Whenever your automobile’s tire-pressure warning light comes on, or when you find yourself with a flat tire, the Best Portable Air Compressor For Car may top up your tires and help you get back on the road fast and easily with no detour into your gas station.

After exploring over a hundred versions and tests 36, we urge the top 15 best tire inflators for most drivers.

It is among the fastest and quietest models we have tested, its pressure gauge is accurate and easy to read, it is compact and easy to store in a car, and it’s a sturdy metal body which belies its affordable cost.

Reviews Top 17 Best Portable Air Compressor For Car Of 2020

Reviews Top 17 Best Portable Air Compressor For Car Of 2020

SaleBestseller No. 3
CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor, 6 Gallon, Pancake, Oil-Free with 13 Piece Accessory Kit (CMEC6150K)
PRESSURE: 150 Max PSI to ensure adequate cut-inch pressure for a variety of applications; QUICK RECOVERY TIME: 2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI allows for quick compressor recovery time
SaleBestseller No. 4
EPAuto 12V DC Portable Air Compressor Pump, Digital Tire Inflator
Easy to Read: 4 Display Units: PSI, KPA, BAR, KG/CM; LED FLASHLIGHT: Bright Torch
Bestseller No. 5
BOSTITCH Air Compressor Kit, Oil-Free, 6 Gallon, 150 PSI (BTFP02012-WPK)
OIL FREE: Requires no daily maintenance and eliminates risk of oil stains on work surfaces
Bestseller No. 8
VIAIR 400P Portable Compressor
12 VOLT Operated - 150PSI Max Working Pressure, engine must be running during use.; 2.3CFM Free Flow @ 0 PSI. The air hose length is 25 feet
Bestseller No. 10
Viair 40047 400P-RV Automatic Portable Compressor Kit
12 VOLT - 150PSI Max Working Pressure, engine must be running during use.; 2.3CFM Free Flow @ 0 PSI

VacLife Air Compressor Tyre Inflator

VacLife is a popular brand which deals in air and vacuum blower accessories. You may also find a portable air compressor to your automobile created by VacLife.

VacLife’s mobile air compressor is in 2nd place within this article since it’s by far the most reliable alternative present here.

While many other air compressors include a 1-year or even a 2-year guarantee, this one provides a lifetime guarantee.

You may even anticipate a good build quality while utilizing this air compressor. Though it’s portable, you receive a higher air pressure up to 150 PSI while using it.

This portable air compressor utilizes around 120 watts of electricity when its electrical engine compresses air to inflate the tires of your motor vehicle.

A useful feature present within this air compressor is its auto shut off feature that turns the compressor off after attaining a particular air pressure.

Best Features:

  • Maximum air pressure up to 150 PSI
  • Power attraction of 120 watts
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Auto shut off feature for ease of use.
  • 13 feet long power cable


  • Highly Dependable
  • Long power cord
  • Various useful features


  • Subpar build quality
  • A little on the bigger side

EPAuto 12V DC Portable Air Compressor

The EPAuto 12v DC Portable Air Compressor Vacuum is an electronic tire inflator that plugs into a cigarette lighter socket in your vehicle for advantage.

It runs at 12VDC involving 10-15 amps and can be 120-180Watts. It may be utilized to select tires for various vehicles such as automobiles, bikes, sedans, and midsize SUVs.

It isn’t acceptable for LT, HT, and automobile tires; however, they aren’t restricted to bicycle inflation but come with adaptors for balls and inflatables.

The screen is simple to see four components: PSI, KPA, BAR, and KG/CM.

The mobile air compressor includes a bright LED flashlight torch and contains an auto-shutoff attribute to prevent over inflation. Therefore you don’t need to worry about understanding as it reaches the desired tire pressure.

Additionally, it has automatic overheating protection and may cease if overloading occurs.

