs so this is not a large loss.


You receive a sizable 6,95″ display which has handy features like adjusting the angle by means of a 6-step digital procedure. You may set this system up for simple viewing so that you remain comfortable and do not eliminate focus of the street.


This device has a back video output as well as also the six-channel preamp outputs allow you to prepare an impressive sound system within your car or truck.

Apart, from the doorways, it is possible to join your subwoofer plus a back sound unit too. The audio is largely clear so that you obtain quality parts.

You are in a position to control your music experience as a result of bass, volume, and other controllers. It is possible to listen to the radio (FM and AM), your CDs and DVDs, or documents onto a USB drive.


It is possible to use either an Android or an Apple device for this. Connect through wires or Bluetooth connectivity. The unit is also compatible with all the programs we have all grown to love this as Spotify and Pandora, which you are able to get after linking your SmartPhone.


  • Multiple speaker outputs
  • Large screen
  • User-friendly screen


  • Slow Reaction
  • Setup is hard for some

Alpine ILX-107

Priding themselves on producing among those easiest-to-use double DIN head components nonetheless, Alpine’s ILX-107 version is surely a fantastic selection for first-time upgraders.

This version can do almost everything an ordinary user requests it, from music and maps to messaging and outside.

Employing a proprietary detection program, the Alpine ILX-107 can auto-detect your telephone when you start your car or truck, enabling it to match with no extra hassle. Using a very simple system growth, this version may also control up to eight distinct accessories in and in your own vehicle (such as a mild bar).

On the audio side, the Alpine ILX-107 plays exceptionally well with Apple CarPlay. Whenever your listening needs require you farther, this version will still back up you using Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM, iHeartRadio, and podcast optimization.

For extra security, your iPhone’s Siri may be streamed via this double DIN head unit so as to change music or write a text message without even taking your hands off the wheel. For all its powerful performance, this version comes with a few heels.

By way of instance, some totally crucial functionality — like iDatalink and rear-view camera accessibility — just work after buying an optional update.


  • Auto-detects iPhone on startup
  • Wireless connectivity using Apple CarPlay
  • Optimized for Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM, iHeartRadio, and podcast
  • Easily displays GPS and instructions through Apple Maps


  • IDatalink functionality sold individually
  • Rearview camera management performance offered individually

Pioneer AVH-1300NEX – An iPhone Fan’s Fantasy

You adore your iPhone to pieces and want it any moment, each moment. However, you’re driving. Pioneer AVH-1300NEX provides you an electronic helper at no cost — Sirius Eyes. You won’t need to struggle with the urge to text and call available or navigate the media files and favorite apps when driving.

The Pioneer AVH-1300NEX Goodies

A car stereo that knows your lifetime: The AVH-1300NEX provides you considerably more worth than listening to some CD or the radio. Your lifestyle needs a head unit that may integrate easily with different connectivity and entertainment aspects which are important for you. For iPhone lovers, there is no better headset unit than Pioneer’s AVH-1300NEX.

Networked Entertainment Expertise (NEX): This receiver boasts of NEX technologies that offer an intuitive, powerful, and highly customizable user interface. Pioneer makes certain you’ve got easier, safer, and more enjoyable ways to use your smartphone whilst in the vehicle.

Outstanding smartphone compatibility: A seamless infotainment encounter from the vehicle is what you’re searching for in your stereo system.

Pioneer AVH-1300NEX can be used with Apple CarPlay and AppRadio Mode+, allowing you to tap in your audio, messages, and podcasts, and also to stream music and audio efficiently.

Bright, clear sound, and movie content for all with the setup of Pioneer AVH-1300NEX, your automobile will boast of high-quality A/V output made possible by the recipient’s LCD display.

Backseat wars will end as your mind unit can send a few A/V into a back seat display.

IDatalink Maestro: You also need to maintain your automobile steering wheel audio controls and other mill outlets’ capabilities? IDatalink Maestro lets you do precisely that.

What We Like

  • Siri eyes and hands-on operations work nicely, as anticipated
  • Very innovative and responsive user interface
  • Greater smartphone compatibility
  • Great color choices on the screen
  • Fantastic playback from all audio sources

What We Do Not Like

  • HOME button Somewhat lethargic sometimes
  • It is only compatible with Apple apparatus

Our state

Being Pioneer’s latest in-dash receiver, the AVH-1300NEX is a good head device that provides excellent value at a really inexpensive price.

