Are you looking for the best grip tape? Yourhotcar will bring the top of the famous brand in this year here!

Skateboarding is becoming more popular than previously. Because of this, the skateboarding business is performing very well. But this implies there are more choices for skateboard grip tape than ever before too.

Now, even die-hard skaters need help locating the perfect product. Fortunately, we’ve gathered together all the very best skateboard grip tape possibilities out there. This way you will discover the ideal option with no hassle or stress.

Reviews Top 12 Best Grip Tape Of 2020

Reviews Top 12 Best Grip Tape Of 2020

SaleBestseller No. 3
Anti Slip Tape, High Traction,Strong Grip Abrasive, Not Easy Leaving Adhesive Residue, Indoor & Outdoor (1" Width x 190" Long, Black)
Grit Uniform, not easy to swap; Simple installation peel and stick commercial grade strong adhesive extra traction treads
Bestseller No. 5
Mr. Pen- Grip Tape, 2 Inch, 23 Feet, Anti Slip Tape, Non Skid Tape, Grip Tape for Stairs, Non Slip Tape, Friction Tape, Stair Grips Non Slip, Black Grip Tape, Grip Tape Roll, Waterproof Grip Tape
This includes 1 pack of 2-inch width X 23 feet length roll, black color.; For staircase, treads, steps, ladders, ramps, scaffolding, buses, trailers, Etc.

Grizzly Griptape Printing Grip

For novices who don’t know, Grizzly makes a number of the very best skateboard grip tape. As a matter of fact, some skaters think Grizzly stands atop the area of grip tape.

Why? For starters, Grizzly grip tape’s existed for quite a while. Their source as a grip tape maker dates all of the ways back into the 90s.

Additionally, Grizzly is famous for much more than just their grip tape. They’re a terrific resource for boards and clothing also!

Now, this specific grip tape features a fairly straightforward design. However, there’s still some fashionable flair here. The black grip tape layout is completed from the enormous Grizzly decoration.

Everybody will understand precisely what grip tape you’re rocking. All the time, the easy application saves you lots of time and energy.

In the end, you need to shred, not use grip tape for one hour. Receive a shop quality product delivered to your door!


  • Grizzly Brand Names
  • Traditional Black Shade
  • Sweet Grizzly Graphic
  • Simple Application


  • Not A Lot Of Style This

Mob Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet

The crappiest grip tape on the current market, this really is the one which you should avoid if you do not need your shoes to acquire holes speedily.

Nevertheless, if you are going to skate you ought to be ready to forfeit your sneakers — or just be certain that you receive high-quality skate sneakers.

A fantastic thing, however, it will mellow out over the years and has that’ just right’ balance of sharpness.

This grip tape sticks nicely to decks and is created from high-quality paper. This means that it will not tear abruptly when being implemented, once you’re poking through your hardware, or cutting on the grip.

Griptape suddenly ripping is bothersome and it happens to the best people.

Such as the Grizzly grip over, this can be 33inches lengthy and inches broad. Great for many skateboards and a few cruisers — not great for longboards.

Ultimately this is the most customizable choice on my listing and features a couple different grip tape layouts and colors.

Black Widow Skateboard Grip Tape

Another option of the very best skateboard grip tape which you are able to consider next time that you would like to alter the grip tape from your walker is your Dark Widow Skateboard Griptape.

It’s one of our favorite options among the list since it gives exceptional resistance to slippage that is a frequent problem by skateboarders.

Together with its high-quality cloth, this traction tape is equally easy to use and eliminate your own board.

It includes a slick motif pattern layout which makes any plank beautiful and fashionable.

If you are unfamiliar with how to utilize it, then all you need to do is peel off the base sheet to show the sticky side with glue. Simply put straight to the board together with an adhesive side facing the plank.

Employing this traction tape is so simple that even young skateboarders can perform it.


  • Simple to Use
  • Cheap
  • Extra tacky adhesive
  • Doesn’t bubble upon application
  • Comes with trendy motif patterns and layouts


  • Not quite Long-lasting
  • Could be prone to ripping because of moist

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ALLURE Skateboard Griptape Sheet

There’s a lot more design for this ALLURE grip tape sheet rather than our Grizzly offer. The vibrant design resembles the milky way.

