Why do we need the best engine degreaser? Because there are too many messy situations that can occur on your engine, oil, dirt, dust, or grease included, and you can clean all with the regular cleaners.

So, what degreaser is good enough for us to clean the engine? Well, no need to look any further! We helped you list an array of reliable products. Your task is to read and pick a suitable one.
Let’s start!

Why is Engine Degreaser Necessary?

Best Engine Degreaser

You cannot always expect your engine to stay clean all the time, especially when it spends most of its life on the road. Traveling for an extended period can cause heat which will damage the engine, while dust from the road stuck in the pipeline, old electronic components can lead to power shortage, etc.

In short, check and clean your car periodically is a must. Engine degreaser, briefly, is a product that can support you with these works. It is a chemical product that can clean all the car engines and quickly remove greases on the outside without damaging the parts it is used for.

The first point to mention is that using the engine degreaser regularly is a good method for car maintenance. Using the engine degreaser can help you cool down the heat and clear away all the unwanted engine debris.

Additionally, there is a higher chance of accidents related to mechanical parts while not having an engine degreaser usually. Just imagine, there can be some leaky gasket or oil leak that is slowly happening, but cleaning your car engine can help you realize the situation and stop it before it becomes bigger.

Thirdly, while repairing the mechanical parts is important, ensuring your car is always in a new and better status is also necessary. Who could feel great when traveling in an old, dusty, dirty car, right? Using the degreaser usually can polish the surface, remove all stain or soil, and return you a more impressive, cool, and beautiful. Now, you can have a more enjoyable ride!

Acknowledging these reasons, we can now understand why cleaning your car periodically with an engine degreaser is so important. Let’s take a look at some good engine degreaser to note down which product is a good choice for your car!

After researching the market, we picked ten among the mass as the best 4×6 speakers. And here they are.

Top 10 Best Engine Degreaser


1. MEGUIAR’S G18216 – Best Overall


While searching for a proper engine degreaser, we hope we can find the one with all the benefits such as having a reasonable price and good quality, easy for applying and lasting for a long time. Among all other engine degreasers, MEGUIAR’S G18216 is the best overall product. This product has been receiving the most positive feedback for all of those qualities.

For an engine degreasing product, it is evident that what people love most is how well it can clean all the dirt in the engines. MEGUIAR’S G18216 can do it correctly. Many users say their engines shine like a mirror after using this product.

Not only for quality, but users also fall in love with many other facts about MEGUIAR’S G18216. It is so easy to use even for someone who tries using it for the first time.

After cleaning, many people have reported that the color of their engine is “mirror-like.”If you spend some time reading feedback about this product, you would see many people say that they would not use anything else but MEGUIAR’S G18216.

Besides all the advantages it can offer, our feedback suggests users utilize extra rubbing to do away with the streaks on the engine. This might sound a little bit annoying, but still, it is not all that unacceptable, and the quality of the results will not be affected.


  • Easy to use
  • Reasonable price
  • Clean well
  • Long-lasting

  • Requires rubbing for eliminating streak

2. MEGUIAR’S D15601 – Best for Quality


MEGUIAR’S D15601 is the product that was produced by the same company with MEGUIAR’S G18216. While MEGUIAR’S G18216 is complimented for all of the areas, MEGUIAR’S D15601 is loved mainly for its quality.

When applied to your engine, the dirt and the oil will mix with the engine quickly, and it will be so easy to clean off. When you use other lower-quality products, you might need to apply so much sustain on your engine. MEGUIAR’S D15601 is different. You will only need a little bit of it, and everything will be clean.

Quality is not the only thing MEGUIAR’S D15601 has been recommended. While some other brands suggest users use their products in the shade, this one can be used anytime, even under direct sunlight. Moreover, you can also apply the sustain on both dry or paint.

One minus point of this product is that if you apply the foam in one area and do not try to clean it right away, the results will not be so great. So, make sure you apply the sustain and clean it at the same time.


