Are you looking for the best leather cleaner for cars? Yourhotcar will help you find out all the best products about it here!

As with any other part of your vehicle, your leather chairs, Rim and other components is need regular care and maintenance. You can see more detail about Rim Cleaner here.

And though there are different ways of caring for leather the best ones will always entail the usage of their best leather cleaners and conditioners.

With all these leather cleaning solutions, the fabric gets less prone to breakage, wear out, cracking and drying, etc.. Plus they also provide protection against UV rays and also help to keep the material water-resistant.

And to help ensure you buy products that will keep your leather interior in pristine shape, here we provide top 11 leather cleaners and conditioners testimonials, and we explain the factors to consider when buying.

Reviews Top 11 Best Leather Cleaner For Cars

Reviews Top 11 Best Leather Cleaner For Cars

Bestseller No. 7
Chemical Guys SPI_208_16 Colorless and Odorless Leather Cleaner,16 oz
Easily wipe away contaminants without harming leather; pH-balanced to leather for the most efficient cleaning

Leather Honey Leather Conditioner & Leather Cleaner

You don’t become the number one best selling leather cleaner sold on Amazon unless you have some serious vehicle leather cleaning chops.

Leather Conditioner & Leather Cleaner by Leather Honey provides one of the most potent automobile leather cleaners available now.

Leather Honey devised their Leather Conditioner & Leather Cleaner to be a natural and effective method to clean and care for your car leather.

One remedy is guaranteed to provide at least 6 months of added protection against stains, damage, and harmful UV rays. Leather Conditioner & Leather Cleaners formula also moisturizes water, is odorless and totally non-toxic, non-solvent, and leaves zero sticky residues.

Leather Honey Leather Conditioner & Leather Cleaner is your affordable option in regards to caring for your auto leather plus a worthy inclusion on our list of best car leather cleaners.


You can never go wrong with Meguiar’s products. Especially, when it comes down to their Leather Cleaner and Conditioner.

Created for casual use and largely light to medium-duty tasks, this spray bottle is designed to be both a dirt fighting cleaner in addition to a moisturizer.

There is no need to purchase individual products to find both measures of the cleanup process done. As you probably know, wash leather is important to keep clean for visual factors and resale factors.

The UV coating embedded lets you receive some protection against the all-mighty SUN’s harmful rays.

Be results are available when mild to medium pressure is applied when scrubbing. 1 bottle should last you through 1 complete leather cleaning endeavor of your vehicle. To view the current best cost, click on the button below.

Bickmore Bick 5 — Best Total

Bickmore Bick 5 cleaner provides complete leather care to keep your leather components in good shape. And its thick rich formulation makes it outside best overall as it is exceedingly defective at caring for leather.

Moreover, this spray is specially formulated to clean and polish the finished leather products in addition to maintain them. All you need to do is spray on the desired area and rub on it using a clean cloth.

In addition, it never leaves leather sticky or traces of residue once you are done with the cleaning. This attribute is worth appreciating as the majority of the leather care products leave a sticky residue after usage.

Whether or not you wish to recondition dry, old leather or cleaning your new leather automobile seats, this top-rated leather cleaner and conditioner is perfect as it is great for both repair and upkeep.

With the flexible spray cup, the application is also super easy and it is simple to order the spray pattern. And also to get a much greater value to your cash when buying this product, you can go for the 2-pack alternative.

This leather cleaner appears to dry a bit too quickly, but this is a little problem to fix as you just need to work faster or spray a bit more of it on the dry areas.


  • Does not leave a sticky residue
  • The thick and rich formulation
  • Simple and convenient spray-on application
  • Additionally polishes and protects


  • Dries out a little too fast

Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner and Cleaner

The Chemical Guys brand has a reputation for making exceptional high-end and luxury car care products, and it is not surprising that Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner and Cleaner makes the list of top 10 car leather cleaners.

Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner and Cleaner is a well-rounded leather cleaner that’s safe for use on all kinds of car leather and inside surfaces.

What sets Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner and Cleaner besides additional leather cleaners is their distinctive chemical formula that, once implemented, generates a protective barrier within the small pores in the leather preventing dirt and oil from clinging to a car leather.

Chemical Guys also comprise a whole leather cleaning kit which makes restoring your vehicle leather to its own showroom shine quick and easy.


If you know of any leather cleaners, you have probably heard of Lexol as a brand new. They make a kit that’s essentially everything you’d want to clean your leather, shape it, and protect it.

Coming in 3 separate bottles to finish each task, it’s very easy to begin and complete the leather cleaning process (the tricky part is merely scrubbing).

