Best Roll Up Tonneau Cover is quite important whether you’ve got a truck for transporting products. That is because it provides safe and safer transporting since it disturbs them from weather elements such as sunlight and rain.

Tonneaus covers will also be vital to your own truck since they minimize haul consequences while improving your truck fuel efficiency. Obtaining a roll-up tonneau cover that’s lasting, high performing, and higher quality are tough.

In this guide, Yourhotcar shows you how you can just select the ideal roll-up tonneau cover out of many forms available on the market.

Reviews Top 17 Best Roll Up Tonneau Cover Of 2020

Reviews Top 17 Best Roll Up Tonneau Cover Of 2020

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TruXedo Truxport Soft Cover

This roll-up tonneau cover lacks many high-end features more innovative alternatives spout, but it will ease nicely. Made from leather-grain cloth, the cover itself stays over the bed on the provided rails that clamp to the surfaces of the mattress.

The top-mounted layout not only provides a fantastic quantity of waterproofing but in addition, it provides the truck and covers a different appearance.

Effortless setup is really where this tonneau cover actually shines. Coming with all the softcover and support railings, the kit takes approximately 30 minutes to clamp the rails to the side of their mattress.

After set up, the cover does a fantastic job of resisting snow, rain, wind, and other weather elements which may cause havoc to your truck bed’s contents.

The fit of the pay, though, can be somewhat tight on several truck models, which makes purchasing the perfect one tremendously important.

Considering that the cover sits between the two support rails, a few alignments might be asked to find the snaps placed correctly in the event the mattress rails are too far apart to offer you some give from the positioning.

See More: Manual of TruXedo Truxport Soft Cover

Gator ETX Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

The Gator ETX rolls up tonneau cover was clearly designed by a person who utilizes his truck to get over moving only beach chairs and coolers.

The flexibility of the cover makes it ideal for the man who wants to keep tools in the mattress overnight and take massive objects over the course of the day.

The tonneau railing is held into the bedrail with clamps, and therefore you don’t have to drill holes in the truck to put in it. The clamps are made to remain out of your own way. The clamps do not interfere with all the stake pocket holes, or together with your freight.

Like many roll-up tonneau covers, it rolls to the front part of the bed and contrasts with straps. What I enjoy about this cover is that when closed, it latches closed with two heavy-duty latches. After the tailgate is closed, then the latches are concealed.

The sides are coated using a weather-resistant hook and loop closed design. The only issue I had on this particular cover is that if the cover is wrapped up, the consumer has to be cautious to not harm the vulnerable hook and loop strip.

The user also should make certain the strip is clean and free from debris prior to closing the cover.

The UV resistant, low profile leather-like vinyl tarp is warrantied for ten decades, and the frame has a lifetime guarantee.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Effortless installation
  • heavy duty latches
  • Wonderful flush bracket look
  • Leaves bet pocket holes vulnerable for installation of ladder racks
  • Excellent guarantee


  • Hook and loop rail closures can easily be damaged

Lund 96893 Genesis Elite Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Compatible for use with all the Silverado and Sierra 1500, 2500 HD, 3500 HD (2007 — 2020), the Lund 96893 Genesis works just fine with almost any truck which has a 6.5-foot mattress.

This truck mattress needs no drilling in its own setup and features a handy guide that will assist you through it. Adding an integrated buckle and strap, you may even utilize this cover in the open position.

And, that is not all…

It’s maintenance-free. A patented latching system (two quick-release grips ) provides you easy access to your truck bed. A simple tug and you’ve got free, full accessibility.

Though the Lund 96893 Genesis cover is breathable and allows water to drain off its borders, its own HAARTZ Twill cloth is mold, mildew, and UV resistant.

Even very small details like front and back rubber seals are intended to reduce dust and moisture from getting on your truck bed.

Promising to endure the test of time, together with crossbar supports (heavy-duty aluminum rails and bows) that function as its skeleton, this thing has a great deal to give you.


