If you love off-roading, you want a fantastic pair of tires. The Best Mud Tires have large, chunky tread patterns that permit you to plow through heavy sand in addition to the snow.

Most also adapt to rock climbing. Our buying guide can allow you to choose the best mudding tires for the truck, Jeep, SUV, or a different kind of four-wheel driveway.

Reviews Of 13 Best Mud Tires In 2020

Reviews Of 13 Best Mud Tires In 2020

Bestseller No. 1
Set of 4 (FOUR) Accelera M/T-01 Mud Off-Road Radial Tires-265/60R18 265/60/18 265/60-18 110S Load Range SL 4-Ply BSW Black Side Wall
Treadlife: N/A; Season: All Season; Performance: Mud Terrain; Car Type: Truck/SUV; Load Range SL, 4-Ply Rated, 4-PR
Bestseller No. 2
Full set of BKT AT 171 (6ply) 28x9-14 ATV Mud Tires (4)
Bundle of: (4) BKT AT 171 (6ply) Tire [28x9-14]
Bestseller No. 3
Full set of BKT AT 171 (6ply) 30x9-14 ATV Mud Tires (4)
Bundle of: (4) BKT AT 171 (6ply) Tire [30x9-14]
Bestseller No. 6
Set of 4 (FOUR) Accelera M/T-01 Mud Off-Road Light Truck Radial Tires-35X12.50R17LT 35X12.50X17 35X12.50-17 125Q Load Range E LRE 10-Ply BSW Black Side Wall
Treadlife: N/A; Season: All Season; Performance: Mud Terrain; Car Type: Light Truck; Load Range E, 10-Ply Rated, 10-PR
Bestseller No. 8
Terache 28x9-14 28x9x14 Tubeless 8 PR 28" ATV UTV Tires AZTEX [Set of 4]
Tire Size [ 28x9-14 ] designed to mount on 14 (in) RIM.; Aggressive tread design with extra DEEP Paddle-Style knobs.

Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ Radial

The Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ Radial is just another best mud-terrain tire, which provides excellent off-road capabilities with the capability to power through sand and rugged terrain.

Combining competitive off-road functionality with well-mannered highway capacities is exactly what you get with all the MT Baja MTZ Radial.

The bicycle features exceptional Power Ply sidewalls using a third-sided ply, which helps prevent punctures and provides it with enhanced handling and pulling power. Radial construction provides a smoother ride on the street.

Key Features

  • Advanced bicycle construction to provide Decent mileage
  • Lugs made to increase grip in sand and snow.
  • Biting advantages to Improve tire protection and manage more traction


  • Amazing off-road capacities
  • Performance on dry streets makes for a pleasant driving experience.
  • Performance on snow surfaces that are mild much above ordinary


  • Tires become with usage.

BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain KM2


  • Best-in-class sand traction
  • Supremely robust and durable construction
  • Usable for on-road driving
  • Comfortable over bumps
  • Quieter than competitions


  • High cost

You can not begin a dialog about the best sand tires for the road without mentioning the BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain KM2. This is a bicycle that comes with a technology that the company utilizes in its racing tires (Dakar Rally).

The Krawler T/A KX-inspired symmetric tread design is specially directed at driving in sand, and due to this, traction in these situations is next to none.

The mud-clearing capability of this tread additionally makes the bicycle more usable in the most intense conditions. In addition to this, the Krawler TEK sidewalls and casing provide this scooter outstanding toughness and endurance.

If you believed that the aggressive tread pattern would worsen the on-road functionality, then consider again. The KM2 is just one of the best sand tires for road driving.

Grip and grip are adequate on the wet and dry sidewalk, and the distances are short. Comfort is also quite great to get a sand tire, although there’s road-noise, it is not quite as pronounced as on other tires within this class.

Nitto Trail Grappler M/T

The Path Grappler M/T out of Nitto is just another superb sand terrain actor. Its capacity to satisfy the challenges posed by off-road driving sand and stone surfaces while enabling responsive steering and stability make them a worthy option to include in our listing of the best mud-terrain tires.

Playing in the sand is a Great Deal of fun with this Nitto Path Grappler M/T. Having a difficult 3-ply construction and aggressive good looks, it’s easy to see why motorists like taking their trucks SUV’s outside for a day on the trails, river beds, and other regions.