We Like It

  • Multi-purpose
  • Easy to read screen
  • LED light
  • Auto shut-off
  • Auto overheating protection

Our Verdict

This mobile air compressor is varied, being appropriate for a variety of tire types in addition to inflatables.

Viair 00088 88P Portable Air Compressor

We are going to start things off with the most expensive offering on this listing, but surely a contender for the best mobile air compressor for automobiles.

You receive 12V of power here, which can be standard in lots of these products, and it utilizes high-quality alligator clamps you can hook up directly to a battery. That is the power supply here so that you can use it where you’re whenever you need it.

Among the most undeniably excellent features is the portability. That seems strange, as you ought to expect a portable air compressor to be mobile! Nonetheless, you will be amazed by how many are quite bulky.

This weighs only 4.5pounds and can readily fit in the back of one of the front seats. It’s frankly not that large at all so that you won’t have some trouble getting it from your vehicle and using it if you want to.

Another thing that I enjoyed was that it could generate around 20 AMPS, allowing it to quickly inflate tires up to 33 inches in dimension. A lot of individuals have testified that you can readily manage tires that require up to 50psi.

However, if your vehicle needs tire pressure over this, then it may battle. For many individuals, this is not a problem, and you get an extremely neat and mobile air compressor, which does the job and is highly dependable.

Hausbell Portable Air Compressor for Auto Tires

Hausbell is notorious for making cheap and values for money products for its users. Its mobile air compressor is the most affordable alternative present in this report.

Regardless of the very affordable cost of this Hausbell mobile air compressor, you receive a top 150 PSI air pressure limitation.

This is possible due to a 120-watt electrical motor provided via this air compressor, which may be powered with a 12-volt electricity socket of your car or truck.

As it’s a 9.8 ft long power cable, you may easily reach each of your car or truck’s tires.

You also acquire helpful features for this portable air compressor, such as an inbuilt LED lighting for utilizing it at nighttime. The same as different options on the market, that one also offers a digital strain gauge.

In terms of the guarantee, Hausbell supplies a 1-year long guarantee for this air compressor.

Best Features:

  • Maximum air pressure up to 150 PSI
  • Power attraction of 120 watts
  • 1-year guarantee
  • Night use with LED lights
  • Digital LCDs at the top


  • Great for both automobiles and bikes
  • Thorough digital LCD screen
  • Low power consumption


  • Slightly large
  • Lacks accessories

Viair 77P

Like many tire inflators we have examined, the Viair 77P plugs into your automobile’s 12-volt socket (aka cigarette lighter) for electricity, so it is convenient to work with on the street.

Its extra-long, 45-inch air hose plus a generous, 16-foot power cable allows you to easily hit some tire on the car or truck.

And its compact dimensions and convenient carrying case make it easy to store in a car’s trunk or luggage compartment.

The 77P also includes a built-in function lighting, which means that you may see what you are doing at nighttime.

Having a maximum pressure of 80 psi (pounds per square inch), the 77P was made to deal with the tires on many passenger cars, SUVs, and light trucks. However, it is not meant for high-pressure RV and commercial truck tires.

Oasser Portable Electric Inflator

The Oasser Portable Electric Inflator includes a sizable 2200 mAh lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable and can be flipped on immediately. This is convenient since you do not have to be close to a power supply to run it.

It’s capable of inflating automobiles’ tires no bigger than SUV dimensions, bikes, motorbikes, balls, and inflatable toys quickly.

It includes a 12V power base, storage tote, two air ducts measuring at 13.78 inches and 4.7 inches and contains fast coupling and instrument gloves.

It’s highly mobile with a slick design, and also, the pump includes an LED light. Its distinctive pistol shape allows for ease of control and use and is simple to use during the day and night.

The electronic pressure gauge includes a backlight for advantage, and with all the power screen, you have the choice to pre-set the tire pressure needed to match your particular requirements.

It includes three values: PSI, BAR, and Kg/cm2. This portable electric air compressor is more lasting with a maximum strain of 130psi and a superb performance score.

