If you are serious about your experiences, you will probably be traveling more than only a backpack. Best Hitch Cargo Carrier is easy to hook up, a terrific method to conserve space, and a few versions are capable of transporting over 600 lbs of equipment.

In this guide, we will cover a number of the highest items to look for in a hitch cargo company and our favorite outdoor experience models.

Reviews Top 10 Best Hitch Cargo Carrier

Reviews Top 10 Best Hitch Cargo Carrier

Bestseller No. 3
XCAR Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier Rack High Side 59" x 24" x 14" Folding Cargo Rack Rear Luggage Basket Fits 2" Receiver for Car SUV Camping Traveling
Thickened steel mesh and durable powder coat finish; Foldable receiver tube and side rail; Fits standard 2" hitch cargo carrier receiver
Bestseller No. 4
MaxxHaul 70107 Hitch Mount Compact Cargo Carrier - 53" x 19-1/2" - 500 lb. Maximum Capacity for 2" Hitch Receiver
Capacity: 500 pounds distributed weight; Outer basket size: 53 x 19 x 5 inch; Inner basket size: 51 x 17-1/2 x 4 -1/2 inch
Bestseller No. 5
MaxxHaul 70108 49" x 22.5" Hitch Mount Aluminum Cargo Carrier With High Side Rails For RV's, Trucks, SUV's, Vans, Cars With 2" Hitch Receiver - 500-lb Load Capacity , Grey

Curt Basket-Style Cargo Carrier 18153

Hitch mounted cargo carriers aren’t solely utilized to transfer luggage when traveling or equipment for outdoor pursuits. They are sometimes used to lift heavy equipment daily.

If you’re in regular need of a freight carrier, you may love one which may be folded up and attached to a car until your next usage.

Curt provides a wide variety of trailer hitch cargo carriers with an assortment of mounting options, including leading and backloading freight carriers, some of which possess a folding shank.

The Curt Basket-Style Cargo Carrier 18153 is just one such company that provides durability, stability, and simplicity of usage.

The Basket-style 18153 features a two ″ a two ″ bent, folding shank that warms up from a car to provide additional ground clearance if not in use.

Once in use, it may carry up to 500 pounds of load weight using an internal tray size of 60-inch x 24 inches that’s rather spacious for loading equipment, motorcycles, and ample cargo bags.

Cargo is kept in position with heavy-duty carbide steel using a tubular construction that is sturdy enough to support heavy bag and withstand harsh weather elements.

The exterior is coated with durable black powder to withstand rust, scratches, and UV damage. On the other hand, the steel tube’s interior isn’t painted to protect against rust like the exterior.

Their ends are available; if utilized under heavy rain or snow, water might get in. Some reviewers indicated painting it with black paint finding a way to pay this up.

Regardless of this complaint, the Curt Basket-Style Cargo Carrier 18153 provides support and stability that is seen in hardly any carriers. It features a stable mesh system and 6 inches high sides, which prevents the bag from slipping out from transit.

The large sides also provide a convenient way for attaching a cargo net or freight tote strap to hold down several pieces of bag.

The carrier also offers increased security precautions in its own built-in reflectors for more excellent reliability and security when driving in low light areas.

It’s possible to mount the 18153 either in the front or behind your vehicle so long as you’ve got the ideal receiver hitch. Installing in front is excellent, particularly when you need this rear end to get a rear rack, another carrier, or if you want to utilize your car to tow a trailer.

This design makes setup fast and simple. With only a couple of tools, you can correct it by bending the shank up for straightforward insertion.

You then reduce the shank down while adding the hitch pin. Its powerful bolt layout can hold up in the long-distance travel and bumpy terrains.

Driving over speed bumps hardly impacts the company, except if you’re driving over a massive mountain. It is accompanied by an angled shank to lift it the floor, enough to load freight smoothly and protect the carrier out of scratches.

Additionally, it stands out in the receiver at an upward thrust but still low enough to load the back of most vehicles without any problems.

ARKSEN Folding Hitch Cargo Carrier

The ARKSEN bag basket is just another hardy, high-quality carrier. The welded design was designed to hold up to severe weight — around 500 lbs. The square tube steel construction is coated with epoxy powder to be individual UV rays do not damage it.

As it is just one bit, you do not need to think about it breaking anytime soon. The basket design is foldable, with 6-inch side railings like the prior product. It is ideal for hauling around big cargo luggage, camping gear, and bag quickly.

