If you frequently use your mobile while driving, you might choose to put money into a Best Magnetic Car Mount.

Rather than leaving your cell phone from the cup holder, fasten your smartphone into your dash or window in which it is a lot easier to see.

It is a handy way to run hands-free and business affairs.

Reviews Top 17 Best Magnetic Car Mount To Purchase Of 2020

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Reviews Top 17 Best Magnetic Car Mount To Purchase Of 2020

Scosche MagicMount Dash

If you would like to place your telephone on a vertical dashboard or inside a little area at which the iOttie iTap Magnetic 2 versions will not operate, the Scosche MagicMount Dash might be a better choice.

It contrasts with a tiny adhesive pad that fits into little nooks and crannies of this dashboard more readily compared to a suction cup. Plus it may tilt a full 90 degrees straight back or to the sides, making it perfect for vertical or sloping surfaces.

The MagicMount Dash’s magnetic attachment achieved the best in our testing, holding a sizable iPhone XS Max firmly anywhere we drove. However, while this Scosche stuck securely to warmer surfaces, it did not work too on textured ones.

The adhesive pad can also be tricky to eliminate, and you want a brand new one to attach the bracket in a new place or automobile.

WizGear Magnetic Car Mount


On account of the form and the dimensions of the car mount, it’s, in fact, compatible with lots of unique devices. Its surface area ensures it is capable of holding larger electronics.

Because of this, most smartphones are easily mounted on this holder. Best of all you will discover you could put smaller pills with this bracket too.

Magnet Quality

Among the chief benefits of the car, the bracket is that you will find ten magnets held inside the casing. This produces a remarkably powerful power of attraction, making sure that a number of the private devices which you employ can be readily procured to this mount.

At precisely the same time, because of this magnetic power, you do not need to be worried about your phone or tablet dropping off, even when you’re driving a somewhat bumpy road.

Mount Position

This car mount is based on an adhesive that means you could put it anywhere in your dashboard. Thus, you’ll have the ability to set it into a position that’s most acceptable for you.

The glue feature is powerful, and it is possible to be rather sure the bracket will stay put for as long as you require it to. The sole problem is that because of the size of the bracket; it can be hard to find an area big enough to put it.

Ease of Use

What is great about this auto bracket is that there’s simply no hassle in any way. You just peel the adhesive cover and stick it on your dashboard.

Additional after the bracket is set up; you’ll discover it is a complete breeze to use your mobile phone. This is since the bracket permits you to turn your cell phone in any direction you would like, letting you always get a fantastic look at your display.


  • Simple to place on the dashboard
  • Strong magnetic force
  • Suitable for a variety of smartphones and miniature tablets
  • Offers flexible phone placement


  • Size could make it hard to place on Specific dashboards.

Maxboost 2-Pack Universal Air Vent Phone Holder

The Maxboost magnetic auto bracket holder features a solid rubber foundation and a strong magnetic mind that keeps your device in place during regular and bumpy road circumstances.

The holder permits you to swivel the screen while the bracket remains fixed in the car’s air vent. The magnetic bracket includes a smooth surface and attaches to the trunk of almost any smartphone. It contains two four and magnets alloy discs for the telephone case.

A dashboard mount isn’t required for this particular product. The holder clips on a port rather than adhering to a face. It can readily be eliminated without leaving an adhesive residue.

The connectors are thin yet powerful, and the metallic plate mounts may be attached permanently to the rear of your telephone case or put within the instance.

The metallic disks within this instance may block the telephone’s wireless charging purpose. In case you clip the magnet to the big opening of the bracket, the telephone may tilt or move.

The port magnet is so powerful; it can stay connected to the telephone magnet and pull from this port. Last, the bracket can’t hold heavier telephones.

BesTrix Magnetic Car Mount


The magnetic part of the car bracket is quite substantial. Because of this, you’ll see that this holder will probably accommodate most phones.

Provided that your phone or device has measurements up to 6.4 inches, then there shouldn’t be any problems in making it stick.