We Like It

  • Pre-sets accessible
  • Easily mobile Form
  • Durable
  • Battery operated
  • Fits any air valve

Our Verdict

The pre-setting ability with this air compressor is extremely suitable, and its layout is excellent for portability.

Kensun Portable Air Compressor

Some items create the Kensun Portable Air Compressor, a worthy candidate for you to consider.

Primarily, you will find dual motors packaged inside that provide extremely remarkable power output to inflate your tires quickly for their preferred pressure. But perhaps the best thing is you can put this to use in your home or the vehicle.

Keep this on your vehicle, and you’ll be able to join it into the cigarette lighter, like a diffuser, to provider 12V of power.

This is a great feature as it means that you don’t even have to bother popping the hood and connecting cables to the battery.

If you are parked outside your property, you may use a 110V wall plug for much more power. This ability to change between AC and DC is indeed valuable, as it means that you can use it where you desire.

You get various nozzles for this air compressor, too, so it works to get a load of tires that are different; bikes, motorcycles, all-terrain tires, and ATV tires.

The plan is perfect also; it’s a handle that is easy to grip, and there is a little carrying bag for extra protection. It is lightweight and compact — it weighs under 4lbs — which means you’ve got no lack of places to keep it.

The very fact you can use it on other inflatables makes it a multi-purpose instrument also, and the cost is quite appealing also. One slight complaint is that it may be somewhat noisy, but that is simple to dismiss after a time.

DBPOWER Compact Air Compressor

The DBPOWER compact air compressor is a practical tool for any family and is streamlined. Therefore it’s best to be kept in the auto or garage.

This hand-held air compressor is extremely mobile since it’s so small but does not forfeit any electricity for this. It’s capable of approving a moderately sized automobile tire from 0-35 PSI in 10 minutes.

It includes a 3metre charging cable, which means that you may inflate all four automobile tires of vehicles that are long without any difficulty.

It features a 12v lighter plug so that you can use it to the street on your car without having a wall plugin and a PSI scale screen to keep tabs on the pressure.

The flexible air hose is 6 inches and will not get damaged or emptied, having an easy-to-press valve once in performance. It may be used for cars, bikes and sports balls.

We Like It

  • Incredibly compact
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Longer power cord
  • Simple design
  • Versatile

Our Verdict

If you’re seeking an air compressor that will easily be bestowed with restricted space, this can be the one for you.

Helteko Portable Air Compressor

Instantly, you see that this is among the best air compressors for auto usage due to the superior materials. It feels as though something industrial in the manner that it is so strong and durable.

You could find this out on both sides of a street with cars zooming past and projecting dust away, but it would not matter. This is designed to last, so you’ll receive loads of years from it.

Again, this product includes all the much-coveted car shut off features. This immediately makes it much simpler to use because you do not need to worry about something.

Simply check the tire pressure in your auto manual, place it effortlessly, then settle back and see the pump perform its work.

It does nice work, too — that is a highly effective air compressor that inflates tires in only a couple of minutes, which means you are not waiting for ages.

Impressively, this weighs under 3lbs and is probably among the very compact offerings I have reviewed. It is tiny but still large enough to provide a beautiful LED screen that is so simple that you read.

If there’s anything you can criticize, you don’t have a storage tote with it — but we are getting into acute nitpicking land here.

Fortem Digital Tire Inflator for Auto

Fortem is just another new air compressor out there, making mobile choices for utilizing along with your motor vehicle.

This portable air compressor out of Fortem is within the 3rd place within this article since you obtain a vast assortment of helpful features with it.

Exactly like other high-end air compressors on the market, this one can be rated at a maximum air pressure of around 150 PSI.

It employs exactly the 12v power socket of your vehicle to operate using an electricity consumption of around 120 watts.

Fortem supplies a 1-year long guarantee to its users alongside a vast assortment of features. Its automobile pump and auto shut off features can be very useful for reaching a particular PSI level quite readily.