  • Easy no-drill set up with a manual.
  • Fits a broad selection of truck types.
  • Maintenance-free.
  • Simple to start.
  • Strap and buckle permit to be used in a folded position.
  • Mold, mildew, UV resistant.
  • Made with high-quality materials.


  • The breathable attribute occasionally develops escapes.
  • The plastic locking clips require improvement.

Tyger Automobile T1 Cover

Coming in at a fraction of the purchase price of most hardcovers, this tonneau cover includes some fundamental features that go a long way towards developing a tight seal around the bed of a truck.

Employing a marine-grade vinyl shirt, the outside cover rolls up closely to offer you the maximum amount of space potential at the mattress. In its fully closed position, the cover straps to the borders of the bed with Velcro strips.

As with other soft covers, the T1 employs metal support rails that mount on the sides/edges of their truck bed using provided straps and attachments.

Since the faces of the cover at to attach Velcro strips on the support rails, the cover produces a great seal to keep water and debris away, even in windy conditions. On top of that, the cover rolls partially if you require brief accessibility to the mattress.

Substantial amounts of snow may begin to challenge the covering, nevertheless.

The burden of snow cover may extend the cover, loosening the relation to the Velcro around the borders. Consequently, it is common to find a few water or snow at the bed of this truck round the corners following heavy snowfall.

MaxMate Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

The MaxMate roll-up tonneau cover is a small tough man. My very first impression of the cover, until it was installed on the truck, is the fact that it is heavier and thicker than most.

The roll-up flat bars together with the challenging tarp, make this among the sturdiest roll-up tonneau covers.

The powder-coated aluminum railings protrude quite a bit over the bedrails, but I figure that is the price that you pay for great solid construction.

Not only is that the device powerful, but it shields powerful also. The back of the tarp won’t open provided that the tailgate is closed, however hard we tried.

If your main character in a roll-up tonneau cover is power, this could be your best pick.


  • Heavy-duty tarp and railings
  • Back of tarp locks firmly
  • 10-year guarantee
  • horizontal bars


  • Side railings are bulky

Extang Encore Soft Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

The Extang Encore Tonno is a 6.5-foot truck bed cover to your own Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra 1500 (2014 — 18). Additionally extending its use to some other truck versions, in addition, it comes in 5.8-foot and 8-foot bed dimensions.

Opening like a folding cooler-top, this cover provides you the flexibility of getting your truck bed from its front and back panels. Quick and effortless installation, as well as on end, you have to lock the cover using its BOLT lock and key technology. With this technology, you start and unlock your mattress cover with your truck crucial.

And, the best part…

Willing to support over 500 lbs of weight, this product is quite hardy. Its secret is that the dent and scratch-resistant automotive thermoplastic panel (1-inch thick) used in its fabrication. Additionally, this makes it remains in warm weather, and it doesn’t fade in sunlight.

Simple to start and close locks set up when clamped shut…

The framework is coated with textured powder-coated, as well as the black rubber parts give it its great looks. Matching only right with your railing caps, and supplying all-weather compatibility, this is essential-have truck bed cover.


  • Three sizes to select from.
  • Unique simple open, multiple accessibility layout.
  • Quick and effortless installation.
  • Locks automatically, and can be used with your own truck crucial.
  • Lightweight yet sturdy.
  • Scratch, fade, and all-weather resistant.


  • The covers do not have rubberized edges for secure opening and closure.
  • The BOLT lock attribute isn’t compatible with truck keys.

Pace Edwards Switchblade Cover

The Switchblade is 1 tonneau cover that attempts to combine a number of the greatest benefits of authentic soft and hardcover choices. Made from aluminum panel sections, the outside surface stays rigid and secured in the closed position.

Taking a page out of soft roll-up covers, the panels plugged right to a metallic enclosure anytime you would like to rapidly get into the bed of your truck.

So far as hardcovers proceed, the Switchblade is still among the handiest to use in regards to opening or shutting it for mattress accessibility. Spring-loaded, the cover automatically retracts into the metal casing.