  • High-quality
  • Reasonable price
  • Super easy to apply and clean
  • Can be used under direct sunlight

  • Need to be cleaned right after being applied

3. Oil Eater AOD1G35437 – Safest Engine Degreaser

Oil Eater AOD1G35437

Saying goodbye to the brand Meguiar, let’s welcome a new product that can play the role of not only a “grime” fighter but also a health helper – Oil Eater AOD1G35437!

Face it, we all cherish our cars and their engines. Still, the fact that our hands will have to dip into chemicals we are barely familiar to drive many away from giving their vehicle a thorough cleanup on a regular basis. They are not to blame anyway, exposure to certain chemicals can result in several fatal illness in the long run.

Despair not! This degreaser is here to save the day. In stark contrast with several so-called safe degreasers but can never show anything to prove themselves, it has already been USDA-approved. ‘Non-toxic, non-hazardous’ is the claim of the producer for this product. And after cleaning our engine with it, we can attest to that!

Furthermore, on the side of the can, you can see a dilution chart. For each cleaning task, make sure to put it into good use, and you can maximize its effect.

Still, here comes the bad news. The product itself is quite strong. In fact, some users have complained that it ate right through their concrete floor when they forget to mop it up after cleaning and just left it there. Not happens to all materials we suppose, but you might want to be careful while pouring it on your floor.


  • Low price
  • Work perfectly for many surfaces
  • Do not put users’ health at stake
  • Can be used for multiple purposes

  • Need to be diluted

4. Chemical Guys CLD-20116 – Great For Remove Tough Grease

Chemical Guys CLD-20116

Chemical Guys CLD 201-16 is a professional-grade engine greaser that has been well-loved by users for such a long time. With its ability to emulsify and remove even the most stubborn grease, oil, and grime, no wonder why it can work perfectly on your engines.

This product is formulated with such a high concentration of top-shelf degreasing chemicals, making it super simple to handle the toughest tasks that other generic degreasers cannot handle.

With the cleaning power of citrus, it can easily take off all the grease and debris residue on your engines that have been there since your previous failed attempts to wipe them off completely.

In addition to that, this engine degreaser is extremely versatile in any situation. It works perfectly to remove years of built-up stains on engines, machines, wheels, floors, and tires, as well as grime on your car, truck, motorcycle, and boat.

After removing all the dirt and stains, this product also gives the surface such a clean, shiny, and like-new look that you might not have seen on your car since a long time ago.

However, to use this product, you have to dilute the concentrated liquid to a certain ratio to work on a specific surface. It can be quite challenging for novice users who have never mixed degreasing liquid before.


  • Multi-purpose degreaser
  • Advanced citrus infused formula
  • Effortlessly removing heavy dirt
  • Shiny finish
  • Affordable price

  • Require dilution
  • Not beginner-friendly

5. Simple Green B00103YQ88 – Best For Engine With Dust On The Inside

Simple Green B00103YQ88

We all understand how annoying the engine cleaning and degreasing process can be, especially with all the heavily built-in dirt, stains and blemishes, and you do not want to destroy the surface by scrubbing them too hard.

Surprisingly, this Simple Green B00103YQ88 engine degreaser is a perfect solution to that problem. With an appropriately mixed ratio of the cleaning liquid and water, it will magically eliminate every single stain and dirt on the engine and return its original look.

The product is also designed for multi-purpose applications, so not only does it work perfectly for your car engines, but it can also be applied on a variety of objects such as walls, industrial machines, automotive vehicles to eliminate hardened grease and grime.

Furthermore, as its name suggests, the Simple Green B00103YQ88 engine degreaser is extremely environment-friendly. This advanced formulated biodegradable cleaner says no to all the common solvents and harsh cleaning chemicals without losing its efficiency.

However, this product might not be able to clean up tougher surfaces. As a non-toxic formula with no cleaning chemicals, it might be hard for this cleaner to tackle something like concrete patios.


