Among the most significant items on your motor vehicle is the best steering wheel cover. That’s precisely why it’s a puzzle why for several decades now most automobiles come with a rather standard steering wheel.

These steering wheels may be slick, hot, or cold to the touch and not really easy to grip in particular regions of the wheel. That’s the reason why a lot of folks place covers on the steering wheels of the vehicle.

How can you know what the ideal steering wheel cover would be for you personally? Read the steering wheel cover inspections and Yourhotcar is going to provide you with all of the info you’ll have to generate a fantastic steering wheel cover purchasing choice.

Top 18 Best Steering Wheel Cover NEW Brands Of 2020

Top 18 Best Steering Wheel Cover NEW Brands Of 2020

Bestseller No. 6
Elantrip Leather Steering Wheel Cover 14 1/2 to 15 inch Universal Anti Slip Odorless for Car Truck SUV Grey and Black
đŸ˜€GUARANTEE. Worry-free 12-month warranty and friendly customer service
Bestseller No. 7
Valleycomfy Universal 15 inch Auto Car Steering Wheel Cover with Black Genuine Leather add Red Lines for X1 X3 X5 335i 535i HRV CRV Accord Corolla Prius,etc
Increased Safety: A better grip on the steering wheel gives you more control on the road.; Fits all standard size steering wheels from 14.5 inch to 15.25 inches in diameter.
Bestseller No. 10
KAFEEK Steering Wheel Cover, Universal 15 inch, Microfiber Leather, Anti-Slip, Odorless, Black Lines
Perfect decor for your car, also protect your steering wheel.

BOKIN Steering Wheel Cover

BOKIN includes a fantastic product to provide with its comfortable steering wheel cover. The product can match any steering wheel out of 14 1/2 to 15 inches in diameter.

Additionally, the unit comes in several colors, which means you’ll have the ability to not just feel the wonderful grasp of the wheel but also give your car a fresh stylish interior appearance.

What we love about this steering wheel cover

The materials employed for this particular product are exactly what we considered again. This steering wheel cover is constructed from microfiber leather and viscose that market very durable and less prone to intense temperatures.

To put it differently, if your car has been parked in direct sun, that microfiber leather won’t find hot. Additionally, it’s extremely simple to wash and can be antibacterial. Another incentive we found within this unit is the 18-month guarantee.

A few concerns we have with This

There are a number of things that feared the members of the staff. It appears that the steering wheel cover is tough to wear and also you may want to use all of the power you need to fix it on your steering wheel.

Following that, you ought to consider the cloth component of this product as it might begin stitching after a couple of months of usage.

Steever Max Solid Steering Wheel Cover

Here we’ve got a steering wheel cover which can satisfy virtually any of your requirements. We say”nearly” because the dimensions of this pay may restrict a few of the users. The wheel size variety this product can pay for is between 14.5 and 15.5 inches.

As soon as you take it from the wrapping, you may take pleasure in the simple fact that the device does not have any scents.

Moreover, the producer has used high excellent leather substances and non-toxic elements. The eco-friendly facet should not be underestimated, and it’s a fantastic reason alone to purchase this cover.

What we enjoyed about this steering wheel cover:

The grade of the material is lasting. The microfiber leather cover will radiate sharpness and higher course as soon as you wrap your steering wheel together with the cover.

Without a doubt that the inside of your vehicle will appear skinnier. What is more, the security aspect is vital, and with all the non-slip cover, you’re guaranteed always to get a firm grip on the steering wheel.

A few issues we have with it:

We already mentioned that the sizing disadvantage, but in regards to customization, we’d have enjoyed it if the product came in more than 1 color.

Right now, the only available color is black. Another thing worth mentioning is the steering wheel might feel somewhat milder after you put in the cover.

Wheelskins Original Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Cover

The Wheelskins Original Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Cover is a high-quality and durable vehicle accessory that is a fantastic investment.

The real leather cover provides a sense of luxury and style to your vehicle, while also improving your grasp on the steering wheel. It’s a classy look and texture.

Wheelskins requires it a worldwide steering wheel cover, so it must fit most automobiles. The business states the external steering wheel diameter needs to be 14-1/2 to 15-1/2 inches, whereas the traction circumference must be 3-5/8 to 3-7/8 inches.

Much like any steering wheel cover, the leather can be tricky to stretch to fit properly within the wheel. Amazon reviewer Walter Bowser says it took him some time to attack the job, therefore we urge you set aside one hour or longer to put in the cover.

