Your best handlebar tape covers two of those five touchpoints that you have with your bike, which means that the normal fisherman spends 10 or more hours weekly holding onto it. That is a lot.

So it is well worth investing in quality tape, which is vital for control and comfort, particularly at high rates and in corners.

Additionally, a recently wrapped handlebar is just one surefire way to make your bike look and feel refreshed. We analyzed and evaluated a variety of tapes to get the best for all types of riding.

Reviews Of 17 Best Handlebar Tape In This Year

Reviews Of 17 Best Handlebar Tape In This Year

Bestseller No. 2
BV EVA Road Bike Handlebar Tapes, Bicycle Bar Tape, Cycling Handle Wraps – 2 Rolls per Set (Black)
EVA Foam material with embossed “BV” logo provides comfortable and anti-slip grip.; Ultra-light and durable quality absorbs shock and vibration during cycling.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Supacaz Super Sticky Kush Handlebar Tape, Black
Material: PU-Length: 2160mm Width: 30mm Thickness: 3mm; Super Sticky PU (top layer): Superior hand feel with long lasting performance
Bestseller No. 5
SRAM Supercork Bicycle Bar Tape (Blue)
BIKE HANDLEBAR TAPE- Light and durable all-purpose bicycle tape.; COLOR ASSORTMENT- Available in a range of color options.
SaleBestseller No. 6
Brooks England Microfiber Bar Tape
Synthetic microfiber fabric; 3mm tape width; Includes Brooks England's vulcanized rubber end plugs
Bestseller No. 7
Cinelli Cork Gel Ribbon Handlebar Tape, Black
Thin layer of VibraSorb  gel; Superior shock absorbing properties for greater comfort.; Heat-proof to 60°C
Bestseller No. 8
Lizard Skins Unisex's DSP Bar V2 Handlebar Grip Tape, Jet Black, One Size, DSPCY
PLUGS: Screw in plugs for enhanced fit and a clean look to show off your bike at its best
Bestseller No. 10
Vinqliq New Super Soft Bike Bicycle Cycling Handlebar Grip Tape Wraps Adhesive Back with Bar Plugs (Multi-Color)
SUPER SOFT MATERIAL - EVA tape imbedded with real cork for superior grip and cushion.; GOOD PERFORMANCE - Shock and Sweat absorbent, tearproof and stable.

Cinelli Cork Handlebar Tape

Cinelli has been the first organization to deliver cork handlebar tape to advertise in 1983. Its debut altered the handlebar tape marketplace immediately.

Before leather, cotton, or plastic had mostly been utilized. All these substances had their flaws and were not able to provide the qualities of traction, cushioning and weather resistance the new Cinelli cork ribbon tape managed to Give

Antonio Colombo devised this new product in 1983 by mixing cork with ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). The end result was a well-cushioned handlebar tape with superior durability and texture.

Within a couple of decades, grand tour riders have been spotted riding with Cinelli silk ribbon tape in the Giro d’Italia, with gloves, and also the product burst.

A natural remedy…

In the preceding paragraph, it is clear to see that this isn’t a totally natural product, and even though it’s known as cork’ handlebar tape, it is really a Cork/EVA mixture.

This hottest Cinelli bar tape supplies a good grasp and the best in dampening. This hard-wearing handlebar tape is unquestionably top of its course. Although fresh and better performing materials have come to challenge its dominance, this Cork/EVA mix remains popular.

The tape includes a thin adhesive strip down the center. In theory, it is a fantastic idea because it makes it a lot easier to wrap.

But, Cinelli has made the glue too powerful. It is a real PITA as in the event that you have to re-wrap your pubs; you run the chance of damaging or ripping the tape because you attempt to pull it off.

Test with all the strip …

For almost any fisherman not used to altering their pub tape, then we would recommend wrapping it around the first time without peeling off the back protective strip.

That is because if you are not exactly certain just how much overlay to employ, you might wind up working short. Finishing long is not any problem since you can just cut on the tape. But should you complete a brief, you are going to need to peel it off and run the danger of tears and rips.

Another matter with Cork/EVA tape is that it may tear if you pull it too tight. Furthermore, if you do not pull it tight, it is prone to unravel and will lose its cushioning qualities.

Not good enough…

Cinelli includes a sensible selection of colors to select from, but quite honestly, their color selection of bar end caps on some of the scope is awful. What in the world are they thinking? Not good enough, men. Not good.

It should also be pointed out that for almost any weight weenies studying this, at 63.5gs a couple in case you are seeking to lose some weight, best look elsewhere.