  • Non-toxic formula
  • Versatile cleaner
  • Non-corrosive
  • Effective
  • Rich bass

  • Not work on rough surface
  • Hard for beginner

6. Simple Green 19128 – Powerful & Good Value

Simple Green 19128

Have you ever used any cleansers or degreasers from the Simple Green brand? If not, you will regret that because you missed one of the most effective engine degreasers from them, named the Simple Green 19128 Crystal Industrial Cleaner/Degreaser. In general, this model is proven to be powerful with good value.

Simple Green 19128 is known to be one of the most robust cleaners on the market. The main reason is that it could brush stubborn dirt, grease, and stains away, which other models cannot do. When you use this degreaser to handle some old stains, you will definitely say “wow” since your vehicle has no more stains left, like a real miracle.

Now you think that this cleanser will be sold for a huge price due to its power efficiency? Not at all. In fact, this Simple Green is somewhat affordable. With the gallon size, it is so economical that you can save a bit of money instead of buying many small-sized products.
But nothing is perfect at all, and this Simple Green Crystal is no exception. It cannot work on any surface that has been sitting in extreme heat for a while. You should put your vehicle or items that need cleansing in the shade to avoid this gallon from watering down.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to apply
  • Value for money
  • Highly effective
  • Excellent in washing parts

  • Fail to perform on hot surfaces

7. MEGUIAR’S D10801 – Excellent for Soiled Interiors


If you are a mechanic or simply a vehicle fixer, the following product is one of the best options for you. Can you guess what it is? That is the MEGUIAR’S D10801 super degreaser. We are sure that this mighty product will not disappoint you.

To be specific, the Meguiar’s D10801 tends to work great if you need to treat a great deal of dirty/muddy leathers or carpets. In about 10-20 minutes, you will see no grease or soil appeared on your items. Even that if the leather or car interior has not been cleaned in 5-6 years, it will not trouble this warrior.

Another unique feature of this model is the herbal fragrance. This is a mild, pleasant smell that will make you want to sit comfortably inside your car to drive for long hours. Therefore, you will have more confidence in driving because this aroma will indirectly send the fresh energy to you!

Nonetheless, one factor that you need to consider before opting for this Meguiar model is its high price. Thus, if you are on a tight budget now, you should refer to other engine degreasers with standard qualities. Vice versa, in case you like this product and can afford it, just go for it right now!


  • Delicate herbal scent
  • Great versatility
  • Best for soiled interiors
  • No-rinse requirements

  • Rather expensive

8. S100 ZZ SM12005L – Perfect Motorcycle Cleaner

S100 ZZ SM12005L

You want your degreaser to be good-looking and, at the same time, offer high-end functionality? Opt for the S100 ZZ SM12005L! This product ranks among the perfect motorcycle cleaners, and here is why.

Consumers love how this product is user-friendly, proving optimal ease of use and control. All you have to do is to spray and rinse; you do not often see this in other products of the same class, making it one of the selling features of S100 ZZ SM12005L. It will be hassle-free to clean your engines as well as other parts of your bike.

And the best thing is, you can use this product to clean the exterior of your motorcycle as well, thanks to the acid-free ingredients; all can be achieved within 5 minutes, and the bike will be sparkling and shiny!

The container is not only good-looking but also easy to maintain and configure. Do follow the instructions carefully, and you will make the best of this product in no time.

But is there a catch for it?

Truth be told, former users complained about how easy it is for this product to spill when you pour, and there is no way to avoid it. Indeed, this product has an attractive exterior; yet, it doesn’t do well on adjusting the flow; you might need to cut a notch to help it pour properly.

All-in-all, this product is a worthwhile investment if you wish to keep your daily ride presentable.


  • Spray on – clean off
  • Can get into hard-to-reach cracks and crevices
  • Gives your bike a clean and shiny exterior within 5 minutes
  • Safe to use on all surfaces of the bike
  • Biodegradable ingredients

  • Expensive
  • Easy to spill

9. Purple Power 4320P – Great for Cleaning Stained Gutters

Purple Power 4320P

This product truly lives up to its name – Purple Power 4320P. It is strong enough to clean even the most stubborn stains on your car exterior or carpet, thanks to its specially-concentrated formula.

