Best Hidden GPS Tracker For Car is getting to be ever more common. Car owners might want to monitor their cars for many factors.

Maybe they are scared of automobile theft and need the very best chance at being able to discover their automobile if someone steals it.

Furthermore, if multiple men and women use the identical automobile, the operator might want to monitor where the car was how long it was traveling.

If you prefer to keep maintenance records or find out about the operation history of your car or truck, then a monitoring device is the optimal solution.

Top 20 Best Hidden GPS Tracker For Car - Buying Guide

Top 20 Best Hidden GPS Tracker For Car – Buying Guide

Bestseller No. 2
LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker, - USA Manufactured, Waterproof Magnet Mount. Full Global Coverage. 4G LTE Real-Time Tracking for Vehicle, Asset, Fleet, Elderly and more. Subscription is required, Black
Personal GPS for reliable tracking of people, vehicles, and/or assets; Ultra-compact design | 100% Waterproof | Built-in Super Strength Magnet
SaleBestseller No. 3
GPS Tracker - Optimus 2.0 4G LTE Bundle with Waterproof Twin Magnet Case
Accurate, Discreet, Real-Time GPS Tracker with POWERFUL Twin Magnet Case.; Battery Life up to 2 weeks reporting frequency at 1 minute
Bestseller No. 10

LandAirSea 54 Magnetic GPS Tracker

The LandAirSea 54 is among the smallest car GPS trackers out there. With a built-in magnet, 60-second record spans, and also native/smartwatch app assistance, it is also among the very feature-rich.

While the instance is small enough to fit in a pocket or purse for individual usage, this tracker actually shines on a car or truck.

Considering that the instance has a magnet built into the waterproof case, the tracker may fit into small spaces across the outside of a car that will assist you to keep it from sight.

The program and web interface includes various added features most fundamental trackers lack, such as path playback, speech proximity alarms, and arrival/departure notifications.

Much like GPS trackers, battery lifetime is changeable based upon the specific reporting period and other standard tracker configurations. Under ordinary circumstances, the battery provides around four or five times of consistent usage.

The actual disadvantage to this brief lifespan is when it comes to recharging the apparatus, which requires approximately 12 hours.

The off and on the button have been built into the scenario, which means that you will need to have a little pin to hit the button once it is time to rejuice the battery.

SpyTec STI GL300

Track your nearest and dearest vehicles and precious possessions where they’re using the SpyTec STI GL300 Mini Portable Real-Time Personal and GPS tracker.

As a result of its portability and burden of two inches, maybe attached discreetly to virtually anything to monitor people, items, and vehicles. It’s 2-week battery life and maybe paired with all the waterproof and magnetic M2 Case for superior durability and adhesion.

This GPS tracker could be connected to your cell phone or pc; it may be tracked and mapped in real-time via Google maps.

Through its innovative Geofencing capacity, it can send text message notifications upon an individual’s departure or coming in a set place, which makes it much easier to make sure your loved one’s security and find them immediately.

Customized reports can be set-up to assist you to track activity, and its memory will save as much as a year of historic monitoring data which may be exported and stored in your PC.

This product has a lifetime guarantee and 24/7 customer service support; it does not have any activation or cancellation charges without a lock-in period.

Track with no obligations using all the SpyTec STI GL300 Mini Portable Real-Time Personal and GPS tracker.


The GL300W is a small and compact GPS tracker that comes using a pre-installed SIM card and will go undetected when concealed in your automobile. It is a real-time tracker that may save 1 year of your monitoring history.

You’ll find an alert if your car is moving, speeding, or even parking. You’ll also be advised in the event the system goes off suddenly or if the battery is reduced.

We’re impressed that it permits you to personalize your navigation zone and receive immediate alarms to your email once the car is entering or departing the mapped zone.

It provides minute-by-minute upgrades for the positioning of your car or truck, which may be configured to 10- or 30-second intervals. Additionally, it may cover just about any place in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

The battery could last for days–or even weeks–on a single charge.