Setup is quite straightforward and matches 2″ trailer openings for fast attachment.

The only real complaint we had was the carrier sits lower to the floor that might be a problem for a number of vehicles. Overall, if you’re interested in finding a massive hitch provider, this is the largest in the manual!

  • High side rails
  • Convenient folding-design
  • High-quality construction with a 500-pound capability

Best Cargo Bag: ROLA Wallaroo (59102)

If you’re trying to find a cargo tote, the ROLA Wallaroo is a superb option, offering around 11.5 cubic feet of storage area –enlarged from 9.5 cubic feet if the additional zipper is unzipped.

Manufactured out of a premium-quality, a rainproof substance with sonically welded seams, this freight tote will maintain all of its contents dry, clean, and protected regardless of where you are going.

With six straps, this particular product is made to be a universal match with the majority of hitch-mounted cargo trays and baskets.

In the bag are two inside pockets that can hold modest items and assist with organization. It tips the scales in 6.5 pounds, so it will not add any substantial burden to a carrier.

Pros/Expandable layout includes six procuring straps, and universal design will fit most hitch cargo carriers, sonically welded seams, rainproof.

Cons/Straps are more difficult to attach, a few owners whine about zipper caliber, is not entirely waterproof in heavy storms.

Reese Explorer Pro Series 63153 Rambler

We do not know about you, but we adore car carriers. But many of them have a load limit of way under 200 pounds.

Imagine if you will need to take something more enviable?

Lifting that loading and much of it onto a roof rack will probably be hard for many people. That’s if you’re able to locate a roof carrier that may take it.

On the other hand, the Reese Research Pro Series 63153 Rambler makes transferring of heavy freight simpler. This hitch-mounted freight provider takes up to 500 pounds of fat on a 60 x 24-inch freight platform.

Though the carrier is sufficiently strong to carry this amount of weight using its sturdy metal construct, do not get overly excited about lifting bags up to 500 pounds when you have not assessed your car or truck tongue weight rating.

Additionally, automobile hitches have limits; not all of them are able to carry that level of weight.

If you’ve had adventures (or have heard of adventures ) of hitch-mounted freight carriers scratching the ground in rather reduced automobiles or terrain, and then you would enjoy the Pro series 63153.

It features an increased shank design that elevates the freight for increased space between the floor and the carrier. Your stand is protected in any way times, as it stays high enough.

Additionally, as you push, there’s absolutely no extra haul that reduces gasoline mileage, but if you overload it along with your vehicle.

Another fantastic tick this high increase design brings is that the protection it provides to freight bags and some other combustible.

There’s more space between the exhaust along with your bag. With some carriers, you may risk with the exhaust melt down your bag and create a fire.

If it comes to protection whilst on the street, this provider protects luggage from slipping through the sides together with 5.5 inches side railings.

You might even attach straps into the railings and hold off your load. The flooring is a rocky mesh that’s simple to clean and is extremely powerful to encourage bag.

One disappointment that we’ve observed in certain hitch carriers is that their inability to withstand rust; this wears down durability. Nonetheless, this isn’t a problem with this particular carrier.

There’s a powder coating finish over the steel that’s resistant to weather components, rust, and rust. It will not immediately get rusted after prolonged outdoor usage as most steel will.

Installing the carrier isn’t so tasking, it may be achieved within 30 minutes so long as you’ve got a two” vehicle recipient.

However, if you aren’t automatically inclined, we recommend that you receive a torque wrench to torque the screws to factory specs. As you can do with it — with far more attempt — setup is simpler using a torque wrench.

Besides, you will need to acquire tail lights or reflectors for your carrier. It does not reflect during the night, and it is illegal in many areas not to alert other drivers of this trailer behind your vehicle.

If it covers your tail lighting, Rola 59516 Led Light Kit is a great option for a light kit. The Pro Series 63153 includes cutouts that are harmonious with all the lights.

ROLA Vortex Steel Cargo Carrier

ROLA is easily among the very well-reputed manufacturers in hitch cargo carriers, and it’s easy to see why using all the Vortex Steel Cargo Carrier.

The durable design is created out of heavy-duty steel construction, finished off with a black powder coating to protect against the elements, scratches, and rust.

The 600-pound capability is more than many on the market, and will easily hold anything you want to bring along for the ride.

The carrier basket has a handy increase shank, so it does not block the exhaust pipes or hang too low into the floor.

The huge capacity is ideal for holding coolers, camping equipment, and other bulky gear. In addition to that, it is among those sleekest-looking carriers we have seen.

