There is no doubt that the best serpentine belt is always what car owners want to lay their hands on. Power steering and alternator might be the cornerstones of your automobile, but the serpentine belt is actually the one behind the smooth function of the whole engine. If it goes out of shape, your entire car would meet its end soon.

Understanding that need, today, our article would present to you the most sought-after serpentine belts of all time. Let’s begin, shall we?

Top 7 Best Serpentine Belt

1. Bando 6PK2135 – Best for Quality

Bando 6PK2135

The number 1 on our list goes to a product of Bando – a USA’s leading company in manufacturing rubber commodity with a history of over 100 years! As a creation of such a prominent figure, Bando 6PK2135 is, without a doubt, something that can meet your expectation in about not only quality but also performance.

Let’s talk about the material first. Made solely from durable synthetic rubber (and not just any rubber, the substance has been picked by the experts of Bando themselves), the belt is paired with outstanding wear-resistance ability, not to mention it is very flexible. In fact, it can accompany the car for thousands of miles – more than 100.000, according to some users – without being stretched, or worse, shredded.
We know what you are thinking. If this item is so well made, synthetic rubber and quality and all, surely it has to add quite a great deal of extra weight to your car, right?

Not at all! This might take you by surprise, but the total weight of this Bando belt is only a tad over 7 ounces. Meanwhile, the whole dimension of the item is just around 13.1 x 4.6 x 0.9 inches.

But here is a problem. This serpentine belt does not fit all vehicles available. As we can see, it works just fine for GM, Toyota, and Honda. However, we cannot say for sure about the other brands.


  • Easy to install
  • Tough and durable
  • Made from strong synthetic rubber
  • Wear-resistance
  • Highly flexible

  • Does not fit all automobile models

If you are looking for a product that is super durable, helps you steer clear of the issue of wearing, and last for a lifetime, Bando 6PK2135 is the right product for you to invest in. But you might consult other drivers with experience using this belt as it might not be compatible with your vehicle.

2. Continental 4060882 – Best For Design

Continental 4060882

Continental 4060882 is one of the top-rated serpentine belts on the market right now, putting quite a number of its rival to shame with its superior quality (save for the top product, of course).

Unlike most serpentine belts on the market, The Continental comes with a rather different design. On one side, the belt is just as smooth as any belt you can come across at the automobile component shops. But on the other side, it has a checker-like design made by multiple criss-cross cuts.

What is it for? To give the belt an extraordinary look? No, not exactly. These various patterns running along the belt’s length are actually the secret behind its widely loved ability. Compared to the common V-shape teeth lines, this design allows the item to bear less pressure and keep the released noises at the minimum level while still encompassing all the vital parts of your car.

Not to mention, this product is made from top-quality rubber that meets SAE specifications! Never heard of it? Well, SAE is a global organization committed to developing standards for the field of engineering. So, if they give anything a thumb up, rest assured you can have faith in that very item!

Still, some users have claimed that this belt failed to fit their vehicles. Then again, we believe this is a common problem that can be found in several serpentine belts.


  • Noise Resistance
  • Easy to install
  • Great Material and design

  • Fail to fit certain cars

Despite the minor issue, Continental 4060882 has all the qualities of a top-notch serpentine belt. So, if you are looking for something reliable and long-lasting, this can be it!

3. Gates K060841 – Best for Noiseless Operation

Gates K060841

Next up is a product from another top-notch auto component brand we all know and love – Gates! For decades, products from Gates have been taking the world by the storm, and serpentine belts are no exception. Just take a look at this K060841 model and you will understand why.

This belt is a praiseworthy product no matter how you look at it. Manufactured with top-notch material, molded and shaped by Gate’s advanced technology, it offers many things that one looking for in a serpentine belt.

It has just about the finest flexibility and durability that allows it to function well in all circumstances. Heat can do nothing to it, and it is nearly 100% crack-resistant. How cool is that!

But here is the part that holds our interest: its quiet function. It has the power of a tiger, yet, it works like a kitten. In a good way, of course. There is just simply no intolerable sound coming out of the engine as it runs in there. And this is all thanks to the unique belt construction of Gates.

Still, this item is not without flaws. It might be friendly to your car, but it is no way that friendly to your wallet. In fact, compared to the other products of the same range, the price of Gates K060841 is quite high. But hey! With that many incredible features, you do not truly expect it to be dirt cheap, do you?


  • Low price
  • Easy to install
  • Made from premium-quality material
  • Heat-resistant and crack-resistant
  • Quiet performance

  • Expensive

Overall, investing in this premium serpentine belt is going to do wonders for not only you but also your vehicle as it offers extraordinary features that hardly anything can compare. Still, do not forget to factor in your budget as you make the final decision.

4. ACDelco 4K378 – Best for Long lifespan

ACDelco 4K378

Number 4 in our list goes to ACDelco 4K378, a serpentine belt with exceptional perks that promise to become your dear car engine’s best friend on every route for thousand, thousands of miles to come.