On the other hand, the tracker does not have a magnet or mounting hardware, meaning it can easily get lost if you do not fasten it into a pocket or the glove box.

Additionally, it is rather pricey seeing that it is over $100, and you also need to pay monthly support subscriptions–about $25.

Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker Bundle

The Optimus 2.0 is a caliber car GPS tracker that has compatible programs offered for Android and iOS apparatus. Whenever the tracker creates new info, you may use your cellular program to look at and handle this information.

This is very good for historic information reference for your motor vehicle. The comprised twin-magnet case works well for concealment.

Vyncs GPS Tracker

Vyncs GPS Tracker is a mobile device that allows you to monitor your car or truck movement handily via its companion mobile application which may be downloaded via the Apple Store and the Google Store. Alerts may also be obtained through SMS or email.

It provides round-the-clock roadside aid inside US, Canada, and Puerto Rico places, finds and informs the user when a documented person drives the automobile beyond set curfew hours, tracks vehicle-travel and gas level real-time, diagnoses vehicle difficulty, provides speeding, and braking, and fast speed alarms send alarms for zone entrance/departure and replay automobile paths.

Drawing power from the car’s OBD (Onboard Diagnostics) port, it doesn’t need charging, and it is 3-inch size permits you to keep it hidden and undetected. In cases of removal from the OBD port, the system sends a tamper alert after it’s plugged back.

Vyncs GPS Tracker both 2G and 3G encouraged in 177 nations. It’s ideal to check if it is permitted by the regional laws before buying.

Besides the GPS tracker using a 15/30/60 next GPS upgrade, the bundle contains a SIM Card, 1 Year Info Strategy, and One Year Support with no monthly charges.

MotoSafety OBD Car Tracker

If you do not need to devote much but need something which comes with virtually all the frills of a high-end tracker, then you need to try this out MotoSafety GPS tracker.

You just have to download the free MotoSafety program in your telephone and receive real-time upgrades on the rate, direction, and place of your car or truck.

Additionally, it is inconspicuous because it installs from the OBD-II interface and may simply be found by somebody who is aggressively searching for this.

In addition, it has a geofence attribute, where you are able to get updates on significant places like schools, offices, or hospitals your vehicle has entered or exited.

Additionally, it compiles an extensive record of the driving customs such as speeding or hard braking. What is more, it conserves the everyday paths and you can replay them at the conclusion of the day.

But, we’ve noted some complaints in which the apparatus may report inaccuracies with motorist behavior, mostly with respect to speeding alarms.

Additionally, the tracker just works when the ignition is on. This will make it difficult to keep track of your automobile when it’s been towed.

Linxup OBD GPS Tracker

A budget-friendly version, the Linxup GPS tracker easily installs on your car’s OBD interface and is a favorite alternative.

Besides normal monitoring features, you’ll have access to Google Maps, text alerts, email alerts, maintenance monitoring, and much more. In addition, it can detect driver functionality and provide reports on it.

Bouncie Smart Driver Companion

Bouncie Smart Driver Partner perhaps exactly everything you want for your monitoring needs. This plug-in, OBD2 adapter monitoring device is roughly 2 inches in dimension and 4.2 oz in weight.

It can find your car or truck and provide updates each minute to if the driving is at progress or it’s only started or ceased.

It provides notification alarms for various Bouncie-monitored tasks: Acceleration, Braking, Speed, After-Curfew Driving, and Tampering.

Additionally, it provides automobile information, such as health diagnostics, reminders, renewals, mileage, reports, and data.

All of this info can be retrieved via its spouse Apple Store and Play Store-downloadable program or via your pc and may be shared with unlimited users.

The device may also be attached to smart house supporters, Alexa or Google Home, for easier accessibility.

Additionally, it permits users to place geo-circles, pinpoint driver place right, and establish the trip beginning and end addresses.

With the rate ring capacity, Bouncie monitors and colors your own driving.

Created for 1996-model vehicles and newer, this 3G concealed GPS trackers for automobiles apparatus has a United States-wide policy with no range limitation.