To shut it, the enclosed strap makes it simple simply to pull it forward until it locks into position.

Setup is much more complicated than straightforward gentle roll-up covers. Besides this support rails, the metallic casing is heavy and hard to this place on your own.

After everything is mounted right into position, a protracted alignment process must find the railings properly positioned so that the cover can roll easily with no hiccups.

Tyger Automobile T2 Low Profile Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Here is another cap that attaches within the bedrails, leaving the stake pocket holes vulnerable. As for me, I find this to be a superb attribute in a roll-up tonneau cover.

Shoes such as covers, bed liners, or racks ought to improve the performance of your automobile, without interrupting your alternatives. Stake pocket holes offer you many choices.

The payrolls up real simple, along with the hold-down clamps are wrapped up under the bedrail actual pleasant, leaving more space for cargo.

I enjoy how low profile this tonneau cover is. In spite of all the sturdy horizontal railings, it fits with a lower profile than many.

The adjustable pressure system lets you pull on the cover tight against the flat bars, which makes the entire rig as you using all the truck’s bed.

My only complaint about this tonneau cover is the side rails extend slightly into the cargo area.


  • fits inside bedrails
  • low profile
  • horizontal bars
  • Clamps fit under the railing


  • Side railings extend slightly into the cargo area.

Tonno Pro Tonno Fold 42-200 TRI-FOLD Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

The Tonno Fold Premium Vinyl Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover is a 6 foot, 4-inch match Dodge/Ram 1500 (2002 — 2020) and the Dodge/Ram 2500, 3500 (2003 — 2020).

While it doesn’t fit on Dodge/Ram trucks using the Rambox Cargo Management system, it fits closely on additional truck beds which have 6 ft 4 inches size.

So, what can you get together with this product?

10 minute tops are its own setup time since it comes fully assembled. And, no drilling required, and its own guide guides you around the simple installation.

Hinged, you are able to eliminate any or all its three parts of this Tonno Fold in virtually no time. You may even fold them to create for a more streamlined unit and also have access to a truck bed.

Once folded completely open, you may use the snap clip design fastening system provided to securely lock it in position. Produced from premium quality materials, in addition, it includes a nice-looking and reliable finish. It features double-sided tear-resistant marine-grade vinyl.

The proprietary black textured finish is weather resist resistant, should seem ideal for quite a while.

And, the best part…

The slide-lock layout and E-Z clamping system provide pressure on the cover. This allows for expansion and contraction through different weather conditions. That, coupled with all the Weathertight Q-seal gasket and front flap keep your truck bed dry.

Included in the box are a SureSeal Tailgate Seal, a Tonno flashlight detachable LED mattress light, a few Pro CleaPro-Cleanurpose plastic cleaner, and pro gloves.

Offering you around 10 percent in gasoline savings, as a result of its decreased drag layout, you also receive a limited lifetime guarantee for this product.


  • Pre-assembled, therefore it requires next to no time to set up.
  • Hinged design allows for quicker and easier access to your truck bed.
  • Snap clip design fastening system to be used in the open place.
  • Produced of high-quality all-weather materials.
  • Fantastic layout.
  • Detachable LED light for nighttime use.
  • Secure features that keep your truck bed dry.


  • Not compatible with Rambox Cargo Management system fitted trucks.

BAK Revolver X2 Hard Rolling Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

This tricky rolling tonneau cover will match a Nissan Frontier with a 5 ft bed. Model years from 2005 through 2020 are harmonious. BAK makes many different mattress covers, which means you need to be able to locate a cover that suites your truck.

The cover is constructed of durable gloss vinyl material that is placed above a sheet of aluminum pliers. You will find concealed wires that discharge the cover so you may roll it up.

What is nice about this cover is that you receive the safety of a hardcover and also the ease of a softcover.

The cover is lightweight as a result of its aluminum, but it’s also quite stable and will withstand up to 400 lbs. Whenever you don’t wish to utilize the cover, it is possible to roll it entirely out of the way for full bed access.

