Best garage door insulation kits, as the name suggests, are kits developed to assist you to insulate your door.

Since the garage (either attached or detached) is among the most critical heating areas of your house, your electricity bills can skyrocket in winter.

Throughout the summertime, your central AC will operate more, attempting to cool the excess space.

Input insulation. These kits help preserve the temperature in your garage, but they could dramatically cut the prices of your monthly energy bill.

This guide will provide you with all you want to know to discover the best garage door insulation kit.

Top 10 Best Garage Door Insulation Brand Of 2020

Top 10 Best Garage Door Insulation Brand Of 2020

Bestseller No. 1
Matador EP1323054_02 SGDIK002 Garage Door Insulation Kit, X-Large, White
Installation in 3 easy steps; Installation does not require tapes, glues or pins; Fits most standard pan style 8-foot and 9-foot garage doors
SaleBestseller No. 2
Bestseller No. 5
US Energy NASATECH (Pre-Cut for 16 Panel) 2 Car Garage Door Reflective Insulation Kit (R8) 1/4 thick w/ New And Improved Super Heavy Duty Double Sided Foam Tape Fits 16x7 16x8 18x7 18x8 Garage Doors
Light Weight and Easy to install (no impact on garage door performance); Very clean, finished look!!! Non toxic / Non carcinogenic / Non Fiberglass
Bestseller No. 6
Bestseller No. 7
SaleBestseller No. 8
M-D Building Products Available 3822 Vinyl Garage Door Top and Sides Seal, 30 Feet, White
Item Weight: 3.87 lb; Country of Origin: China; Color: White; Brand name: M-D Building Products
Bestseller No. 9
SmartGARAGE- Reflective Garage Door Insulation Kit 2 car - 18'W x 7'H (Reflective/Reflective)
EASY TO INSTALL- easy to install, very clean, finished look, Non toxic / Non carcinogenic.
Bestseller No. 10
SmartGARAGE - Reflective Garage Door Insulation Kit
EASY TO INSTALL- easy to install, very clean, finished look, Non toxic / Non carcinogenic.


The best garage door insulating material entirely is from Matador. The kit contains enough panels to pay for a conventional segmented garage doorway, and there are no expensive tools or adhesives required for a proper setup.

You’ll have to cut the panels to match from the railings of your door. But if you don’t have vertical and horizontal railings, you’ll want to use a glue such as nails. You won’t want much, however, since the whole kit just weighs about ten lbs.

Each panel comes with an R-value of 4.8, which is excellent for many mid-range zones. You may easily double the R-value by employing two layers above your doorways and efficiently removing all but the harshest cold and hot temperatures.

The kits come in two sizes (big and extra-large), together with the one difference being the elevation of the panels.

The big panels are 20.25 inches tall, while the XL panels are 23.25 inches. Every panel is scored for simpler installation and may be trimmed to a more precise size if necessary.

Each Matador garage door insulation kit is designed to match one doorway (7 feet by 9 feet). In case you’ve got a two-door garage along with your doorway being much wider than 9-feet, you’ll have to buy another kit.

The kits are cost-effective sufficient to buy multiples, however, and with all the energy savings demanded, you will still come out ahead.


  • Requires little to no adhesive or tools.
  • 3-step install
  • Fits 8 and 9-foot doorways


  • Requires vertical and horizontal railings on your door panels.
  • Polystyrene can Lead to health issues for a small percentage of individuals.

Reach Barrier Garage Door Insulation Kit

The most cost-effective choice for insulating your garage would be your Reach Barrier. This product is a radiant barrier which rewards from being lightweight and simple to customize.

The garage door insulation kit includes eight pre-cut insulation panels, which may be trimmed with only a utility knife and straight edge.

The Reach Barrier’s most noteworthy feature is its cost. It may insulate a steel garage door in a fraction of the price of its rivals.

The outer coating is constructed from a distinctive reflective plastic material that could block up to 95% of representing warmth. The reflective barrier and bubble coating adhere to the doorway with five sticky pads that come with the kit.