The first product is the cleaner, made to be sprayed and brushed in using a soft bristle brush. Once you’ve removed old and stains gunk from the leather, its time to spray-on conditioner.

This product will ensure your leather doesn’t dry up following the cleaning period.

Now to mention the 3rd thing on within this particular leather cleaning kit, its that the protectant. This isn’t to necessarily protect you from bodily contact, but instead from UV rays and among other items.

To see what the current best cost is, click the button below.

Trinova Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

Trinova Leather Cleaner and Conditioner were made with superior leather in your mind. You needn’t be concerned about poor results when you apply this product to your car’s leather.

The specially created, the ph-balanced formula penetrates deep into the pores and microscopic cracks of your automobile leather to dissolve and eliminate dirt and grime from even the best automobile leathers and leather interiors.

Trinova Leather Cleaner and Conditioner are applied through a simple spray bottle and only wipes away from your leather surface leaving its strong moisturizing and conditioning formulation to coat and protect your vehicle leather from UV rays.


The leather cleaner for automobiles, we found, is Chamberlain’s Leather Milk Leather Cleaner and Conditioner. This is just what you will use for small to heavy-duty cleaning on literally all kinds of leather (from super costly to cheap).

What we love about this product and rationale we ranked it among the best leather sprays, is that the organic ingredients + a cleansing agent which allows you to erase grime and oils.

By employing a light coating of the product, softly massaging it, and using a soft bristle brush to get some foam moving, you’ll help to lift hard embedded dirt. The conditioner will soften up the leather and give it fresher look.

This product comes in an 8oz bottle but it’s not concentrated. Use liberally for the maximum out. Click below to find the best price, and find out what more than 1,000 individual users have rated and reviewed it.

To make your cleaning process much easier, and to use a lot fewer chemicals… you are likely to need to consider using a steam cleaner.

These products use high temperatures to break apart dirt and grime from leather and upholstery. **Make certain to use a microfiber towel for this cleaning process.

KevianClean KC-16-LCC — Best All-in-One Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

KevianClean KC-16-LCC is among the priciest products on our leather cleaner and conditioner testimonials, but it is well worth every buck as it a premium excellent all-in-one leather treatment that rejuvenates any leather surface.

This formula is made for genuine, vintage, luxury, antique, real, Italian, distressed, designer, alligator, and exotic assortment of leather. And all you want to do is use a small amount and then wipe off.

This product penetrates deeper into the leather fibers to bring out embedded debris whilst at the same time protecting against drying, cracking, and premature aging.

You might also use it to get a sofa, couch leather, recliner, furniture, handbag, carry luggage, handbag, shoes, leather jacket, horse saddle, and motorcycle equipment. Thus, when it comes to flexibility, this is one of the best automotive leather cleaners and sprays on the market.

And to make it even better, it features a high-grade organic formula with no poisonous chemicals that could damage your vehicle or your hands during the program.

Although this formulation might not be potent enough on quite tough marks and stains, for regular car interior cleaning it is still perfect.


  • Total leather care solution
  • Works on most leather kinds
  • Penetrates deep into the fibers
  • High-grade organic ingredients
  • pH safe formulation


  • Not the best for tough marks and stains

Armor All Leather Care Gel

Armor All is your title brand when it comes to automotive cleaning products, and it’s no surprise that their leather cleaning gel makes the list of the best car leather cleaners.

The sole gel on the list, Armor All Leather Care Gel is a strong and fast-acting leather cleaner that easily cuts through dirt and restores your automobile leather to its factory condition.

Armor All Leather Care Gel is intended for fine and premium car leathers. The distinctively constructed cleaning formula pampers your own leather into releasing its factory shine.

Afterward, the Armor All Leather Care Gel protects your car leather from further harm with chemically-engineered blocking agents that shield and protect your vehicle leather from spills, stains, UV rays, and premature aging.

Weiman 3068 — Particular Natural Oils Formula

Weiman 303068 manufactured to clean, condition, and protect the leather. And it accomplishes this using a unique formulation with 4 organic oils that moisturize, rejuvenate, restore, and shield the leather from different elements including UV rays.

The formulation also offers great protection against drying, cracking and fading. It will strengthen and softens leather while utilizing natural oils to provide proper care. And unlike others out there the results are almost instantaneous.

Aside from the car’s interior, you can also use it on bags, boots, saddles, chairs, wallets, pouches, belts, jackets, and shoes.

The program is also straight forward,s you just need to spray and wipe with a clean, soft cloth or leather wipes.