Magnet Quality

Under the silicone mat, you will find just four amazingly strong magnets on the job. Collectively, these produce enough of an appealing phone to make sure that the heaviest phone may be stored in place.

So, even if you end up on an especially uneven street, you are not going to need to be worried about the protection of your telephone — it is not going to budge an inch.

Mount Position

This car mount is based on a somewhat distinctive gel-based suction characteristic. As a result, you’ll have the ability to put the bracket on any smooth surface in your dash.

Since the mounting attribute is not that large, you should not have a problem, finding somewhere to keep it. The sole problem with all the mounting characteristics is that it does not operate on leather or faux leather dashboards.

Provided that your dashboard is not made from such substances, the holder must adhere to the surface easily.

Ease of Use

As this car mount utilizes a suction cup, so you do not need to be concerned about getting the positioning of this bracket incorrect.

Instead, with only a small bit of stress, you can make confident the bracket will probably be fixed into the dashboard, requiring no additional effort on your part.

Additionally, there are several features which make this car bracket a joy to use. It is simple to rotate your telephone out of a landscape place to a portrait location and vice versa.

The design of the holder also lets you lift the mount into different places, making hitting your telephone and making it even easier than before.


  • Excellent magnetic strength
  • Easy to fix into the dashboard
  • Could be positioned in various ways
  • Compatible with Many smartphones


  • Does not operate on leather or faux leather dashes

Magnetic Cradle-less Smartphone Car Mount Holder

Koomus Pro Magnetic CD slot bracket is innovative and simple to install. You only need to push on a button and then slip it into the CD slot machine, and it’s prepared to use.

It’s hassle-free, fast and simple snap-in one hand steering system. The bracket holder is 360 degrees rotatable and may be set up together with the protected instance.

The complex rectangular layout is coated with silicone that protects your smartphone from scrapes. The bracket holder can be used with all types of tablets with or without cover.

Key characteristic:

  • Easy One-Push removal and installation
  • Universal compatibility
  • 360-degree rotation

Koomus Pro CD Slot Magnetic Smartphone Car Mount

The Koomus Pro CD Slot Magnetic Mount is intended for many iPhone and Android apparatus. Just slide it in a CD slot machine, and it is ready to use.

A metal plate attaches to the trunk or inside of this smartphone, allowing the telephone to rotate 360 degrees.

The holder is coated in silicone, therefore that it does not scratch your device. It blends in with all the dash and does not slide or drop off on demanding roads.

The holder is powerful and does not stand out too much or wobble if you drive over bumps. In addition, it can hold heavier mobiles with large instances.

You need to have a CD player in your car to make use of it. Because the magnet is so powerful, it is hard to get rid of a telephone from the bracket using a single hand without even pulling the entire unit from this CD player, which might harm the CD slot.

Additionally, it protrudes from the middle dashboard to the point at which it could cover the car’s screen or controllers. For an iPhone X, then you will want a distinctive smartphone instance.

Mpow Magnetic Car Mount


This automobile mount boasts a universal fit. This usually means it has been constructed to hold digital devices of numerous varying shapes and dimensions. Therefore, you’ll realize that this bracket is capable of adapting most smartphones.

What is more, it may even hold particular smaller pills set up too.

Magnet Quality

This bracket has a fairly brilliant layout. To start with, you’ve got four magnets inside the casing that create a remarkably strong magnetic field.

Besides, you’re provided with a different tiny magnetic plate which could be stuck in the telephone or beneath your cell phone cover. This also aids the phone to adhere to the bracket even better.

The drawback, however, is the next magnet is not potent enough to permeate through heavier telephone addresses.

Nonetheless, in the cases where the phone will not adhere to the bracket nicely, it may be rather sure it won’t budge in any respect. This is correct, even when you’re driving through rougher terrain.

Mount Position

This car bracket has grips which let it fix on the air vents of your motor vehicle. What is truly excellent, however, is the grips are made in a way to fix onto thicker and thinner blades too.

So, there’s a larger prospect of the bracket being appropriate for many vehicles. Because grips are made from rubber, you do not need to think of your vents being chipped or damaged at all.