Regardless of being the best garage door insulation for warmth and cold weather, the Reach Barrier might not be the ideal option for you.

The top layer of the door panels can’t be painted, therefore depending on how you’d like the appearance of the substance, that might be a huge disadvantage. Additionally, due to the trimming, which is demanded, it may be a messier setup when compared with others.

Owens Corning 500824 Garage Door Insulation Kit

The Corning insulation kit is made for use on insulated metal garage doors and fits neatly to the doorway’s exposed station.

It provides five times greater thermal performance than other insulated doors and provides a 20 percent decrease in sound.

It is possible to install this in under 1 hour, and everything you will need for setup will be a tape measure, utility knife, straight edge, and a mark.


  • Neat, Clean Appearance
  • Cools Down Your Toilet
  • Installs in under One Hour
  • Could be Cleaned with a Mild Detergent


  • Encourages Weight For Your Garage Door
  • Included Pins don’t Securely Hold the Panels-Additional Duct Tape is Needed.


NASA Tech brings one of the best two automobile garage door insulation kits available on the market. This roster of foam includes two sides to get a reflective finish or white vinyl finish and installs in seconds. If you’d like a very simple solution without spending a bunch of money or time, then this is your solution.

The reflective side must face the direction that you would like to maintain the warmth. Inward towards your garage will create your garage warmer. In case you’ve got the white vinyl side facing, the garage will remain cooler.

The sole cuts you want to make with this roll are at which your door hinges are. It’s a very simple process of cleansing the doorway with water and detergents, wiping dry, and implementing the double-sided tape into the door.

Since you unroll the insulating material, it is possible to peel the tape off and stick the insulation. When you’re finished, you just discover the panel hinges and then cut out the square them around, so their moves aren’t impeded.

Installation can be carried out in under 30 minutes, with two individuals performing the setup.

The roster of insulation is measured to get a 4-panel hinged doorway. If you’re the rare 5-panel door, then you’ll have to buy another roll. But should you get NASA Tech, they could special order you some dimension that you need in one roll.

The kit also includes a squeegee so that you can apply the required pressure to mount the insulation on the tape, a roster to tape, along with the insulating material.

For big garage doors, 2-car garages, or multi-door garages, this is the simplest, most cost-effective insulation system.


  • Comes with all you need except that utility knife.
  • The application requires less than 30 Minutes.
  • Made in the United States
  • Reflective or plastic facing suit your Particular climate Requirements


  • Can be hard for a single person program
  • Adhesive tape can lose glue properties in high heat areas.

Cellofoam Garage Door Insulation Kit

Cellofoam’s garage door insulation kit is a trade-off in many ways in the higher-end products provided by sources such as NASA.

It’s a decreased R-value, which means that you will need a thicker coating to efficiently insulate your garage. Each panel just applies to some single-car garage door, which means you’re going to need to purchase two to pay for a two-car garage door.

Yet there are many features to urge Cellofoam, and we are not talking about the reduced cost. These eight styrofoam panels are simple to install.

In certain garages, they match so that you won’t require glue. In the others, they may not match immediately but certainly are a cinch to reduce to size. We also like that they seem great and are simple to wash.

Aside from the very low R-value and the cost of having two for a double garage, we take issue with the outcomes of cutting down this insulation: It is simple to accomplish, but you are going to receive styrofoam pieces anywhere, so make a broom and dustpan.

IMP Reflective Garage Door Insulation Kit

This high R-value insulation will match any two-car garage door and lessen the temperature indoors to a comfortable degree.

It will also reduce heat loss through the garage and keep it reasonably warm during winter months. It’s simple to install and provides a very clean, finished look for your door.


  • Top R-Value
  • Looks Great After Setup
  • Adds Greater than Five Pounds of Weight For Your Garage Door Can Not Influence Your Present Motor


  • None

Bottom Line

Get this insulation if you’re searching for a lightweight kit that will not add much weight to your door and provide a tidy, tidy finish to the doorway.