Installation is remarkably simple, with two receivers ideal for automobiles, trucks, SUVs, and other larger vehicles. The 2-piece assembly features attachment points for license plates, also!

We also enjoyed the fact that you could opt to add a fully-functional lighting system and chrome plates.

The sole”con” for us was that if you would like a good match, you might not enjoy just how much this one can move around. The added hardware also looks somewhat cheap in comparison to this high-quality construction of this carrier.

  • High-quality steel construction
  • Easy meeting
  • 600-pound capacity

Highland Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier (1042000)

Sporting a 2-piece layout that bolts together in minutes, this hitch-mounted cargo carrier out of Highland matches any 2″ receiver also provides up to 500-pound capacity.

The platform itself steps 60″ from 20″ using 2.5″ tall sides and features an expanded metal deck and handy tie-down points. Constructed from heavy-duty steel, this company has a durable powder-coat finish to help withstand corrosion and other components.

In comparison to other freight carriers, its sides are not as tall, which means you will want to pay careful attention when securing your freight. It’s, however, cheaper than a number of the contest.

Pros/Large dimension, heavy-duty steel, powder coat complete, expanded steel deck, handy tie-down points, compatible with 2″ receivers

Cons/Lower sides in comparison with the contest lean, weight, complete off carrots.

Tricam ACC-1F Aluminum Cargo Carrier

Aluminum freight carriers are usually flimsy and not able to hold much weight, maybe not that aluminum carrier, however. The ACC-1F aluminum freight carrier by Tricam is made from aluminum.

Not aluminum, Tricam employs a mix of steel to generate the ACC-1F carrier more sturdy. Consequently, if you’re searching for hauling heavy freight without a lot of hassle, then this is the provider for you.

This provider can carry up to 500 lbs of freight, but do not be determined by its own capacity. It’s nevertheless lightweight, as is due to aluminum carriers. At 25 lbs, not only is it easier to lift, but it’s also simpler to get only one person to bring it off and on the hitch.

It functions with an easy assembly system by linking the four bolts to attach the aluminum jar into the steel frames. Both components use rivets and come pre-assembled, so no screwing and unscrewing of bolts to build it.

Hitch and snare are also contained in the bundle. Therefore there’s not any need to purchase them separately. Put that into almost any 2-inch receiver hitch, and you’re great for the street.

Assembling and installing requires less than 15 minutes. With this particular carrier, Tricam has introduced a straightforward and convenient way to expand your cargo space.

Can this hold over really rough terrain? That’s still problematic. One thing is clear. However, it’s hardy and corrosion-resistant, and among the best aluminum freight carriers.

With minimum maintenance, this provider should function well for quite a while. Along with its high carrying capacity, its stage is 50 x 20 inches, providing lots of room to spread equipment on it.

The ACC-1F has another fantastic tick with its own reflective tapes. They stick in nicely and alert other drivers in poor visibility places.

However, one criticism we discovered with this carrier is its proximity to the rear automobile exhaust of several vehicles.

This could pose a security hazard if you load totes notably those that can’t withstand heat — quite near this area for a protracted period.

MaxxHaul Aluminum Carrier

If you’re searching for among the best freight carriers to a budget, then the MaxxHaul Aluminum Carrier is your best option.

You will notice immediately that the largest gap between this one and others on our manual, is it does not possess the sturdy steel construction others do. But given how cheap it is, it is still rather durable.

As you can probably imagine, it is rather lightweight awarded the aluminum construction. Regardless of this, it’s a 500-pound weight capability that’s equally as much since most steel-made carriers! Additionally, it is resistant to rust, which is always vital in exposure to the elements.

The 6-inch side railings keep your possessions safe, even with no tie-downs. Each corner has been rounded out with red plastic end caps, and you will also discover two red reflectors to make sure it’s visible in reduced lighting.

Since the basket flooring features aluminum bars in contrast to the cable mesh of others have, there is quite a little space where smaller things could fall through.

Our only additional complaints were that it does not fold like others, along with also the plastic caps can melt whether the exhaust hits them just perfect. But for this very low cost, it does the task of transporting gear quite well.

  • Cheapest cost
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Simple to set up

Merax Foldable Hitch Cargo Carrier

Though pricey, this is among the most flexible hitch cargo carriers readily available, but it is also not for everyone. Featuring 15.4″ tall sides, you’ll feel secure falling freight into this basket, which steps 59″ from 24″.