The bicycle keeps you and goes through it. Taking this tire for a spin down the street is a really pleasant and silent adventure. One of the greater MT tires out there.

Key Features

  • Sidewall design increases life by reducing tire bruising.
  • Tread cubes designed to Decrease noise output
  • Siping to increase resistance


  • The operation on off-road paths is Superb.
  • Noise output Is Extremely low.


  • Performance on wet road conditions is typical.

Goodyear Eagle RS-A Radial Tire

This tire is just one of Goodyear’s most common all-season tires. It’s used as an OEM scooter in several law enforcement vehicles, sedans, and sports coupes.

It’s likewise a top-selling aftermarket scooter –something which speaks volumes about its performance. It features strong tread blocks for improved cornering grip and its asymmetrical tread pattern that improves wet and dry grip.

The bicycle’s lateral grooves provide a great steering response. With all the four circumferential grooves, they help channel water away from the tread and also decrease the odds of hydroplaning in wet weather.

The manufacturer has composed two steel straps in the tire’s inside and fortified them with nylon for additional durability. The Eagle RS-A radial scooter comes in various dimensions (15 to 20 inches) and speed evaluations (H to Y).

This scooter delivers an adequate grip on dry road surfaces. For an all-season tire, it manages to corner fairly well and stays responsive at all speeds.

There are quite a few problems which Goodyear should improve on. The tire’s tread life is well below average; a few motorists have complained in their tires blowing off only 10,000 miles per hour.

Besides, it produces a great deal of sound and vibrates. Both of these problems can cause distractions because of a possible push.

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro


  • Excellent off-road traction
  • Supremely durable and Robust
  • Good on-road characteristics


  • Noise can be a problem for some.

The Discoverer STT Pro is just another superb mud tire for road driving, but it is also supremely usable for off-roading. Contrary to the BFGoodrich KM2, this one is not specially created for off-road driving.

Rather, Cooper optimized the bike to get an excellent off-road grip irrespective of the surface. This usually means it functions on stones, sand, and dirt, too.

Additionally, the Armor-Tek2 construction technology handles strength and durability, making the Cooper among the most lasting off-road tires round. The anti-stone retention ribs, along with puncture-resistant casing, also help concerning durability and reassurance.

Regardless of the focus on off-road grip, the Discoverer STT Pro offers quite good on-road handling. It’s receptive enough for everyday driving, and it sticks securely.

Grip and grip are also quite great in both dry and moist conditions, while high-speed equilibrium is commendable. From the comfort section, Cooper could be somewhat shinier than normal, but still not as loudly as other tires in the class. Ride quality is great.

Firestone Destination M/T2

The Destination M/T2 out of Firestone creates the record because of the exceptional performance both on and off-road.

Firestone Destination M/T2 is just one of the best sand terrain tires, because of its capacity to attack the several components and provide a comfortable driving experience. Firestone has made the tire with a tread block layout, enabling it to have a solid grip on all surfaces.

Mud and snow grip is exceptional, and this particular tire cleans out and any other version in this class. On-street comfort and drivability are every bit as impressive.

Having a longer than anticipated tread life, this scooter is a serious contender for anyone searching for brand new MT tires.

Key Features

  • More biting edges to boost grip on snowy surfaces
  • Mud and debris ejectors to raise tread life
  • Sidewall to protect the tire from harm


  • Stability and handling are great on all surfaces.
  • Driving on straight streets and highways Is Extremely comfy.


  • Prone to wearing out readily
  • Could become noisy over time

Mastercraft Courser MXT Mud Terrain Radial Tire

This intense, off-road mud scooter delivers competitive off-road traction. It features a side-biter layout and broad, deep tread grooves that provide traction in snow and sand.

The tires have the sidewall abrasion resistance and scallops that produce a”sand spade” effect. The grip edges provide added bite and lateral traction.

The broad grooves on the outside tread blocks readily clean debris out, while the siping provides wet traction on-road and biting borders off-street.

The sipes remain functional even if they are halfway down, and this provides consistent functionality.

All in all, the tires work well on wet and dirt streets, and on the street, they have a wonderful hum and are easy to escape. They look excellent, and they are not overly loud.