Jensen VX7020 6.2″ LCK MultiMedia signature Screen Dual Din

This really isn’t the greatest screen you’ll discover on this listing but it’s other impressive features like the navigation system and also that it allows BlackBerry connectivity.

The newest gives an instruction manual that ought to make setup simple. Just be certain that you receive an English version since customers frequently receive Spanish guidelines.

Jensen also supplies the trim ring, a cable tap, and all essential installation hardware. You obtain a remote, that makes it effortless for anybody to handle the din head unit regardless of where they are seated in the vehicle.


The display measures 6.2″ plus it is a clear LCD screen. You are able to find your way through the supplied iGo Primo Navigation program on the system.

It is impressive the brand guarantees that you get upgrades through the Naviextras Internet Support so this attribute remains relevant even if streets alter.

Just make sure your antenna is properly installed. If it does not have a definite upward view you will receive errors while using the navigation attribute.


There’s a total of 160W summit power, that’s quite impressive even one of the components on this listing. It’s possible to correct your audio experience due to some 10 Band Customizable EQ tuning characteristics.

The device plays the audio in your mobile wirelessly if you flow it and it may obviously play CDs, DVDs & radio. Just be ready to manually start looking for a few radio channels. It will not automatically pick up all regional channels and you’re going to need to type in their frequencies to locate them.


You may connect through Bluetooth into Apple or Android mobiles and several different SmartPhones this is a fantastic alternative when you’ve got an exceptional phone. You may mirror your telephone’s content and this apparatus has HDMI/MHL connectivity also.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Strong sound
  • Navigation comes standard


  • Spanish directions
  • Perhaps not the largest screen on the Marketplace


When some versions supply a lot of formatting compatibility, the JVC KW V830BT works hard to give customization and flexibility in sound playback so as to coincide with precise music preferences.

At its foundation, the JVC KW V830BT supplies 96kHZ/24 little audio output signal, which signifies a 3x improvement over the sound output of the majority of conventional stereo systems.

Part of the improvement is managed by JVC’s proprietary K2 music enhancement program. You may even play a part in this customization, utilizing the 13-band EQ equalizer.

To further enhance your listening experience, the JVC KW V830BT also integrates a time-alignment system that can help attract every single speaker in your vehicle in line to extend a delay-free listening experience.

You may also choose the dimensions of your car or truck and this version will auto-adjust to fill every inch of this room with a sharp sound.

Although this version excels in audio playback, it succeeds in regards to doing more. The JVC KW V830BT doesn’t arrive with GPS smartphone or mapping program integration, which makes it a powerful one-trick pony.


  • 96kHZ/24 little audio output signal, a 3x improvement over conventional stereos
  • 13-band equalizer
  • Time orientation for delay-free sound playback
  • Volume-link EQ to get auto-adjusting volume
  • Optimized for Pandora and Spotify


  • SiriusXM tuner sold individually
  • Lacks GPS mapping performance
  • Lacks program integration operation

Boss Audio BV9364B — Greatest Budget Dual-DIN Head Unit

Boss Audio BV9364B matches your fantasy of ramping up the music and controlling everything utilizing a wireless remote. It includes a distinctive built-in Bluetooth functionality which lets you not just create hands-free calls but also stream audio from Pandora and Spotify. See below what Boss Audio BV9364B can perform for you.

Boss Audio BV9364B Highlights

Easy alterations employing distant and steering wheel controllers: We discovered that Boss Audio BV9364B provides drivers using the simplest methods to set their amusement in the ideal equipment. This can be permitted from the steering wheel controllers along with the remote control.

Digital touchscreen with advanced picture interphase: Packed with rich features and features which are simple to touch would be the definition of an excellent headset. This type of touchscreen is exactly what you get when you put in Boss Audio BV9364B double din head unit.

Many music source choices: You won’t ever be bored by the monotony of audio from one source as the headset unit can perform with your jams in the radio, SD, and USB interfaces, smartphone, or CD/DVD participant. The Bluetooth technologies of Boss Audio BV9364B also lets you stream your favorite tunes from Pandora and Spotify.

Reverse with assurance: The steering wheel of a vehicle that is fitted using Boss Audio BV9364B is greater than simply a steering wheel. This headset unit puts the back camera inputs and steering wheel controls at your fingertips.