Regrettably, its maximum cargo capacity is 360 pounds, so it is not as powerful as other choices on the listing.

If you do not require the popular 500-pound capacity, nonetheless, this is a fantastic provider since its four sides and shank are foldable. Therefore it may be conveniently consumed when not being used.

This product matches 2″ automobile recipients and is simple to set up. Additionally, it is quite easy to clean due to a net flooring and includes two red reflectors so that it’s a lot easier to see in the nighttime.

The whole carrier includes a powder-coated end to help prevent corrosion and harm from external elements.

Pros/15.4″ large sides, big jar, easy to clean, net flooring, foldable shank and sides, reflectors

Cons/Max ability of 360 pounds, somewhat wobbly on several vehicles, powder-coated finish is under average quality.

Goplus Hitch Mount Car Cargo Carrier

If you must possess a hitch-mounted cargo carrier along with your pockets aren’t complete, the Goplus Hitch Mount Car Cargo Carrier might only be it for you.

It’s the best illustration you do not need to pay a lot to acquire an excellent thing’ Most top carriers are over $70, but this one comes from about $56, which can be cheap compared to a number of the additional best hitch cargo carriers within this listing.

This provider is a long-lasting hitch-mount basket made from durable and heavy-duty steel tubular construction. Steel is much more likely to be influenced by rust over aluminum, but GoPlus added a coating of black powder to protect against corrosion and rust.

You might even add a spray of black paint for a long-lasting resistance.

If a single individual can easily gather and put in a carrier, it’s obviously a plus. This Goplus has both positive and negative sides in this aspect.

On the one hand, it’s fairly mild at 22.7 pounds. That’s a sensible burden for a single individual.

Additionally, there’s a hitch pin and other mounting accessories with the bundle that’s an advantage since many carriers barely arrive with a hitch pin and clip. There’s also a comparatively simple to comprehend manual.

On the flip side, bolts are utilized to maintain the components. You need to tighten the bolts nuts until it is possible to install it. Then there are two support beams in two distinct sizes.

That’s fine, but the attachment bolts are the dimensions of the larger support beam. Be aware that these bolts must be employed on both service beams.

Some reviewers complained that the bolts are too long to the smaller ray and might scratch the floor when driving small cars or if entering parking areas with steep slopes.

When there was an additional elevation in the curved hitch, this would not happen to be a problem. However, the hitch is right.

There are two ways around this, either grind the bolts leave them to do this gradually since they continuously scrape on the ground. If both of these options aren’t for you, you might consider obtaining a curved adapter.

Also, consider that because it’s a straight hitch, it might learn in your own exhaust. If that is true for your vehicle, aluminum foil has been proposed by a reviewer.

Asides this tiny criticism, this tact cargo basket is fantastic. It fits into almost any 2-inch receiver, and the majority of individuals can fix up everything in under 1 hour the first time.

Whenever you’ve put it up, you can put in things of less than 500 lbs. The measurement is 53 x 19 inches. Even though this isn’t the broadest or longer, it may take much. Should you require something wider, then consider the Pro Series 63153 Rambler.

The base of the Goplus Hitch Mount is rail-style (with no net ). Only horizontal steel panels. These panels are hardy and encourage weight equally.

Just make sure that your smaller objects are along with your larger ones and leaping down. Otherwise, they’ll fall through the distances between the tails on the way. The negative racks also help protect the load from wobbling or slipping off using its 4-inch elevation.

Things To Search For In A Hitch Cargo Carrier

If you are an avid camper or occur to often end up on experience, it is almost always a fantastic idea to get some excess space for equipment on your car or truck.

Hitch carriers are cheap, and there are not many downsides to enlarging your own footprint. Listed below are a couple of things we pay more attention to before purchasing.

See also: https://www.discountramps.com/how-to/mobility/choosing-hitch-mount-cargo-carrier/a/B55/


The favorite choice of all is steel construction. Why? As it is incredibly durable and will shoot just about anything that you set it through.

Steel isn’t likely to bend or break, even under hundreds of pounds. When it’s welded or made from one-piece construction, that is better. You may rest assured there will not be some weak spots.

Should you choose a carrier made from steel, it is a fantastic idea to get one that is also powder-coated. This will stop it from scratching, rusting, or breaking under the sun’s UV rays.

This is very important when you are going to be subjecting it to snow and rain.

A fantastic choice for steel is aluminum. Aluminum is considerably lighter compared to steel and quite durable. We love the fact that aluminum does not rust, but it’s fairly prone to scratches.

