Cleaning your vehicle with a private pressure washer surpasses the hassle of a self-serve or drive-thru vehicle wash. But you are still faced with the problem of soaping your motor vehicle.

If you would like to earn automobile washing convenience, look at our purchasing guide to find the best foam cannon. This very simple apparatus might even alter how you feel about washing your car or truck.

Reviews Top 14 Best Foam Cannon Of 2020

Reviews Top 14 Best Foam Cannon Of 2020

Bestseller No. 3
Chemical Guys EQP324 Big Mouth Max Release Foam Cannon (Car Wash, Home Wash & Boat Wash Foam Cannon That Connects to Your Pressure Washer)
Generates tons of car wash suds; Lubricates surface to help keep paint scratch-free; Clinging foam helps dissolve dirt and grime
SaleBestseller No. 6
MTM Hydro Professional Premium 28 Special Spray Gun and Foam Cannon Kit with Stainless and Brass Fittings
3/8” Stainless QC Plug for gun inlet; Now Includes the New PF22.2 Foam Cannon; Teflon tape for Installation of fittings
SaleBestseller No. 10
DUSICHIN SFL-001 Foam Cannon Snow Foam Lance Pressure Washer Jet Wash Quick Release Adjustable Nozzle 1/4 Inch Male Fitting Foam Dispenser
Requires Pressure Washer to Have 1.2GPM & Over 1000 PSI Pressure for use; All the connectors are made of quality brass

Tool Daily Foam Cannon

Tool Daily’s Foam Cannon also comprises five spray nozzle ideas, like Twinkle Stars product.

This flexible foam cannon includes a 1/4″ quick disconnect fitting plus a 1-liter jar, together with the capability to control foam production and spray pattern.

It is compatible with pressure washers from 2.0 to 5.3 GPM and 1000 PSI to 3000 PSI. The comprised nozzles cover 0 (red), 15 (yellowish ), 25 (green), 40 (white), and 65 (black) levels )

Editor’s Pick: Chemical Guys Torq Foam Blaster 6

Apart from being lime green, the product’s seller indicates what is in action, always a bonus if purchasing stuff online. This unit comprises the wash rifle that hooks up to a standard garden hose.

No extra attachments or tools are required. The foam combines the sterile water solution with air and running water to spray foam.

An adjustment wheel lets users select a suitable blend of soap concentrating, reducing waste compared with an all-or-nothing unit.

Here, you just turn the dial to adjust the dilution ratio of sterile foam sprayed from the nozzle. Toll-free customer support amounts are provided, a rarity in this era of faceless internet selling.

Pros/All-in-one unit, flexible soap dispenser, amazing color

Cons/Cheaper options exist, unlikely to provide the power of a pressure washer.

McKillens Snow Foam Cannon

We picked McKillens Snow Foam Cannon for many different reasons, a minimum of inexpensive pricing. The 1-liter jar is shaped, and also the 1/4-inch matching will adapt to many pressure washer wands.

There are flexible valves which control the dilution ratio of water and soap in addition to the spray pattern. If you are searching to obtain a snow foam cannon to test out, McKillans is one you should consider.

As we said, the jar is designed, so you don’t need to hold a slick surface with soapy hands. The metal fittings that allow the cannon to accommodate some pressure washer are of top quality, which will withstand a lot of use.

The capacity to correct the soap-water dilution lets you target extra-dirty locations, wherein you might also adjust the spray pattern for the greatest efficiency. The jar can also be translucent so that you can see the car wash soap degree as you spray.

A drawback of the product is that it might not resist prolonged usage. The transparency of the bottle weakens it, and it might wind up tearing at the bottom of their throat.

But anyone using a pressure washer and a couple of hours to kill may utilize this foam cannon to wash whatever their heart desires.

Editor’s Select: DUSICHIN Adjustable Foam Cannon (SFL-001)

Competitively priced and having an overwhelming number of favorable reviews is your DUSICHIN Adjustable Foam Cannon.