Ease of Use

As previously mentioned, it’s easy to slide this bracket to the vents and start to use it instantly.

At precisely the same time, you’ll discover it is a breeze to utilize your telephone, even after it’s been attached to the bracket. Once fixed, you’ll not have any trouble in any way, altering the place or the orientation of the bracket.


  • Compatible with most telephones and miniature tablets
  • Strong magnetic force
  • Easy to fix vents
  • Can alter the position of telephone


  • May not operate with thicker telephone cases.

aLLreLi Universal Magnetic Car Mount Phone Holder

This is a worldwide car mount that works for many smartphones, whatever the size or version it’ll keep them in place. 360-Degree spinning stainless steel balls provide the maximum comfortable viewing angle to prevent reflecting light in the telephone.

Magnetic Automobile Cradles Mount will continue to keep your smartphone observable and protected so that your hands can stay on the wheel.

The aLLreLi automobile mount has a strong magnet that holds the smartphone set up with no wobbling or slippage. The magnetic bracket passes through countless tests to ensure it is secure for your apparatus.

Key characteristic:

  • Simple to set up
  • Perfect viewing angle with 360-degree spinning
  • Ultra-secure
  • Universal design

Humixx Adjustable Dashboard Phone Car Mount

This is a hardy and dependable magnetic car phone bracket with four neodymium magnets that hold your phone snugly and safely.

The mount has been constructed from a high-grade and durable aluminium alloy together with soft silicone.

Therefore that your phone does not slide and slip around during the driveway, additionally, it offers you access to publicly adjust it to any angle for better viewing.

As a massive advantage, because not everybody has an iPhone, the Humixx bracket works with all smartphones beneath 6.5-inches. That is essentially all iPhones, pick Androids and HTC versions.

Additionally, it will come with a protracted 18-month excellent guarantee. It’s intended to be used on horizontal surfaces and might not adhere to curves nicely.

The glue is not the most powerful so find a great location for this before mounting your cell phone. Additionally, it does not do well in the warmth as warmer temperatures may weaken the paste.

TechMatte Magnetic Car Mount Holder


This magnetic car bracket was created to hold most contemporary smartphones set up. For this reason, you’ll realize that smartphones of sizes could be held in position with no problems. Including phones from various manufacturers too.

Magnet Quality

You will find four magnets held at the casing because of this bracket. But, they are not only any magnets — they’re neodymium, meaning they are extremely strong.

That is what brings such a powerful holding power for this bracket, which makes it appropriate for a lot of distinct phones.

Another reason the magnetic features with this bracket operate so well is this installation comes with a different metallic pad which may be set between your telephone and its casing.

This usually means you don’t need to maintain removing your telephone case, each time you would like to use the bracket.

Mount Position

This car bracket is intended to be set onto air vents that provide a robust and secure stage, making sure that your telephone is stored in place. The grips with this bracket are rather flexible.

They are acceptable for both thick and thin blades, letting you match them onto a larger assortment of automobiles.

The most important issue with this traction, however, is the fact that it’s fairly stiff. Thus, you need to be careful; it does not harm your air compressor at all.

Ease of Use

As a result of this well-designed grip, you’ll realize you could place this automobile mount up within minutes. Next, there should not be any problem with your telephone if it’s mounted on the holder.

To begin with, you can swivel the apparatus in any way, depending on which position makes it a lot easier for you to utilize the display.


  • Very powerful magnets
  • Suitable for many contemporary smartphones
  • Simple to setup
  • Can reposition phone readily


  • Can harm air vents

Anker Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount, Highly-Adjustable Phone Holder

Anker Universal Magnetic Car Mount includes the 3M adhesive technologies that stick quickly for the long duration and solid grip. It may be mounted onto any flat surface of the dash or centre console.

The Anker bracket has universal grip and will hold up any device to 8 inches wide and 11 Oz hefty. You may even slip narrow cases indoors and combine thicker cases outdoors.

