Whether you are a child at heart or searching for a youngster, Best Hot Wheels Track Sets are the ideal means to have fun away from the true vehicle.

These days, Hot Wheels Track Sets provide a lot of flexibility, letting you assemble the wildest inventions and paths of your fantasies.

When it’s to race head-to-head or side-by-side, or you only need to catch some spectacular crashes or gravity-defying stunts, Hot Wheels provides it all with a massive assortment of monitor collections.

If you’re trying to find a few of the best Hot Wheels Track Sets for the holiday season, you have come to the ideal location.

We have a look at 11 of the most well-known ones available, covering a broad assortment of cost tiers so that you may select the ideal gift for a loved one and yourself.

Reviews Top 11 Best Hot Wheels Track Of 2020

Reviews Top 11 Best Hot Wheels Track Of 2020

SaleBestseller No. 1
Hot Wheels City Robo T-Rex Ultimate Garage, Multi-level Multi-Play Mode, Stores 100 Plus 1:64 Scale Cars, Gift Idea for Kids 3 and Older
Watch out for the hungry Robo T-Rex looking to devour some tasty Hot Wheels vehicles.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set [Amazon Exclusive]
Rev up your child's curiosity and problem-solving skills with this super-fun set!; Car feeder ramp fuels exciting storytelling moments and continuous racing action.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage Playset [Amazon Exclusive]
​Crank up the competition with thrilling side-by-side racing action.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Hot Wheels Car & Mega Track Pack [Amazon Exclusive] 40 Feet
Great addition to existing Track Builder sets (sold separately).; Comes with one Hot Wheels vehicle.
Bestseller No. 6
Hot Wheels Super 6-Lane Raceway with Lights & Sounds, Includes 6 Hot Wheels Vehicles, Track Unfolds to 8 Feet, Collapses for Easy Storage, Gift for Kids 5 Years & Older
This 6-lane raceway features 8 feet of multi-lane racing for the ultimate competition; Realistic sounds and lights add a dimension of real racing action
Bestseller No. 8
Hot Wheels Track Builder Total Turbo Takeover Track Set [Amazon Exclusive]
Set can be configured in multiple ways.; All new two-way booster delivers several ways to play and launch cars.
Bestseller No. 10
Hot Wheels Track Builder Vertical Launch Set 50 Inches High 3 Stunt Configurations Ages 6 to 10 3M Command Strips [Amazon Exclusive]
Go up with this Vertical Launch Kit that can attach to a wall and reaches 50 inches high!; The innovative set also has 3 configurations and is easy to set up and simple to put away.

Best for Beginners: Hot Wheels Track Builder Straight Track with Car, 15 Feet

When small ones are introduced into Hot Wheels, they require the fundamentals, exactly what this collection contains. It includes 15 feet of right track in most plus 18 connectors and a vehicle to get the activity started.

As soon as they get the fundamentals down, this collection could be linked with several other Hot Wheels sets to take racing pleasure to another level.

Recommended for children ages 4-10, parents say it is a fun and flexible set. It may be utilized on the staircase, the floor of the playroom, or anywhere else kids want to race.

It is finally a wonderful way for children to understand how to link tracks and start designing cool classes.

Editor’s Pick: Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set

The Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set is exclusive to Amazon and is among the highest-rated and hot Hot Wheels monitor collections.

It features four intersecting track” crush zones” along with a car feeder ramp made to rev up the activity. There is a total of over 16 feet, of course, with this bundle, including hairpin turns, retractable boosters, and unlimited loops such as racing.

Among the monitor’s standout features is a car feeder, allowing lots of Hot Wheels cars to line up and getting fed on the trail.

There’s a hardy and raised figure-eight track comprising four-thirds zones, leading to lots of potential misses and wipeouts.

This track set includes parking spaces for extra storage and protects over crash zones and one Hot Wheels car. It isn’t compatible with specific Hot Wheels vehicles.

Super Ultimate Garage Playset — Best Hot Wheels Track Set

The Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage Playset is a stone-cold timeless. It is priced at approximately USD 200 at the time of writing — four times as far because most Hot Wheels monitor collections — but it is well worth the cost.

It may hold over 140 cars, transfers 23 automobiles at one time, and comprises several mechanized parts such as around lift, a pterodactyl, and a gorilla reminiscent of King Kong.

It is fantastic for inspiring imaginative drama and even allows you to race multiple cars side by side.

We believe the Super Ultimate Garage Playset is your best Hot Wheels monitor available for sale. However, you don’t just need to take our word for this — this track record was the winner of a 2018 Toy Of The Year award. Now that is a quality you can trust!