Though it can be tough to wear the wheel, after this cover is set up, reviewers enjoy it. Amazon shopper DocDenver enjoys how in which the leather steering wheel makes driving more comfortable.

The leather fabric feels fantastic, particularly on extended auto trips, and it makes it much easier to grip on the steering wheel for extended intervals.

Pros: Stylish leather construction, a couple of distinct color choices, Fantastic value and durability over the years, really comfy feel

Cons: More expensive than any steering wheel cover stuff, setup is time-consuming

SEG Direct Microfiber Steering Wheel Cover

Our top choice is a lavish automobile steering wheel cover made to elevate the expression of your vehicle’s dashboard. It is made from microfiber leather that’s soft to the touch and does not slip.

The inside is constructed from sturdy rubber to maintain the cover secure, particularly after turning the wheel. Another special feature is the cover is odorless; it does not give off that leather smell.

Each of the substances making this product is eco-friendly and also does not include any toxic chemicals.

The synthetic leather was created with fantastic absorption attributes; your palms will not become slippery once you begin sweating. The substance contains respectable breathability, and it is resistant to cold, heat, and use.

Additionally, it supplies a firm and comfortable grip; it does not irritate your palms. The cover comes in eight distinct colors, and its lightweight design makes it convenient for extended drives.

On the flip side, however, the cover is challenging to install. Artificial leather additionally reveals signs of wear quicker than real leather. The substance is also somewhat less heat-resistant as a high-end steering wheel cover ought to be.

But, synthetic leather is among the greatest steering wheel cover substances. The cover is suggested for brakes with a diameter of 14 to 15 inches.

GripDrive Pro Stitched Steering Wheel Cover

Motor Trend has plenty of fantastic automobile products and this steering wheel cover is among these. It’s made from a soft and comfortable synthetic material so that it is going to remain cool and last quite a very long time.

This is a cover that can fit smaller size steering wheels nicely. It’s odorless and provides a fantastic grip with no stickiness that a few steering wheel covers possess.

What we love about this steering wheel cover

When you examine the sizing charts for your products on our inspection list you’ll observe a blueprint; there aren’t a lot of covers that can fit vehicles with smaller dimensions steering wheels.

That’s not a problem here since this well made steering wheel cover is designed to match vehicles that have smaller 13 1/2 — 14 1/2 inch steering wheels.

A few concerns we have with This

This steering wheel cover is extremely basic and doesn’t have many styles for this and also that’s a bit disappointing. This is just another steering wheel cover that you truly have to pressure to wear but when it is on it matches extremely well.

Vitodeco’s Luxury Leather Steering Wheel Cover

Whenever there’s a peculiar odor within a vehicle, whether it’s fast food or even the sweaty workout clothing from the health club, it feels like it is trapped in the vehicle for months… hence, the prevalence of this tree-shaped air freshener hanging in the rear-view mirror.

When picking a steering wheel cover, then go with one which does not increase the odor of the closed air of the automobile. The Vitodeco Luxury Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Cover is odorless, as a result of this high-quality leather construction.

The color choice is much more limited compared to our best choice, however, you can get staples such as black, white, grey, beige, and brown.

The cover will not come in small, regular, and massive sizes, which means you need to have the ability to locate one that will suit your automobile.

V Best Reviews enjoys the way the Vitodeco cover is simpler to set up than a few other possibilities, and in addition, it has a dragon scale layout onto the surface of the cover to improve your grip.

Amazon reviewer Enrique also adores the extra grip that this steering wheel cover provides, in addition to its trendy design.

Pros: Leather material does not give off an odor, thick and durable steering wheel cover layout, setup Is Simpler than with others

Cons: Limited number of colors available, and they may not fit your steering wheel really correctly

Rueesh Microfiber Leather Steering Wheel Cover

This cheap Rueesh steering wheel cover provides an embossed finish to provide the motorist a firm grip.

The cover is made from a superior microfiber material that is soft and made to massage the hands of this motorist. Its anti-slip matte finish guarantees you could push for long hours with no hands slipping.

The cover is chilly – and – wear-resistant. It protects your steering wheel in the harmful rays from sunlight and its elegant appearance gives new life to some worn-out wheel.

The wheel has soft cushioning to promote a comfy ride, and it is intended to be a comfortable fit for mid-sized chairs. The manufacturer supplies a two-year guarantee on the pay.

The most important disadvantage of the cover is that its embossed finish rubs uncomfortably on the palms. It could irritate your hands on a very long drive.