It’s an extremely elastic ball joint rotation that helps to establish the great customized location of your smartphone.

Key characteristic:

  • Ultra-compact
  • Precision viewing
  • Accommodates Any Gadget

Tackform Solutions Magnetic Holder


This is a fairly durable magnetic holder that’s the reason it’s compatible with a lot of unique devices. You’ll discover that it must work nicely with almost all smartphones and tiny tablets.

It may even maintain GPS devices very well. Provided that your device weighs less than 2lbs, this magnet holder won’t have any problem propping it up.

Magnet Quality

The magnets in this automobile bracket are quite powerful. That is the reason your telephone locks into position almost the minute that you put it to the silicone headset.

What is more, once it’s been repaired, you’ll be rather sure it won’t budge even 1 bit. In reality, you can head out on the roughest terrain possible, and your telephone will stay in precisely the same location.

Mount Position

This magnetic holder depends on a very strong sticker which may be set on the dashboard. The glue is tough enough to make certain that the bracket will remain standing in any way at times.

The only difficulty with this installation is that the glue does not operate on leather dashboards. Additionally, because of the design of this automobile mount, it can’t be fixed onto regions which are even slightly curved. This could limit in which you can put the bracket.

Ease of Use

In a couple of seconds, you’ll have this bracket up and functioning, letting you use it almost instantly. When it’s in position, you’ll discover that it has been incredibly user-friendly.

For example, the rotating knob onto this bracket means you could place the screen, so it is facing you right, irrespective of where the bracket is. Additionally, you can alter the orientation of the bracket rather easily too.


  • Great for many mobile devices
  • Strong magnets
  • Simple installation
  • Easily placed once mended.


  • Does not operate on leather dashboards
  • Does not adhere to curved surfaces

Baseus Universal Magnetic Car Mount Phone Holder for Car Dashboard Mount

Universal Magnetic Car Mount from Baseus can be used with almost any telephone or GPS and may be installed in almost any vehicle. 3 M VHB adhesive and extra strong magnets provide higher stability even for your lightweight apparatus.

The Universal car mount provides 360-degree spinning and viewing angle liberty. The bracket is convenient, simple to set up and super-tight.

Key characteristic:

  • Completely universal
  • 1 second mounting
  • Multifunctional

VAVA Magnetic Car Mount


Although this car mount might seem somewhat delicate, it’s not. For this reason, it’s truly compatible with several distinct sorts of mobiles.

Thus, you’ll have the ability to readily utilize smartphones from an assortment of makers, no matter the size, shape, or weight of these apparatus.

Magnet Quality

But for the large part, it’s the magnets at the bracket that do the majority of the heavy lifting. They produce a powerful magnetic drive which lets the telephone attach itself into the bracket.

At precisely the same time, this bracket takes it one step farther. Additionally, it lets you stick a metal plate on the phone, making sure that a much more effective attraction is made between the two items.

What is more, this works nicely for when you’ve got a telephone cover over your apparatus.

Mount Position

This car bracket is intended to be set on your ac vents. Now, the clasp in the rear of the bracket is quite flexible. The plan ensures that this bracket will fit on ports which have thin or thick blades, thereby ensuring you could use them at a larger variety of vehicles.

The only unfortunate thing is that the relation between the telephone and the magnet is more powerful than the bracket’s grip on the port.

So, in most cases, if you proceed to take your telephone off the bracket, the mount only comes together with it. This usually means you need to keep reinstalling it.

Ease of Use

The magnetic car bracket is simple enough to install, so you have the ability to begin using this bracket within minutes.

Another neat thing about this bracket is when your telephone is put onto it, and it does not require much effort to modify the orientation of your own apparatus.


  • Excellent magnetic force
  • Suitable for smartphones
  • Simple installation
  • Easy to Restart telephone


  • Mount will come loose when eliminating the phone.

SMART & EASY Magnetic Mobile Phone Holder — Ultra Slim Car Mount

The wise and simple Magnetic mobile phone holder will permit you to keep yourself up to date on what is flashing onto your smartphone’s display.