Regardless of what, having exceptional build quality means you are likely to feel confident and secure. The very last thing you need is to be stressing as you are traveling or out camping. You ought to be focusing on the fantastic time you are likely to own, along with your carrier, must help alleviate that.

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Weight Capacity

Odds are, you are likely to have approximately 200-300 lbs of equipment with you throughout your ordinary excursion. But, our favorite carriers possess 500, and sometimes, 600-pound weight abilities. That is quite a little.

We like to go for one of those heavier responsibility options. The carrier ought to have the ability to easily support a few hundred pounds with no bending or vibration.

If you are unsure if your provider can hold a specific item, it is always prudent to size up. There is no sense in cutting it alongside the equipment.


Noise is often something that we do not consider. But if you are on a long journey or on especially rough or uneven terrain, then you risk the freight carrier rattling around.

That is a sound that can not readily be drowned out by sing-alongs. Additionally, should you hear that your valuable possessions rattling around, it is understandably likely to turn you into a little nervous or stressed.

A high-quality hitch carrier will have a comfortable, proper match. That usually means the receiver and primary shaft will fit together like puzzle pieces, without the additional wiggle room.

To improve this, be certain that you check out the attachment mechanism on your car or truck prior to making your choice. Most carriers will relate to a typical 2-inch automobile receiver absolutely. You will usually find those on larger vehicles, such as Jeep, SUVs, or trucks.

Base Dimensions

Another among the primary features you ought to update is the measurements of your prospective cargo company. Since you probably know, the bigger the measurements, the more you will be able to easily transfer.

How much space do you want?

To begin with, consider what you are going to be bringing together. If you are taking bikes, then the breadth is not likely to issue up to the span.

With camping gear or massive pieces of luggage, you will want to assess the equipment and pick accordingly. If you are coming near the limit, it is always better to go for the bigger company.


Railings are what encircles the outside of the tray, and this will keep your gear secure. It’ll ensure your possessions do not accidentally slide from the stand. This is much more important if you intend on traveling on rough/uneven terrain, or in the event that you’ll be traveling up steep inclines.

Obviously, you’re most probably have to anchor down your things. In spite of the most stable anchoring, in case you do not have high sidewalls, you risk your own gear escaping. The 6-inch sides that the vast majority of the products with this manual have been greater than adequate for many.


The plan of the foundation is a must in maintaining your items secure, too. You will typically find a sort of tightly-woven steel net, which will be our layout of selection. The main reason why is there is a little likelihood of things falling through and supports heavy loads nicely.

Sometimes, you will discover a wire mesh system, which does well in preventing things from falling through. The downside is they’re quite brittle and prone to rust.

The pub design you’ll see in the MaxxHaul is excellent concerning durability but may more readily allow smaller pieces of gear to fall through.

Weight of Carrier

The burden of your hitch-mounted freight carrier impacts various things. One is the simplicity of setup. Clearly, a 40-pound thing will be a lot easier to lift and move than the usual 200-pound one.

Anything about 70 lbs will be easy for two people to put in, and should not take long so that you may get in your way.

As mentioned before, aluminum carriers are more lightweight and generally simpler to install than steel carriers. But, it is still possible to find lots of steel carriers which are rather straightforward to set up with just two individuals.

Front-of-Vehicle Choice

As you might have read previously, there are a few freight carriers that permit you to choose whether you want to attach it to the motor vehicle’s back or front.

For many, it is more convenient to utilize front attachment and might make them feel much more protected. It is up to personal taste, but it is wonderful to have the alternative.

Locking Mechanism

It is almost impossible to stay together with your things at all times, especially whenever you’re on the street. You might want to go to a convenience store fast or step away for another motive.

Unfortunately, there is always the prospect of someone making off with your items if you do not have a locking mechanism.

Most carriers will include a sort of locking hitch pin, so it is hard to take it from your car or truck. This won’t just help save you time but also offer you the reassurance your possessions are safe and solid.

Installing A Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier


Possessing the best hitch cargo carrier acceptable for you ensures that there’s little to no limitation to what you are able to carry on your motor vehicle.

Though we’ve introduced the best hitch mounted carriers from the marketplace to you on a free platter, take time to consider your requirements and what you may utilize.

Deciding on the perfect one may take some time; it should not be a one-minute choice. We’ve given you hints and a summary of points to consider before making your purchase. Compare unique carriers contrary to these variables and find the one that fits your requirements.