Track Specifications:

  • Size: over 3 ft tall
  • Batteries required: 4 D cells.
  • Recommended age: 4 Decades and up
  • Can save over 140 automobiles
  • Has a motorized elevator which can transport 23 automobiles at a time
  • Comes with hot wheels monitor gorilla toy
  • Connects to other monitor sets

Best for:

  • Imaginative players
  • Hardcore Hot Wheels enthusiasts who already own a lot of cars and need a track record that allows them to perform all their vehicles Simultaneously

Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister Track Place

Featuring three paths, the Hot Wheels Triple Track Twister Track Collection triple the pleasure by creating three distinct loops.

Each loop changes in shape and height — with one twisting — and are made for speed and gravity-defying moves. You can start one car at one time or several. All the more vehicles in movement, the more exciting that the activity can be.

All three loops on this group merge into a single ultra-daring crash zone, providing boundless racing and stunting drama, particularly.

Because it features dual aerodynamic rhythms to maintain the Hot Wheels racing throughout the loops. This track record includes one die-cast car or truck.

Users can also control the threat and activity thanks to two distinct levers. There is a red diverter which will ship the automobile speeding on a certain crash program, or race through the blue route full of turns and trap doors.

This monitor set is a detachable stand and supports an iPad. That means it is possible to download and use the completely free Hot Wheels Power Port Program to deliver five different digital worlds into a lifetime.

Hot Wheels Workshop Track Builder Starter Kit

The Hot Wheels Workshop Track Builder Starter Kit is just another Amazon exclusive product. It is accompanied by an impressive number of pieces, such as an orange monitor, launchers, connectors, and much more.

These multi-use pieces guarantee endless possibilities with this inexpensive kit. Like additional Hot Wheels track collections, these bits can be employed to add to a present monitor collection.

This kit has a utility to handle, which may be utilized as a hook to get a gravity fall. It doubles as a holder, letting you neatly store all of the kit elements for simple portability.

Included with this kit include bits of orange trail, a split-fold, ramps, launchers with link points, a set of 90-degree monitor turns, multiple straps, a Hot Wheels car, and much more.

Best for Smaller Spaces: Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Sprint Speedway

When space is limited, why not use wall space to gas the Hot Wheels entertaining? The quick track is supposed to be mounted onto the Wall to take the pleasure off the ground and to new heights.

Two cars can race at once since they take towards the flag pub end line at which the winner is decided. Also, it can be linked with other Wall Tracks places for much more racing experiences.

Designed for ages four and up, it comprises a Hot Wheels car and Commands Strips to produce the paths stuck into the Wall (do not worry, they are secure and won’t eliminate the paint).

The Wall Tracks is an enjoyable twist on conventional Hot Wheels paths, and they create a cute, practical room decoration too. The children love this product, as well as the monitors, standing up for hours of enjoyment.

Hot Wheels Spin Storm Playset

The other Amazon exclusive is your Hot Wheels Spin Storm Playset, including three distinct crash zones, two launchers, and one Hot Wheels vehicle.

Created for high-speed enjoyable and exciting crashes, children can start their vehicles on the monitor and observe as the mayhem unfolds.

Add even more automobiles to the activity to observe where they meet up at a stunning crash with this particular track collection.

This set is flexible and may be attached to some other Hot Wheels paths simply by turning the trap door and construction.

Hot Wheels Versus Track Sets

The Hot Wheels Versus Track Collection is a timeless toy that is loved by most, and it is undoubtedly the most affordable Hot Wheels trail on this listing.

For approximately 30 bucks at the time of composing, you get just two customizable automobiles, two ramps whose positions could be altered to make unique crashes, and a tablet/smart telephone holder that allows you to capture the activity.

Children can attempt the head-to-head racing or clamp items to the customizable cars and tip the ramps towards one another to find out what makes the many exciting crashes.

This toy highlights experimentation and imagination, and while it could be small, besides, it connects to other monitor sets to get a more long-term encounter.

Track Specifications:

  • Size: 10 inches tall
  • Batteries required: None.
  • Recommended age: 4 Decades and up
  • Contains one tablet/smart cellphone stand not Connected to the set
  • Contains two exclusive Hot Wheels cars with adjustable straps
  • Connects to other monitor sets

Best for:

  • Children who love crashing
  • Children who like to build things
  • Parents that do not want to invest a lot of money on Hot Wheels monitors

Hot Wheels Color Shifters Sharkport Showdown Trackset

Another Amazon exclusive, the Hot Wheels Color Shifters Sharkport Showdown Track Sets, benefits Color Shifters vehicles, which change colors when they are in contact with cold or warm water.