The mobile phone holder includes the busy snap technology to keep your device safe from falling out. It’s analyzed to make sure that the magnetic pull doesn’t damage your smartphone.

The bracket holder is inbuilt in this manner that it readily adheres to any flat surface so you can use it not just in the automobile but also in the workplace, home or anyplace.

Key characteristic:

  • Sleek and compact
  • Simple to Use
  • Stick to any horizontal surface
  • Compatible with Many apparatus
  • High Anti-slip rubber surface
  • User friendly
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Powerful Reinforced magnets

AILUN Car Mount


Provided that you’ve got a lighter or smaller smartphone, then this holder will have the ability to keep it in position. Regrettably, it is not as easy in case you’ve got a bulkier or thicker version.

In cases like this, there’s a possibility that the telephone may sag or slide. However, provided that the telephone is not too large, you should not face any difficulties.

Magnet Quality

The magnet on this mobile is powerful by itself and may manage smaller apparatus with no problem. But to make sure your phone is really protected, you’re also provided with a metallic plate which has an adhesive side.

You can stick this to the back of your phone or your phone cover, making sure it will produce an even larger attraction between the two items. Additionally, this is a fairly handy feature to have if you’ve quite thick covers for protecting your cell phone.

Though the magnets operate just fine, you must bear in mind that the glossy surface of the silicone mat means this bracket does not work too well with a phone or phone covers which have smooth or slick surfaces.

Mount Position

As this car mount is determined by adhesion to correct itself to a dashboard, it usually means you have greater choices in determining where the magnet bracket can go. Thus, you can put it as near or as far off as you select, letting you have a far more comfortable view for your cell phone.

Ease of Use

Another advantage of this glue back is the fact that it takes only seconds for one to place the entire thing up then use it nearly instantly.

The advantage of having this type of sleek silicone encounter is you will find it quite simple to rotate your telephone after it’s fixed to the bracket. This also gives you a much better perspective.


  • Easily setup
  • Adequate magnet strength
  • Easy to reposition
  • Great for smaller devices


  • Not good for Larger phones
  • Does not work for slick mobiles

Veckle CD Slot Magnetic Phone Car Mount Holder

The Veckle CD Slot Magnetic Phone Car Mount Holder is easy to install and remove. It’s three roof layout wider blades that provide additional stability.

These blades have silicone that guarantees your CD player doesn’t receive any scratch. The bracket holder has four classes that reinforce magnets that attract your smartphone securely.

The magnetic field of this bracket holder is shut so it won’t impact your cell phone. You are able to fix any opinion angle since the automobile bracket has a 360-degree spinning. The telephone holder also has wide compatibility with most cellular and GPS devices.

Key characteristic:

  • Straightforward operation
  • Broad compatibility
  • Super magnetic
  • 360-degree rotation

Guide to Buying the Best Magnetic Car Mount

Today We’ll go into great detail regarding you how to Pick a magnetic car bracket which will work nicely for you:

The Power of this Magnet

The principal facet of this car mounts would be, clearly, the magnets. That is the reason you have to pick ones which have powerful and lasting magnets.

Normally, the increased quantity of magnets at a certain bracket, the greater. This is since they’re in a position to produce a greater magnetic drive.

Hence, they are far better equipped to pull in the metallic elements of your mobile phone. There’s a higher prospect of your telephone then staying place, irrespective of the driving conditions.

To make sure you’re becoming the strongest force potential, you might choose to elect for mounts that include extra metallic plates.

These plates normally have adhesive backs that enable you to connect them into the rear of the telephones or the telephone covers.

Therefore, you have to enjoy a magnetic link, making sure your phone is, in fact, well linked to the bracket constantly.

Device Compatibility

Two chief features will decide on the degree of the compatibility of this automobile mount with different electronics.

The first is the strength of the magnet. So, the more powerful the magnet, the more capable it is of carrying up apparatus of all weights and dimensions.

The next element is the surface area of the bracket. After all, the larger the surface area, the easier it’ll be for the bracket to hold up the electronic device.