The cosmic design is all of the rages at the moment. Additionally, the Allure emblem is visible. As might be the trendy, Buck decal that stands outside.

Show off your new grip tape in the local skate park. Everyone will be jealous of this exceptional look.

Don’t presume that look is the sole benefit here. Instead, this specific grip tape provides a super-sticky glue. This glue doesn’t nicely under extreme temperatures or conditions.

Does this include intense heat but in addition, it includes exceptionally cold weather all of the same. In the end, skaters normally skate outdoors. On the west coast, temperatures are clearly large. So that you don’t want grip tape that’ll fall off in hot weather.

Finally, the final major appeal here comes in two distinct kinds of durability. To begin with, this grip tape supplies a special attribute unlike the majority of the additional best skateboard grip tape choices.

The completely waterproof design to withstand the effect of plain water. This includes the mind as well as in accidental spill. Protect your grip tape in the rain.

Secondly, this grip tape includes a tear-proof backing. That way, You Don’t need to worry about it pops upward in an extreme skating session


  • Wonderful Milky Way Graphic
  • Wonderful Allure Logo & Decals
  • High-Quality Griptape
  • Waterproof & Tear-Proof


  • Layout May Be Too Much For Some

Jessup Skateboard Griptape Sheet

Here is the very best skateboard grip tape for sneakers. It’s the least crappy grip tape in my listing and also will be the one to choose if you need your shoes to endure for the longest period. A good deal of skaters like how tender it is.

Jessup utilizes silicon carbide in their grip tape. This substance does not flake off as simple as the other abrasives do and are not as sharp. Nevertheless, it will not last long as other manufacturers and it mellows out rather quickly.

At length, the grip tape comes in a variety of sizes so that you may find the ideal match whatever the size of your walker, cruiser plank or longboard.

Nevertheless, some skaters do not like Jessup since they never reinvest into skateboarding or host events — Grizzly support events and contests. This said if you would like a grip that’s easy on your sneakers.

Vicious Griptape Coarse Grit Longboard and Skateboard Grip Tape

The final thing a skateboarder wants from her or his grip tape is that it’s prone to slippage and rip.

Together with the ​​Vicious Griptape Coarse Grit Longboard and Skateboard Grip Tape you do not need to worry about those.

It’s produced of durable and high-quality polyester cloth together with perforations that cleared bubbles upon installment on the plank.

It’s likewise a favorite option among professional skateboarders due to its exceptional grip and traction for superior maneuverability, control, and balance.

In addition, it includes a transparent tape that permits you to see attentively where you’re putting the adhesive side of the tape.

When employing this tape sheet, then it’s suggested to use gloves since it can be tacky and difficult to eliminate from​ the skin.


  • Larger dimensions to accommodate longboards
  • Fantastic perforations to discharge bubbles upon installation
  • Fantastic grit
  • Easy to ​locate
  • Simple to Use


  • Messy to utilize
  • Not quite Long-lasting and prone to ripping

BooTaa Skateboard Griptape Sheet — Waterproof Design

BooTaa is clearly the exact same brand name as Black Diamond or Grizzly. But, that doesn’t mean that there is less quality compared to other choices.

As a matter of fact, the precise reverse is true. This specific skateboard grip tape could just deliver more quality than conventional griptape choices from premier manufacturers.

Evidently, there’s not the exact same sort of flair, however. Everything comes down to what you really need from the skateboard griptape.

The bubble-free program process is super simple and easy. This way, you don’t experience difficulties with the total layout. Even only 1 bubble becomes a large problem your skateboard griptape.

Easily cut and put this specific skateboard griptape in only a couple of moments. On top of that, the BooTaa skateboard griptape nevertheless offers lots of excellent functionality.

The very best skateboard griptape delivers high-strength adhesion, a long-lasting lifetime, and much more. Begin with the waterproof and tear-proof layout.