Sadly, this mattress cover may flow. Additionally, it will not fasten the bed of your truck in case your tailgate does not lock.

This implies it is not totally secure. The restricted fitment of the cover means it is not versatile and might not match your truck bed.

Lund Genesis Elite Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

This is a wonderful basic dependable cover. It is created by Lund International, and it will be a fantastic indication that it is an excellent item.

The tarp is made from a twill weave cloth, which initially I thought was quite strange, but it turned out to be quite great things. It is quite easy to clean up with average household cleaners. The twill tarp is UV resistant, mold-resistant, and it does not appear to pull dirt and sand just like many tarps do.

The Lund Genesis tonneau cover has a sleek low profile look that extends perfectly into the side borders of the mattress. It fits so fine across the negative it is among the most waterproof tarps we analyzed.


  • Simple to clean
  • UV and mold resistant
  • Seals closely along the sides


  • Tension adjustment somewhat tricky to get right

American Tonneau 66110 Dark 6.5 ft Tonneau Cover

Coming at a trifold layout, the American Tonneau matches all 5.8-foot, 6.5-foot, and 8-foot truck beds. Its setup is really simple as it comes pre-assembled and only needs you to correct it set up. No drilling is necessary and using a pictorial guide, you’re going to attain a good install in minutes.

All-year protection…

It’s made of all weather-resistant materials and fits snugly. However, is somewhat expandable and contractible to permit temperature alterations, so, you are going to acquire all-year protection for your precious cargo.

Stylish appearing, it makes a nice complement to almost any truck. Besides, you can just start this tonneau cover once you open your tailgate, which means that you may be assured that nobody can get your truck bed but you personally.

The tarpaulin cover and hardware (fittings( steel bars) are all made from excellent materials. Its limited lifetime guarantee goes to show how long you’ll probably utilize the American Tonneau 66110.


  • Different nearly-universal truck version sizes.
  • Pre-assembly makes it simpler and quicker to set up.
  • No drilling required.
  • All-weather compatibility with automatic cozy alterations.
  • Excellent layout.
  • The tri-fold design makes it much easier to get your truck bed.
  • Produced from high-quality materials.
  • Limited lifetime guarantee.


  • Not compatible with Rambox Cargo Management system fitted trucks.

Black Vinyl Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cargo Cover From IKON MOTORSPORTS

This roll-up tonneau cover is constructed from a tear-resistant, double-sided 24-ounce vinyl.

An aluminum frame holds everything fit. This cover fits with the truck bed of a 2015 through 2019 Ford F-150 having an 8-foot mattress. The cover includes the necessary hardware for installation.

What you will love about this cover is that it is lightweight and simple to use. You can roll it up thoroughly and use the straps to help keep it out of the way. This provides you with complete access to your own bed.

Regrettably, the setup instructions are not included on this cover. This will make installing it on your truck nearly impossible.

You may have a professional install it for you, however, this is going to lead to extra expenses. The cover also includes a bizarre shiny appearance to it, and it is not as appealing as other covers.

Additionally, it is made from vinyl and held on with Velcro, so it is not the most protected.

North Mountain Soft Vinyl Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

The North Mountain roll-up tonneau cover is similar to most other excellent quality covers onto a nice hot summer afternoon. However, if the weather becomes chilly, the North Mountain roll-up shows us exactly what it is made from.

The aluminum railings are epoxy coated from low temperatures, and also the tarp remains pliable even on the coldest days.

Many tonneau covers do not roll up nicely from the cold tend to be more prone to tear when being tugged in chilly weather. The feel of the North Mountain tarp hardly varies with temperature. The fasteners and straps that secure the rolled-up are cold resistant.

The business asserts that the flexibility of this tarp is a result of double soaked vinyl construction. I really don’t understand what that means, but whatever it is, it appears to work.

My only gripe about this tonneau cover is a hex key wrench is required to adjust the tension, and you are aware that wrench isn’t where you abandon it.


