On the lookout for back support as you drive? The best lumbar support for car is going to keep you healthy and happy for long stretches on the street.

By supporting and cushioning your lower spine area, automobile back aid helps you keep good posture when providing outstanding pain relief because you push.

Reviews Top 16 Best Lumbar Support For Car

Reviews Top 16 Best Lumbar Support For Car

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Best Total Lumbar Support Cushion for Automobiles: Everlasting Lumbar Support Belt


Memory foam with washable cover

By way of aligning the spine, preventing soreness, and providing relaxation whilst driving, this lumbar support tops our list.

Coming at a below-average cost, the pillow’s degree of lumbar service is striking, due to its ergonomic shape and business structure.

There is obviously a high amount of focus given to the stitching form, and retention system. The product is simple to install and fix.


With rigid memory foam along with a well-contoured cushion, this seat pillow has among the greatest levels of aid in our lineup.

Even though it destroys some plushness because of its rigidity, it does a fantastic job of aligning the spine and improving posture whilst driving.

It takes a couple of drives for use for this lumbar support because of its stability but over time that the pillow notably will help improve posture and decrease symptoms of lower back pain behind the wheel.


The retention system has two strong buckles and straps that are simple to use while adjusting the pillow to get a match.

Even though the Everlasting Comfort assistance is popular for use in automobiles, as a result of comparatively large pillow dimensions, users with shorter torsos may favor a few of those smaller offerings within this class. Watch our best choice for shorter torsos here.


We’re always impressed by Everlasting Comfort’s dedication to quality. The foam straps, and insurance are very durable and hold up to heavy usage.

The pillow’s cover is detachable and machine-washable, therefore periodic cleanup is a breeze. We’ve got no reason to question the pillow’s durability but it’s still good to realize that Everlasting Comfort is ready to back up its product with a lifetime replacement warranty.


  • Fantastic service for a Reasonable Price point
  • Business memory foam helps with posture and pain
  • Buckle based two-strap system is hardy and flexible
  • Washable cover
  • Lifetime replacement warranty


  • Not made for customers with short torsos
  • The business cushion provides more assistance than plushness

Castle Bulwark Back Support Pillow (Knight Model)

The Castle Company’s Bulwark lumbar support cushion is designed to help protect your spine on long or short car rides or if sitting in your home.

The waved layout of this Knight version goes up your spine for extra support. It is fantastic for your car or truck and can allow you to feel refreshed and not as rigid after your drive. Anticipate soft to moderate memory foam padding that tapers off as it moves up your own back.


  • Contains a flexible strap, in addition to an extension to assist match around your vehicles’ chair
  • Machine washable outer cover is made from 100% polyester which will maintain shape
  • Knotted and wave layout gives ergonomic support in the tailbone up to a back.

SoftaCare Orthopedic Memory Foam Lumbar Support Belt

As a two-piece unit, this pillow provides a great deal of adjustability and comfort. The top part is totally customizable to the specific place you require this, along with also the u-shaped bottom cushion provides lumbar support.

Additionally, it is ideal for the lower back, which makes it a perfect choice for long commutes and road trips. As it attaches to a chair, it is best suited to single-car use.

Made from thick memory foam, this pillow provides exceptional comfort. A breathable mesh upper keeps you from overheating if you are sitting for extended intervals.

Rubber grips on the base of the pillow to keep it from slipping around, and also an extra strap keeps it in place, making sure that you have the help you want, where you require it.

In general, this is a good choice if you’re searching for something to turn your factory seats more comfortable and back-friendly.

The sole con, we discovered with this particular spinal support pillow is the two-piece system may find somewhat annoying, as you’ve got two bits to stay in place instead of merely one.

That having been said, this version does provide more comfort and support than many all-in-ones.

LoveHome Memory Foam Car Lumbar Support

The LoveHome Memory Foam Lumbar Support is one of the best rated and greatest quality lumbar cushions available on the industry.

This product alleviates lower back pain when providing ergonomic support which improves posture. Breathable fabric unites with a washable mesh for amazing convenience and performance.