It doesn’t have tools or wires and doesn’t require to charge since it pulls power from the vehicle’s OBD2 port. A monthly data strategy is contained on the purchase, and it may be canceled without any charges.

More Information: Bouncie Smart Driver Companion

The Mileage Ace GPS Mileage Tracker

If you’re operating a company and you have to monitor the mileage of your own drivers, allow the Mileage Ace GPS Mileage Tracker does the job for you. Usually, you’d be contingent on the motorist to make mileage logs to you.

But to make sure there isn’t any human mistake, this tracker is able to keep more precise accounts of the miles driven. This can make it much easier to maintain tax deductions on automobile usage and much more.


TKSTAR GPS Tracker is a GPS device that’s acceptable for your tracking needs. The tracker includes a rechargeable 5000 mA Lithium battery, using a lifetime of 3 months in case fully charged.

It’s a place precision of 5-10 meters, along with the motion of the automobile, person, or thing, to which it’s attached to, maybe tracked through its companion mobile application that’s downloadable via the two Android and iOS apparatus.

Its portable size of 4 inches, the weight of 6.4 oz, and 5-piece solid magnetic power enable it to be readily hidden.

It’s likewise tamper-resistant using its waterproof cover, jolt alert, and anti-theft operation. It’s ready to send Overspeed alarms and low battery alert through SMS.

This palm-size apparatus has a lanyard hole, a USB interface, along with a SIM card slot. Having a minimal upload period of 10 seconds, it provides real-time monitoring and path playback utilizing Google Maps.

Its geofence capacity enables a user to designate a specific place limit for motion, and a text message will be transmitted if the system leaves the specified place.

A 2G GSM/GPRS SIM card might need to be bought separately, however, the lifetime-use program is free for downloading. In instances of application offline mistake, the vendor can be reached through email.

Dooreemee Mini Real Time Tracking Locator Device

Dooreemee Mini Real Time Tracking Locator Device is a small, compact GPS tracker that’s two by 1.1 by 0.6 inches in dimension and 1.1 oz in weight.

The gadget includes a built-in, Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery, USB interface, and lanyard, SIM card memory card slots. The 2G Nano SIM card might need to be bought individually.

It’s a battery life of approximately 7-10 days and may be used to monitor individuals, items, and pets having a precision of approximately 5 meters.

The apparatus can be monitored with the GPS 365 program, which can be easily more downloadable in the Android apparatus.

Apart from location tracking and path history recording, this tracker also includes voice track and vibration alert capabilities.

The voice track makes it possible for the audio around the apparatus to be discerned in your phone.

The vibration alert, on the other hand, is triggered while the magnet strength tracker is set on an item, along with the tracker finds a motion. A geofence may likewise be put to prompt an SMS alert once the strength leaves or enters the zone.

The concealed GPS trackers for automobiles apparatus is constructed from durable metal and contains a lifelong warranty. Customer service support is provided through both email and telephone.

Trak-4 GPS Tracker

Trak-4’s car and private tracker are a bulky, rugged device using a situation that is designed to endure several scratches and knocks.

Contrary to other automobile GPS trackers, this one is supposed to be as straightforward to prepare and use as you can. The case includes mounting tabs, which means it is possible to twist the tracker on a vehicle rather than relying on magnets.

The tracker is made to be utilized with no requirement (or accessibility ) of a committed mobile program; all preferences are controlled through Trak-4’s site instead.

Through the web interface, then you may place the dwell text or email alerts and geofencing settings. Although it’s geared towards automobile usage, the tracker is small enough to fit in a pocket or purse for individual use too.

While battery life seems great on paper (around 12 to 18 months), this can be significantly determined by the reporting period.

Frequent location coverage (approximately every 15 minutes) shrinks your battery life down to only a couple of weeks.

Assessing the tracker’s preferences on a mobile device can also be somewhat clunky as you need to see the organization’s site as a substitute for a native program.