You also find various nozzle tips along with a carrying bag for ease of use while utilizing this air compressor.

Best Features:

  • Maximum air pressure up to 150 PSI
  • Power attraction of 120 watts
  • 1-year guarantee
  • Comes with various accessories
  • Works through a 12v power socket
  • Auto shut off feature for precision.


  • Includes various features
  • Offers various accessories
  • Adequate performance


  • Slightly Pricey
  • Average build quality

Audew Automobile Digital Tire Inflator

You can operate the Audew automobile Digital Tire Inflator readily by plugging it into the cigarette outlet of your vehicle where you’re.

The cable is 3 meters to empower inflating all four wheels easily, and it functions quickly with automatic inflation.

The one-touch change makes stopping and starting it easy. The Inflate Right technology allows for automatic shut-off once the ideal tire pressure is attained.

It is possible to reset the strain required before turning it on, and once this is attained, the inflation will turn off automatically.

The LED lights are glowing and long-lasting for ease of use, even at nighttime. The streamlined design allows for easy to take along with you so that you never have to worry about being captured with flat tires.

It’s also perfect for inflating bikes, motorbikes, RVs, SUVs, ATVs, and trucks in addition to automobiles and sports gear. There are adaptors included for use with inflatables.

We Like It

  • Intelligent design
  • User-friendly
  • Could be used with bigger vehicles
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Pre-setting option available

Our Verdict

This mobile air compressor is simple to use and will switch off if the perfect pressure is attained with a clear electronic screen.


If you’re interested in finding a top-quality cordless air inflator, you’ll be impressed with all the Dewalt DCC020IB. This includes every feature you could want from a product in this way.

The inflator was constructed with top quality materials, together with each the surfaces boasting a fantastic texture to them.

The center is strong, and even when you accidentally drop it, we doubt it might get ruined — although we do not advise trying this for the sake of it!

The inflator includes a grip on the surface, and it’s quite well balanced. With no battery, the whole weight is 2.5 kg, which is not too bad.

The inflator has buttons on the front, a control wheel, and two individual LCD monitors. The LCD monitors provide you with the capacity to control everything.

After the tool is functioning, you may observe the progress on the left track, showing you just how much work has been done. The screen shows the desirable PSI when the control wheel has been rotated about the LCD to the right.

There’s an auto-stop attribute with this inflator, and you’ll also become exceptional accessories for deflating and inflating lots of distinct items, such as decorations, ties, and footballs. Another helpful attribute for this product is the LED light.

We found this very helpful when repairing a bicycle at night.

Autoleads C2 12V DC Portable Air Compressor

Compared with other choices on the market, But lead is a more compact manufacturer of air compressors. But, its mobile versions can be a fantastic choice for a whole lot of users out there.

The Autoleads C2 mobile air compressor provides pretty good functionality to the consumer. It permits you to fill out a 195/70R14 scooter from 20 PSI to 30 over 40 minutes or less.

In terms of the most air pressure, it’s fairly like other choices rated at 150 PSI. This is possible due to its 120-watt electrical motor, which may be powered by the battery of your car.

According to its title, it includes an electronic estimate for inflating the tires of your automobile. This provides high precision while inflating tires in the speed of 1.43 CFM, supplied with this mobile air compressor.

One other fantastic thing about the Autoleads C2 air compressor would be obtaining a 2-year guarantee with it.

Best Features:

  • Maximum air pressure up to 150 PSI
  • Power attraction of 120 watts
  • 2-year guarantee
  • Digital gauge for assessing pressure
  • Airflow evaluation of 1.43 CFM
  • Fill 195/70R14 tires from 20 to 30 PSI in 40 minutes.


  • Speedy inflation rate
  • Precision digital meter
  • Decently Trustworthy


  • Lacks accessories

Tcisa Digital Tire Inflator

The Tcisa 12V DC Portable Air Compressor Pump also includes a pre-set option that can turn off if the desired pressure level is attained, which prevents more than inflation.