The advertisement stated that you could use this degreaser on various surfaces, but we doubt that. There might be chemical reactions when you apply the liquid on certain areas, causing them to be fairly etched. Plastic and aluminum are the two materials that require you to be gentle if you do not want to end up with a rough finish. Yet, the fact that this product only costs you under $15 makes it many cleaning enthusiasts’ firm favorite.

We love how the ingredient is non-abrasive, non-flammable, phosphate-free, and biodegradable; just remember to pay extra care to the surfaces we’ve mentioned. We assure you that you will be beyond satisfied with the quality Purple Power 4320P offers.

The only downside to this product is how it works differently on several applications. For example, it might work well on cast-iron surfaces, but not as great as aluminum ones due to the substance constituting it.


  • Effortless to clean the surface
  • Works exceptionally even with the most stubborn stains
  • Budget-friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • Does a decent job on removing odors

  • Does not give equal effectiveness on different applications

10. Aero Cosmetic – Best Multifunctional Degreaser

Aero Cosmetic

Last, but by no means the least, let’s close our list of best engine degreaser with an easy-on-the-eye product – Aero Cosmetic! Like the motto on its labels goes “Wash all -Multi-Purpose”, this little item can give you a spotless finish on every surface you can think of. And your engine is not an exception.

But the part we find most compelling about this product is that it is not made for just four-wheel vehicles alone. Yes, we are talking about a brilliant degreaser that can wipe out the stubborn smudges and blotches on a wide range of, if not all, mechanical engines (such as boats and aircraft)

Awesome enough? Well, the best is yet to come! Aero Cosmetic’s formula manages to meet the cleaning specification of Boeing Aircraft, Airbus Industries, and McDonnell Douglass CDS. All things considered, it is something you can totally trust when it comes to beating the filth away from your dear engine.

Not to mention, the product is water-based, so you can dissolve it with water, or clean your stuff with the liquid straight from the can. Whatever will suffice!

As legit as the product might turn out, it is not without flaws. This engine degreaser performs quite poorly on black streaks. And its price makes it a hard-to-get product for some.


  • Easy to use
  • Work on multiple surface
  • Good choice for household use
  • Safe on several materials

  • Have little effect on black streaks
  • Expensive

How to Get The Best Engine Degreaser?

Of course, there are many types of quality engine degreasers out there on the market for you to choose from. However, the best one should at least meet your needs and even more.
Knowing what you are exactly looking for will help you make a sound decision. So, how to determine the best engine degreaser for you? Here are some tips for you, guys!

Consider the ingredients

When you consider buying the best engine degreaser, it is extremely important to have a look at its ingredients. The chemical composition inside will greatly influence how powerful the degreaser is. Seriously, a good degreaser should not contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to your engine.

Normally, you can easily check the ingredients on the bottle. In case the label is not very clear, you has better call the manufacturer for further checking. It is always better to be well-checked, right?

Use for multi surfaces

Consider the ingredientsThe best engine degreaser should be used safely on multi surfaces like steel, rubber, plastic, aluminum, and glass. And most importantly, it must be safe for your skin. Make sure that you always follow the how-to-use instructions carefully to use the degreaser effectively.

Does not leave any residue

Does not leave any residueTo clean your engine thoroughly, you should look for a degreaser that leaves no spot on the surface after wiping. It should have a rinse-free formula that doesn’t require to scrub off after the application. And from then, you can save a lot of time for cleaning work.

Be an all-around cleaner

Be an all-around cleanerWhile most engine degreasers are typically designed for engines, it is certainly much better to buy one which can also be used for other cleaning jobs like for household or other equipment. And in fact, there are many such types of degreasers on the market for you to consider.
To check if the engine degreaser is an all-round cleaner or not, you can take a peek at the manufacturer’s label. And be sure to choose one that is designed for a multi-job.

Pick a fragrance

Obviously, all degreasers are going to give off odors, and some of them can pack quite a punch to your nose. The disturbing smell can even last for one week. Therefore, if you plan on getting in your car right after cleaning, you should choose one with at least a subdued smell, or odorless if possible.

