Best Dual Sport Tires has two functions: to go off and on the street easily. To achieve this, it wants a fitting pair of tires to overcome rough terrain requirements.

The tire you pick needs to be durable and provide comfortable managing and dependable traction in various terrains. Considering these factors, Yourhotcar has compiled the three greatest dual-sport tires available on the industry.

Top 13 Best Dual Sport Tires HOT Brands Of 2020

Top 13 Best Dual Sport Tires HOT Brands Of 2020

Bestseller No. 2
MOTOZ Tractionator Desert HT 140/80-18 Dual Sport Motorcycle Tire, DOT
Designed to handle hard terrain; 95% Dry Ð 5% Wet; 90% Hard Ð 10% Soft
Bestseller No. 4
Set of 4 SunF A045 XC MX 30x10R14 Front & 30x10R14 Rear RADIAL SxS UTV Dual Sport Tires, 8 Ply, all terrain
Heavy 8 ply rated construction resists punctures and abrasions.
Bestseller No. 7
Bestseller No. 8
KENDA Big Block K784 Dual Sport Rear Tire (130/80-17)
Calling all adventurers! Kenda has got the road companion you've been seeking.; Meet Kenda's all-new Big Block adventure bike tires.
Bestseller No. 10
MICHELIN Anakee Adventure Dual-Sport Radial Tire-150/70R-17 70V
Designed for approximately 80% on-road / 20% off-road use

Mefo Explorer

If you can not decide on where you need to ride longer — on-road or off-road, then the very best scooter is your Mefo Explorer. This can be of the 50-50 variety, meaning it is equally great for driving the street and for investigating the wasteland.

Sure, it includes compromises in both of these, but for your overall dual-sport rider, there’s probably no greater tire available at this time.

On the street, the Mefo Explorer provides the rider with very good stability and handling in both dry and moist conditions.

In comparison to some other 50-50 tires on the market, I find this one of the most responsive in the street, using a high amount of traction even if the street isn’t too clean, or so the surface is moist.

Nevertheless, the Mefo Explorer is probably better in off-road ailments. The competitive big shoulder lugs bite to what they experience, almost like in a pristine off-road tire.

The outcome is outstanding traction on sand, rocks, and even sand. The bias ply construction farther provides the rider confidence this scooter will be lasting and survive the toughest off-road conditions, and plenty of miles on the street.

While I’m at it, the Explorer is a really comfy tire too, so covering countless miles on it’ll be a pleasurable experience too.

Continental Twinduro TKC80-Dual Sport Rear Tire

This back tire out of Continental’s Twinduro assortment of dual sport tires has been ranked 60/40, meaning it is perfect if you are trying to invest an adequate quantity of time outside on the paths but also require dependable, exact performance on the street, also.

This can be reflected in the broad block tread design, that’s the perfect form and thickness for optimum traction on both the loose and hard-packed surfaces.

It is also possible to be assured of steady cornering on soft earth alongside adequate self-cleaning capabilities. It is approved by the DOT and, according to the manufacturer’s specifications, it is 150mm wide and weighs 15 lbs, while using an S-rating for pace.

This 17-inch tubeless version is made to get Kawasaki KLR600/650s from 1985 onwards. however, it could possibly be harmonious with tube-wheels and about other models and makes of bikes of an identical dimension.

Together with Continental being a big-name manufacturer, this can be comparatively more costly than others with comparable specifications.

Additionally, it may not wear equally, but it will last you about 3,000 to 4,000 miles, so long as you do not reside anywhere with excessive temperatures. This scooter might not hold up so well in the Nevada desert heat, for instance.

Shinko 700 Series Dual Sport Tire

The Shinko 700 series tires have been created for the Double Sport rider that spends a little more time on the road than outside. They’re a 60 percent street/40% dirt drill using a heavy-duty four-ply carcass.

The tread pattern consists of irregularly shaped cubes in an interlocking kind of pattern together with all the larger tread blocks across the middle of the tire. The smaller cubes on the shoulder of the nut have half-thickness reinforcements linking the blocks to aid with cornering stability.

Being a 60 percent street/40% dirt scooter that they’re smoother and quieter on the street compared to other tires.

Off-road, they supply fantastic bite intermediate to difficult terrain bicycles and are acceptable for heavy adventure bikes in addition to Quicker Dual Sportbikes.