But some consumers want the tires to come in larger sizes. There are several complaints that the sidewalls bubble or can tear after a period of usage.

General Grabber X3


  • Outstanding off-road traction
  • Surprisingly Great ride quality
  • Tough and chemical


  • Restricted snow grip

The super competitive General Grabber X3 is a greatest grip off-road scooter that is not shy about its capabilities. The X3 here stands for additional traction in sand, dirt, and stones.

This is only one of the most competent mud-terrain tires available in the industry at this time, resulting from this off-road compound with a high void symmetric design.

The Grabber X3 also has evacuation stations for draining sand and proprietary DURAGEN technologies for exceptional durability and endurance.

The off-road ability is paired with a very good on-road relaxation. The ride quality is among the best in this class, or even the best, although the sound isn’t a problem at urban rates.

The Grabber X3 also provides dependable and safe driving experience in dry and moist conditions and decent stability at higher rates. Nevertheless, traction on snow might be better.

TreadWright CLAW M/T Tire – Remold USA

The rocky and competitive Claw tires are equally subways and all-terrain tires. All these remolded tires provide traction on both the stones and smooth and dry surfaces.

They’re harmonious with number-17 studs, and the tread was created out of a commercial-grade rubber compound that provides 25-percent longer tread life compared to rival tires.

These are thick, well-built tires that work well on asphalt, dirt, sand, and sand. They consume potholes, bumps, and road imperfections and claw in the dirt. They are smooth and manage exceptionally well in the sand.

They seem loud. They create sound because of their aggressive tread design and thickness, and also, at slow rates, they produce big dust clouds from dirt terrain.

Additionally, like all aggressive tread tires, these tires may pick up small stones and toss them into the wheel well.

Atturo Trail Blade XT


  • Excellent off-road abilities
  • Tough and durable
  • Reactive and secure on the Street
  • 45,000-mile treadwear warranty


  • Noise, even at rates that are reduced

The Atturo Trail Blade XT is just one of our treasured multi-terrain tires only because it unites the best materials from all-terrain and mud-terrain tires.

In off-road situations, the Path Blade XT is far better than every all-terrain tire, and it matches some more economical mud-terrain tires.

Produced in cooperation with Quartermaster Knives, this scooter only cuts into sand, soil, and stones. It is quite durable and is accompanied by a superb 45,000-mile treadwear warranty.

On the street, the XT is as reactive as most all-terrain tires, really large praise for a multi-terrain one. Traction, traction, and therefore are extremely good in wet and dry conditions, while high-speed equilibrium is top-notch.

But, though the Route Blade XT is comfy over lumps, the sound is a problem even at reduced rates.

Pro Comp Xtreme MT2

Pro Comp is famous for its lineup of hard as nails off-road tires along with the Xtreme MT2 is arguably one of the best.

Tri-ply construction from the sidewalls delivers exceptional puncture protection while switching scalloped shoulder lugs dig dirt, rock, and sand for increased grip.

Using its two-step tread blocks and extra silica, the MT2 provides enhanced braking and stability. This sand tire is at home on the street since it’s off-road. There is also a 40K mile tread guarantee included.

The Pro Comp Xtreme MT2 justifies its cost by providing a layout constructed to boost the functioning of your SUVs and pickup trucks.

Load and deliver equipment and goods over long distances on streets and on the road where sand and stone surfaces could unleash tragedy on the ordinary tire.

Key Features

  • Siping to improve handling on wet streets
  • A Tread block is made to empower better braking ability.
  • Sidewall to prevent tire damage and improve tread life


  • Performance on slick surfaces and soil is phenomenal.
  • Dry street driving is comfy.
  • Durable and strong build quality


  • Tire sound output is an issue.

Patriot Tires MT All-Terrain Radial Tire

These all-season mud-terrain tires are constructed for off-road usage. They provide fantastic handling and grip on a broad selection of surfaces, such as sand, stone, gravel, snow, and ice hockey.

The hooked-shape tread block was made to improve grip, while the staggered shoulder cubes improved snow and sand performance.

These tires seem super competitive and produce barely any street noise to get a sand tire, even at elevated rates. The reinforced tread compound is chip and cut resistant, making a longer tread life.