  • Great in chilly weather
  • Effortless installation
  • horizontal crossbars


  • Hex key had to correct tension
  • Just 3 years warranty

Oedro Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

The Oedro roll-up tonneau cover is over the bed railing, tight-fitting cover. I was impressed with just how nice it looked in my buddy’s Dodge Ram. It fit the mattress like it was OEM.

So far as fundamental seems fine, rolls up fine covers move, this is it.

The crossbars are tubular construction. Aside from the obvious benefit of more durability, the tubular crossbars provide the cover a more polished appearance.

I enjoy a tonneau cover that guards in the tailgate. Together with the Oedro, once the tailgate is secured, the cover is secured.

The side rails are extremely nicely managed are fabricated with a lattice-type reinforcement.

The tarp feels lighter than many, which does not automatically indicate that it is poorer, only lighter. Perhaps a thinner tarp results in its sleek look.


  • Pleasant looking tonneau cover
  • Locks protected with tailgate
  • tubular crossbars
  • Limited lifetime guarantee


  • Bulky aluminum hold straps

MaxMate Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

The MaxMate Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover functions together with all the Dodge Ram (2002 — 2020), Dodge Ram (2019 Classic), along with the Dodge Ram 2500, 3500 (2003 — 2020) versions. At dimensions of 5.7 ft, 6.4 ft, and 8 feet, this pay also produces a nice fit for a number of different trucks.

You will fix it in no time…

The fold kind layout makes for easier opening and closing of the cover. With one hand, half complete, you can get your truck bed contents. Completely pre-assembled on purchase all fix it very quickly. No drilling is needed but stainless steel fastening straps and all accessories for a comfortable fit, are contained in the box.

Simple to fix, easy to eliminate. Hauling oversized freight? You are able to pull the MaxMate in moments.

Smaller loads? Simply fold it forward, and you’re all set!

Made from double-coated marine-grade vinyl, heavy-duty aluminum powder coated eyeglasses you’re ensured of less than the very best. All-weather resistant and having a nice, smooth finish, this will definitely be a fantastic complement to your own truck! And, using its 10-year guarantee, it is even more amazing!


  • Varied sized to match wider truck makes and models.
  • Tri-The tri-fold designed it simpler to get your truck bed.
  • Comes pre-assembled; therefore is simpler and faster to set up.
  • Manufactured with high-quality substances.
  • 10-year warranty.


  • Not compatible with Rambox Cargo Management system fitted trucks.
  • Very hot temperatures may shrink and fragile this product.

BAK Revolver X2 Hard Rolling Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

I saved the best for the last. The BAK Revolver tonneau cover isn’t your normal vinyl roll-up. I am unsure you can also call it a tarp. The cover combines industrial power aluminum, vinyl, and rubber seals to produce a metallic vinyl rubberized hybrid of a tarp that’s similar to a ceiling within your bed.

It is made with slats of aluminum and is stored together with a solid sheet of plastic. The ends of the pliers are combined using rubber, which can help make the weatherproof seal across the sides.

The tarp rolls nicely considering that you are rolling metal up together with the vinyl. When rolled up, the finished roll which attaches to the front of the mattress is a bit bigger than other tonneau covers.

Here’s the best feature of all. Since you unroll the cover, every aluminum slat mechanically locks to the side railings. When it reaches the finish, the cover locks to the tailgate.

The cover fits within the mattress, exposing the stake pocket holes. It actually is constructed for the man who wants to get the absolute most from his truck.

You really will need to click on the link and find out how this thing operates.

BAK also makes a toolbox which attaches to the front of the bed, bed is discovered when the tarp is totally rolled up.

The tarp is somewhat tricky to roll up and requires a little more effort than the usual standard vinyl tarp. The tarp weighs 81 pounds, while most average vinyl tarps come in at about 30 lbs. So it’s somewhat cumbersome.


