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Sitting in the vehicle through the winter isn’t an enjoyable experience, especially if it takes a couple of minutes to warm up; your hands are numb, your feet are still aching, and you are all bundled up.

Possessing a fantastic heated car seat cover is not only going to keep you warm once the temperature drops, but they will also protect your chairs.

Top 11 Best Heated Seat Cushion For Your Car Recommendations

Top 11 Best Heated Seat Cushion For Your Car Recommendations

Bestseller No. 1
Northeast Products Heat-A-Seat by ThermaSeat - Insulated Seat Cushion Blaze/Camo
NO BATTERIES, NO CHEMICALS, NO GIMMICKS! Retains and reflects your body heat; "THE HEAT'S ON" when you sit on a new Heat-a-Seat!
Bestseller No. 2
Arctic Zone LavaSeat Heated Cushion, Red
LavaSeat fabric cover with handles; Microcore patented reusable pack can be microwaved or refrigerated
Bestseller No. 3
ActionHeat Open Box 5V Battery Heated Seat Cushion
Extra-large, built-in heating panel strategically placed on the seat cushion; Touch-button control technology (3 settings)
Bestseller No. 4
HealthMate IN9438 Velour 12V Seat Cushion with Lumbar Support, Soft Warm with Easy Controller, Color Black, Products by Wagan
Maximum heating temperature of 114 degrees Fahrenheit.; High/low/off temperature control. Fuse: 8A
Bestseller No. 7
Vesture Navy Lava Buns
Color: Navy; Size: 12"H x 17"W; Comfortable; Reusable; Portable
Bestseller No. 8
Arctic Zone LavaSeat II Heated Fleece Seat Cushion/Stadium Seat with Rechargeable Battery Pack/Power Bank, Black
Heating pad features 3 temperature settings: high, medium and low; Comprised of a cozy, fleece seat cover and 4 layers of comfy cushioning
SaleBestseller No. 9
Beurer Portable Wireless Heated Seat Cushion with Convenient Storage Bag, Rechargeable, Durable for Indoor & Outdoor Use, Dark Grey
3 illuminated temperature settings, output wattage - 3.6W; Temperature monitoring with safety switch off; automatic switch off after 110 minutes
Bestseller No. 10
Coleman Rechargeable Heated Seat Cushion | OneSource Chair Pad & Lithium Ion Battery
WEATHER RESISTANT: Fabric and nontoxic PU coating protects against water and rain; 1-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY (Chair Pad); 3-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY (Battery)

Sojoy SJ154A Universal 12V Heated Car Seat Heater

This heated car seat cover is developed to fit in many vehicles and vehicles to a 12-volt electricity outlet. Its non-slip layout helps it hold tight into some chair surface to offer you the most comfortable driving experience.

The watertight, high-quality soft polyester cloth is a superb addition to help be certain that you receive the maximum warmth from the pay.

The cover reaches a fever of around 115 degrees Fahrenheit at a brief quantity of time. Sojoy asserts it could reach the maximum setting within only 3 minutes.

It includes a high, low, and off-putting to provide you total control on how hot you would like to be throughout your driveway. It is even match using a 45-minute timer, therefore that it does not last to heat upward without your knowing.

You may even tell if it is working together with all the built-in LED lights put on the plug.

While it could say it will not slip around when you secure it to your chair, we discovered it will go a bit and will necessitate adjusting from time to time.

Additionally, many pointed out that the maximum heat setting can really be too hot at times although not sufficient to leave any harm.

Tvird Car Heated Seat Cushion

If you would like to acquire a car seat cover to keep you warm in an icy automobile through the winter, then the third an individual may be a superb option.

It is a high-quality pillow that warms up fast and ensures greater comfort for your freezing and sore muscles. It provides relief for chronic pain and promotes healthy metabolism and blood flow.

The cover plugs right into a 12V socket, which means you get to utilize it on your car, office, house, and much more. It warms up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit over three to five minutes.

Additionally, there are high/low and on/off switches for simple handling and much more security on the street. You have to put in it into a breeze and fasten it using quality straps that go on the trunk and the base of the vehicle seat.

The pillow does are inclined to slip down the car seat, however. The straps are secure and firm, however, there are just some of these, and they can not hold the cover snugly.

Another minor problem is that the wiring isn’t rugged, particularly in the area where the cable joins the controller button, so a little additional care is required here.

KINGLETING Heated Seat Cushion

Pre-selected temperatures help stop inconsistent heating, as well as the timer control lets you turn on time–30, 60, or 90 minutes–without having to worry if you may forget to close off heat.