  • 60 percent streets, 40% soil
  • DOT approved
  • Aggressive tread design with deep drag construction
  • Heavy-duty 4-ply carcass for durability
  • Reinforced side knobs for cornering stability
  • Matching 700 series front tires accessible

Mitas E-09

For acute off-road riders, who care more about grip in the toughest conditions, and not as for precision and handling on the street, the very best tire is your Mitas E-09.

This one is specially created for road use and that I find it the ideal solution for handling sand, stones or sand.

Since you can see from its layout, the Mitas E-09 includes some quite aggressive knob layout, which helps it attain a mind-blowing grip in the above ailments.

As the producer says, this scooter provides carnivorous grip in tough terrain, and that I can affirm this is accurate.

However, what utilization of fantastic performance in the event the E-09 isn’t durable? Do not worry, Mitas has that covered too — this version was created using a cross-ply construction that gives magnificent strength and the capability to cover plenty of miles from the toughest conditions.

The Mitas E-09 may even withstand puncture just like a champ, further adding to the peace of mind.

With all this said, I would not advise using this bicycle on the street like most road tires. With this one, you have to be mindful in both dry and moist conditions, since it does not provide much traction or reactive handling.

But being a 20% road and 80% grime, it’s still better than 10-90 dual sport tires in this aspect.

Shinko 244 series Rear/Front Tire

The Shinko 244 string is an aggressive-looking scooter using a 4-ply carcass construction. It’s a dual road and road design that allows one to spend the majority of your time off-roading, and also its own on-road performance is not too shabby either.

It provides a fantastic grip in dry and moist conditions and was made to outlast most high-end tires because one set can endure for approximately 7,000 miles. Additionally, the treads maintain maximum traction when you’re leaning or just taking a sharp corner.

The bicycle is tubed and contains a 14-inch rim diameter, but you can put it in different sizes to satisfy your rear tire.

It’s a P-speed score, so it is very good for up to 95 mph. It can move easily on soft sand, light gravel, and loose soil, and feels smooth on the street.

Regrettably, we’ve noted some complaints which the fundamental tread may consume the bike’s thrusting energy, which can make your car or truck stalls when you are trying to quicken.

Another issue that largely disturbs Suzuki bike owners would be the bicycle might be wider than your stock back tire.

Pirelli MT 21 90/90-21 Front Tire

The Pirelli MT 21 is intended to withstand competitive off-roading even over extended distances. It is a DOT-approved tire with an aggressive tread design that is intended to provide secure handling and adapt to the dynamic nature of dual-sport riding.

It is rated for 90 percent off-road operation and 10 percent road performances, meaning it’s created for the road but can also tolerate a smooth sidewalk.

The treads maintain an adequate grip on dirt, boulders, and loose soil. In addition, they wear equally and you can expect them to last for approximately 3,000 miles.

It is Suggested for many Yamaha, Kawasaki, Husqvarna, and Suzuki motorbikes.

Regrettably, it is not that the time to rely on for moist terrain operation. It may get slippery on wet pavement and bud, and it might have a very long time to get unstuck from muddy terrain. Additionally, the treads aren’t big enough to keep the ideal grip on rugged terrain.

Kenda K270 Dual Sport Tire

The Kenda K270 Dual Sport Tire is a budget-priced 60 percent street/40% dirt tire very similar to this Shinko 700 Series above, though some reviewers call it a 50/50.

In any event, it is a tire that’s designed to work well on and off the paved street.

It’s a profound competitive knob blueprint for off-road traction, and the curved profile provides a smooth ride on the pavement and could class it as a moderate to hard terrain hybrid vehicle tire. Extended ranges of around 6000 miles are possible for this tire.

The K270 has toughened sidewalls and a few beads bolstering for greater durability and functionality.

It’s acceptable for the milder weight dual sport bikes around about 650cc.

More Information: Kenda K270 Dual Sport Motorcycle Tires Review


  • 60 percent streets, 40% soil
  • DOT approved
  • Perfect for replacing your OE (Original Equipment) route tires that came on your bike
  • Heavy-duty 4-ply or 6-ply rated carcass for durability
  • Constructed with a specific rubber compound for off-road grip and durable wear on-road
  • Matching K270 front scooter accessible

Michelin Pilot Road 4 Trail

The Pilot Road 4 Route is the next scooter with this list that’s made chiefly for driving on the road, or of those so-called 90% road and 10% road varieties.