A simple press on the steering wheel control buttons automatically forces the rear camera to allow one to undo and park safely.

As much as 64-character messages to keep you updated: Can it be feasible to push for a few miles without becoming distracted by your own smartphone? The BV9364B wide display is intended to show up to 64 character messages with artist, song, genre, channel, traffic, and information and other upgrades.

What We Like

  • Very Reasonably Priced
  • High power output
  • Wireless remote controller included
  • Constructed Bluetooth and navigation
  • Lets you fine-tune your audio

What We Do Not Like

  • Display not very responsive
  • Sometimes Won’t perform CD


Were it not for the display occasionally Boss Audio BV9364B could have demanded a greater position. It is the best-sounding head unit you’ll receive for the purchase price. Anyone on a small budget will consider the ideal choice.

Clarion Corporation of America NX807 2-Din DVD Multimedia Station

Here is another lively alternative for Apple fans. It will not function with Android Auto through a number of your telephone’s features will operate after connecting via Bluetooth.

A warning: Software upgrades frequently disrupt normal functioning.


You receive quite a massive screen of 6.95″ so you will clearly see the remarkable details of this navigation feature. It displays buildings in 3D and showcases your next movement on the street quite obviously. It will direct you with the installed applications has over 11 million points of interest.


You obtain a six-channel preamp so that you can connect speakers in addition to your own subwoofer and rear apparatus for optimal sound experiences in the auto. You are able to use its HDMI inputs and RCA A/V interfaces to safeguard your vehicle’s music works depending on your preferences.

Love a customized sound experience due to its 15 Band EQ tuning choices.


This is another version that largely caters to Apple users. If you previously use iOS you are going to adore how much of your apparatus can be integrated into this unit like watching all of your programs on the head unit’s screen.

We are very impressed that this version will react to your voice. This functions on the navigation also and is possible due to its compatibility with Siri.


  • Quality navigation attribute
  • Large screen
  • Can encourage grand auto sound system


  • Very Pricey
  • Not compatible with all operating systems

Alpine Halo9 ILX-F309

Perhaps, a glimpse of the near future of auto ports, the Alpine Halo9 iLX-F309 is equally attractive and incredibly powerful, supplying you with each piece of performance you can ask for. In various ways, the Alpine Halo9 iLX-F309 main display and mounting function as its focus.

Attached to a flexible bracket, this version’s display hovers over the dashboard well within reach. The tapered rear also allows this version to seamlessly fit any car dash without jostling knobs and vents around. Optimized for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, this version’s applications can manage many desired apps.

Waze, Spotify, Amazon Music, and much more all operate without a hitch on this version’s integrated applications. The Alpine Halo9 iLX-F309’s control center surely makes it worth its high price. From this module, you are able to control a huge array of accessories, such as lighting, winches, lockboxes, and much more.

Actually, this version can even incorporate with pre-installed speed switches, which makes this version Simple to incorporate into your existing setup


  • Hovering place above the dashboard
  • Works with many top programs such as Waze, Spotify, and Amazon Music
  • The control center for simple attachment control
  • SPod switch symmetry for simple integration


  • One of the most expensive models on the market

Kenwood DDX774BH

Coming in at number 6 is just one of Kenwood’s masterpiece — that the DDX774BH. For your pleasure, the head unit welcomes into you a sea of radios out of AM/FM to satellite and online channels. It includes the strongest and advanced smartphone integration. Additionally, you have a small number of wireless controller functions for optimal driving advantage.

What sets Kenwood DDX774BH Apart?

Pair around 5 Bluetooth-enabled apparatus: Why do your passengers frown on your present factory head unit since they cannot control it from where they’re sitting? With this headset, around five passengers are now able to set up their apparatus and get to select which jams will stone the travel.

Lots of radio audio all the way: The DDX774BH is ideal at playing audio in the CD/DVD participant or USB-connected apparatus.

But much more intriguing is the way the device’s HD Radio Tuner that attracts to a car all engaging AM and FM stations in the region you’re driving.

Constructed 13-band equalizer and amp for the best quality songs: Tweak your songs as you want and be joyful during the trip. The DDX774BH sports a 13-band equalizer that allows you to correct the tone curves in order for your ears to get the maximum coherent noise a 2-din headset unit can create.

Keep favorite factory stereo attributes and controllers: Kenwood DDX774BH best defines advantage for the modern driver.