Automatic AUT-450C OBD II Tracker

The automated AUT-450C automobile tracker does things somewhat differently. Rather than a generally monthly fee for monitoring, this unit employs 3G information from the included (infinite ) 5-year subscription.

It’s a built-in bar code scanner that will help decipher check engine lights and alarms emergency services in case of an accident. Alexa, Nest, and IFTTT compatibility permit you to seamlessly connect with digital life.

Amcrest AM GL300

Having a size bigger than a milder, Amcrest AM GL300 Portable Mini Real-Time GPS Tracker can keep tabs on your nearest and dearest, pets, precious items, shipments, or automobile.

It’s 5.5 by 4 in size and weighs only 8.8 oz; its streamlined attribute allows for simple concealment.

The system involves a built-in, rechargeable battery which could last from 10-14 days, even if fully charged. For superior durability and protection from water, dust, sand, and end, another IP67 Heavy-Duty Weatherproof Magnetic Case could be bought.

Amcrest has geofence capacities that permit the user to place certain zones.

If said zones are attained or left out of, the apparatus can activate an alert message, which is transmitted to the user either via email or SMS or via the Amcrest Program. Maximum rates and proximity alerts for vehicles might also be set.

The Amcrest Program can be downloaded via the Apple Store and the Play Store, either via mobile computers and devices. Throughout the program, you’re ready to track activity, manage alarms, and create customized reports which can be shared with other users.

The concealed GPS trackers for automobiles device includes a lifetime guarantee, email service, along with a monthly subscription which may be terminated without any extra fees at any time. This subscription includes 2G information and infinite SMS and email alerts.

Tracki Mini GPS Tracker

We found it best to incorporate the Tracki Mini to your greater policy it gives. It ensures the U.S., Canada, and 185 global nations.

Additionally, Tracki is lightweight, small, and maybe hidden anywhere in a car, backpack, or bag. It supplies you real-time alerts if the tracker is from this geofence or if the tracker begins moving.

Additionally, it provides speed alarms and will preserve a five-year database of monitoring details such as the path, rate, and time stamp.

It is not just a GPS tracker but also a wise monitor, which may utilize Wi-Fi for ID fitting in global databases.

It is possible to change it into Bluetooth when inside and monitor anything inside a 50-foot selection. The battery could last for 30 days on a single charge if you are not utilizing the real-time monitoring feature.

On the other hand, the battery only lasts for less than 48 hours once it is constantly in a real-time monitoring manner. Another drawback is you might get error messages when upgrading places via the program.

Additionally, you might need to constantly rely on client support if you would like to modify your subscription program.

BrickHouse Security TrackPort OBDII Vehicle Tracker

The Brickhouse Security Trackport is a reliable real-time GPS tracker for your car or truck or even an entire fleet of vehicles. Receive a satellite aerial picture of your vehicle in its existing place for this tracker.

Other features include a panic button, quick alarms, and travel reports.

MotoSafety Portable Real Time Personal GPS Tracker

Security has never been so easy with all the MotoSafety Portable Real-Time Personal GPS Tracker.

This compact and chic GPS tracker, together with all the size of a typical key fob, can monitor your nearest and dearest, cherished pets, appreciated items, along with your vehicles (even motorcycles and bikes ) real-time using its geofencing abilities.

It’s lightweight and durable, and it may be attached to several items without being detected.

Having a 6-hour charging length, its battery life may last for 14 days

This miniature GPS comes with an on-the-go portable tracking system that’s encouraged by equally Android and Apple apparatus.

Perfect for long rides and excursions, it may replay routes so that you may review places and dispatches, and it sends updates each through the program on your cellular phone or into your PC.

Mobile alarms for arrival in set locations or death from specified places, after-hour automobile motions, and unauthorized use of vehicle/ equipment could be put to your piece of mind.

Without a SIM card requirement as well as the information plan comprised, Motosafety directly connects into a 4G network such as a cellular phone to provide live updates.

With no cancellation or activation charges and without cables or setup, you receive 24/7 hassle-free security with Motosafety.