The cover isn’t heat-resistant and contains a brand new leather smell that does not go away. You might also have trouble installing it you’ll want to find the cover to stretch out before fitting it to the steering wheel.

Plasticolor Star Wars Steering Wheel Cover

For all those Star Wars fans who want a steering wheel cover, we expect you’ve read this far because we’ve got a wonderful little thing for you. It’s a cover that’s priced right and can even help provide some traction on the steering wheel as you push.

It’s a steering cover which will fit on just about any kind of steering wheel that’s 14 1/2 to 15 1/2 inches. This cover just comes in 1 color and you probably may have figured that color is black.

What we love about this steering wheel cover

This steering wheel cover isn’t right for everybody but if you’re a Star Wars fan then it may really appeal to you. There’s a Darth Vader figurine etched into the simulated leather. In case you’ve got a black or blue inside this steering wheel cover looks terrific.

A few concerns we have with This

Regrettably, this steering wheel cover probably is better off as a novelty item than it’s a steering wheel cover. It matches nicely but it’s an inclination to move around a bit even if fastened securely.

Additionally, it is much less thick and comfy as most of the additional steering wheel covers on our inspection list.

Sino Banyan Crystal Steering Wheel Cover

The Sino Banyan Crystal Steering Wheel Cover is ideal for drivers that wish to stick out on your way. This cover will provide your wheel of glistening look that’s observable both during the daytime and the evening.

The stones have sufficient glow to glow throughout the windshield. The cover fits nice and comfortable on many 15-inch steering wheels.

You’ll discover it is simple to place it on. At precisely the exact same time, this cover will provide you with a firm grip of the wheel and much more control on the street.

What we love about this steering wheel cover

Obviously, we love the amazing characteristic of the steering wheel cover. With this brand new, unique appearance, your automobile will probably be evident from afar.

The cloth is soft, and the rocks will massage your palms. Yes, they’ll leave marks on the palms, however, they won’t be debilitating.

A few concerns we have with This

Our principal issue is that some rhinestones may fall quite quickly when you set the cover around the steering wheel. Some more may overpower with time. On the other hand, the bundle consists of extra stones and adhesive for your advantage.

A-Lightning cloth, steering wheel protect

If a dull-colored steering wheel does not match your own personal sense of design, the A-Lighting Cloth Steering Wheel Cover is the best option.

This cover features interesting colors in a trendy geometric layout, giving it a much different look than conventional steering wheel covers.

The A-Lighting cover is significantly less costly than some other possibilities, largely because it is manufactured from woven flax cloth, but it still provides good traction.

The fabric absorbs perspiration from the hands well, based on Top Ten Review Pro, therefore the steering wheel will not slide in your own hand. It must fit steering wheels which are 14.5 inches in diameter.

Amazon shoppers adore this steering wheel because of its entertaining design and pop of color. 1 reviewer named Robin Taylor states that this cover is easy to set up, and it does not give off a terrible odor in the car or truck.

Pros: Excellent mix of vibrant patterns at the cloth absorbs perspiration to Avoid a slick steering wheel, a little different than many steering wheel covers

Cons: Does not match your present steering wheel shade, does not provide the durability of a leather steering wheel cover

BDK SW-352-DW Steering Wheel Cover

The following product on the list features a very durable design. You may require the enforced double sewing BDK SW-352-DW Steering Wheel Cover.

This attribute ensures a firm grip and security as you’re driving. The dimensions of this cover are bigger than that of different products.

It’s acceptable for trucks with around 18-inch steering brakes. A color-fading protection attribute will maintain the new appearance of the cover for quite a while.

What we love about this steering wheel cover

The heart of the product is in the substances. The rubber is more comfortable to hold during long rides. In addition, it retains the cover comfortably around the steering wheel. Another benefit of this version is that it comes at an excellent cost for this durability.

A few concerns we have with This

The problem we have with this product is that it’s a powerful odor of compounds. It’ll go away with time, but it may be tricky to keep at the start.

It requires a while until you are able to match the cover round some wheels. However, as soon as you are able to try it, it won’t move around.

Valleycomfy Steering Wheel Cover

We comprised Valleycomfy for anybody interested in a high-quality genuine leather coat. It is a heavy-duty cover and contains a manly look for this.

Its selling point is its own cold and heat resistance properties; the cover stays cool despite fluctuations in weather. The cover is soft and includes a skid-proof liner that delivers a trusted grip. The inside is constructed from natural rubber that’s eco-friendly.

This Valleycomfy cover will provide you with an odor-free encounter and its own stylish design makes it a fantastic accessory that matches any automobile’s interior.