There’s also a thermostat controller built into the pay to heat, then quit warming to stop overheating or damaging the cover, then heating again to keep your comfort range.

We like this chair cover is slim and contains a nearly universal fit for most cars. Elastic bands secure the cover into position below the headrest and the base of the chair.

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  • Extremely warm for People Who want extreme heat
  • Various timer and temperature settings
  • Anti-freeze wiring harness
  • Uncomplicated cigarette lighter vehicle plug-in
  • Two covers could be connected to simultaneous usage


  • Agree to be flame retardant, but a few testimonials of filtered stains
  • Mixed reviews about the Brief lifespan of the product

Wagan Soft Velour 12V Heated Seat Cushion

Besides being among those best-rated heated car seat covers, this one is particularly soft, and the pillow is more comfortable to sit on. It is made from thick foam cushioning to help conserve the substance and heat the whole cover.

Additionally, it will come with durable and securable elastic straps to hold it tight into any chair –one characteristic we found extremely helpful. In this manner, it will not slip around under you while driving or getting in and out of the automobile.

The heated car seat pillow features two temperature controllers: low and high. During its highest setting, the cover will soon achieve a temperature of 114 degrees Fahrenheit.

That warmth output is sufficient to achieve through layers of clothes too. The cover is fitted with a power-off purpose, and therefore you don’t need to unplug it every time you leave your automobile. It’s also available in two color choices: a dark or grey velour covering.

But, though it’s at a far lower cost, there are a couple of cons to this particular cover. It is hard to evaluate the gap between the low and higher heat setting and it might take some time to achieve its entire heating capacities.

Additionally, leaving it plugged in with no motor will drain the battery fast.

SNAILAX Vibration – Automobile Seat Warmer

This massage auto seat warmer with heat treatment and radiating mild heat. What will you get for this price?

Massage places: Upper Back, Lower Back, Hips, and Thighs. You might choose and personalize your own experience to discharge anxiety, aches, tension, and knots.

Four massaging manners (Pulsate, Tapping, Rolling, and Kneading) and four seriousness configurations. The collection comprises two AC & DC adapters which allow one to use it everywhere you desire – not just in your own car but at the workplace or at home also.

Incidentally, this item may be an ideal gift for men and women that are experiencing back pain — read consumer testimonials to find out how this system helps drivers feel excellent.

FIVE S 10-Motor Vibration Massage Seat Cushion

For people who only require subtle comfort to the commute home from work, this manner of massage and warmth maybe a relaxing feature.

The heat with this chair cover warmer can be on the gentle side. It doesn’t put high heat, just a milder heating system quality, which makes this a perfect alternative for people who reside in more southern areas and do not require excessive heat.

The heater may function independently in the vibration, which means it’s possible to turn the warmer minus the massage.

The engine has three massage rates with four configurations for various regions of the human body, such as the lower back part of the trunk.


  • Vibration massage for muscle strain
  • Handheld control
  • Many settings for massage operate
  • Independent heat functioning


  • Very low heat

HealthMate Velour 12V Heated Seat Cushion

This is the best-selling budget heated seat cushion with lumbar support and 3-way temperature control.

Its rating is: roughly 70 percent of the consumers are content with the buy. When analyzing some users noticed it is cloth is soft and comfortable to sit on as it’s constructed from soft velour.

It is possible to attach it together with two back elastic straps along with four cinch straps around the floor that will stop the chair warmer from going around and getting in the way.

The filling interior is polyfoam that adds additional coziness for it. The majority of the customer answers were favorable, making it a fantastic recommendation.

But, there were a few men and women who stated, that after a year it turned into a fire danger. So be cautious and watch out for any odd plastic burning scents.

It’s powered with the 12-volt DC socket and also has 3-way temperature control and warms up quickly. It’s quite straightforward and budget-saving.

Relaxzen 10-Motor Massage Seat Cushion

The Relaxzen seat pillow provides exceptional vibration massages. Even the 10 massage motors are rather potent and designed to target the upper, mid, and lower back and thighs.

They cover five zones and also have five manners and eight intensity degrees, which means you get to correct the speed and power in accordance with your preferences.

The pillow features a user-friendly layout and features a convenient remote, therefore setting up and shifting between different styles ought to be quite straightforward.

The most important advantage of this auto seat pillow is your lumbar heating manner that keeps drivers warm throughout winter. It features the excess foam to pay the massage motors.

The lavish polyester fabric is soft and durable and provides enough comfort on long rides. All you have to do is plug the device to the socket in your vehicle, office, or residence.

