The Best Roll On Bedliner is a fantastic alternative for your pickup trucks. They’re intended to protect the bed of your pickup truck.

Also, based upon the design, they will frequently protect the things inside it. Therefore, you won’t need to be worried about your things damaging your pickup–or, for that matter, your pick out of damaging your items.

Bed liners are produced from many different substances, such as specifically polyurethane, also, again, based on the design, maybe implemented via spraying, rolling, or cleaning.

The majority of the time, the truck bed liner kit includes everything you want to begin, including figurines, roller grips, brushes, and pens.

Reviews Of 10 Best Roll On Bedliner To Buy 2020

Reviews Of 10 Best Roll On Bedliner To Buy 2020

SaleBestseller No. 1
Herculiner HCL1B8 Brush-on Bed Liner Kit,Black
Tough, textured polyurethane protective coating; 5 times thicker than other roll-ons; Skid resistant surface which wont chip, flake, or peel
Bestseller No. 3
U-POL 5010 Raptor Black Roll-On Bedliner Kit 2 Pack
Easy To Use: Tint - Add Hardener - Shake - Spray; Enough Material To Re-Spray The Largest Truck Beds
Bestseller No. 4
SMR-1000WROLL-K4 T-Rex White Roll On Truck Bed Liner, 2K Urethane, 4 quart kit
Excellent Exterior Stability from UV Light; True 2K Urethane Durability; Protects against rust, corrosion salt, damp & extreme temperatures
Bestseller No. 5
SMR-1000WROLL-K1 T-Rex White Roll On Truck Bed Liner, 2K Urethane, 1 quart kit
Excellent Exterior Stability from UV Light; True 2K Urethane Durability; Protects against rust, corrosion salt, damp & extreme temperatures
Bestseller No. 7
U-Pol Raptor GM White Urethane Spray-On Truck Bed Liner Kit and Custom Coat Spray Gun with Regulator, 8 Liters
Easy to use: Tint - Add hardener - Shake - Spray; Custom Coat Bedliner Spray Gun features adjustable nozzle and includes Regulator and Gauge
Bestseller No. 8
BedRug Full Bedliner BRT02SBK fits 02+ RAM 6.4' W/O RAMBOX BED STORAGE
Rugged construction handles heavy cargo; Bleach, oil and even battery acid washes off; Comfortable knee-friendly 3/4 inch cushioned floor
Bestseller No. 9
Rust-Oleum 323529 Professional Grade Truck Bed Liner Kit, Black
Pro grade truck bed kit protects a full 8 ft. truck bed with maximum durability; Durable epoxy formula offers superior bed liner protection to extend truck service life
Bestseller No. 10
Rust-Oleum 342668 Automotive Truck Bed Coating, Quart, Black
Dries to touch in 1-2 hours and covers up to 40 sq. ft. per quart; Create a custom truck bed mat on painted or bare metal with a non-skid, textured finish

Herculiner HCL1B8 Brush-on Bed Liner Kit

  • Resistant to chemicals, solvents as
  • Prevents rust from growing
  • All surfaces are sealed and bonded.
  • Protection is skid-resistant

Simple to use

This roll-on truck bed liner kit contains the tools you’ll have to kit your pickup: the ready-to-use protective coating, which is black and offered in a container of one gallon; 2 rollers; plus a brush for use.

These tools will guarantee that not only do you receive a gorgeous black coating of truck-bed lining but also you could readily use the paint in a simple, even fashion that makes a smooth coating.

Stunning Outcome

You won’t only get an even coating of glowing black liner for this kit; you’ll also make sure that the coat is glistening.

However, the coat is worth more than just the way it seems; it’s also tough and durable, thanks to its polyurethane-and-rubber construction, and it will be around five times thicker than other versions of roll-on truck bed liners.

The surface is durable enough so it will not get ruined –if that harm comes in the shape of flaking, chipping, or peeling–also it’s skid-resistant to boot.

The coating prevents rust from growing –it bonds and seals each surface–is more resistant to solvents, oils, chemicals, and gasoline.

Since the coat may bond anything, you may use it to get any type of surface, such as concrete, metal, timber, and asphalt–not only your pickup.

Rust-Oleum Automotive Truck Bed Coating

People that know a thing or two about paint make me understand that Rust-Oleum is a respectable firm. This bed liner paint comes in 1 qt /1 gal capability and is meant to cover and protect the truck-bed surface.