If you’d like reflective insulating material, SmartGARAGE by Insulation Marketplace has everything you require. The completely reflective foam insulation rolls will match any 4-panel doorway easily.

The composed double-sided tape ensures adhesion in almost any climate, and you’ll observe the impacts of the insulating material within hours of setup.

With this kit, you receive four rolls rather than one. Each is intended to be trimmed to match the rows of panels onto your garage door. In case you’ve got a set doorway or a 5-panel door, you’ll require an excess kit plus a little bit of additional work.

But for nearly all those 4-panel doorways (with or without windows), an installation by two individuals takes approximately one hour.

You’re going to begin at the base, cleaning the doorway, putting the tape, and employing the rolls cutting out for hinges and springs as you move.

In case you have windows, you’ll have to cut the area for them and employ a tape round to mount properly. The outcome is a completely insulated door with an air barrier to keep an R-6 significance for perfect insulation in most climate zones.


  • 2-person set up in about one hour.
  • Actual aluminum sides for Extra manifestation
  • Durable adhesive tape may be implemented in almost any temperature.


  • Extra cutting might be required during the program.
  • Not Acceptable for apartment doorways or 5-panel tall doorways

Ant Enterprises Reflective Foam Garage Door Insulation

This insulating material is your reflective foil type that can make your garage seem to be a Star Trek set. However, it is well worth it (additionally, that may be a feature for some people).

Having an R-value of 8.5, it is among the most effective insulators on our listing, while also covering a two-car garage for an extremely budget-friendly cost.

The product includes four rolls of 2-foot from an 18-foot insulating material and detailed directions for setup.

It retains heat inside in winter, in the summertime, the warmth on your garage will always be approximately 20 levels closer to the average than the temperatures.

There are several drawbacks. The significant one is customer support: It can be difficult to get in touch with Ant Enterprises if you’ve got a problem.

Like with various additional fittings, the tape just works after, so you need to be quite diligent with your measuring and cleaning if you desire this kit to work for you.

MWS Garage Door Insulation Kit

The insulation kit out of MWS is supposed to be lightweight enough not to influence your present garage door opener and remote and provides less than five pounds to the weight of the doorway.

It’s supposed to be set up on two auto garage doors. However, single automobile door fittings are also offered.

The kit comprises ESP Low-E® Reflective Foam Core Insulation (120 sq feet ), a razor blade, squeegee, and double adhesive tape.

The kit will reveal radiant heat, raise the R-value of your garage, and decrease drafts between panels. Directions are included with graphics to make installation fast and effortless.

The product is waterproof and easy to wash if needed.


  • Lightweight
  • Simple to Install
  • No Fibers or VOCs
  • Effectively Lowers the Temperature Within the Toilet in the Summertime


  • None

Bottom Line

This waterproof, easy to clean, and efficient insulation will allow you to attain lower heating bills and make working at the garage far comfier.

Reflectix BP24050

Insulation on a budget does not need to compromise quality. The Reflectix BP24050 is your best budget reflective foil garage door insulation available in the industry. This bubble package roll of insulating material will cover around 50 ft of a garage door.

You’ll see that many eight and 9-foot doors require about 60 ft of the roster, however. In case you’ve got a massive doorway, you’ll require another roll. Two rolls will still be substantial savings compared to the energy bill you’d have with no.

Normally, consumers are reporting between 30 and 42% savings by one program. It follows that purchasing two rolls of this Reflectix will save hundreds every year in your heating and cooling bills.

The installation of these rolls is very similar to other similar forms. You’ll have to provide the double-sided tape or use other adhesive substances.

Many owners use adhesive caulking or even principles to attach to their garage doors (principles for wooden doors( of course).

In case you’ve got a panel garage door, you might find it less difficult to cut the roster to coincide with the rows of their doorway sections. In case you’ve got a level door, however, you can unroll the whole bat and then use it in one sheet.