Never be concerned about the griptape peeling off in inclement weather conditions. What’s more, exclusive silicon-carbide self-indulgent produces a super tight and tacky design.


  • Versatile Griptape
  • Waterproof & Tear-Proof Design
  • High-Strength Quality Adhesion
  • Bubble-Free Application


  • Not A Brand Name Product

Shake Junt Griptape

Among those’big three’ griptape manufacturers of this business, shake out, has been in existence since the mid-2000s, operating the sector with different skate accessories.

This grip is a bit grippier than Grizzly traction for comparison but less eloquent as telescope traction. Nonetheless, it’s among the sharpest grips from the business and many skaters say it’s extremely grippy.

I really don’t think it’s a poor thing, the clasp grabs your foot when doing ollies and reverse tricks fairly nicely.

1 thing I would say is it does not last so long and the sharpness mellows out as time passes. The advantages also chip readily when cutting and do not stay intact long — this does not impact performance but rather makes your board look poor.

In the end, in case your shake just grip becomes dirty, wash it using the traction cleaner I discuss in the manual below. If you use water, then the shake just picture will fade.

ZUEXT Skateboard Griptape Sheet

ZUEXT is another new name product. But that doesn’t remove from the general remarkable performance of This specific skateboard griptape.

To begin with, it’s crucial, to begin with, the stickiness and adhesion. The high-quality, silicon-carbide self-indulgent produces a grip that lasts for a lengthy time.

In this way, the adhesion doesn’t peel off after a few extreme skateboarding sessions. What’s more, the skateboard griptape layout won’t peel in poor weather.

The stickiness in addition enriches trick capabilities and the general grip. This way, you clinic tricks to the very best of your skills.

On top of that, the layout is equally tear-proof and waterproof. Therefore, this skateboard griptape is just one of the very best skateboard griptape.

Reduce it up through the application process and prevent any possible rips and problems. One big tear throughout the program is remarkably frustrating.


  • Particular Hand Rolled Delivery
  • Timeproof High-Strength Quality
  • Silicon-Carbide Grit Binding Process
  • Extremely Impressive Adhesion & Grip


  • Not A Brand Title Griptape

Lucid Spray griptape

Different from several other choices in my own list, this griptape is’spray-on’. This is the way it works — it includes sharp stones and adhesive.

You scatter some pieces of stone on your board then spray on the glue to keep them trapped. Comparable to Regular griptape, with no newspaper

This sort of grip is not good if you would like to be doing ollies, flips, and just require consistent feeling grip onto your own board.

It is more appropriate if you are only going to be flying around along with your toes need a tiny bit of aid not slipping off your board.

I believe this traction is underrated. You’re able to expose the upper layer of your deck, that’s fine if it is a cruiser with a wonderful walnut or walnut finish or just has a great picture on top.

You might even place it upon the only components that require grip, not squander it on the entire board.

At length, it will not feel as sharp or competitive as other grips in my listing.

It will not be for everybody, but this grip will probably work good also.

Zwish Skateboard Griptape

Now, the Zwish skateboard griptape provides something quite unique. The high-quality, exclusive OS780 diamond-silicon grit binding process never wears out.

Instead, the tacky adhesive lasts in all sorts of weather. The adhesion is designed to survive, no matter how warm or cold it will become outdoors. This way, daily routine riding won’t wear out your skateboard griptape.

Want to avoid the trouble of applying skateboard griptape? Well after that, the bubble-free program is superb. The barely-visible perforations let air escape.

Therefore, it never gets trapped inside the griptape. This way you take pleasure in the program process and avoid all of the stress.


  • Waterproof & Tear-Proof Design
  • Bubble-Free Program With Air Perforations
  • Diamond Silicon Grit Binding


  • Not A Brand Name Product

Mob Thrasher Flame Logo Skateboard Griptape

Mob rounds out our listing of the greatest skateboard griptape choices available on the industry. Why? Mob delivers a completely exceptional style.

In other words, very few other griptape manufacturers provide this kind of special and glossy look. Especially, using the trendy Thrasher emblem.