It’s all but equal to the Continental Course Attack 2 at the operation section in arid conditions to the road and marginally better in moist conditions.

Should you use your bike largely on the street, this is just another fantastic solution that will provide you with responsive handling and superb grip. The Pilot Road 4 Trail is also quite comfy — an ideal companion for extended road trips.

All this is accomplished as a result of this silica-rich chemical that sticks into the street in dry, moist and wet problems.

This rubberized material also creates the Pilot Road 4 Path helpful in near-freezing temperatures, unlike many tires in the double sport course that operate just in warmer climates.

Despite this, durability and durability are coated with the tougher core segment and Michelin XST+ sites and chargers for even use of the bike.

With all this said, the very best thing about the Pilot Road 4 Trail is its own moist functionality.

This is the ideal tire for people who reside in regions with rain, as it provides exceptional traction and powerful braking operation in both heavy and light rain, even on painted lines and crosswalks.

Shinko Double Sport 705 Series Front/Rear Tire

Taking the honorable mention place is that this dual-sport tire from Shinko, that can be made for 80% street-riding and 20 percent off-road riding.

The Shinko construction led to a 4.3-inch wide scooter which weighs 13 lbs and includes a speed rating of P. Its rubberized chemical, 4-ply construction holds up nicely and resists tearing on rocks and uneven surfaces.

This tire is DOT-approved and quite reasonably priced. Conveniently, it is designed to match either the front or back wheel. It should match a 13-18 inch wheel, but you ought to measure it to be certain.

It features a flexible tread that channels water well on the street, yet keeps stability on wet or loose ground.

But, performance on loose, deep sand leaves a bit to be desired. Regrettably, the form of the ribbon also ends in an especially noisy ride on smooth earth, which isn’t seen with other 80/20 ranked tires.

Dunlop D606 Dual Sport Tire

The D606 is an intermediate terrain bike that provides great durability and traction on the street but is intended to permit you to perform some competitive offroad riding.

The entire thickness tread pattern provides you great grip in soft single-track paths through to hard-packed flame streets.

The D606’s existed for decades and is popular with all the milder enduro and dual sport riders searching for a scooter which could do it all off-road, but also give decent mileage on the street.


  • 10 percent streets, 90% soil
  • DOT approved
  • Full-depth tread pattern designed for a wide Assortment of terrain
  • Compound engineered for great highway wear and traction
  • Matching D606 front scooter accessible

Heidenau K60 Scout​

Such as the Mefo Explorer that sits on the very first place on this listing, the Heidenau K60 Scout is also an excellent selection for riders that want the very best of both worlds. This really is really a bias-ply tire, meaning that it is strong and durable for extended off-road sessions.

Additionally, it will come with a self-cleaning tread design and large-block tread pattern, meaning it is no slouch on rugged surfaces and on gravel.

While I would not go as far as to state you could use it from the sand, the Heidenau K60 Scout will provide you with a positive riding experience every single time you venture of this street.

It is going to also be quite good on the street also, as a result of its large contact patch with the road. Running is responsive enough for many riders and high-speed equilibrium is practically undamaged compared to 60-40 tires.

Braking performance can be exceptional, but the exact same can not be stated for sound and relaxation.

The Heidenau K60 Scout is not really the quietest nor the very comfy bike for dual-sport motorcycles, so bear this in mind before selecting one for those long road trips.

On the flip side, durability is really powerful here and you should not be worried about replacing some of them even following 7000-8000 miles.

Bridgestone Trail Wing TW34 Dual/Enduro Rear Motorcycle Tire

Bridgestone has a fantastic reputation in the bicycle industry because its tires along with the Path Wing is a superb example.

This 4-ply, the tubed scooter is designed to excel in both moist and dry conditions because of its unidirectional tread pattern.

The big knobby treads extend into a lot of the sidewall to provide an optimum advantage to edge traction and excellent cornering stability.

What is more, it’s self-cleaning tread blocks, which won’t just help you move through loose or muddy terrain but may also keep your tires lighting in such situations.

Additionally, the tread blocks are big enough to transfer water effortlessly for enhanced wet-weather performance.