  • Fantastic degree of cushioning.
  • Hard-wearing.
  • Fantastic price.
  • Cinelli emblem is on tape and bar end caps.


  • Not lightweight.
  • Could be difficult to wrap.

Supacaz Super Sticky Kush Classic

  • Tacky and supple
  • Long-lasting

You may hear the word”Super Sticky Kush” and consider something completely unrelated to biking and bike parts. No matter we can guarantee you that the 3mm wrap feels at home on any road bike.

It is among those longer-lasting tapes we have examined, and it remains grippy even if your palms are sweating mid-race. This”kushy” beneath coating absorbs street buzz satisfactorily.

It is offered in a range of colors from easy to flashy, which means you’re going to find something to meet your style. An additional bonus: It includes screw-in aluminum bar plugs.

Lizard Skins DSP V2


  • Sticky texture
  • Screw-in bar end plug


  • Cost

Lizard Skins supplies a selection of thicknesses between 2.5 and 3.2mm. Comfort is accomplished using an updated Durasoft Polymer to strike a balance between control and feel.

A rubbery textured coating is utilized to help grip if you ride or without gloves. This 2.5millimeter cassette comes in at a promised 56g for the plastic and tape bar ends.

The DSP 2.5millimeter tape can be found in a broad choice of colors, some daring swirly camo impacts, and vivid dual-color variations. The dual color transitions at 84cm, that ought to be just beneath the hoods.

Specialized Body Geometry Bar Phat with Tape

  • Shock-absorbing gel pads move beneath the tape
  • Pads are reusable and can be utilized with almost any other tape

If your rides have a tendency to take you off the sidewalk, the Bar Phat could be the update you did not know you wanted.

The 4.5mm glue pads adhere to a handlebar to offer you a good deal more cushioning, and just where you want it–they are intended to pay for the tops, drops, and nothing else, which means you are not adding much additional bulk.

It is also possible to cut the pads with scissors to meet your particular wants, needs off them and reuse them. Specialized states reduce hand strain by 50 percent, which is a massive margin (along with a godsend if you are gearing up for DK200).

Fizik Vento MicroTex Tacky


  • Direct bar texture
  • Fantastic grip in dry and wet


  • Cost

Fizik Vento is a slim 2mm lightweight pub tape that’s geared toward riders who need uncompromised pub feel for supreme control and has been created in cooperation with Fizik’s sponsored pro riders.

The Vento MicroTex includes a tacky texture and textured end to offer you a non-slip functionality in most states.

As a result of the 2mm thickness, MicroTex will match riders with small hands in addition to being very light in a feathery 38.7gram (maintained ). Straightforward push-in Fizik branded pub finishes are provided with the pub tape in addition to finishing tape.

Fizik provides its Vento Microtex cassette in a range of simple and fluro colors too swell as contemporary bi-color layouts.

Bv Eva Road Bike Handlebar Tapes, Bicycle Bar Tape, Cycling Handle Wraps

BV is a business that specializes in a number of low to medium-priced sporting accessories. Cycling is merely one of their pursuits. They concentrate on biking items for example; bicycle bags, socks, and bike handlebar tape.

The EVA foam that they use is a frequent substance at this particular budget end of the market. It really provides a surprising quantity of relaxation, and there is no doubt that the foam part of this tape does dampen vibrations down very well.

All good so far…

The clasp is also fairly decent, even though it does not perform in addition to Cork/EVA, and nowhere near and DSP tape, even in moist conditions.

This manner of tape is easy to get from many different outlets within a no-name format to the purchase price of a cup of java. So, the question is, what’s BV done to distinguish themselves from the competition?

Nothing. They have done nothing…

We take that this product is going to do a fair job, but they have made a product using a selection of just two colors. What is worse are the ways appearing reddish bar end caps with all the snowy BV emblem on them. This will be wholly unsuitable as a color plot on almost every bike.

BV, do not you understand that people cyclists are a vain group? Do not you understand we spend tens of thousands of dollars on shoes merely to match our paintwork?

In addition, don’t you understand that we also spend tens of thousands of bucks on the remainder of our kit to acquire it fit perfectly? Do not you understand BV? Honestly, do not you understand?

You do not? Well, you need to!

We will all calm down now. We are aware that there is a lot of recreational cyclists only following some value tape to get their commuter bike.

But come on, give them something more than black and white, particularly at the price that you’re selling them. We are not living in the 1960s in the 1960’anymore, you understand.