  • Particular Thrasher Design
  • Vintage Black Griptape
  • Simple Application


  • Fewer Capabilities As Other Choices

The Way to Get the Ideal griptape

You Have to Select the Ideal size traction to your board

Easy error people make is only getting the incorrect size of traction for their own board. They do so because they pick one which is the specific width and duration of the plank.

The griptape never matches properly due to concave, the form of these cocktails, or matches crookedly and seems bad.

To find the ideal size traction to your skateboard deck, then you want to select one which is about an inch wider and 2 inches more. This will supply you with plenty of room to be certain every inch of this deck is coated and looks great.

Do you want a distinct grip tape for longboards?

It is possible to use the exact same grip used on skateboards to your longboard. However, as I have mentioned previously, you only have to be certain that you’re getting the proper size of traction to your longboard.

The one distinction is if you are a downhill skater. You want a lot more rapid grip, therefore none on this listing is going to be great enough.

But yeah, the principles are essentially exactly the same. You pretty much use grip and keep your longboard because you would your own skateboard.

Does is regardless of how sharp the clasp is?

A good deal of pro skaters like really grippy grip. It helps them get their other tricks perfect and only generally adds more hands.

Nevertheless, they also probably have a larger budget for sneakers than you and do not mind destroying a couple per week.

I believe, in case you want to be the best skater you could be, then you ought to go for a moderate grip and spend greatly in shoe goo that will assist your shoes last longer.

If you enjoy cruising around I propose a sharp clasp that will assist you to keep locked in on your own board. But it also does not matter a lot and any traction is going to do.

In certain ways, getting the ideal grip is to the person. But discovering what works best takes a little experience and trial and error.

If you are a newcomer, a fantastic grip to begin using is Grizzly grip. You may then determine if you would like something mellower and select your next grip so.

Just how much should you pay to get a griptape?

Ordinarily, for skateboards, you’re taking a look at paying $10 or less for the griptape. This cost is consistent among the majority of the brands in my listing.

If you decide to acquire a colored grip, then you may want to cover $15.

If it comes longboards, you’re wanting to cover somewhat more for routine griptape as you’re becoming a larger size.

Finally, in regards to downhill skateboards since you’re becoming coarser griptape, then you will probably cover a whole lot more.

A number of those lower-tier manufacturers have cost at $15, although the high-quality brands top out at $30.

The Way to Look after your own griptape and the best way to wash it

To maintain your griptape mint for quite a while, you should just avoid getting it dirty. When skating avoids stepping into:

  • mud
  • water
  • dirt/dust,
  • Or anything tacky,

And stepping your griptape. As simple as that sounds, it’s fairly simple to absent-mindedly measure in sand and step in your grip. Luckily, it’s fairly simple to eliminate the gunk and I describe how to wash your skateboard grip under by the best Rim cleaner.

Additionally, dust obviously accumulates in your own deck, so doing any cleanup is essential today and again.

Often Asked Questions About Skateboard Griptape

Q: How Do I Change Griptape?

A: Start by taking the trucks off. Later, assemble together a knife along with a hairdryer. Heat the grip tape with the hairdryer. Then, slip the knife under the loosened griptape. The border of the plank.

Continue to warm the service upon the Way. Completely peel off the borders and wait a couple of minutes. He backed up the cap of the plank. If you’re fortunate, it comes off and just one pull. Otherwise, repeat until it’s all gone.

Q: What’s the Best Cleaning Method For Skateboard Griptape?

A: Buy a toothbrush, paper towels, and water. This won’t harm the griptape. Simply wash the clasp tape following pouring water. Scrub in tiny circles and press hard. Later, dab it up with all the paper towels!


We highly recommend Grizzly Grip Stamp Prints Grip.

Why? As it is affordable and ideal for ​each form of skateboard and kind of skating.

Whichever grip tape you select from that list, you are guaranteed to get the best skateboard grip tape which does exactly the job that you want it to do.

Together with your grip tape at the bag (well, in your board), you may simply concentrate on skating and growing your skills and tips.

Now, get to skate!