The roster will include some weight into the doorway, for guide elevator doors, you might have to correct your springs to maintain the door functioning smooth and simple.


  • Easy to trim, set, and put in, even for a single individual.
  • Roll is flexible and pliable but will not dent.
  • Immediate noticeable Outcomes


  • Most conventional applications require multiple rolls.
  • Does not come with glue

Advantages of Installing Garage Door Insulation Kit

Insulating your garage door is a fantastic idea if you would like to decrease your utility bills. Apart from earning your garage more comfy and comfortable, it also cuts the noise indoors from visitors or other outside resources.

Imagine having the ability to unwind, work, and revel in your garage’s solitude with no unwanted sounds to disturb you.

Frequently, individuals like to work in their automobiles or other projects from the garage; however, in extreme cold or heat, it will become uncomfortable to perform so. Insulated garage doors may go a long way toward relieving this problem.

In winter, warmth will flow through any uninsulated regions of your home to the cooler outside, so insulating the garage will help decrease this loss of warmth.

In the event your garage door is not currently insulated, then you can fix it yourself. It’s fairly simple to put in an insulation kit to your garage door, and it will not take long.

Choosing a Garage Door Insulation Kit

When choosing your garage door insulation, be cautious of a couple of things.


Don’t use insulation, which will greatly boost the burden of your garage doors, because the excess weight might impact the functioning of your doorway.

You might have to get hold of a garage door installation professional to look at the door’s functioning once you put in the insulation.


The R-value of a substance is the evaluation that suggests its insulating effectiveness. Attempt to attain the substance of the best R-value which you may fit within your garage door panels.

Note: you shouldn’t use spray-in insulation or fiberglass insulating material, since they aren’t acceptable for usage in garage doors.

Also, avoid putting insulation within your garage door’s springs, as doing so can prevent you from opening or shutting the door.

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The Way to Install a Garage Door Insulation Kit

Your garage door insulation is not a complex setup. Most garage doors can be finished in only two or three hours, with a single individual performing the setup. Before you perform any measuring or cutting, however, you have to wash out the area to join the panels.

You’ll require a few tools for your job, such as a straight edge, measuring tape, utility knife, and glue.

As soon as you have the panel recesses quantified, you’ll have to seek out your insulation panel which matches cut one to size. Confirm the panel will fit in position and use the glue to mount it firmly.

Each panel is going to be performed the same way. If your panels are equal in proportion, you just have to quantify them after. But some garage doors use differently sized panel recesses for aesthetics, and everyone is going to have to get quantified for a proper match.

Once each one the panels have been attached, you’re finished. You’re able to pay for the insulating material should you desire, add extra layers, or make them attractive. If you would like to picture the process, you can see this video installing reflective board insulation.



A: There are several various techniques for garage door insulation functions. Therefore it is difficult to pinpoint one substance as being greater than another.

Any garage door insulation kit you purchase should keep a barrier between your house and the outside and impede the conductive heat flow.


A: A R-value or R-rating is the way the thermal resistance of a substance is graded. It judges how the insulating material responds to fluctuations in temperatures and considers the depth, density, and moisture accumulation of these substances utilized.


A: Depending on which sort of insulation you buy on your garage door, there are a couple of common ways it may be set up. Each kit will include the supplies required to put in your insulation.

Foam board manufacturers frequently use adhesive tape along with retainer clips. It is frequently required that you simply cut bits to properly fit your doorway’s size and contour.

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Deciding on the proper garage door insulation can be a bewildering process. With a lot of distinct choices, sizes, and materials to select from, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

If you’re in doubt and need a very simple answer to your garage insulation problem, we provide you our best choice.

The Matador Garage Door Insulation Kit was created for 7-foot doors around 9-feet broad and contained sufficient panels to cover your whole door.

The setup is straightforward, and you’ll save yourself a great deal of money on your electricity bills over the next several years.