Whilst we are on a rant, the glue tape that you use is crap. It may be in the premium manufacturer 3M, but it is too powerful for your occupation. Peeling off the old tape is complete nonsense of a job.

Last thing we promise, cease describing this as high-qualia high-quality use it is not.

That is it.


  • Fantastic relaxation levels.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Inadequate value.
  • Deficiency of color selection.
  • Awful searching bar end caps.
  • Hard to remove the tape out of the handlebars.
  • Finishing tape will peel off if it rains.

Silca Nastro Fiore

This tape is made of a proprietary material that Silca made by mixing some of its in-house synthetics. The end result is a soft, comfy feel, better traction in wet and dry conditions, and improved vibration isolation and endurance.

The Fiore is 2.5mm thick, and the firm maintains it is as comfy as 3.2mm-thick tape manufactured from different substances.

Testers stated it was somewhat hard to wrap due to the deficiency of stretchiness, but it is well worth the battle to get it on. Like what Silca does, this cassette is produced out of absurd attention to detail and refined execution.

Pro Sport Comfort


  • Cozy


  • Limited colors

Pro – subsidiary manufacturer of Shimano – market its own compact 3.5mm as a perfect pub tape for day-long rides. The Sport Comfort provides an excess gel coating to aid your EVA foam’s dampening properties perfect for demanding roads or gravel riding.

Instead of a glue strip, then the silicone gripper makes fitting simple and leaves no residue to the handlebar when eliminated.

The color option is restricted, Pro just offers white, black, blue, or red choices. Subtly branded vinyl bar end plugs are also included.

Sram Supercork Bicycle Bar Tape

Sram is among the chief players from the world of biking. They are among those four top manufacturers of groupsets.groupieshe most admired brands among amateur and professional cyclists alike.

Any street bike bar tape together with the Sram name onto it, and you need to expect something particular. Let us have a closer look and see whether this handlebar tape may live until your Sram name.

SRAM Supercork Bicycle Bar Tape is a Cork/EVA combination…

This tape is starting to knock on the door of lightweight at just 39gms, for example, bar end caps. It provides some superb traction, even in the rain, with high levels of comfort and vibration dampening.

It is durable, however, like a bunch of different types, the lighter colors are accountable to staining relatively fast.

1 thing we love about this tape is it’s simple to wrap again in the event that you get it wrong the first time. The glue strip on the back of the tape is only tacky enough to carry things well set up.

But should you have to take off it, it peels back easily without tearing itself to pieces.

Well, played sram!

Another thing we really enjoy is the Sram cassette has set its cost near the majority of conventional EVA foam handlebar tapes.

This makes it among the most inexpensive Cork/EVA mix barbell tapes. All of the more remarkable coming from a superior brand.

The pub tape comes at a really restricted assortment of colors with all the crimson, and white Sram emblem on each one the bar finishes. We are confident you’ll concur Sram could do better.

But you can get the Sram emblem running through the full center of this tape. And in our view, if you’re able to find a color that is suitable for you, that has got to be well worth the cost by itself.


  • Cozy
  • Relatively lightweight.
  • Simple to rewrap.
  • Gr|wrap}eat value.
  • Sram emblem running throughout the tape.


  • A limited selection of colors.

Arundel Rubber Gecko

Simple to wash and on the palms, Arundel’s Rubber Gecko unites EVA cushioned and foam polyurethane for a comfy grip. The textured surface helps keep your mitts in the pub, even in warm or wet weather.

Additionally, it is durable and works well for on- and – off-road experiences. Plus it cleans up nicely with water and soap.

Arundel provides conventional bar sticks to keep things clean, as well as also the Rubber Gecko tape packs easily. Fundamental black works with each frame color, therefore no need to be worried about if it fits.

Selle Italia Smootape Gran Fondo


  • Comfort
  • Cost


  • Tricky to wrap properly for desirable smooth desired

Selle Italia Smootape Gran Fondo is aimed at gran Fondo riders that pay longer distances and require high comfort levels.

The Smootape features an asymmetric tapered border on which edge that to provide a smooth gliding finish to your own bars and improve relaxation.

A zig-zag layout adds additional purchase to the pubs when traction is required the most. A silicone strip retains the tape in position and enables easier adjustments or re-wrapping.

The Selle Italia Smootape Gran Fondo is offered in a range of 10 vivid colors and provided with plastic bar ends.

Domain Cycling Extra Long Gel Bicycle Handlebar Bar Tape Wrap

The domain is a business that specializes in the production of low-priced accessories. Their itinerary of biking related products is extremely low. Their history and expertise in the area of biking are minimal.