The lining is quite tasteful and provides close to the professional end. Although it’s possible to apply it using a spray gun, we recommend using the Rust-Oleum Truck Bed Applicator Kit.

The kit includes a roller frame, roller cap, brush, roller pan, and a scuff pad for outside prep.

Fantastic Adhesion and Coverage

It’s highly protective, created in America. This lining prevents rust, and endures intense weather, and is resistant to stretching (to some extent).

Nevertheless, it is not nearly durable to your Rust-Oleum; the end is excellent also. It provides texture finish, which enhances the vehicle’s overall look, giving it a bit of freshness and novelty.

The lining dries quite quickly and covers the surface evenly. Now, the producer claims the Rust-Oleum Automotive Truck Bed Coating covers the surface without any primer.

Though it’s possible to bypass the primer program, we suggest you do a comprehensive surface preparation and put on the primer for more excellent surface protection and adhesiveness.

This specific lining is quite smooth, simple to use. We advise you to do some coating to acquire that bed liner textured appearance. Read the directions to be sure; everything goes smoothly.

It has its drawbacks. For starters, it’s pricey (if in comparison to other people on the listing ). However, the cost is not that problematic; it is the odor. We advise you to apply it out and in a well-ventilated area.

Additionally, be sure that you protect yourself satisfactorily (it is possible to find more information in our other post). The odor will be powerful throughout the healing process, but it must unwind as time goes by.

There are a few misconceptions concerning this product, and we recommend you read this forum talk to find out more about the proper Rust-Oleum program.

The Way to Apply

Dupli-Color BAK2010 Bed Armor DIY Truck Bed Liner with Kevlar Bed Armor Kit

Next in our inspection is your Bed Armor. We are likely to bet cash that you understand what Kevlar is. It is a difficult material used in bulletproof vests.

It needs to be extremely hard to stop a bullet, so that you may envision the Dupont Kevlar fibers integrated into the mix of the truck bed coat and the effect it’s going to have when you employ it.

You can pick from a little 0.18 ounce can into a 1-gallon package. If you find yourself reusing the Bed Armor DIY Bedliner in the long run, buy a larger amount as there’s no functioning pot-life. There also is not a recoat window and may be performed at your leisure with pliers.

Pick involving a solvent-based or water-based product. The former is an all-purpose protector, and the latter is much easier to wash up and with no powerful odor.

Following the Bed Armor DIY, truck bed lining is treated; it provides a durable rubberized finish that gives your truck bed long-lasting protection against damage, corrosion, and rust.

This lining is so tough that no effect will chip, peel or flake the Bedliner when the item is dry. Besides, you got great paint choices such as black, black olive, as well as also clear.

Comparable to this Herculiner roll-on bedliners, we did an overview of the Dupli-color Bed Armor DIY lining that may also be used on other surfaces. As an excess tip inside this review, maintain a brush handy beside rollers if you want to do some touch-ups.


  • The water-based formula is easy to use, easy to wash up, and does not possess a strong odor.
  • The hard and durable roll-on truck bed liner protects your truck bed from effect.
  • We like this rubber mattress liner that comprises Kevlar for additional strength.
  • There is not a functioning pot life, therefore don’t hesitate to record and employ as needed.
  • The truck bed lining adheres to more than your truck bed.
  • Choose from black, dark olive or transparent as color choices.


  • Not as hard as it’s made out to be.
  • The brush might be simpler for program functions.

U-POL Raptor Roll-on Coating Kit

Raptor is just another commendable paint maker, famous for producing persuasive and user-friendly substance.

Their kit includes two bottles of mattress lining (2 x 750ml), two hardeners (2 x 250ml), two rollers plus a single roller handle, two paint trays, two abrasive pads, anti-slip additive, plus four disposable gloves.

I guess it’s reasonable to state that Raptor provides the very generous kit on the list.

However, what’s the paint, such as? For starters, it’s extremely protective, resistant to rust, and UV light. Additionally, it copes well with stretching and impacts, which means you may apply this paint onto a busy mattress truck.

It’ll protect your car’s surface or truck from just about any component, such as sodium, oil, rain, or another chemical.

Raptor is also exceptionally versatile: you can apply it on different materials, such as metal, wood, concrete. The formulation does include urethane, making it both durable and water-resistant.

The paint also comprises water-resistant additives, meaning you could apply this paint boats, RV roofs, flooring, etc.

Your truck bed will gain from it also because the cargo will not slide across the surface. More to the point, you won’t slide as you load or unload the freight during those beautiful rainy days!