Its strong 140-watt metallic engine is durable and may inflate an exhaust having 30 PSI in 2-3 minutes. It is simple to plug in the cigarette lighter in an automobile for use everywhere.

The large LCD screen is simple to read with higher resolution.

The glowing LED flashlight means it is easy to operate in shadow when necessary in a crisis. It may inflate tires of vehicles such as automobiles, bikes, sedans, SUVs, and motorbikes.

There are three distinct adapters for inflating sports gear, balloons, and inflatable toys plus can be outfitted with four screen units: PSI, KPA, BAR, and KG/CM2. It is available in a handy travel bag to make it easy to carry.

We Like It

  • Speedy inflation
  • Strong motor
  • Large LED light
  • High-resolution screen
  • Prevents over inflation

Our Verdict

This mobile air compressor includes a massive light that’s ideal if you’ll be needing it in darker lighting and functions at a high rate.

Avid Power Tire Inflator Air Compressor

Avid power is an extremely popular manufacturer of power tools famous for producing all sorts of products. And as you would expect, it makes mobile air compressors for vehicles.

Avid Power’s mobile air compressor is one of the only cordless choices on the market. Consequently, it is possible to readily fill tires utilizing it without being tethered with any power cable.

This is possible as a result of the 20-volt battery system from the Avid Power air compressor. Even when this battery works out, it is possible to just utilize the 12-volt electricity socket of your automobile for powering this air compressor.

Despite its mobile and battery-powered layout, it can provide around 100 PSI of greatest air pressure that’s rather decent.

Since Avid Power is a respectable brand of power resources, you receive a 2-year long guarantee with it that’s always good to have.

Best Features:

  • The maximum air pressure of around 100 PSI
  • 20-volt battery system
  • 2-year guarantee
  • Two power input Choices
  • Small and compact
  • Digital pressure gauge


  • Flexible power input Choices
  • Battery for cordless use
  • Small and compact design


  • Normal electricity
  • Low battery life

BREEZZ Automobile Tire Inflator

The Breeze Air Compressor is strong and quick with the capacity to split a bicycle from 0-35PSI in under 4 minutes, making tire inflation within a crisis quickly and simple.

The body is made out of ABS plastic and stainless steel to ensure it is durable and long-lasting.

It features the capability to exhibit the desired pressure. Therefore you don’t have to be concerned about more than inflation and will automatically turn off after it was done, which means you can not over inflate.

The bright display is easy to browse, letting you use it together with precision to figure the ideal strain required. The glowing LED lights will create tire inflation handy from the day or night, making it less stressful on the roadside.

The power cord is 10ft that means that you can easily reach all of your tires and are not limited when inflating different items like air mattresses, motorbike, bike, ATV, sports gear, and vehicles up into some midsize sedan.

The air compressor is hand-sized, making it the smallest among the listings that’s ideal when you have little space and will keep it in your car or truck or tote undetected.

We Like It

  • Long cord reach
  • LED light
  • Easy to read screen
  • Auto-stop
  • Durable ABS plastic and stainless steel

Our Verdict

This air compressor is equally small and lasting, which is very good for busy lifestyles and can be carried around easily.

Teromas Tire Inflator Air Compressor

Thomas also makes mobile air compressors for vehicles such as trucks and cars. And its offering includes a top user evaluation due to the several features you get together with.

The Thomas mobile air compressor is just another fantastic choice if you would like a flexible alternative. The same as the preceding Census air compressor, this one also includes two separate power cords.

Because of this, you may use it with AC 110 volt current or DC 12 volt present following your requirement.

To put it differently, you may take advantage of this air compressor for mobile and home use. But because it’s an electronic pressure gauge, it’s a lot more precise than other comparable analog choices.

It may be used to decide on a particular atmosphere pressure of around 150 PSI. You obtain a 1-year guarantee with this Teromas mobile air compressor.