  • very strong
  • Automatically locks into the faces of the mattress
  • Low profile, seems fine
  • exposes stake pocket holes
  • Accessible toolbox


  • Not affordable
  • Pretty large when wrapped up
  • Heavy and a little awkward

Greatest Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Buying Guide

Purchasing a truck bed tonneau cover might require more consideration than many people first recognize. From the obvious to the not too apparent, we have recorded everything you have to consider to make sure you purchase the very best for you and nothing less.

Size And Compatibility

Probably the most important consideration whatsoever, affirm the size of your truck bed prior to creating a pick. While many bed covers have guide adjusters (a wonderful plus), these small differentials won’t insure a foot long incorrect buy.

Also, your own truck name and version to verify its compatibility, even if that is an alternative.


All-weather immunity ought to be cared for. In addition, you will need to see that different weather conditions lead to minor expansions and contractions. Selecting a product made with materials that make up for this particular moment gaps will go a very long way.

Additionally, pick a product that delivers a drainage feature and doesn’t hold water. If it does, then it’s more vulnerable to premature damage.

Additionally, purchasing a product that provides you warranty fantastic way to remain on the secure side of this fence, in case you have a problem with your purchase.

Security Features

Impact resistance is a superb issue to be on the watch for. One which provides this feature ensures your back contents are almost always safe. Also, be aware of features such as a lock, or to get one that needs your tailgate to be opened before it can be retrieved.


Easy does it. Simple! Simple to set up with simple to get features are the best bets.

Additional choices that simplify your experience of usages such as hooks or holders to fasten your own truck bed cover ought to be cared for. Since you will sometimes have to use your truck bed in the open place.


These come in various designs and diverse opening kinds. With variants like soft roll upward, very low profile soft roll upward, soft tri-fold, and tough tri-fold, you’re spoilt for choice. Thus, you should select 1 one that’ll be the most comfortable with.

Extra Features

A few truck bed covers allow you the freedom to put in other truck add-ons together with them. If you’d like to set up other things, you should especially look out for this particular feature.

Though other versions are compact to supply less drag and so gas savings.

Several models also include features like detachable LED torchlight, multi-purpose cleaner, etc.. However little they might look, these extras may go a very long way to improving your user experience.


If you’d like the maximum in relation to weather protection, a gentle cover is really hard to beat.

Unlike metal hardcovers which have spaces and cracks between the sections and components where water can undergo, the soft cloth does a much better job of covering the surface of a mattress.

Be sure, however, that you are okay with all the trade-offs necessary because soft covers are less difficult to breach.

To find the maximum weatherproofing from a hardcover, invest in a single with a drainage system, or require a while to bring a little excess proofing. Even straightforward weatherstripping goes quite a way to stop more or moisture from getting into the truck bed.

Purchase a spring-loaded or remote-controlled cover if you would like fast and effortless access to the truck bed. These open and shut fast, with most just taking a couple of seconds to slip into place.



A. You can expect anywhere between 15 minutes and an hour for setup, based upon the plan. Hardcovers choose the longest for the complex design and also a larger amount of components that have to be set up.

This may also be dependent on the model and make since different trucks such as the brand new Chevy Silverado and older Dodge Rams have special bed profiles.


A. the majority of the time, yes. Soft roll-up covers using a low-profile layout, as an instance, just take up a couple of inches in most when wrapped up. Because tougher roll-up covers utilize metal sections that can not bend like cloth, this design will take up more space (generally 8-12 inches).


A. If the cover has any straps or home to fasten the cover, then. Some truck covers lack a securing mechanism, so the cover itself is more very likely to unwind at highway speeds. With a few safety, but the cover will remain in place so that you may take the whole benefit of the mattress without possible troubles.

Last Ideas

To get a top-notch yet reasonably priced selection of the tonneau cover, have a look at the TruXedo Truxport Soft Cover. Its simple design and setup are difficult to overcome for first-time tonneau cover owners.

To save a little cash while getting a fantastic amount of weather protection, the Tyger automobile T1 Cover is a powerful competitor.