How so? Well, this serpentine belt is constructed using EPDM rubber, which happens to be one of the top-quality materials trusted by professional technicians. And let us tell you something good, this substance can withstand extreme heat, severe bending issue, and it is not likely to stretch or tear either.

On that ground, the belt’s lifespan is, without a doubt, prolonged. Believe it or not, it can stay in mint condition for about 50%-60% longer than most serpentine belt rubbers you find at car component shops.

Plus, you know what? Its performance is only second to its quality. Equipped with a specially constructed belt drive system, it works super well amid your engine, like it has been a part of your car all along. Isn’t this great?

Still, similar to the first three products, this one has a rather fatal flaw that you might have a distaste for. When the temperature starts dropping, chances are that it will elicit some squeaky sound. Not to mention, it is a rather pricey item.


  • Easy to use and install
  • Heat-resistant
  • Last much longer than a regular belt
  • Withstand bend
  • Quiet operation

  • High price
  • Squeak when it gets cold

Look nowhere else if you are seeking a serpentine belt with an extraordinary lifespan to save you from the need of paying through your nose for replacement day in and day out. But beware if you have sensitive ears!

5. Gates K081223HD – Best for Heat-resistant

Gates K081223HD

Next on our list of best serpentine belt today is another product from Gates! We were about to stop with one for each brand to maintain fairness in our list. But this K081223HD model is so exceptional that we cannot help but include it as well.

Gates always claim that they never stop trying to innovating the auto component manufacturing world, and boy do they stick to it! K081223HD is made with patented material, and that’s why its sturdiness and durability are something to die for.

Still, the part outstandingly setting this model apart from many products of the same range is actually its ability to withstand extreme heat. You know, a serpentine belt encompasses a wide of vital car parts, so they are, like, cooked under high temperatures all the time.

This would be a rather serious matter should you use a low-quality belt, but not this mighty guy! Gates’ technicians have given everything they got and ensured that the belt will not break down even when being constantly exposed to the highest level of heat a car can excess (which is over 100 degrees). Isn’t this great?


  • Work well under high-temperature condition
  • Great durability
  • Easy to install
  • Patented material

  • Expensive

Resistance to heat is the highlight of this product. But in terms of performance, it is just around the same level as those mentioned above. Of course, it is from Gates, so expect that it will come with a price higher than usual. Nevertheless, if you are inclined to getting something that lasts, this might be it.

6. Dayco 5060840 – Best for Simple installation

Dayco 5060840

You want to reward your trusty car with a serpentine belt of excellent quality, but really do not know what to get as you are not much of a technician? Your preference is an item that balances between top-notch performance and simplicity? Something that anyone with little experience repairing a car can work with just fine?

Then Dayco 5060840 is most likely to fit the bill!

This item is built to assist anyone that is fairly new to the concept of replacing auto components. In fact, according to some experienced users, it only takes them around 10 minutes to change their old wretched serpentine belt into this with the help of just a few basic tools. Many even state that they only need 3 minutes to finish the job!

Yes, yes, we know. You are concerned about its quality, right? It looks so simple, how can it rival those on the top of the list? Well, never judge a book by its cover for this item itself is quite a little beast. It works like a charm and can handle quite a great deal of friction and heat. Not to mention, it never lets out a single squeak during operation!

However, there is a big minus. This serpentine belt is not budget-friendly. Besides, despite its decent performance, it cannot rival those from brands with long-standing prestige such as Gates or Brando


  • Exceedingly easy to install
  • Made from premium quality material
  • Reduce noise
  • Resists heat

  • Might not work as well as a serpentine belt of other brands
  • Expensive

We still recommend this item for any car owner who is a little bit clueless as to how to repair their vehicle’s shoddy components and what not. True, it is not all that affordable, but its newbie-friendly feature can make up for that.

7. Motorcraft JK6982D – Best For Durability

Motorcraft JK6982D

Last but not least on our list of the best serpentine belt is a product manufactured by Motorcraft – its JK6982D model! Coming from one of the prominent figures in the auto parts manufacturing field of America, its quality is, without a doubt, beyond question.

Still, it is actually the performance of this item that caught our attention in the first place. Prepare to be amazed! Not only can it resist the extreme temperature of a running engine, but it can also hold out against grease, oil, and dirt.

Not to mention, this product from Motorcraft is so well-made that it is not likely to stretch, even under severe conditions. It can also reduce the risk of slippage, as well as a range of other deteriorations. In a way, this belt can be considered impenetrable, and so it is going to stick with your car for years to come!

Still, there is one problem. This item has been received complaints from displeased users claiming that it squeaks as you speed up your car.


  • Great performance
  • Easy to install
  • Made from premium quality material
  • Resists deterioration caused by various factors

  • Squeak when driving with high speed

Motorcraft JK6982D might not be an impeccable product, but it is, indeed, praiseworthy thanks to its sturdiness alone. So, if the ability to fend off multiple factors is what you look for in a serpentine belt, consider giving this a try.

How To Find The Best Serpentine Belt?