Best Features:

  • Maximum air pressure up to 150 PSI
  • Power attraction of 120 watts
  • 1-year guarantee
  • Inbuilt LED lighting
  • Digital pressure gauge for high accuracy
  • Comes with two separate power cords


  • Various Helpful features
  • Fantastic functionality
  • Warranty for peace of mind


  • Poor build quality
  • Short power cords

Buyer’s Guide

Each mobile air compressor has distinct features to consider when purchasing. A Few of the items to consider when you look for an air compressor would be:

The Display

Some mobile air compressors have an analog display, and a few have an electronic one. Normally, the modern air compressors have an LCD digital screen that’s far easier to view, particularly in the dark.

The analog screens are not necessarily as precise and may be more challenging to read.

Pre-Settings and Auto-Stop Feature

Even though most mobile air compressors with this listing do possess a pre-setting alternative and an auto-stop attribute, some do not.

These features will make your experience easier and will allow you to avoid needing to judge yourself if your tires have attained the best pressure amount.

The auto-stop attribute will guarantee your tires reach exactly the best strain without the danger of over or under inflation that could risk causing harm to your motor vehicle.


Again, this is just another attribute that’s common in the majority of modern mobile air compressors. It’s well worth assessing this because the light is extremely helpful during roadside emergencies, which might happen at nighttime.

This light can work both to assist you in matching your tires, but also keep you secure by alerting others to your existence.


If you select a mobile air compressor included with a choice of attachments, then it will be far more likely to match a larger selection of products.

This is going to make your air compressor even more useful in the long run since you will not be restricted to only inflating tires but air beds, sports gear, and inflatable toys, which makes it perfect for taking on vacations.

Relevant Resources:

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How can one install this mobile compressor?

One must follow the security steps, precautions, and use essential safety gear according to your acting job. Be certain that you follow the directions carefully to set up and use the mobile air compressor.

Originally, check the energy supply and petroleum level before you are likely to use it. Then check and shut the air ducts for preventing air leakages and thus ensure that it’s constant compressed air pressure.

2. The way to use this mobile air compressor?

Follow the manufacturer’s directions of your specified air compressor, as distinct manufacturers and models will fluctuate in both set-up and use.

Once you place the compressor, then you need to turn on the breaker and join its hose into the air inlet of your automobile that you need to inflate. When it is completed, simply switch off the air compressor together with its power supply.

3. How does this mobile air compressor work?

In mobile air compressors, the only motor will convert the electrical energy to kinetic energy in the typical power source and functions to inflate.

4. The way to run the mobile air compressor economically?

Normal maintenance will allow it to operate at its best for a longer period. Together with following the manufacturer’s directions, you need to keep general advice about everyday maintenance.

Consistently, inspect the compressor gear to check if any oil leaks before use.

Be certain that you check whether there are any air escapes.

Evaluate the capability of the compressor to choose whether you want to modify anything.

Confirm and consider if the temperature ought to be secure or not before functioning.

Drain out the warmth, if any, left out of the air receiver tanks.

5. Which are the other applications the mobile air compressor provides?

Its principal aim is to inflate the automobile tires. While a few others utilize it to split balloons, sports balls, and other inflatables. A couple of air compressors offer you other features such as they include the ability to add air with higher pressure into gas tanks.

6. Why they’re different shapes of mobile air compressor accessible market?

Although, the mobile air compressor may come in assorted sizes and shapes according to their size and also the objective of a given air compressor.

Whether you are using the compressor for a domestic or industrial function, you need to use several shapes and sizes of compressor tanks, including vertical, flat, double tank, or pancake.

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Do not rely on hands air compressors because they are dull, and should you fill little inflatables will force you to break a sweat. Get one of those mentioned above best mobile air compressors for auto, and you’re going to save yourself a good deal.

These air compressors are flexible, and you may use these to inflate your auto tires, kiddie pool, air mattress, and much more. Get one today!