People who like extreme massages, nevertheless, might be disappointed with all the high degrees of the maximum vibration style of the pillow. Another issue may be the size.

Double-check the measurements because this pillow may be too little for many people. Last, the straps have a tendency to run somewhat short, therefore securing them around the vehicle seat may be challenging.

Tech Era Carbon Fiber Seat Heater Kit Hi/Lo Setting

If you are a techie type, then a pair of heating cables is something that you would like to search for. They’ll fit anyplace on almost any 12vdc system.

Among the benefits of these carbon fibers is they don’t mess with your automobile interior layout, and you’ll be able to create them pretty much invisible to the eye.

Each kit of Tech Era Carbon Fiber Kit includes 4 pads for two chairs with illuminated 2-Color switches. The kit features a dual temperature control system using an embedded 5th generation thermostat in every pad.

Testers were delighted with the functioning of the carbon fiber kits. A few, however, said the setup has been non-trivial, so in the event that you don’t wish to crack your brains trying to find out where to place what, then, by all means, avoid this product.

Zone Tech Car Heated Cover Cushion

The Zone Tech heated chair cover is just another superior product that keeps drivers comfortable and warm during long winter months.

The cover promotes blood flow and enables to maintain a healthy metabolism. It warms and soothes tired and sore muscles and provides immediate relief and relaxation.

The pillow features high-quality straps onto the back and the base. They maintain the cover in its own location however is elastic enough to match any chair kind. The setup is quite straightforward.

As soon as you set up the cover, then you just have to plug the cable into a 12V socket. The chair will heat up immediately, and you’re going to have the ability to correct the heating modes in accordance with your requirements.

The temperature may go up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, the Zone Tech seat cover is designed to match different car types and proves to be very mobile, which means that you can easily change it between your auto, RV, truck, and much more.

Zone Tech provides this product in a package of 2, making it easy on the pocketbook but not so intuitive for its setup. The cable on the passenger’s chair is positioned and makes hitting the cigarette lighter quite hard.

Additionally, it may be tough to make it to the button.

Zento Deals Heated Car Seat Cushion

Zento Deals supplies a high-quality heated car seat pillow worthy of your attention. It is a highly effective device that has plenty of helpful features to offer you.

The pillow warms around 150 degrees in a couple of minutes and allows for simple and fast temperature alterations. It adheres to a 12V socket, so it is flexible and convenient for various vehicle types.

The pillow is very powerful yet entirely safe to be used. The cables are extra-coated for greater protection, and also the substances are non-flammable.

As a result of this high-quality polyester, the chair cushion is quite durable. It features a thick foam padding and soft lace for more relaxation throughout the rides. The bundle also has a remote control for simple use.

The power switch isn’t so intuitive, yet, and it may take a while to determine how to use the temperature controller attribute. It is a bit confusing.

Additionally, some buyers discovered that the cover does not sit very nicely in vehicles and some cables may appear and become observable.

Things to Look for in a Car Seat Warmer

Heated car seat covers aren’t all created equal, and some will quit working much quicker than many others.

Even though you can not be 100 percent convinced of a product before purchasing, check testimonials from users before purchasing to determine which versions often have quicker burnout or conversely far better outcomes than others.

You need to be certain to receive a seat warmer with the vast majority of comments being five stars.

Some heated chair covers will get considerably warmer than many others.

If you reside in a warmer area and also have mild winters, a few chair warmers that provide lower heat can survive longer and are occasionally safer.

Consider how much warmth you truly need, then seek a heated seat cover that meets your needs but also has plenty of positive comments.

It’s also critical that you receive a seat warmer that can strap into position with hooks or often, elastic rings. You do not wish to understand the hard way your seat heater makes you slide around while motorists more than you normally will.

Some versions have heated chair covers that may also provide a vibration form of massage work. If you’re simply searching for the warmth, then it’s probably better to prevent these kinds of covers, since the heat can be significantly less than the typical heater.

If you simply require just a little warmth but locate a gentle vibration relaxing on your back muscles, then this kind can be excellent for some motorists, or perhaps to get a passenger that rides in your vehicle. The shaking massage will help improve surface flow in certain people.

Hazards of Leaving on Too Long

It’s also worth mentioning caution when investing in a heated seat cover. Whatever warms up has the capability to burn or overheat.

While most seat warmer covers may have at least two or three testimonials of melted stains or overheated seats (a few of which may be a result of neglect or abuse ), listen if there are a few having consistent problems.

If you become aware of a heated bench cover having consistent client feedback about comparable melting difficulties or overheated, even burnt spots, it’s probably best to avert this product and try something different.