Additionally, the center groove layout makes them manage better on slippery and muddy surfaces.

One drawback of these tires would be that as they begin to wear, they get somewhat noisy. Additionally, some consumers have experienced a challenging time balancing them, and they wear fast on the sidewalk.

Toyo Open Country M/T

The Japanese producer enters the record of best mud-terrain tires, using a layout that strives to synchronize the comfy driving demands of a city driver, together with the grip and grip demands of a motorist using a knack for off-road riding.

The Toyo Open Country MT has been a favorite option for off-road fans for a couple of decades. Additionally, it is an excellent alternative in tires for people residing in rural locations and needing dependable grip year-round, such as ice and snow.

This Toyo mud tire includes a three-ply sidewall and scalloped lugs for extra protection and superb grip. The tread is computer-optimized to reduce street noise and make it one of the quietest MT tires out there.

Key Features

  • 3 Ply polyester construction to boost durability
  • Tread block layout Which Allows for greater grip
  • Siping to raise steering on moist surfaces


  • Traction on mud surfaces and roads is Superb.
  • Tire works well on mild snow surfaces.


  • Tire durability is an issue. Treadwear is clear with the use.

Advantages of Mud Tires

Off-roading. If you often drive over areas, on dirt roads, or via muddy and rugged terrain, you will want the best sand tires for a powerful experience. Otherwise, you might get stuck and demand a tow.

Durability. Aggressive mud-terrain tires were created with unique tread designs and materials in addition to reinforced sidewalls.

They’re extremely powerful and hard and can readily navigate surfaces that could disable or destroy different kinds of tires.

Safety. The best truck mud tires can provide you the confidence to securely traverse rough, muddy streets and terrain without any fear of damaging your vehicle or becoming trapped in the middle of nowhere.

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The best mud tires may alter the way that your vehicle covers and drives. By way of instance, very large sand tires may impact the equipment ratios, which may mess with space readings.

Mud tires can be quite noisy on the sidewalk because of their construction and layout. Bear this in mind as they’ll be considerably louder than your ordinary road tire.

If you’d like very large sand tires, you might want to raise your car or truck height. Tires with bigger circumferences might not match properly, which means you might demand a body lift.

When you purchase the best all-around mud tire, you might choose to modify your brakes also. Bigger brakes are better for steering, but the dimensions of the sidewall can decrease. Smaller rims adapt tires with bigger sidewalls. This raises relaxation but might adversely affect handling.

The longest-lasting mud-terrain tires can not assure you won’t have trapped. Consider investing in certain restoration tools, like a hitch, winch, retrieval plank, etc., if you happen to require help in especially tough terrain.



A: All-terrain tires may get you through several distinct kinds of surfaces. However, they are not the best choice for off-roading. But they will work well if you wind up on a dirt road following a heavy rainstorm.

Mud tires are created for off-roading. The tread is nobby and big, helping you to browse through sand, mud, and stones. The sidewalls are heftier than all-terrain tires to protect against sharp, jagged edges.


A: You may use sand tires on pavement. However, they are normally somewhat noisy and provide a small rough ride. Their specialization is sand terrain, so travel on a paved street isn’t especially comfortable.

To find the best of both worlds, consider an all-terrain scooter rather or, instead, a sand tire with all-terrain functionality features.


A: Mud tires operate rather well in heavy snow, which demands aggressive traction. But, the best off-road subway tire doesn’t work well. All-weather tires are a much better choice for freezing streets.

See Also: How do all-terrain and mud tires do in the snow?


A: First, check to determine whether the sand tires have a high-load selection, which looks on the sidewalls. The greater the loaded variety, the greater the tire will function concerning control and grip when towing heavy loads.


A: It depends upon the brand and which sort of off-roading you anticipate doing (and how frequently you do it). The more difficult the terrain, the tires will use. Generally, a good-quality mud tire must continue about 40,000 miles.

Last Words

As you can see in the tires listed previously, we just included models from respectable makers. We all know you will find low-cost tires easily available on the market, but they just don’t offer you a secure driving experience.

Additionally, cheap mud tires may wear a lot quicker and maybe more costly in the long term. That is why you do not opt for a pair of sand tires in the listing above. We strongly suggest picking from a respectable manufacturer that you hope.