Come with a dispenser

Come with a dispenserThe last thing you should consider when buying the best engine degreaser is that it should come with a dispenser. Engine degreasers are normally kept in big bottles, making it hard for you to spray or discharge. Therefore, you should choose the type coming in aerosol cans and features a push-button.

Besides making it easier to pour the cleaning liquid out, it also helps you save the amount of degreaser used every time.

Anyway, you should write down all your requirements for an engine degreaser first, and from then you can narrow down your choice. By following these tips and clearing out your demand, you can easily choose the best product that best suits your needs.

Handy Engine Cleaning Tips

To take advantage of the degreaser, we have proposed some useful tips for you.

  • You must bear in mind when to use a degreaser. In some cases, a detergent will be more appropriate for your job.
  • Never mix degreasers with other cleaning solutions.
  • While some degreasers are fast-acting, it is best to allow them to “dwell” on a surface for a few minutes to help dissolve soils.
  • When you use an engine degreaser, wearing protective clothes is considered as a must. It will help you to avoid contact with some chemicals. Wearing gloves is compulsory here.
  • Select the high-quality and eco-friendly products. When you are at the supermarket, check if your product is green-certified. Greenguard certification emphasizes protecting indoor air quality. Following this advice will help you much in choosing your ideal degreaser. Some degreasers for various requirements are available in several sizes. Ready-to-use (RTU) degreasers have a particular benefit. Water can either be hard or contain minerals that could have effects on performance. RTU products ensure that the water from the plant is optimally matched to the degreaser for ultimate performance.
  • In winter months, a bleu pad can be much more effective than the red pad with automatic scrubbers for cleaning floors.

Handy Engine Cleaning Tips


What can we use degreaser for?

A degreaser is a tool used for the removal of grate and oil from rough surfaces.

The main aim of a degreaser is to remove the offending soil quickly, avoiding wiping and scrubbing. It is also a forceful spray which creates agitation and to penetrate crevices of the part.

Can degreaser do any harm to your skin?

It cannot be denied that engine degreaser has antiseptic, so it is also likely to do harm to your skin. Some eventually trigger allergy.

It is all due to the chemicals used in the degreaser. They are responsible for skin lesions, itchy skin, blistering, etc. For example, chemicals like alkyl sulfonates can deactivate oxidase. If it stays on your skin for a long time, irritation is likely to happen.

In general, the stronger the cleaning chemicals are, the stronger the acidity and alkalinity, and the more it will do harm to your skin structure.

How do you get a degreaser off the hands?

If you do not wear gloves and are not careful, dangerous chemicals can get on your hands. So what should you do if a degreaser is on your hands?

First and foremost, run your hands under water and wait until it gets completely wet. After that, take a glass on the table and an adequate amount of vinegar and lemon juice. Mix them together.

After that, pour the mixture on your hands right away. This should help to release all of the ammonia.

Make sure that your hands are dry, and there is no ammonia left on your skin.

Last but not least, rewash your hands with soap.

See Also: How to Wash Grease Off Your Skin

What is the difference between a neutral detergent and a degreaser?

Between all-purpose cleaners and a degreaser, there exists a huge difference, which happens to be the purpose each item serves.

A neutral detergent is best suited for cleaning surfaces that are dusty. While degreasers effectively clean out non-greasy surfaces, they bring to you more than you need for this type of cleaning

Besides, a degreaser is used for cleaning on greasy soils and it is also safer than a neutral detergent. That makes it trusted and widely used by customers.

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In Closing

Please tell us what your choice is after reading the whole of our best engine degreaser reviews.

Is there MEGUIAR’S G18216 that is appreciated the quality at a reasonable price? Or, you want to clean your kitchen and then make a smart selection with the Oil Eater AOD1G35437?

Then again, no matter what you have your mind on, you should carefully factor in our buying guide and your needs. Nothing would be a bigger downer than eagerly take home a degreaser only to realize that it does not exactly fit your needs.

Happy cleaning!!!