Never leave your heated seat cover in the vehicle unattended, and through long excursions, flip it off from time to time to let it cool down.

Additional Precautions

Overheating the body temperature may also cause drowsiness. Use extra caution if driving and having a chair warmer.

Should you detect it makes you sleepier than normal, closed it off, then start a window or place on the air conditioning, and pull over or stop in a resting place until your energy yields.

Heated seat covers aren’t meant to be utilized for child’s chairs. Never run a chair warmer beneath a vehicle seat, booster chair, or on a high setting having a kid using it.

Some seat heaters shouldn’t be used by people with pacemakers, also, so check with a physician before purchasing one.


If you have never bought a chair warmer before, look closely at the client feedback. It may be tempting to try out a rescue a few bucks by getting the least expensive version accessible, but that cash will feel completely wasted when the heater burns in a month.

On the lookout for a heated seat cover having ample five-star comments can be well worth spending an additional $20 if it means it’s going to last you a couple of winters.

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Now That You Have Selected a Heated Seat Cover

As soon as your chair warmer arrives, it’s a great idea to check it out before driving it. If the temperature becomes too hot, it’s far better to discover on your driveway or on a brief excursion than on a lengthy trip in an interstate.

Inspect the base of your heated seat cover from time to time, particularly in the first week of usage, to ensure that your automobile’s cushions are managing the warmth without any damage or signs of compromise.

As soon as you begin frequently with your warmer, be certain that you turn off it for periods during long excursions if it doesn’t have an automatic shut off choice.

This won’t only stop your body temperature from becoming too hot but also help protect the cushions from your automobile and prolong the life span of this heater.

The wiring at heated chair covers may wear out or burn out quickly if not handled nicely, so take care not to overheat the unit for extended periods.

A good rule to follow would be that of shutting off the heater every 30 to 45 minutes and letting it cool down to at least 20 minutes before turning it back on again. You may discover that the heating component will continue considerably longer once you do so.


When keeping your warmer (over summer months, as an instance ) do your best to not roll it too closely or keep it under heavy products.

The wiring within the cover may be brittle, and bending the wires too much, too intense, or fold it and placing bulky things on the springs can break the wiring down and harm that the heated seat cover or perhaps render it useless.

It’s well worth noting that you ought to keep your heated seat cover through overly hot months. If the inside of your car is going to be baking in the warm sun or lasting temperatures over 80 degrees out, this may also wear the integrity of the chair covers.

During those months, it is a fantastic idea to take out the seat cover and keep it someplace cool and dry, out of direct sunlight, and somewhere it’s not going to get too dirty or dusty.

Appreciating the Warmth

As previously mentioned, never leave a chair heater turned on unattended or whether the vehicle is shut off. To accomplish this can be harmful and will drain your battery.

With proper maintenance, your heated seat cover may take a number of the bite out of winter and also make those long chilly months a little more pleasant.

There’s not any single”best-heated chair cover” for many individuals. Everybody will favor unique versions of their own motives.

Pick what’s important to you, while it is a high fever, various configurations, or reduce the heat setting together with massage, and give you a whirl.

As the Danish undergo their winters by adopting the notion of hygge, an idea of reveling in whatever comfy, these small, warming experiences could create chilly seasons more agreeable.

You could be amazed just how much more pleasurable winter driving maybe if you have the luxury of a comfy, heated seat for your ride.



A: This all depends on the cover. Though a few heated car seat covers will start to warm up soon once you plug them into a power supply, others may take a few minutes before reaching the desired temperature.


A: Heated car seat covers may maintain heat for a short period as soon as they’re driven off. Some could stay warm for between 15 to half an hour. Finally, though, they’ll cool off and behave as a routine, non-heated chair cover.


A: A few heated car seat covers have an automatic shut-off timer to stop them from reaching dangerously hot temperatures.

Heated car seat covers which stay on forever possess the capability to achieve high levels of warmth, but should not get hotter than 120 degrees Fahrenheit.


A: This depends upon the kind of 12-volt plug you’ve got in your car or truck. Some will only operate if the vehicle is on or if it’s put in attachment mode. In the event the 12-volt socket works without the motor running, the cover will remain on while the car is switched off.

Last Ideas

Should you want a high-quality and fast-working heated car seat cover, then have a look at the Wagan Soft Velour 12V Heated Seat Cushion.

The Sojoy SJ154A Universal 12V Heated Car Seat Heater is also a good, more budget-friendly heated car seat cover that will keep you warm once you want it most.

If you want to protect the heated car seat cover, you should use the Best Leather Cleaner to wash them!