The kit includes pretty much everything you want to paint the surface. However, you still desire a thing or two to get surface prep.

Instructions also include data about the way you should combine the paint and hardener based on the kind of finish you desire.

Astonishingly, the only real issue we have on this particular kit is directed towards the rollers, not to the paint. As we mentioned, the paint is fantastic, durable, simple to use, and to have an outstanding finish.

On the other hand, the rollers you get are not that good (let us put it this way). Rollers cracked and disintegrated quickly; be certain you’ve got spare pliers if you tend to utilize this product.

It’s a shame that the Raptor did not contain improved rollers since the paint they market is incredible.

Raptor UP5010 Dark 2-Liter Kit with Roller Coating Roll-On, 1 Package

  • The coating is resistant to scratches, effects, corrosion, UV beams.
  • The black finish is textured.
  • Compatible with lots of surfaces
  • Compatible with many substances

Simple to use

This elastic liner can be used with plastic, wood, steel, and concrete. Therefore, it is a fantastic option if you’re looking for any type of protective coating (instead of simply those intended for pickup trucks).

The lining is strong and durable; it’s made partly from urethane and can be water-resistant also.

It’s possible to protect against all types of harm, such as individuals from rust, chemicals and gas, scratches, effects, and water, both fresh and salty.

Durable and solid

As a result of its urethane construction, this lining is very durable.

Not only can it be water-resistant, but it has also been treated with UP 4800, a slip-resistant additive, so that, once it has been put on decks, floors, steps, and other areas, you won’t slide when you walk around them.

Therefore, it is a perfect product not just for pickup truck beds but for vehicles (trailers, trucks, boats, ATVs), drive bars, roll bars, running boards, and surfaces inside your house or business.

All you need is contained.

This lining comes with everything else you will have to spread it on your truck bed: a roller handle, two rollers, a hardener, two trays, two abrasive pads, and four pairs of gloves. There’s also an instruction sheet so you’ll immediately understand how to use it.

Plastikote 265GK Truck Bed Liner Kit

Water-based formulas are simpler to use and clean up than other product choices. The Plastikote DIY Bedliner kit dries fast to show a chemical-resistant, durable, sturdy, and non-skid surface to the truck bed.

As it provides your truck bed protection against harm in addition to rust and rust, it expands your truck bed life outside only a couple of decades.

Among the best things about this roll-on lining, the kit would be your substance. Plastikote still places attention on conserving the environment and produces its truck bedliners from recycled rubber granules.

The surface assists with skid-resistance and does not fade as time passes. Once implemented, it is hard enough to use in regions of extreme cold or heat as the product’s temperature resistance is commendable.

You have a decision about the best way best to administer the product. You may brush it on, spray it, roll it on. The quantity of paint in the kit is sufficient to coat a couple of layers and possibly be left with a few then.


  • The water-based truck bed lining is simple to apply clean, and remove should you create a mess.
  • Additionally, it dries fairly quickly in comparison to the ordinary product.
  • It is tough and durable, made to be both weather-resistant and non-skid.
  • Provide your truck complete protection for this particular chemical-resistant bed liner.
  • They care about the environment and produce their bed liners with recycled plastic granules.
  • The large temperature resistance produces this Bedliner, a leading contender in various areas of the earth.
  • Spray it on, brush it or roll it on — it is your choice!


  • It may not be as hard and durable as promoted.

POR-15 49701 OEM Bed Liner — 1 gal

  • Urethane coating
  • Can comprise 1 gallon of lining
  • Black in color
  • Brush, roll or spray on the liner.

Various Procedures of program

If you want to employ this lining, there are various procedures for doing this –you can spray it, brush it, or roll it on–which means you can readily discover the method that works best for you personally.

Once implemented, it will make a coating of black urethane, which will protect your truck bed lining from outside weather conditions.

An individual can have a complete gallon of truck bed lining, sufficient to cover the beds up of standard-sized pickup trucks.

Protects various surfaces

This lining will protect not only the truck bed lining of your pickup but, besides, some surfaces. These surfaces include aluminum, fiberglass, wood, and each other alloy.

When implemented, it has made a water-based, rubberized coating that will protect your truck bed or alternative places from effects and scuffs.

Additionally, it has exceptional adhesion, is elastic, and is damage-resistant. It’s UV-resistant, which means that you may take your truck to the sun with no problems.

Aesthetically pleasing

This lining appears quite good once it has been implemented; the coating is textured, using a semi-gloss layer, and is black.