The cover material is stitched to avoid wear and tear, and it’s soft padding to increase comfort when driving. It is available in lots of colors and can be a universal fit for brakes with a diameter of 14.5 to 15 inches.

The maker might improve on the packaging; the cover comes and the creases hardly disappear.

Additionally, it is a heavy-duty cloth and is embarrassing for individuals with smaller hands. Being made of excellent leather, expect to invest a couple more bucks with this cover compared to synthetic leather options.

QUEES Cowhide Leather Car Steering Wheel Cover

If you’d like a steering wheel cover that’s as near actual leather as it is possible to get with no cost, then this cover might be the most suitable one for you. It’s stylish and comfy and goes good with the inside of your automobile if you opt for the color match right.

What we love about this steering wheel cover

This is only one of those better-looking steering wheel covers in our inspection listing. It’s a sporty kind appearance that isn’t overpowering. It’s also stitched together quite well and seems to be a cover that will last you a long time also.

A few concerns we have with This

It’s a bit on the expensive side considering that it’s cowhide rather than genuine leather. This steering wheel cover is extremely tough to wear and you will need to follow the instructions carefully or you may tear it we did.

Moyishi Leather Steering Wheel Cover

The Moyishi Leather Steering Wheel Cover comes with an impressive woven leather design along the borders that will help you maintain your grip on the steering wheel in any way times. The feel at the weaved pattern makes this cover comfortable to use for extended driving sessions.

The weaving from the PVC leather looks fantastic and it’ll persist for quite a while. Amazon shopper FFI Guy claims the setup process was simpler than with another wheel covers, also, so it ought to be a simple job to take care of.

It must match most steering wheels which fall between 14.5 inches to 15.25 inches.

Matching the color of this Moyishi cover into your present steering wheel cover needs to be a simple process, as a result of the many color options. After the color fits, this cover will seem as though it was installed in the factory.

Amazon reviewer Norm DePlume claims that this cover did not make an odor at the automobile, but the coat on the PVC leather induced his hands to wash out uncomfortably.

Pros: Weaved pattern provides a Fantastic grip on the steering wheel, provided in several colors to match your present steering wheel, does not have an odor.

Cons: PVC leather substance may cause any skin irritation, durability is suspicious

Ylife Microfiber Leather Car Steering Wheel Cover

We know you’ll love this Ylife Microfiber Leather Car Steering Wheel Cover for your relaxation it provides. The fabric is breathable, meaning your palms will sweat less whenever they’re on the wheel.

If they do perspiration, the substance provides you with a firm grip. Therefore, you may feel safer if driving. The important use of the wheel would be to conceal present wear on the wheel. It is going to further protect it from any harm.

What we love about this steering wheel cover

Primarily, it’s the relaxation you’ll achieve with this steering wheel cover which wins points. The cloth is weather-resistant.

Therefore, it is going to protect you from burns or freezing fingers. You’ll discover matching the cover very simple and fast. It’ll be snug across the steering wheels of many different automobile brands.

Some issues we have with This

1 disadvantage of this unit is from the packaging. You’ll observe a few creases which will have formed through the shipping process. Yet, these creases will straighten whenever you wrap the cover around the wheel.

Mayco Bell Car Steering Wheel Cover

Mayco has done a fantastic job designing this specific steering wheel cover. It’s made from very pliable and soft fake leather. It’s a good looking cover which also offers exceptional grip once your hands are put on it.

It moves on a bit tight but conveys with it since it’s designed to match like that. This cover is sized to suit any car which has a steering wheel that’s 14 1/2 to 15 inches in diameter.

What we love about this steering wheel cover

This is unquestionably one of the nicer looking steering wheel covers on our inspection listing.

All of us believed it adds just a small amount of design to the inside of the vehicle when on. Additionally, it includes a steering wheel cover that’s extremely soft and provides you with a fantastic tight grip on the steering wheel when driving.

A few concerns we have with This

Something that people who have small hands may wish to consider before buying this steering wheel cover, it’s very thick after installed. After taking a good look at the sewing inside this product we believe there might be some durability issues also.

Universal Size AXX Wheelskins Steering Wheel Cover

Wheelskins has designed here a great looking and elegant steering wheel cap. It’s universal in a match so that it may be used on several distinct kinds of vehicles. Additionally, it comes in among over 15 different color options.

It’s a cover that will even improve the appearance of the inside of your car as it’s on; unlike so many standard steering wheel covers which are an eyesore. It will cause you to drive and manage your vehicle considerably more comfy and simple also.