To sum up, things, if you would like a bracket that’s in a position to hold all sorts of telephones, tablet computers, and GPS devices, start looking for a solid magnet and a bigger bracket.

The Mount Mechanism

The next thing which you’ll have to appear at is the bracket mechanism of every one of those holders. Currently, every mechanism has its own set of advantages and disadvantages so that you want to choose one that suits your requirements best.

 Adhesive Mounts

All these possess a sticky tab which permits them to be stuck everywhere in your dashboard. For this reason, they’re great at maintaining your mobile and other devices at eye level.

Another great thing about adhesive-based mounts is the tacky materials tend to be quite powerful. But if you reside in quite hot or humid locations, these might not be acceptable for your vehicle.

The thing to keep in mind with these mounts is the substance of your own dashboard. Quite a few adhesives won’t stick to specific fabrics, so you’ll have to examine this beforehand.

Vent Mounts

Another popular kind of bracket is jack mounts. As its name implies, they may be fitted on your vents.

At this time, you must bear in mind that vents mounts are not acceptable for all sorts of air vents. Thus, you’ll have to inspect the plan and blades of your own vents prior to purchasing this kind of bracket.

When picking vent mounts, be certain they are ready to match both thick and thin blades, so you are more inclined to acquire the perfect fit for your car or truck.

Additionally, to make sure that you aren’t damaging your air vents, then make it a point to have mounted with rubberized grips.

If you reside in a place which has intense temperatures — very cold or very hot — those mounts might not be the ideal option for you.

Because these mounts do partly obstruct the vents, they’ll interrupt any cold or warm air coming through them altering the temperature within the automobile.

 CD Slot Mount

One reason these tend to be a favourite option is that few individuals utilize CDs anymore. Thus, you can match your bracket here without fearing any attribute in your dashboard is going to be disrupted.

Much like the port mounts, you’ll have to check beforehand that this kind of bracket can fit your CD slot machine. For best results, start looking for mounts which may be corrected quite well.

It also needs to be understood that because of the design of these slots, they might not always be acceptable for rough roads since they have a propensity to vibrate.

User-Friendly Features

Last, the bracket ought to be user-friendly. This usually means you could readily correct the automobile mount with only one hand.

If the bracket comes armed with some kind of revolving attribute, you need to have the ability to move it away from you without needing to make too much work.

In the same way, you need to be able to lift the telephone from its own magnetic bracket and also to alter its orientation without needing to tug on it.

This completes our look in the many kinds of magnetic automounts on the marketplace. The advice we’ve provided must make the job of picking out the most suitable one for you a ton simpler.



A: Mobile phone storage can’t be erased by means of a magnet since they’re solid-state drives (SSDs) or flash memory which do not utilize magnetism for composing information.

SIM cards, SD cards, and LCD/LED-based displays are untouched by magnets. Little magnets typically do not make a difference in your device’s electrical compass, GPS, battery, mobile phone sign, or other purposes.

See also: Is your smartphone or GPS safe on a magnetic phone mount?


A: Many work with the majority of phone cases. Simply stick the metallic plate on the telephone, on the circumstance, or between your telephone and the instance. Many mounts, however, are not compatible with thick instances like Otterbox versions.


A: Many mounts are meant to stick to some windshield, but the surface area must remain level. There is no warranty that the mount will probably remain placed on a curved surface.


A: Most magnetic auto mounts include elements that allow you to rotate the telephone, allowing the passenger and driver to view and interact with the monitor.


A: Some kinds of mounts attach directly to the dashboard with the assistance of a powerful adhesive. A tape can typically be taken out of the surface area utilizing a cleaning option, but it might take a bit of elbow grease or Goo Gone to find the task finished.


A: When a bracket utilizes powerful glue, the bracket should hold up in the cold and hot temperatures. It is best to not put in the bracket, but when it’s very cold or hot within the cottage.


The best auto mount telephone holders place the device securely inside your reach and see, so you can use the most crucial and fundamental functions of this smartphone, for example, answering calls on listening and speaking the map directions.

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