This foam cannon includes a 1/4″ quick disconnect fitting and can be a 1-liter jar with all its connectors manufactured from steel.

Your pressure washer needs to possess 1.2 GPM and more than 1000 PSI pressure. Designed for fans and professionals, this product is flexible, so it is possible to control the blending and just how much memory it creates.

Most consumers are very happy with the foam cannon’s quality, though some have complained of this bottle breaking. However, this is sad, typical of all foam cannons, and comes down to how closely you use it.

Tougs Car Snow Foam Blaster

This foam cannon joins a pressure washer, unlike the device over where nothing else is needed to perform.

It’s a cheap and effortless method to ratchet up the usability of those tools you might already own. A factor, adjustable spray nozzle allows for precise mixing and foam production.

Its container includes a one-liter capability, which should be enough for many people unless Captain Picard has tasked you with washing the Business.

The vendor recommends mixing warm water using all the soap solution before allowing the H2O to fly. Like many others on this list, a thumbwheel allows for a much more exact mixing of water and soap.

Pros/Brass fittings, large mixing jar, very affordable

Cons/Requires a pressure washer to utilize

Blisstime Foam Cannon with Wash Mitt

Washing your car does not need to charge you extra every month, particularly with the foam cannon bundle from Blisstime.

Contained with all the foam cannon is a wash mitt you’ll find useful when distributing those soapy suds around. This product produced our list to get more than just the price tag, however.

We appreciated the jar comprising reference marks for measuring the soap out dilution ratio. These marks are in milliliters in addition to oz, so it’s possible to use either way you would like.

The 1/4-inch matching with this foam cannon adjusts to many pressure washer wands, and the brass makeup permits for durability and longevity.

Flexible valves control the total amount of soap spread in addition to the management of the spray pattern.

The largest problem we find with this particular product is that even though it is affordable, the grade might not be like higher-priced alternatives.

Failure might be more likely to happen. The flexible foam cannon and wash mitt are easy for nearly anybody to use alone or together.

MATCC Adjustable Foam Cannon

MATCC’s Flexible Foam Cannon is quite like DUSICHIN’s offering (along with many others with this list), using a 1/4″ rapid disconnect, 1-liter jar, also requiring a pressure washer with 2.0 GPM and more than 1000 PSI of pressure.

It’s flexible letting you dial-in the sprayer for virtually any circumstance, together with controlling the foam and mix production.

Select from a fan or cylindrical pattern, in addition to more or less foam. The foam cannon’s crux is made from quality brass, although the primary body is solid brass.

Best Reviews: SudMagic Foam Cannon Pressure Washer Gun

The provider’s marketing tagline is”dirt only disappears,” which is smart enough to indicate the place has a couple of switched-on individuals working there.

A stainless-steel filter resists rust and corrosion, making sure thick foam is made for several washes. Customer testimonials are among the best on Amazon for this kind of product.

There are, in fact, a pair of modification nozzles on this particular unit: a foamer nozzle turns out to correct the vertical elevation of foam spray as a knob on top adjusts the depth of spray.

The neck of this soap bottle is constructed from brass, a significant differentiation in a marketplace where many bottles of the sort are plastic. Again, you will require a pressure washer to utilize this unit.

Pros/Neck of this jar is brass, two chances to fine-tune spray, Fantastic testimonials.

Cons/Can’t be utilized solo.

MTM Hydro Professional Foam Lance

The MTM Hydro foam cannon sprays foam around 20 feet vertically or horizontally on your car or truck, RV, boat, home, sidewalk, etc.. It features adjustable fan blades along with an easy-to-grip jar.

It is possible to increase or reduce the memory output signal using the knob on top. The system needs 1,000 PSI or more to function and comprises 1.1mm and 1.25millimeter orifices.

This cannon is created for automobile enthusiasts who wish to use a thick coating of soap. Just attach it to a pressure washer, add auto wash soap and warm water, and employ.