What we love about this steering wheel cover

There’s a lot to enjoy about this steering wheel cover. For starters, it’s among those very few steering wheel covers on our record that are constructed from genuine leather. Additionally, it comes in a remarkable range of color options.

A few concerns we have with This

To begin with, this cover won’t fit everybody’s budget. The simple fact that it is made from genuine leather pushes up the price a little. It’s also a universal steering wheel cover that occasionally makes it tough to put in on some vehicles.

Aumo-mate Auto Steering Wheel Cover

Here’s a really budget-friendly and very comfortable steering wheel cover. Aumo-mate has also dared to be somewhat distinct from the layout also. It’s made from very soft fake leather and it’s easy to set up also.

This steering wheel cover comes from a vast array of vibrant colors and also has rhinestones embedded inside. It’ll fit steering wheels which are 37 — 38 centimeters in diameter.

What we love about this steering wheel cover

To begin with, this steering wheel cover is provided by an exceptional price point.

It’s a really comfy steering wheel cover also because it features a great deal of thick cushioning and texture which provides you with a fantastic grip. This cover can be well stitched together so it must last a very long time also.

A few concerns we have with This

This was an intriguing design here however we have to be honest and acknowledge that lots of people didn’t enjoy it. It certainly would just appeal to a select few. The colors that it comes in are different than what is considered ordinary.

The Way to Select a steering wheel cover

Steering wheel cover substances

As Auto Outfitters describes the three most frequent substances in use for steering wheel covers are leather, cowhide, and synthetic substances. Some covers may use fabric, also.

Leather covers are top quality and very durable. They obviously provide the driver with a fantastic grip, also. You might need to sew the cover for a flawless match.

Artificial materials such as microfiber, rubber, polyester, or a mix tend to be more economical alternatives to leather, but a number of them are able to give off powerful smells.

Fabric covers are the thinnest and they are available in many colors and fun patterns. They are also easier to use to a steering wheel.

The Way to Ensure a Fantastic match with a steering wheel cover

1 additional consideration is that the match of this steering wheel cap. These covers will need to fit snugly, or the wheel may slide on your hands when you are attempting to turn a corner, and then that could be devastating.

Even properly fitting steering wheel covers are tough to extend over the wheel, therefore purchasing a cover that is the wrong size to the car’s steering wheel may magnify this problem and might cause tearing.

It Runs says you ought to assess the diameter of the steering wheel — just one outer edge to the other outer border — and the circumference of this grip by wrap the tape measure around the grip on the wheel, just as you would wrap your hands around the grip when holding the wheel.


Your cover’s end will determine how you wash it. Most fabric steering wheel covers are machine-washable, but synthetic and real leather just have to be wiped down or even given a gentle clean with leather shampoo.

In case you’ve got difficulty installing a steering wheel cover, then consider heating the interior liner with a hair drier to enlarge it.

It is going to then be much easier to slip to the cover for a comfortable fit. But if the cover includes an interior rubber liner, be careful not to overheat and meltdown the rubber.

Consider purchasing a windshield cover to protect your steering wheel cover from harsh sun rays as soon as your car is sitting idle. Some covers fade and lose their shape if subjected to sunlight rays for a very long time period.

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A: Measure the diameter of your steering wheel using a tape measure. That’s the space from the far end of this steering wheel to another. Then, assess the grasp of the wheel and search for a wheel cover that adjusts to your size specifications.


A: Only in the event that you buy a cover that is too large to your wheel. A saggy cover can be slippery and may let you down in critical moments if you want to have complete control of your automobile.

On the flip side, a well-fitting cover that delivers the ideal quantity of grip is secure and can assist you in keeping your hands on the steering wheel no matter how sweaty you’re getting.


A: Change your steering wheel cover once it begins to show signs of tear and wear and destroys the aesthetics of your car or truck. It’s also wise to change it if the cover begins to lose its grip and feels glossy in your palms.


A: Many medium-sized steering wheel covers come in sizes ranging from 14 to 15 inches. You might even receive a heavy-duty cover to get a truck that is about 22 inches using a larger grip circumference.

Last Ideas

Our Very Best choice is your SEG Direct Microfiber Steering Wheel Cover. We respect the way that it’s an eco-friendly product that has better attributes than some real leather covers.

Our worth pick is your Rueesh Microfiber Leather Steering Wheel Cover. It is a reasonable cover with non-slip features and an embossed design that provides maximum grip.