If you’re handling quite tough stains, this leather cleaner might not be potent enough but for regular cleaning and cleaning, it is still perfect.


  • Natural oils formula
  • Ideal for many leather surfaces
  • Softens moisturizes and strengthens leather
  • Protects against UV rays
  • Easy to use


  • Not very effective for stubborn stains

LeatherNu Complete Leather Color Restoration and Repair Kit

LeatherNu is one of the most recognizable and best-selling brands on the market now. After using the LeatherNu Entire Leather Color Restoration and Repair Kit, it’ll be easy to see.

LeatherNu Full Leather Color Restoration Kit is perfect for cleaning and conditioning auto leather, but it is also the ideal leather restorer.

No more will those unsightly cracks in your car leather undermine the value of your vehicle or the aesthetic of your car interior.

LeatherNu’s tried and tested cleaning formula penetrates deep to the surface of your car’s leather to loosen dirt and grime.

When used together with the LeatherNu touch and re-dye solutions, you’ll revive the premium aesthetic of your leather inside and leave your vehicle leather looking better than when you bought it.

How to Buy the Best Leather Cleaners & Conditioners

To make certain that you pick the best leather cleaner and conditioner to get a car from the plethora of options on the current market, you want to consider the following things.

1. Kinds of Leather in Your Car or Truck

Vehicles will include various types of leather that are available in varying colors, and so to opt for a good cleaner and conditioner you need to know exactly what you have in your vehicle.

Common types of leather include aniline, nubuck, pigmented, vinyl, rawhide, and artificial. The nubuck and aniline absorb water and prone to scratches whereas pigmented leather includes natural markers and doesn’t scratch easily.

Additionally, nubuck and aniline texture buttery but pigmented leather seem slick. The kind of leather helps decide the sort of leather cleaner you want.

1.1 Pigment or Protected

Protected leather is coated with a durable top and can be waterproof with fine dirt immunity. Most automobiles have protected or pigmented leather so most cleaners are formulated to take care of this automobile leather and upholstery kind.

1.2 Aniline

Aniline leather is tasteful and prevents staining even when no protective sheeting is used. Since aniline leather is fragile, it’s difficult to keep and manage it. Also, it is more fragile when compared to pigmented leather.

1.3 Nubuck

Nubuck is quite similar to aniline and can be also knowns as suede leather. Although it is not quite as delicate as an aniline,t is still much less simple and easy to keep as pigmented leather.

2. pH-Balanced Formulation

Whichever leather cleaner and conditioner you are going to buy must provide the most protection.

No matter which material your automobile insides are made of they have a neutral pH. And so you purifier and cleaner also need to have neutral pHs such as Lexol E301123100 and most other people on our list.

The ethics of this leather is best kept in the event the product you use is pH balanced because both alkalinity and acidity have the potential to ruin the material.

4. Ease of use

Some cleaners are such a pain that you feel like throwing them out as application is rather tough. To clean and condition the leather, the process must be simple so you can certainly do it more often.

Look for the leather therapy kits that offer ease of program like the spray bottle that you get with the Meguiar’s G10916 since it will speed up the job and also make it more enjoyable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I condition my leather chairs without a leather cleaner?

While you’re able to state leather without cleaning first, it is not recommended. A conditioner will make leather feel softer and more supple but can trap dust and dirt to the leather when the surface isn’t cleaned first.

To prevent the leather from aging and breaking down, thoroughly wash the leather prior to healing with a conditioner.

Your car is an investment, and also a failed leather interior can ruin your investment in the exact same way that electric difficulties or hail damage may.

It’s necessary to the aesthetic of your vehicle and, more importantly, its resale value that you take the steps necessary to ensure your vehicle leather keeps its mill sheen and is as supple as the cow it came from.

Purchasing any one of those car leather cleansers is a good investment. Just remember that, if you don’t intend on never driving your car in sunlight, your automobile leather will demand a normal program, maintenance, and restoration to stay factory beautiful.

Fortunately, the automobile leather cleaners featured here are the best of 2019 and have proven their value as powerful cleansers, conditioners, and protectors, and may be trusted to keep your car looking fresh and presentable.


Finding that perfect product for cleaning and conditioning your car just needs one to understand that the particular leather kind you’ve got and consider other factors such as ease of the program.

And with our leather cleaner and conditioner testimonials above, you now have an idea of those brands and versions to get. Nevertheless, the Bickmore Bick 5 using its thick rich formula and the convenient spray-on the bottle is our best overall.

But if you are seeking to get the best deal for your bucks, the Leather Honey 857834002126 will be a much more appropriate choice for you.