The adjustable nozzle varies by a narrow flow to a broad fan, which is quite convenient, and also the knob to adjust how much product is expelled is also very convenient.

On the other hand, the directions aren’t too great, and there are several complaints that the quick-connect bit might not seal properly and may flow.

Additionally, the bottle isn’t really broad and can easily tip over. The adjustment knob works too easily and does not lock into position.

Fasmov Adjustable Snow Foam Lance

Looking like the preceding two products on this particular record is that foam cannon out of Fasmov. It features a 1/4″ rapid disconnect, high-quality ceramic connectors, plus a 1-liter jar.

Unsurprisingly, it needs a pressure washer with 2.0 GPM and more than 1000 PSI of pressure to utilize.

It is difficult to tell what makes this foam cannon distinct from a few of the other people on the record, and also, we would not be shocked if it had been the same product.

Yamatic Adjustable Foam Cannon

Having a heavy-duty core made from brass, the vendor alleges that this foam cannon is a lot thicker and thicker than rivals, able to function as rigorously manhandled by hamfisted car wash attendants.

A filter blocks weeds out by damaging particles than spray and harms your vehicle.

Pressure washer demands are like the other things we have seen up to now with this list, together with two adjustable knobs for soap immersion and water layout.

It can not manage quite hot water, using a maximum water temperature recorded at 140 F. It’s reportedly capable of just attaching directly to the rifle of a pressure washer, which has to create a wand almost as long as the automobile itself.

Pros/Easy to attach, brass center for stability

Cons/Can’t handle the heat.

Twinkle Star Foam Cannon

Available with a 1-liter jar or a 2-liter jar is Twinkle Star’s foam cannon. The 1-liter jar includes five spray nozzle tips, which lets you control the spray angle.

This is a flexible foam cannon (even with no nozzles) and may dispense foam around 20 feet. All of the connectors with a product are produced from quality brass and demand a pressure washer with 2.5 GPM and more than 1000 PSI of pressure.

Karcher Foam Cannon Soap Dispenser

Purchasing from a brand that’s existed for ages has a few benefits, even if it’s largely a placebo. Regardless, the Karcher title is well-known from the car-wash Business.

This streamlined foam cannon is fantastic for employing a thick, thick foam on surfaces. One only adds detergent focus into the canister and top it off with water.

This rig attaches right to the conclusion of a pressure washer but, as mentioned below, just fits specific causes of Karcher washers.

In a weight of fewer than eight ounces, but it probably will not spoil the batter’s equilibrium. There aren’t any adjusters for polyurethane immersion.

Pros/Known name, compact layout

Cons/Designed for special Karcher pressure washers simply.

Obecome Adjustable Quick Release Foam Cannon

Obecome’s foam cannon is probably from the same mill as all others, using the same feature set of 1/4″ quick disconnect, brass connectors, 1-liter jar, and requiring a pressure washer with 2.0 GPM and at 1000 PSI of pressure.

Even both flexible dials are much like the other products, together with the top, letting you control the total amount of foam, whereas the nozzle adjusts the spray pattern from broad to narrow.

Can there be a reason to pick this one over most of the others? Not really–but that the organization’s customer service does look great.

Advantages of Foam Cannons

Use soap and water to clean your vehicle. Drawing water straight from the pressure washer, then mixing it at the foam cannon implies you will not be ditching out excessive soapy water as soon as you’re finished washing your car or truck.

Make clean-up a snap. Using a foam cannon, you won’t need to dig out your sponge and clean out your bucket. All you need to do is roll up the pressure washer and then keep your car wash focus –handily bottled–for the second time.

Shop car wash for next time. Storing soapy water in a skillet for a couple of weeks is not sensible, but with the air-tight seal using a foam cannon, you can make certain your vehicle wash soap will be prepared for the next time you wish to clean your ride.

Lower time spent washing your car or truck. Car wash soap won’t cover your complete vehicle–you are going to need to be the one to employ it, ensuring you get it into all those very small cracks and crevices.