That does not look to be a fantastic beginning, and generally, things would not stand out too favorably for Domain. But they have done enough and demonstrated sufficient innovation by using their product to make them a serious competition to carry your hard-earned money.

This is why…

First, the Domain distinguishes itself by being only about the maximum tape we have seen. It measures a whopping 2,400mm long. That is a great deal, even for cyclists having mad big overlays in their own wrap, this is expected to be enough for certain.

Another interesting thing they have done is to put a Vex-gel liner below the tape to improve relaxation. This is not entirely unheard of, but it’s unusual.

Normally, we would see different gel pads to be placed strategically on the significant points of touch. Or maybe a gel-infused mix.

Additionally, of interest…

Is the simple fact that they’ve put this Vex-gel liner below a coating of Eva and using a surface coating of polyurethane. Now that is odd.

In concept, at least, the foam should create this type of hard-wearing tape. Regrettably, another two substances let it down somewhat, which makes it less robust as more superior handlebar tapes.

On a positive note, the truth is that the Domain pub tape does provide high levels of shock absorption that’s up there with some of the best handlebar tape available on the marketplace.

It is a cassette able to provide high levels of relaxation for not a great deal of cash. And we believe for cyclists doing bigger miles, or riding rougher terrains it is a pub tape value awarded a shot.

Last, it comes at a limited selection of colors, but provided it’s got lots of different things happening, DomainName, we forgive you.


  • The best bar tape on earth (probably!).
  • Fantastic shock absorption.
  • Good value for the money.


  • Inadequate color choice.
  • Not hard-wearing.

ESIgrips RCT Wrap

RCT stands for”Road, Cyclocross, Triathlon,” the areas that tape was made to work best for. It is stretchy, so depending on how tight it, you are able to customize the depth of this handlebar cushioning.

It is 100% saline, which can be non-porous (meaning it will not collect dirt or consume perspiration ) and washable. Our team mechanic has had this tape every street bike he has ever possessed because he adores the tacky texture of the long-lasting wrap.

Additionally, it is a good one if you are wrapping your pubs yourself for the very first time–because there is no adhesive backing, it is possible to redo it as frequently as you want to get it just perfect.

Deda Presa


  • Excellent grip
  • Subtle design


  • Won’t appeal to people Searching for bold colors

The Deda Presa is a dual-density pub tape combining a base layer of EVA to decrease vibrations with Polyurethane for traction. This dual-density construction gives a balance in functionality to offer you a firm but forgiving feel.

Grip and breathability are improved using enhancing details across the middle of the wrap. All these perforations also provide a subtle inclusion of color combined with black on black Deda logos. Deda contains two black branded push-in pub finishes and finishing tape.

Topcabin Bicycle Bar Tape Eva Camouflage Collection Comfort Road Bike Handlebar Tape

TOPCABIN is a business serious about pub tape and whatever handlebar related. They create an expansive selection of bar tape and handlebar grips which are keenly priced and well-designed.

Looking at their camouflage dual-color pub tape surely raised a couple of smiles. The black and yellow one we’re reviewing seems super cool.

The remaining part of the assortment of seven colors is not any less exciting. If camouflage is not something, they have 22 more sedate colors to pick from.

In general, it is a wonderful choice of colors…

Regrettably, their bar end caps are the exact same and have their vivid emblem engraved on them. So close men, so shut. Only get those bar end caps sorted out, and you’re going to surely raise the bar for your product.

Nevertheless, in fairness, this is a gripe we could lay in the vast majority of handlebar tape makers.

The cassette itself is adequate quality, and we are qualified to see the cost is that the keenest of any we have reviewed. TOPCABIN is to be praised for the quality of the tape, at a fantastic choice of colors, and also at a really acceptable price.

This tape is definitely a very good value…

The tape is an EVA tape and can be infused with gel. It is 2.8mm thick and provides a reasonable amount of traction and vibration dampening. One thing we love about the cassette is its own texture. It seems very soft to the touch and has a very nice tactile quality to it.

Wrapping this best handlebar tape is as simple as they have not overdone the glue on the pub side of this tape as some produce.

Consequently, any rewraps will also be straightforward. It does include two completing strips, however, the glue on those is much more powerful than on the primary bar tape.

Once it rains, they will almost surely fall off, so don’t bother putting them in the first location. Get your electric tape prepared!