  • Chiropractic advocated memory foam alleviates pain and improves posture
  • Comes in Many Different colors to match your car
  • Breathable and washable cloth Provides an additional layer of benefit

MotorTrend Portable Orthopedic Lumbar Back Service

If you devote a great deal of time driving, then odds are you will experience lower back pain every now and then. Driving puts a whole lot of strain on your spine.

But there is good news: You are able to alleviate the pain using a lumbar support pillow. This spinal back support created by MotorTrend is among our favorites.

It’s suggested by chiropractors since it provides help to the lower spine and reduces overtraining.

This lumbar support to get a vehicle comprises exceptionally resilient memory foam which can help preserve its shape. Additionally, it features a flexible strap that can help anchor into a vehicle seat.

The pillow has a contoured design and hugs the back, making sure that your spine is properly aligned. It’s a good board insert you may eliminate if you want a softer cushion. This lumbar support will improve your position and relieve back distress.

But, it isn’t perfect for quick people since it will make your tummy and buttocks jutting forward. Additionally, it can not be used on Toyota Prius automobile seats. Its top part is quite thick and you’re going to have trouble leaning back on your chair.

Relaxzen Lumbar Support

As the sole option on the list which features a massaging choice and warmth, the Relaxzen Lumbar Service is a special cushion that provides complete comfort for all automobile rides.

Contoured foam and support padding combine to get an ergonomic fit that absolutely molds to your body. Additionally, the vibrational massage engines maintain your spine happy for the long haul.


  • Comes with vibrational massage engines along with a heating Alternative for great relaxation
  • Foam padding combines with a soft mesh outside and PU leather accents
  • High and low massage intensities Provide customizable support

Best Premium Choice: Tempur-Pedic Lumbar Cushion


Tempur-Pedic Memory Foam with allergen-resistant cover

As among the most expensive offerings in this class, the Tempur-Pedic Lumbar Cushion lives up to its powerful reputation because of the exceptional pillow.

The pillow’s substance was our favorite since it provides a fantastic degree of support whilst still being comfortable.

Even though there aren’t any particular features to ventilate the pillow, the cover material does a fantastic job of regulating temperature.

The cover is comfy and allergen resistant. It is travel-sized, therefore it’s a little smaller form factor and can be much more mobile than other choices.

Tempur-Pedic is famous for its strong focus on detail they put in their materials and it is definitely noticed within this product.

As a result of their patented, multi-layer memory foam, this lumbar service does a best-in-class task of adapting to the consumer’s spine.

This not only gets the help comfortable against the trunk but in addition, it makes the pillow more successful in improving posture and reducing pain.


The pillow itself is a little smaller (15 x 15 x 4 inches) compared to almost all of the cushions.

We discover that this dimension was favored by motorists using shallower lumbar curves which still had a high degree of support. The pillow is not as thick as a few of the other offerings but does a fantastic job of adapting to the trunk.


Among the biggest cons is the shortage of straps. The pillow is designed to rest against the base of the vehicle seat, therefore its adjustability is restricted.

Tempur-Pedic eliminates some of this problem by making a product with a more universal form, but all consumers and consumers with longer torsos should consider different alternatives.


Tempur-Pedic’s well-tested and well-reviewed substance is famous for its ability to endure for decades, and we don’t have any doubts that this car-focused lumbar pillow will not be any different.

Since the service was made to sit down against the base of the chair, there is no retention strategy to workout. The hardy cover holds up to wear and tear as nicely, and it is detachable and machine-washable.


  • Tempur-Pedic memory foam adheres to each consumer’s spine
  • The smaller cushion works well for customers with shorter torsos
  • The cover is machine-washable and allergen-resistant
  • Material is durable and will not wear out over time


  • No straps or buckles to alter cushion positioning
  • Minimum venting

Travel Ease Foam Cushion and Neck Pillow

The Traveling Ease Cushion and Neck Pillow is a wonderful solution for overall posture improvement and pain relief. Expect improved security in the event of a collision and long-term relaxation and support.

The universal fit allows for simple installation in any vehicle, and the life warranty sweetens the deal to get a risk-free purchase.