Having a foam cannon, however, you can spread soap by simply turning the pressure washer towards this part of the motor vehicle.

Additional applications. Foam cannons are not only for cleaning your automobile. It is also possible to use them as a fast solution to a cluttered porch, yard or terrace furniture, siding, roof, etc. It works nicely on motorcycles, trailers, and RVs.

Different types of Foam Cannons


Known as a fast launch or fast link, this attribute is seen in most products nowadays. Opposite the flexible nozzle, you will come across a 1/4-inch man fitting attaching to many pressure washer wands.

Having the choice to rapidly and economically get rid of the foam cannon when you need makes it much easier to change between washing and draining your car or truck. There is no need to buy a unique attachment.


Foam cannons for this attribute may often be corrected to not spray less or more memory but also spray a buff or flow pattern.

Having these two adjustable features permits you to personalize your dilution ratio based on how cluttered your motor vehicle is and how to accommodate the areas of the motor vehicle that you are rinsing.

A buff pattern works best within the whole automobile, while a more direct flow lets you target specific stubborn areas like wheel wells.


Many foam cannons may also arrive with interchangeable nozzles distinguished through the angle where they squirt. By way of instance, common angles can contain 15, 25, and 40 degrees.

When these nozzles attach to the conclusion of the pressure washer and not the tip of this foam cannon, they help guide the water stream where it is needed most.


Based upon the manufacturer, foam cannon bottles will land somewhere on a spectrum between opaque and translucent.

Opaque bottles will not enable you to observe the materials, so if you like seeing the foam cannon function, you need to lean more towards a more transparent bottle layout.

While this attribute will not necessarily affect the way the foam cannon functions, you’ll have to rely on weight to understand when the in-ear cannon is close to empty.


A lot of manufacturers will concentrate on supplying a higher-quality foam cannon. The tag”professional grade.” Truly, what happens to is heavy-duty materials (for example, stainless steel), which are more inclined to resist abuse.

Quick disconnect fittings are made of stronger metals, so the bottles are sturdy and constructed for durability, and a thicker foam may frequently be produced. Higher-quality materials often signify a higher price point.

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A: Look carefully at the product that you’re thinking of going to answer this query.

There are several products out there made specifically to accommodate directly to a garden hose, but trying to attach a foam cannon designed to get a pressure washer to a garden hose frequently requires attachments that accommodate one output to some other input.


A: We focused on automotive cleaning in this guide, but you will find endless applications for a foam cannon. Houses with filthy siding will profit from a foam cannon, together with patio and lawn furniture, motorcycles, ATVs, RVs, and much more.

If you’re able to easily spray it down with the garden hose and water, odds are a foam cannon that will simplify the work even more.


A: Yes, the foam cannon isn’t specifically designed to function with a specific kind of car wash soap. Dilution ratios might change from 1 maker to another, but the general concept is still the same.


A: We can not attribute every foam cannon product on the manual. However, there are a couple that did not make a list. The MATCH elastic foam cannon is a decent alternative to the products we discussed previously.

Dusichin also provides a comparable product, together with the TriNova Foam Cannon, which goes nicely with their car wash soap. Price tags on such products change yet, so check our pricing manual to learn exactly what you ought to pay.


A: More isn’t always better when it comes to foam. You need to first rinse your automobile to eliminate as much debris as you can before soaping it. The foam then functions as a cleaning agent, penetrating deep to remove any stubborn contaminants.

You will want to acquire an adequate coating of foam to the automobile to where the whole surface is coated, but any more than this is probably simply wasting this product.

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Last Ideas

McKillens Snow Foam Cannon won our vote for best foam cannon based on the affordability and capacities it provided.

A close second, the Blisstime Foam Cannon using Wash Mitt, is our funding selection. Blend a wash mitt attachment using all the foaming action of a cannon, and you have the beginnings of a cleaner car.