If you notice some strange noise, especially the squeak or chirp, in most cases, it is a signal to get a new belt before your car breaks down entirely. So, how to find the best serpentine belt? Well, here are some certain things that you have to consider:


Serpentine Belt BrandsWhen buying an important car part like the serpentine belt, you don’t just go with your gut and get whatever you assume to be the best fit just because it looks good or its advertisement says so many good things.

Why? We hate to break it to you, but the retailers do not really care about you or your issue, they only want to boost their sales and make sure you actually get something. So, yes, they will sugarcoat everything you lay your fingers on and use their skill to talk you into getting it. Don’t fall for their traps!

Keep your head cool, and check for the brand first. Nothing improper can come out of a top-notch brand! Our most recommended serpentine brands are ACDelco, Bando, Continental Elite, and Gates. Yep! Most of them have their products list here.


serpentine belt materialsThese days, EPDM is the main material used in the process of manufacturing serpentine belts. This type of synthetic rubber is favored as it will not harm for the environment, and it works like a charm in blocking the vicious assaults of different factors that can put the belt at risks like chemicals, greases, and heat in the engine bay.

You might also come upon some models made of Neoprene, but for the sake of your car (and your pocket), do not add them to your cart. Neoprene was once the main material for serpentine belt producing, but its durability was at the bottom of the barrel, and belts made from this would crack pretty soon.

The “Fit”

How To Find The Best Serpentine BeltWe suggest that you should understand your vehicle before purchasing a serpentine belt. The reason is the vehicle of different brands have different features. Another thing to consider is the year version of your vehicle.

Why? Unexpected details could be added or changed every time a new version came out. Since the serpentine belt is the part that connects all the small details in the engine, to smoothen the process, and makes your car runs smoothly, you have to make sure the belt you pick fit it perfectly

If you don’t know too much about car parts and stuff, all you need to do is just go for the belt that has the same measurement as your old belt. Easy-peasy!


The last and not least factor to consider when it comes to buying something is the price. So, what is the best deal anyway? Isn’t it a quality product at a fair price? That’s why we shouldn’t overthink about the price. Instead, you should put the product’s quality next to the price and compare it.


How To Find The Best Serpentine BeltMore often than not, a regular serpentine belt will be able to cover about 60000 miles before reaching the end of its lifespan and snap.

But if you have some money to spare and believe that your trusty car deserves something of excellent quality, something that bypasses stuff you often see at the store, try the high-end ones. These are some real beasts and can accompany your car for up to 100000 miles, or even more!

Rib pattern

How To Find The Best Serpentine BeltThis might sound like some kind of complex mechanical terms, but it is, in fact, just the patterns running along the length of each and every serpentine belt.

We are not sure whether you have heard of this yet, but these seemingly purposeless parts actually serve a rather vital mission. They decide how long your belt can last, and will it snap or go out of order before its supposed lifespan.

Wonder how they can do such a thing? Well, just take a long look at all the belts of top quality, and you will notice that there are all kinds of crosscuts and valleys running from one end to another. They draw more air into your belt, prevent it from going overly hot.


How do I know which belt would fit my car?

Some websites that offer the search bar are a super useful tool to detect which model of cars would match the various type of belts.

To save time and money, we strongly suggest you use this tool to track which serpentine belt will first suit your car before purchasing.

How do I know when my car’s belt doesn’t work?

After replacing the new serpentine belt to the old one, you should give it a quick push by turning the engine up. If the engine starts making funny sounds like squeak or chirp, or peeling or getting oily, sorry the belt is not for your system. On the other hand, if you hear normal functioning engine sounds, congrats, it works for your car.

When will a serpentine belt need to be replaced?

You should check your rubber properly every 30,000 or 50,000 miles. Don’t wait for your vehicle to tell you some signal of its break down.

Most brands provide the small tooth with teeth to check the “health” of your belt. However, if you don’t have the tool or don’t want to buy one, you can always use a hand of your trusty assistant – your eyes.

As long as the lines on the sides of the belt are not separating from the rest of the belt, there’s no crack on the teethed surface, and the belt is still a one unite part, no need for you to change a new belt.

How many years of warranty?

Every brand has its own warranty policy. Some will give a one year warranty, while some will give autozone. You should always check each brand’s warranty policy beforehand to see if it fits your needs.


A serpentine belt is one of the most important parts to keep your car alive. It is like the vein, the bridge, the preacher, the healer that links some of the most important features in your vehicle together and make them work with each other in harmony.

If you want to keep your 4-wheeled friend on living a happy life without getting sick, you’ll surely need to take care of the serpentine belt. And if you ever need help on picking a belt, refer to our guide and review immediately.

In case you wish to know what item we believe to be the best of those mentioned above, it would be the first belt – Bando 6PK2135. Not only can it keep your car in tip-top condition with all the cool features, but it can also help you save quite a fortune as it lasts long enough and does not require frequent replacement.

We hope you’ll find some useful information in our Best serpentine belt review. Thank you so much for reading, and we will see you next time.