  • Universal fit functions with all Auto makes and versions
  • Ergonomic service cushioning keeps you secure and protected for long excursions
  • Permanent covers are watertight and machine-washable for Extra convenience

RelaxSupport RS1 Orthopedic Lumbar Support Cushion

Our best mobile option, this RelaxSupport pillow combines function and form. The orthopedic design and curved arrangement provide comfort for your lower spine and back, providing the proper quantity of support to stop back pain.

The distinctive lateral convex shape provides you additional support from the thoracic region. Removable and washable, the cushioned cotton cover makes cleanup this pillow a breeze and retains airflow high for improved relaxation.

Adjustable straps help to keep the pillow in place to make certain it’s working in which it needs to get the job done.

Additionally, the straps may also be eliminated, which lets you utilize the pillow comfortably both vertically and horizontally, supporting your own posture.

The high-quality memory foam center helps to ensure that the pillow will maintain up to regular use and also the money-back guarantee provided by the manufacturer guarantees a no-risk trial interval.

In comparison to rival lumbar support cushions, this is a bit on the softer side. That is something to remember if you are somebody that wants a whole lot of support on your lower spine.

That having been said, testing a pillow is the best method to come across the very best fit that will keep you comfortable on long road trips and commutes.

Aukee Leather Lumbar Support

The Aukee Leather Lumbar Service is also an attractive alternative that meshes perfectly with automobiles which contain leather interiors.

The ultra-premium layout sports memory foam inserts, breathable mesh cowhide, along with an ergonomic fit for unrivaled functionality. As one of the pricier choices on our listing anticipates luxury and excellent general service.


  • The attractive leather layout means that you purchase luxury materials for guaranteed performance
  • Made from a 100% cowhide outside for this Fantastic leather texture
  • Ultra-portable, so you can take it with you where you want extra lumbar support

Best Lumbar Roll: The Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll


High-density foam with removable polyester cover

The McKenzie Lumbar Roll requires an advanced approach — in which many lumbar supports possess more or less the exact same layout, this pillow employs an entirely cylindrical shape to support the spine.

The 5-inch diameter cushion is a welcome departure from some of the milder cushions in the class.

It is thicker than additional cushions, making up for the small size and its own lack of inviting geometry. It manages to succeed, and it is mobile whilst coming at a budget price point.

Drivers may use this cushion in the auto, but a lot of them benefit from its transportability and put it to use at the workplace, at home, as well as in pubs to provide assistance whilst out and about.


This lumbar roster comes with a fervent following. For many people, it is a very important part of their healthcare regimen. It functions more by promoting conscious postural improvement than through direct assistance.

Because of this, it is often suggested by sports medicine physicians, nurses, and physical therapists. It comes from both standard and firm versions.


The ring is stretchy and made from latex, and rather than using a fastener, the ring just enhances and adjusts. This mounting system is not especially sturdy and can slide around during usage.

When placed properly, this pillow does a wonderful job of encouraging and aligning the spine, but its unusual form and stretchy strap method make it hard to place properly.

1 solution because of its touchy attachment difficulties is to secure the pillow around your waist rather than your chair.


The pillow itself is made from high-density foam, and the wicking polyester cover is easy to remove and clean.

The seams are not heavily reinforced, along with the stretchy strap that may experience some wear and tear over the years. There is no guarantee, but it is made in the united states, which certainly arouses some optimism.


  • The cylindrical shape is unobtrusive and effective
  • Could be connected to waist rather than a chair
  • Comes in Business and Standard versions
  • Recommended by health professionals


  • Moves around during usage
  • No guarantee

MaxxPrime Mesh Lumbar Support

The MaxxPrime Mesh Lumbar Supports is one of the best backpacks for automobile seats because of their easy installation and guaranteed performance.

The breathable mesh keeps your spine comfortable and supported, while the contoured match provides perfect posture.


  • Double-mesh design Features ventilation and airflow while providing exceptional support
  • Orthopedic shapes provide ergonomic support which alleviates around 50 percent of the pressure
  • 2-pack means you can use them in multiple automobiles, or for passenger and driver seats

ComfiLife Lumbar Support Back Pillow


High-density memory foam together with ventilation cover

The ComfiLife pillow signifies Goldilocks mix of softness and stability since it’s thick enough to improve position but gentle enough to be comfy for long-term usage whilst driving.