Additionally, it is a low-odor product. Therefore, there will not be a terrible odor coming up and clogging your nostrils. It is simple to wash it away with water and soap once you decide to eliminate it.

RTG Truck Bed Liner Paint

Receive all of the protection you need for this one Bedliner. The black DIY Bedliner paint is sufficient to expand your truck bed life and protect it and you from plenty of security problems.

Stay protected from rust, corrosion, UV rays as well as many others. It works excellent on coating freight van flooring, tailgates, truck beds, and much more.

Another anti-slip lining product within this review, the paint prevents your freight from slipping on the outside and possibly falling.

Paint may smell awful, so can truck bed liners. You do not need to end any bodily discomfort while attempting to protect your truck.

You are in luck with the RTG truck bed liner because the product odor is not overwhelming, it is fast drying and can be a water-based polyurethane formula!

Water-based bedliners are far easier to roll and brush and sometimes will not even require a primer. They’re also the easiest to clean up with soap and water.

Simply brush one coat of the magical formula watch it clings to the face of the truck bed to get a company seal rather than the chip, flake, crack or peel.


  • One all-encompassing Bedliner that expands your truck bed lifetime.
  • The DIY Bedliner includes an end that provides anti-slip attributes to keep you and your cargo secure.
  • Ideal for your truck bed, tailgate, bed rails, and much more surface Choices
  • Following the application for your truck bed will be protected from UV rays, rust, corrosion, and much more.
  • It is a low odor that will not cause you some distress.
  • The caliber water-based foam formulation is fast-drying with no powerful odor.
  • The black paint will adhere closely to a truck bed to make a challenging protective coating.


  • It is not thick paint.
  • Less durable as promoted.

SMR-1000-ROLL-K4 T-Rex White Roll On Truck Bed Liner, 2K Urethane, 4-quart kit

  • 2K urethane durability
  • Exterior equilibrium for UV rays
  • Protection from rust salt, extreme temperatures, rust
  • Stain-resistant
  • Quick-drying

A good coating of protection

This product will ensure your pickup truck bed is securely protected from rust, salt, rust, and temperatures, which are both very high and very low.

It’s produced from 2K urethane, which is remarkably durable and will provide you with excellent outdoor firmness from ultraviolet rays or sun.

It’s resistant to abrasions and stains too well and dries fast after it’s been implemented. Implementing it’s simple; 2 rollers, a brush, and a bowl are included in the bundle.

All of the coverage you Want

When you are employing this lining, you’re going to have the ability to cover your truck up the bed with minimal trouble: it ensures up to fifteen square feet per watt. Four quarts are offered from the bundle.

Package includes everything You Will Need to Begin.

In this kit, you will find, as well as the lining itself, a roller handle, a mixing cup so you can assess the activator, two scuff pads, one brush, and one pan, one roller manage, and two rollers.

This kit provides you all that you want to include layers of protective lining into your pickup truck’s bed. The lining itself is marketed as a kit of four quarts and is compliant with all regulations in all fifty American countries.

Durabak White Textured, Outdoor, UV Resistant, Truck Bed Liner

The initial white textured Bed Liner we’ve introduced in this review, we thought we would provide you guys more paint choices besides black.

It works just in addition to the black bedliners concerning protective coating. It protects your truck bed from the run of the mill dangers like scratching, rust, rust, and can also be weatherproof.

Once implemented, it seals and adheres to a truck bed. It is an all-in-one heavy-duty DIY Bedliner, which is simple to apply. It works well with ships and water boats! The anti-slip layout will keep your ship from rust (which can be similar to a boat cancer) and simplifies each of the surfaces that you roll it on.

This top-quality roll-on bed is lining bonds closely to many different surfaces such as metal, concrete, and wood, all in one simple DIY bundle. You will find even more color options for you to pick from if you prefer personalization.


  • The initial white liner we introduced to provide you with a little bit of variety.
  • It functions just in addition to the dark bedliners, offering exactly the exact same protective qualities.
  • It adheres easily to your own truck along with other surfaces, giving you a choice to utilize this roll-on bed liner onto a lot of different vehicles such as ships.
  • Everything is about to go in a single simple DIY bundle, and you will find more colors for you to select from!


  • Could be vulnerable to scratching.

Roll On Bedliners Buyer’s Guide

How Does Roll-On Bedliners work?

To be able to utilize this type of liner, you will want to roll it in the bed of your pickup truck. It’ll harden and become usable as a bed lining.