Funky colors…

So there you have it any pretty priced cassette, offering good levels of functionality in some fairly awesome colors. Weighing in at 48gms for your set, together with bar-end caps, they are not a bad choice in any way.


  • Fantastic choice of colors.
  • Feels soft.
  • Simple to rewrap.
  • Great wrap


  • The bar-end caps aren’t color-coordinated.
  • Finishing strips have inadequate adhesive.

BTP Woven

This multicolored tape is constructed from glowing, silky threads that are certain to turn some heads and make you praise about the group ride.

With over 120 color and layout options, there’s certainly a design that will fit your installation. The fabric is wrapped with tacky silicone dots around the exterior that improves traction, and underneath the woven cloth is high-density EVA foam to get slightly more cushioning.

The tape is comparatively thin–it changes from 1.5 mm to 2mm, dependent on the design. Each of BTP stitched tape includes two end caps and black tape.

Brooks Leather


  • Hard-wearing
  • Uber cool


  • Expensive

Brooks Leather pub tape caters perfectly to those looking for a timeless L’Eroica texture or a pub tape that matches their loyal Brooks saddle.

The cassette is perforated to provide some feel and venting and supplies a company bar texture. If you want more cushioning it might be more padding, a ring with a gel pad, or some milder bar tape beneath.

Just like leather products, this pub tape is extremely hard-wearing and should last a lot longer than artificial counterparts, also as it ages that the pub tape will create a patina giving your bike a nice weathered appearance.

Two color-matched rubber bar finishes plugs and glue fabric strips are included with the tape.

Obviously, this tape won’t appeal to all, nevertheless, Brooks does provide microfibre and does rubber tape options that fit their animal-free saddles.

Best Handlebar Tape Buyers Guide


The very first thing we would like to say to everybody is, find out how to properly wrap the tape. Should you wrap your pubs properly, you will save yourself a good deal of time and cost in badly wrapped bars and ripped or damaged tape.

If you would like to wrap the pubs without using fishing tape, then we would recommend wrapping, beginning from the very top of the pubs, and finishing in the bar finishes.

It is not the conventional manner, but it saves having to utilize completing strips, which can be constant points of collapse. Additionally, it retains the electric tape where it goes!

Whilst durability and cost are definitely important, nearly all cyclists are concerned with both primary essentials of bar tape: comfort and grip.

These are the 2 things which will most affect our rides and will turn a wonderful ride into a dreadful one or vice versa.

Let us look at comfort and grip a bit more closely…


As one of the major contact points on the bike, naturally, the grip is vital. On harder surfaces and particularly in the moist, this becomes the situation.

In addition, in an aggressive environment, or rather in which the rate is awakened, traction will probably be utterly the grip.

Under ordinary conditions, we could happily recommend any of those contemporary tapes we have reviewed here. All of them perform well and provide absolutely acceptable levels of traction.

But, there is no doubt that DSP provides the best degree of traction from some of those tapes. The cassette has a confident stickiness that can not be defeated.

We believe the best street bike bar tape for traction is your Lizard skin DSP cassette.


This equation is not complex. The farther you journey along with the rougher the streets, the more relaxation gets significant.

That is the reason you see bike-packers, endurance racers, gravel riders, cyclocross riders, and some other fisherman competing on the cobbles reaching for tapes that are heavier.

The thickest tapes are usually 3.2mm thick and supply the best levels of relaxation. All contemporary tapes provide exceptional levels of driving comfort, however, we believe that a cork/AVA mix is going to become your buddy where relaxation is essential.

When that is even inadequate double wrap can give even greater levels of driving comfort. Cyclists putting in some serious miles or that are potentially predisposed to carpal tunnel syndrome manner well opt for this alternative.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, in which relaxation is of small significance, like on a TT or a brief ride, 1.8millimeter tapes are a frequent option. In such circumstances adding and relaxation will have little significance; here, each gram matters.

So, What’s The Best Handlebar Tape

Modern-day handlebar tape may make a difference to your bike. Even though the option of handlebar tapes is big, there’s 1 pub tape which we feel is your best handlebar tape for nearly all circumstances. Here is the…

Lizard Skins DSP Tape

We preferred that the 2.5-millimeter tape over the thicker, but more vibration, 3.2millimeter version. Irrespective of which type you would like, they both provide excellent heights of relaxation and definitely the best degree of traction from any handlebar tapes we have reviewed.

Yourhotcar hopes you discover the appropriate tape for you. Enjoy your bike, and revel in your rides. Moreover, you can research the best steering wheel lock for cars here!

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