It is relatively big, therefore perhaps it doesn’t match in a few smaller, traditional bucket seats. Be sure that the rear of your chair is wider than 15 inches when considering that the ComfiLife Lumbar Support.

The pillow’s cover is well ventilated and keeps the temperature comfortable.


This pillow requires a slightly different approach to aligning the spine. Since company cushions can at times be uncomfortable or hard to get used to, this pillow is equally soft and inviting sufficient to provide a brace to your trunk.


The elastic straps on the ComfiLife pillow are somewhat inconvenient to adapt in the vehicle, seeing as they are sometimes somewhat laborious and prone to motion during use.

We normally like the buckles and straps that come in additional lumbar supports, since this pillow must be adjusted more often than other products.

Also, consider its 15-inch width makes it among the broadest cushions in our lineup, and in case you’ve got a car with a bigger chair you need to assess the chair before buying to ensure a fantastic fit.


Though the foam is durable, comfortable, and does not show much wear, the seams of the cover are not as sturdy as we would like.

Nonetheless, in a worst-case scenario, the 100% money-back guarantee provides reassurance in the event the pillow begins to deteriorate.


  • Cozy while being supportive
  • High-density foam
  • Ventilated cover
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Some Excellent issues with the cover
  • The large cushion does not match in some cars

McKenzie SlimLine Lumbar Support

With a slender profile made from durable and high-quality foam, the McKenzie SlimLine Service provides an ergonomic texture unlike any other.

Moisture-wicking cloth, adjustable straps, and appealing layout all but guarantee exceptional functionality and enjoyability.

A fantastic alternative for minimalists and younger individuals, the McKenzie is one of the best lumbar support cushions around.


  • Slim design offers a minimum and more ergonomic fit for most cars
  • High-quality foam unites with moisture-wicking cloth for exceptional performance
  • Fantastic evaluations and a Simple installation process make it ultra-versatile and highly considered

Feagar Ergonomic Lumbar Support Belt


Memory Foam with mesh cover

The most notable quality of the spinal support pillow is its elevation. The Feagar support measures a full 17 inches from base to tip. It is made this way to encourage not just the lumbar curve but also the entire spinal column all the way up into the shoulders.

The pillow’s big surface area of contact with the trunk will not cause 1 problem; the service does not handle heating nicely.

The back may get uncomfortably warm when employing this pillow for extended periods, which makes it unpleasant for more driving excursions.

Even though the cover is net, the substance does not wick away enough warmth to compensate for its large contact area with the trunk.


The tallest pillow on the list provides especially sturdy aid and engages the whole spine and back. The foam is sturdy and the pillow flares out in the sides, then locking into place against the trunk.

For people trying to find a pillow that is comfy and supports the entire spine, this is the pillow for you.


The strap system is buckle based and may be installed in a couple of distinct configurations. It is not bulky and may be adjusted up or down dependent on the height of the consumer. This pillow does works nicely for larger users.


The memory foam has a rather distinct feel to it compared to the other cushions, it is not quite as hardy and it acts more like a pillow.

The foam caves in greater than conform. Because of this, we’ve got some concerns about how well the true cushion will consume with time. The buckles and straps are hardy and the cover is detachable and machine-washable.


  • The tall cushion provides full-spine support
  • High-quality straps
  • Mesh cover
  • Comfortable, soft pillow
  • Great for bigger individuals


  • Bad ventilation
  • Less sturdy memory foam

Samsonite Lumbar Support Cushion

Utilizing high-grade memory foam to provide lower back support, the Samsonite Lumbar Support Cushion is among the best automobile lumbar support cushions in the marketplace.

Coming in at a manageable price, you may even anticipate unrivaled support and venting without costing too much. Ideal for car trips of any period, the Samsonite is a candy alternative for travelers.