The bicycle has a 14-inch diameter using a P-speed score and was made to replace the stock rear scooter in most 1987 into 2009 Yamaha TW200 versions. Additionally, it keeps a great accelerating grip and ceases.

The major drawback to this version is it may be very noisy for on-road riding, which may result from the aggressive tread pattern.

In addition, it could be too big on non-Yamaha bike versions. Make sure your bike has sufficient clearance prior to buying it.

MOTOZ Tractionator Desert HT 140/80-18 Dual Sport Tire

The MOTOZ Tractionator is just one aggressive-looking tire that you have to have in your corner in the event that you often burst across hard terrains like gravel roads, rugged paths, and sand-packed deserts.

It is constructed by a 100% natural rubber compound that is rated for 90 percent tough grip and 10 percent delicate grip.

This tire has thick sidewalls and a carcass wrapped in thick rubberized to prevent punctures and also to somewhat cushion the effect from competitive off-roading.

It features large knobby treads using a slightly concave waist which helps to maximize grip on steep climbs or loose terrain.

The principal issue which is included with the big treads is they can catapult stones to anybody following closely behind you. Additionally, the tires may become really loud on the street that it may drown the noise of your motor.

Things to Consider Before Selecting a dual sport tire

When deciding on a new set of tires to your dual-sport motorcycle, you need to always ask yourself what kind of surface you’re mainly riding.

Obviously, the sort of dual-sport bike also plays a part here — a few are created largely for street use and a few mostly for off-road usage.

To assist with your purchase of the next set of dual-sport tires, most producers agree on evaluations for all these tires, with several Different Kinds available:

90/10 — those are for the most part made to be used on the road (90 percent ), and also for dirt roads (10 percent ). They Aren’t designed to be used in demanding off-road ailments;

80/20 or 70/30 — those provide better off-road skills, but are still made chiefly for on-road driving. If your street trips are mostly comprised of street driving, however, there continue to be off-road paths on the market, these tires would be the best alternative;

60/40 — still ideal for the street, but you are going to eliminate some responsiveness and precision from the corners. Off-road skills will be improved as a consequence;

50/50 — admirable both on the road and from the dirt. They are not exactly the Very Best in condition, but for the riders that do not know what street They’ll encounter, these would be the best alternative;

40/60 — road usage is still quite great, with great stability and the capability for greater rates on the street. Off-road usage is further improved;

30/70 and 20/80 — largely made to be used in off-road states, but still very much useable on the road. Perfect for double sport owners that Wish to ride their own motorcycles rather than quite demanding off-road states;

10/90 — created only to be used in off-road states, but are road legal also. Nevertheless, you will get rid of a great deal of accuracy and responsiveness on the street. To put it differently, use them just to get into the road, not for extended highway road excursions.

Other then the ratio of road and road use, it is possible to categorize dual-sport tires with other features, for example:

Pattern contour – these are quite essential for motorcycles. The routine layout assists the scooter have grip in wet conditions, but also whenever there is sand on the street or other flaws. The heavier the springs, the greater a bicycle will be from the rain;

Tread depth – to get off-road-oriented tires, tread depth is extremely important. The heavier the tread that the bicycle has, the greater it bites into sand or sand, and the greater it cleans itself out of stones;

Knob size – the larger the knobs, the surface area off-road states, but more surface area onto the road. On the flip side, a larger quantity of knobs means the bicycle has more surface space at off-road states and not as much surface area on the road. (more surface area means greater grip ).

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A: Double sport tires are intended to be utilized with a dual-sport motorcycle. These tires may be utilized in both on- and – off-road ailments.


A: The durability of any bike is contingent upon the construction technology along with the consumer’s riding habits. On-road tires last more compared to off-road tires. But a dual-sport scooter can endure 4,000 to 9,000 miles per hour


A: Many tires in the marketplace are designed to wear equally. It is, therefore, wise to replace both wheels for improved grip, riding security, and comfortable managing.


Selecting the best dual sport tires to your needs isn’t the simplest of jobs, particularly with hundreds of different versions on the industry at the moment.

Nevertheless, if you pick a tire that is about the Top 10 listing in the following guide, then follow the directions at the purchasing guide, I believe you will have the ability to generate a perfect option!