The head unit supports the iDatalink Maestro module which allows you to maintain those factory stereo capabilities you don’t wish to shed after installing the radio.

Useful weather and safety upgrades on your display: Kenwood understands you’d love to have all of the info regarding your automobile and the environment on the monitor.

The DDX774BH enables you to view indicators, tire pressure, a space detector, climate controls, and temperature tracks around the 6.95-inch touchscreen.

What We Like

  • Large screen with expanded functionalities
  • Compatible with SiriusXM
  • Fits Nearly Every automobile
  • Wireless connectivity up to to 5 devices
  • Awesome sound output

What We Do Not Like

  • Display sometimes takes more than perfect to React
  • Display overly reflective on bright days

Our opinion

This stereo setup is truly cool especially for the radio-lover along with also the more careful driver (back camera and parking lines). Concerning entertainment capacity, Kenwood stands tall, providing you smooth and crystal clear sound and video.

Replace your factory outlets using Kenwood DDX774BH and give your trip a significant update that will keep you and everybody happy.

ATOTO A6 Dual Din Android Car Stereo

Compatibility with cellular devices is 1 thing and supplying stable integration with navigation and entertainment applications is another.

This ATOTO headset unit is customized and optimized for superior performance. It provides Android users they would need from a headset for safer, more comfortable, and pleasurable commutes. Watch its Distinctive attributes under:

  • Characteristics of ATOTO A6 Dual Din automobile stereo

Stable Android Marshmallow OS: OS stability is the initial step toward an extremely reliable automobile stereo system.

The ATOTO A6 is among the very best Android double din head units you’ll discover. It easily connects to your own Android apparatus, which gives you the ease of accessing whatever you need in the big high definition screen before you.

Factory Steering Wheel vital Control: You may keep the steering wheel control key of your factory outlets wheel controllers. ATOTO understands these controllers are tremendously helpful for you as they raise your security on the street.

Thus, don’t allow the fear of losing access to those enormous controls keep you from updating your stereo system. ATOTO has you covered.

Seamless reception of Bluetooth and ATOTO Wi-Fi: You no longer need to shout in the car stereo when making hands-free calls. ATOTO A6’s double Bluetooth chips, built-in mike, and WiFi reception are considerably enhanced.

Apart from offering perfect handsfree requirements, this headset unit offers exceptional media streaming, online access, and document sharing skills. You may also connect the device into a Bluetooth gamepad, a mouse, and OBD.​

Pre-installed map engine program, built-in GPS module: The device includes complimentary Google Maps and supports Waze/HERE and WeGo/Tomtom. You will never do your commutes with guesswork because the device will help you with navigation if you’re offline or online.​


  • Incredibly fast booting; get into the machine within two minutes after beginning the car
  • 256GB micro SD storage
  • Wonderful audio and crystal clear HD movies
  • Outstanding visibility at nighttime in addition to through the day
  • Back-up camera functions perfectly well
  • Constant firmware upgrades


  • The head unit lacks out video
  • Display protector has air bubbles


This ATOTO stereo provides incredible value to some contemporary automobile owners. Safe driving, unfailing navigation, easy wireless online connectivity, and Bluetooth reception are all fantastic reasons for contemplating the device.

How To Select The Fantastic Head Unit For The Vehicle

Each year, the absolute variety of aftermarket head units develops increasingly more staggering. This then makes it hard to understand which head unit is ideal for your vehicle, resulting in choice paralysis.

To be able that will assist you determine the ideal head unit for you, you need to ask yourself some of these questions so as to rate the models listed above.

1. What Head Units Will Actually Fit in Your Vehicle?

Aftermarket car stereos really arrive in two standardized dimensions, known as the”DIN”. Although the”DIN” title derives from a German acronym, it currently refers to the standardized dimensions for measuring automobile radios and stereo systems. One DIN unit steps 2″x7″, even though a double-DIN unit operates at double the elevation — 4″x7″.

Prior to buying an aftermarket audio system, you should take some opportunity to quantify just how much space your wireless console area supplies. Just one DIN console may only accommodate single DIN units, even though a dual DIN console can accommodate size (with extra brackets for one DIN).

Frequently, it is possible to find info in your own DIN size on your owner’s guide. In any scenario, a setup and alteration specialist will be more able to assess if your auto can adopt a particular model.