  • High-grade memory foam and foam mesh cloth provide support and venting
  • Great consumer ratings along with a Fantastic price, guarantee exceptional performance in a low Price
  • Supports the reduced and mid-back areas for unbeatable comfort and support

Advantages of Car Lumbar Support

Auto lumbar supports to offer many health advantages and are a wise investment in yourself. Whether you are constantly about the move or in case you simply need some relief about town, lumbar supports are an excellent option.

Let us have a peek at a few of the significant advantages of automobile lumbar support.

Eases Pain

Adequate lumbar support delivers a lot of compression and compression to the trunk. This helps alleviate lower back pain whilst concurrently addressing the main issue of insufficient seats.

Improves Comfortability

Most automobile lumbar service products are made to provide an improved degree of comfort to your own trips. Whether via a cushion, a net brace, or comparable service, you can anticipate greater comfort and simplicity.

Supports Good Posture

Among the chief reasons for lower back pain are poor posture and wrong body placement. The best automobile lumbar supports to address this dilemma by helping improve the curvature of your spine and implanting it in the best position.

Increases Health & Safety

Proper care and great posture are important to your general health and long-term security. Addressing the origin of back pain or distress is going to keep you joyful and powerful, while also ensuring security because of proper placement in the vehicle in the event of a collision.

Simple to Use

The best automobile lumbar support products are incredibly easy to use thanks to easy installation processes. Most lumbar supports connect to a car seat by means of a buckle or strap and stay locked in place to provide long-term aid without the annoyance.

Additionally, but decent support alternatives begin under $20 and do not need any technical equipment.

They are really simple to use and set up, and the benefits are amazing! Additionally, each automobile lumbar support product includes its own distinctive collection of features and several of the supports there to tackle the matter from various angles.

If you would like help selecting the best automobile lumbar support, keep reading for some tips and tricks.


To save the discomfort on extended road trips, be certain you bust out the lumbar support pillow from the start. Get yourself comfortable and put up to the ride beforehand, and avoid lower back strain and distress before it happens.

Quite a few chair cushions have a gel center that remains cooler than 100% memory foam choices. If heat is an issue, you will want to search for this kind of alternative.

If you already suffer from lower back pain, then it is a great idea to bring along a cold or heat pack to employ as you are driving. That’ll help alleviate pain whilst preventing a worsening of symptoms.

A whole lot of newer cars include built-in lumbar support from the chairs which may be adjusted. Consider using those settings in addition to a lumbar support pillow to max out the relaxation.

In addition, it will help to angle your chair back a little to unwind the rear’s musculature. Move your chair forward only a smidge and you need to already feel much comfier than you did earlier.

Relevant Resources:



A: Lumbar support cushions sit at the small of the back and help prop up that area. The pillow also works to save you from sitting in a slumped posture, which may lead to pressure on the joints, leading to discomfort or even pain.

See also: https://www.livestrong.com/article/77932-correct-way-use-lumbar-support/


A: This depends a good deal on your personal taste. Memory Foam cushions shape to the contours of the spine more, but gel cushions are normally cooler and more inviting overall. It is a fantastic idea to check both alternatives in the event that you are able to, then choose the one which feels better for you.


A: You will want to search for a minimum of approximately 1 – 1.5 inches. Anything less may be a sign of inferior quality, and whatever more will not offer you all that much additional support. Again, the amount of relaxation you encounter using a specific pillow ought to be the last point in making a choice.


A: Wedge cushions are small and compact, making them excellent for traveling. They are intended to take a seat at the small of the back to help support the region. All-in-one lumbar support cushions are generally larger, and they are inclined to get strapped to your chair, offering more support to a spine in general.


A: This depends a good deal on the kind of back pain you have. Persistent back pain that comes from pressure into the muscles can unquestionably be helped using a lumbar support pillow, as may minor pain which originates from driving or anxiety. Sciatica pain might also be relieved while utilizing a support pillow.

Last Ideas

Our best choice for the best lumbar support for your auto is your Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Lumbar Support. It gives great support and comfort for your complete back.

If you’re searching for our best value choice, have a look at the Motor Trend Portable Orthopedic Lumbar Back Support. Besides that, you can find the best Heated Seat Cushion which blends function and form, keeping you comfortable on long car rides.