ATian T3103B Personal Tracker

ATian T3103B Personal Tracker is a monitoring device that’s utilized for the automobile’s safety, surveillance, monitoring, tracking, emergency, and direction.

It is 5.7 by 4 by 2.8 inches in dimension and 10.4 oz in weight. It can be linked to automobiles with 12 volts to 24 volts of electricity supply that is standard. The apparatus has a GPS tracker, relay, and mic.

It includes a remote controller, a screwdriver, a cable, an education CD, and a manual for simple install. Once joined, the tracker includes a GPS sensitivity of -159dBm, an update frequency of each 45 minutes, along with a precision of fewer than 5 meters.

Up to five numbers can be put to track the tracker. It supports both the GPS and location-based solutions for dual monitoring solutions.

The goal can be tracked through SMS or on the world wide web, and it can record always and real-time at 20 to 29 hours via its 3.7 800mAh Li-on back-up battery.

The bundle doesn’t include a GPRS/GSM supported SIM card, so it might need to be bought separately in the consumer’s country.

The gadget isn’t waterproofed and may be kept in temperatures between -40°C to +85°C. Its working temperature is -20°C into +65°C

Zubie GL500C12M Teen Driver GPS Tracker

The Zubie GL500C12M monitoring device focuses on security and training drivers. It can detect if your adolescent (or a different driver) is going faster than the posted limit on your region and will allow you to know with an alarm.

It notifies you of possible automobile health problems so that it will not be up to a driver to recognize too late that something isn’t right.

Kimfly GF07 GPS Tracker

Kimfly GF07 GPS tracker is perhaps what you require for your monitoring needs. It’s magnetic, miniature GPS real-time locator of approximately 25 by 20 by 42 millimeters in dimension and 3.2 oz in weight. The system involves a SIM card, a USB cable, and a 16GB memory card.

Its battery is constructed from Lithium-ion and will last for 4-6 times on a total charge and 12 times on standby. Due to its portable size and magnetic substance, it could be attached or suspended to virtually anything people, items, vehicles, dispatch, or even pets.

It’s a monitoring precision of about 10 meters plus a GSM positioning period of 25 minutes. It may provide the whole tracking and send SMS on your cell phone on the tracker’s arrival or death to a set place.

Additionally, it may activate alarms for unauthorized side trips or traveling to spaces too far from the established home place, using an SOS button that may be pushed for emergency scenarios. It utilizes a GSM/GPRS system format.

To utilize the tracker, then the SIM card and memory card might need to be set up. The apparatus should automatically change on to a reddish light. A light flash signals that the apparatus has a low battery.


  • If you would like to put a concealed GPS tracker in the interior of your car or truck, look for a place close to the windows. Many GPS devices have greater reception whenever they have a crystal clear view of the skies.
  • For outdoor positioning, attempt to mount the apparatus on the undercarriage or supporting an automotive component like the backlights. This makes it a lot easier to maintain the device from sight.
  • Ensure you’ve got a stable mount for the GPS tracker should you put it out of the car or truck. Rough driving states can loosen feeble magnetic mounts. For the ideal equilibrium, a clamp or fastener is your better option.

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A. the same as any other GPS device, a concealed tracker communicates with satellites overhead to ascertain its own position. Utilizing some calculations, it decides and transmits its place (or shops it) for your consumer.


A. The reliability of a tracker is dependent upon the GPS reception. The majority of the time, a GPS device doesn’t have any difficulty communicating with GPS satellites.

Particular forms of terrain, poor weather, and other tiny elements can worsen reception in some specific scenarios. You could also be restricted once you’re able to get the data if it does not have a data link.


A. Installing it someplace that’s hard to get on the automobile is your best option. This generally rules out the inside of the motor vehicle.

Rather, consider mounting it somewhere out supporting a panel or part. Underneath the car, supporting a mild, at the engine bay, along with other regions to work rather nicely.

Last Ideas

For a few of the top picks readily available, take a look at the AMERICALOC GL300W XW Series. On the flip side, save money with our very best value select, the MotoSafety OBD Car Tracker, rather.

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