In case you’ve got your eye to a particular version, make certain to speak to an expert before buying to make sure you aren’t left outside in the cold with an aftermarket head unit you cannot utilize.

2. What Premium Features Would You Want To Keep Out Of Your Factory Ms.?

If you pull out your radio or stereo system, consider the features on your thoughts unit has and if you would like to keep that functionality or not. Whether there aren’t any features you especially like, make certain to pay attention to these and deliver those must-haves with you whenever you start to look around.

Some functions that lots of stereo systems in the last several decades contain are AM/FM radio, CD player, tape player, and auxiliary input signal. In case you’ve got certain OEM attributes like a backup camera, you will also have to be certain your new aftermarket unit may support those attributes.

By way of instance, a rear-view camera is a major advantage that lots of drivers covet inside their contemporary vehicles.

OEM stereo systems work with all these cameras, as the producer intended. However, never aftermarket model is effective at doing this, which means that you might eliminate access to some vital attributes similar to this if you purchase the wrong version.

3. What Features Do You Need To Profit With The New Aftermarket Head Units?

When you have given some thought to the condition of your present auto stereo, then it is possible to turn your ideas into the myriad characteristics you could gain along with your aftermarket headset.

There are a whole lot of alternatives to pick from, so be sure to comb the marketplace so as to discover a model that suits your exact interests and needs.

I have comprised a list of a few of the most well-known characteristics that automobile owners frequently update to gain. Go this list to find the exceptional potential which it is possible to unlock by simply upgrading your vehicle’s stereo system.

Touchscreen Display

Like most contemporary tablets and smartphones, a touchscreen interface supplies for simpler operation than analog dials and panels of yesteryear.


A typical wireless protocol employed by almost all smartphones tablets, and computers, Bluetooth allows for a fantastic many attributes, such as hands-free phoning and wireless sound playback.

Support For Music Streaming Apps

Music streaming solutions have come to be a dominant force in the business, so many newer versions consist of native integration using streaming solutions such as Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, and much more.

Smartphone Pairing With Apple CarPlay & Android Automobile

For the comprehensive integration encounter, many high-end versions include software to emulate your iPhone or Android’s performance using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto respectively. This permits you to use programs like Apple Maps and Siri while also receiving calls and text.

In-Dash GPS Navigation

Several aftermarket headsets come equipped with technical GPS and mapping software. This removes the requirement for a different, expensive GPS unit attached to the dashboard.

DVD Playback & Rear Seat Entertainment Service

DVD playback permits the stereo system to develop into an entertainment center, perfect for drivers with passengers.

While some just encourage playback on the primary unit display, others include integration with OEM back seat displays. This permits you to discuss pictures and TV shows with the whole family as you push.

Backup Camera Service

Backup cameras in contemporary cars a fantastic advantage, one which lets the driver view behind them all the way through their blind spot.

Some (although not all) aftermarket units consist of appropriate integration for backup cameras. Make sure you thoroughly read the specifications to your want apparatus if you would like to maintain backup camera operation.

Support For Satellite Radio

Satellite radio, for example, SiriusXM, has been preferred by people who are wanting to expand their musical palette. Whenever some aftermarket versions are standard with satellite radio support, others need more module in order to acquire the suitable radio signals.

USB & AUX Inputs

OEM stereos across the 2000s have contained USB and additional interfaces so as to permit playback from apparatus with headset jacks, like iPods. Many simplified aftermarket components continue to incorporate these inputs to be able to make the most of your music playback choices.

Audio CD Playback

Some music customers insist on holding on to their CD collection. A fair variety of aftermarket units include CD players, enabling you to keep this heart OEM functionality.

Support For Digital Media Files Like MP3

Virtually every aftermarket unit comprises support for MP3 playback, given its popularity in digital audio distribution now. Many elderly OEM versions don’t include such aid, however, so updating becomes a prerogative so as to keep up with modern audio supply.

Equalization & Time Correction

This audio playback improving feature enables music specialists to alter and adapt specific sound channels to fulfill their preferences. Time correction gets the extra bonus of cutting back on unnecessary postpone and delay that is not uncommon using full-vehicle stereo systems.

Support For High-Resolution File Formats For example FLAC

FLAC formats represent the pinnacle of digital audio innocence, so just an option few will come across this kind of audio service needed in their aftermarket unit.

Last Words

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