This path record is a themed water and rate play place, like Hot Wheels vehicles rate down in the tower ramp and towards a hungry shark having chomping jaws.

If an automobile manages to get trapped from the shark jaws, it is possible to send a second towards the discharge lever to ship the trapped car to security. Should you miss, however, you can send the car flying off the trail!

This track set has a Color Shifters automobile, two color-change zones, the dip tank, and the pool. This collection may also be connected to present Hot Wheels tracks, enlarging the chances of endless pleasure.

Best Portable: Hot Wheels Track Builder Stunt Barrel Box

Have Hot Wheels will travel. This Track Builder Stunt Barrel Box makes it effortless to take all of the racing pleasure on the move. It includes six stacking barrels for both jumping and a launcher built into the lid cars can go soaring.

The barrels link into the paths, lid, and every other for solid stunt construction. When it is time for the activity to end down, everything could be taken apart and stored in the enclosed box.

Parents say it is a fantastic solo group, but it is even more enjoyable if linked to other places.

Some notice that the launcher may be a little difficult for younger kids to use, but many reports that it works good and they love it includes its storage alternative.

Best Splurge: Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Playset

If you would like to go large, we advocate the Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Playset. It features entertaining, creative play zones, such as a tune-up store and a petrol station, and action tracks where they will need to outrun a chomping shark.

Beyond this, you will find racing ramps, lifts, a spiral ramp, five Hot Wheels cars, and a single helicopter to get instant play chances from the box. When it is time to have a rest, there is sufficient parking for 36 cars.

Though this set is expensive, parents say it is well worth every cent. It is well-made and provides tons of enjoyment.

Additionally, the meeting is relatively simple, but many parents care that this is a massive collection, which means you will need to be certain to have the space for this. It measures 30 x 5.8 x 24 inches and requires three C batteries.

All You Want To Know About Hot Wheels Race Tracks

The very first Hot Wheels racing monitor collections were published alongside the very first Hot Wheels die-cast automobiles in 1968, over 50 years in the time of composing.

The first track consisted of glowing orange vinyl street segments that may be combined to make one rectangular race trail, finished with two”superchargers” that propelled every automobile to elevated rates.

Since the tires of Hot Wheels cars were broader and more challenging than people of Matchbox cars, they made less friction and may push the paths faster and more easily.

Both toys have been a match made in heaven, and the two remain extremely common today.

The contemporary Hot Wheels tracks comprise many elements of their first sets. A number still have superchargers, or at least other aerodynamic components developed to transfer the cars faster.

Besides, they continue to come from the now-iconic vivid orange shade. But, contemporary track sets are a lot more complex and come in a massive selection of places that are made to be combined into specific tracks. We have long grown beyond the standard oval form!

Technically, Hot Wheels monitor sets CAN be used with third-party die-cast automobiles, but it is usually not advised you do so. Other automobile toys may be overly big or too little.

They might not match from the superchargers. And as we mentioned earlier, Hot Wheels cars tend to push on specially designed vinyl monitors, providing your kid with a more exciting and enjoyable experience.

Best Hot Wheels Track Sets FAQs

Which Hot Wheels monitor is your best?

Various reviewers may have different views concerning which Hot Wheels Track is your best. However, we favor the Super Ultimate Garage Playset, which won a 2018 Toy Of The Year award.

It comprises a slew of moving components, retains over 140 automobiles, and even offers some interesting motorized creature toys as part of the entire bundle. What is not to adore?

Where to Purchase Hot Wheels tracks?

Hot Wheels monitors can be bought from several regional retailers, with Target generally having the best choice available. But the majority of people decide to purchase Hot Wheels track collections from Amazon.

Amazon generally has the best prices, consistently gets the best choice, and does not require leaving your seat to go to the shop.

Because of this, we have included Amazon hyperlinks to every product within our Hot Wheels track record reviews above.

What’s Hot Wheels Track Builder?

The Hot Wheels Track Builder System is a subset of this bigger Hot Wheels Track toy line. It is designed to boost creativity by teaching kids to construct Rube Goldberg-esque answers to problems involving stunts and inter-connected monitor bits.

Hot Wheels Track Builder is also the title of a favorite online video game produced by the firm itself, which allows you to produce your very own unlimited tracks without needing to buy any real-life plastic things.

Finding The Best Hot Wheels Track To Purchase

We expect these Hot Wheels track record reviews to discover the best Hot Wheels monitor for the son or daughter.

These toys are a lot of fun and a fantastic way to boost the already-enjoyable experience of playing with Hot Wheels die-cast automobiles.

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