Even though it’s a lining, the simple fact that it is a roll-on version helps to ensure that you won’t need to place it as you would using a good thing; rather, you just spray or paint it on the base of your pickup bed.

All of them have different facets, based on what you’re searching for; a few are far more well-suited to extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions, whereas many others tend to be preferable if you’re searching for a flexible, secure product.

Overall, locate the one that fits your demands, and you will not be let down. Additionally, note that lots of lining versions may be used to get a massive selection of applications; they’ve been designed to protect many types of materials, such as aluminum, wood, and fiberglass.

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Things to Search for When Purchasing the Best Roll On Bedliner

You’re bombarded with a lot of questions and choices when purchasing the best DIY roll-on bed liner. That is why you hunt for reviews in this way.

What exactly do you need to consider and examine to ensure you’ll make the best alternative? Let us figure that out together. Alternately, if you are considering a spray-in Bedliner, you may read our review assessing Rhino Liner and Line X.


The surface feels it plays an essential function. It’s possible to acquire different coating textures since there are lots on the marketplace.

Smooth — A smooth surface is simpler on your knees and hands should you want to get back on all fours. You can also slip heavy loads Throughout the length of your truck bed with nominal resistance.

Tough — A rough surface will provide the best non-skid surface you’ll be able to get. Additionally, it can help to keep things in place if you’re transporting heavier heaps. Keep in mind that it’s going to be somewhat harder in your joints, however.

Next up, it is to review what you intend to coat. Is it true that the Bedliner sticks to distinct kinds of surfaces? Is that exactly what you want?


This is only one of the best considerations every truck driver should review when picking the best DIY truck bed liner kit. How lasting is the buy? These products are supposed to survive and protect your truck bed.

You don’t want to hurt it even before you have created a couple of delivery runs. Some top quality roll-on bedliners such as the Herculiner are made thicker and harder than many others.

Verify the materials utilized. If it comprises Dupont Kevlar, additionally, it adds a layer of strength for it.

If you read reviews, be certain that the products can resist different weather conditions, be waterproof and other substance-proof if you happen to spill some kind of chemical in your truck bed.

Know your automobile is frequently exposed to components, so ensure that the lining can also be UV resistant so that it is going to last.


The best roster one-liners will operate to protect your truck without causing you to more aggravation and hassle. Hopefully, the product kit you purchase will be sufficient to pay your truck in 1 go.

For the thinner cubes, you may have to use the product several times on the outside and have a good left out of a gallon for additional coats.


Ensure that the kit is simple to use! Who wants a roster of Bedliners that is hard to operate on the truck and tidy up? Know that it will take you an hour more later and perhaps before to prepare and clean up after it is implemented.

It should roll easily, hopefully, arrive with all you want as a dry roller fast. Water-based coating formulations are easier to wash up, and seemingly a roll on bed liner kit is much simpler as well. So, make certain to examine this aspect if you search for products.


The best choice is if the bed liner kit owns all the above and comes at a low price. Read testimonials and compare the cost to find one within your budget.

A number of the choices we introduced above are cheap and will permit you to save cash. But as you’re on the lookout for a roster on bed liner apparel, odds are you will work with it as a weekend DIY project (more options here).

This way, you’ll save yourself a great deal of cash by redoing your automobile bed yourself, particularly if you’ve got two or three trucks.


This last issue is for your taste. You will find bedliners with slick and smooth finishes along with other ones having a matte finish.

Which would you prefer? Additionally, do you need printable bedliners, a white one in color, or a customized color to meet your truck?

It may cost a little extra, but consider the end goal you’re searching for. Would you like products using a compact appearance or a color-blocking impact?

Maybe You Need:


Can we cover everything from A to Z? Far, out of it. But that is not a terrible thing: if you’re just beginning, you’re probably overwhelmed with the huge number of fresh info.

It may be discouraging, but a lot of it boils down to decent surface preparation and patience.

If it has to do with brushes and pliers, patience is critical. Work completely, beginning from the angles towards the tailgate.

If you would like to apply an extra coat (that you should, particularly if you have leftover paint), wait for it to dry and then use the next one.

As soon as you paint your mattress truck, I am confident you’ll be thrilled with the outcomes. Additionally, you will save hundreds of dollars doing this (maybe even tens of thousands ).

And do not be concerned about destroying your automobile: if it’s possible to push and steer that monster, you can probably deal with a tiny brush and roll kit!