The best tires for honda accord is one of the most well-known cars on the street. One reason it is famous is that it’s simple to become cheap spare components.

Additionally, it is just as easy to improve your ride with a few of the best Honda Accord tires available on the industry.

A set of tires on your journey can improve your security and functionality on the street. Listed below are a couple of choices you can consider.

Top 7 Best Tires For Honda Accord Recommendations Of 2020

Top 7 Best Tires For Honda Accord Recommendations Of 2020

Bestseller No. 4
Goodyear Eagle Touring all_ Season Radial Tire-235/40R19 96V
Biting edges for superior traction in dry, wet, and snowy surfaces; Durable tread compound with high grip
Bestseller No. 5
Hankook Kinergy ST H735 all_ Season Radial Tire-215/60R16 95H
Country of Origin : United States; The Package Height of the Product is 9.3 inches; The Package Length of the Product is 26.1 inches
SaleBestseller No. 6
Starfire Solarus AS All-Season 195/65R15 91H Tire
50,000 mile warranty; All-Season Touring Tire; Ideal for consumers looking for plenty of miles, good traction and fuel economy
Bestseller No. 7
Nexen Winguard Sport 2 Performance Radial Tire-235/45R18 97V
Tire Only - Wheel Not Included; Premium High Performance Winter Tire; High-density multi-sipe tread elevates grip for braking on icy and snowy roads
Bestseller No. 8
Starfire Solarus AS P195/65R15 91H All Season Radial Tire
Product Type: Tires; Package Quantity: 1; Product Dimensions: 20.0" (L) x 7.0" (W) x 20.0" (H)
Bestseller No. 10
Toyo Tires EXTENSA HPII All-Season Radial Tire - 225/50R17 98W
Country of Origin : Japan; The Package Height of the Product is 25.9 inches; The Package Length of the Product is 25.9 inches

Michelin Premier A/S –Best Traction Tires

Michelin Premier A/S is your best scooter for Honda Accord, in case you want very good traction and relaxation. It’s a constant midrib flanked by intermediate ribs that are notched, thus gets the impeccable dry-road responsiveness and straight-line grip.

Its EverGrip Technology makes it appropriate to be used in the winter as the tire wears out.

Am tempted to state it yields better performance with age, but we’re not describing wine, are we all? Since it wears out, you don’t need to be concerned about ununiformed tears because its inner structure is well optimized and embedded.

The Complete Performance tires from Michelin possess a 30-day customer satisfaction warranty and attractive guarantee coverage.

Your gas consumption shall be controlled and you will encounter supreme driving management when on the street.


  • Complete performance tire with Various technologies combined to get a much better performance
  • EverGrip Technology helps it maintain strong traction in wet conditions when wearing
  • Regulated fuel consumption
  • Has great stopping power


  • Performance in moist conditions Isn’t as ideal as it is in wet/winter conditions

Continental PureContact using Ecoplus Technology

Another wonderful all-season version, the PureContact is Continental’s love letter to midsize drivers. That is not to say it does not fit in well on minivans coupes, and crossovers, either. Continental’s Eco Plus technology functions with all-season tread to improve treadwear and save fuel expenses.

This is a scooter that may actually help you save money, by simply using it. So far as Honda Accord tires proceed, the PureContact has a great deal to offer.

Goodyear Assurance Comfortred Touring Radial

The Goodyear Assurance Comfortred Touring Radia is a superb excellent tire that provides enhanced traction in various weather conditions.

Its layout features asymmetric tread patterns along with also a low-profile sidewall for increased cornering and comfortable managing. The bicycle provides a 20 percent greater cushion than normal passenger tires, which makes it appropriate for long-distance driving.

The best thing about this scooter is it may provide reliable grip all year in various driving conditions. Again, it provides reduced noise to guarantee a quiet and smooth ride when driving at high rates.

Moreover, the tire features an asymmetric layout to increase dry and wet grip in addition to even tire wear.

Regardless of the tire being outstanding, it cannot provide the essential traction in snowy conditions. Additionally, its load indicator is merely 94 and therefore not acceptable for heavy loads.

It’s also essential to be aware that the scooter weighs more than 20 lbs, which many users find quite hefty.

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Bridgestone Potenza RE970AS Pole Position — Best High-Speed Tires

Are you a rate enthusiast and need tires that encourage your mad drives? Bridgestone Potenza RE970AS Pole Position it’s.

They display rigid treads with responsive steering and great handling. On dry roads, these top-rated Accord tires brake greater than Michelin Premier A/S.

When negotiating corners and driving at relatively substantial rates, your car will likely be steady on the street and will resist distortions. This is due to this well-built internal arrangement of these tires. Be mindful to not over-speed; those tires can let you.

Having an ordinary tread-wear of 40,000 miles, the tires have a 5-year guarantee on tread-wear plus annually on tread uniformity.

Contrary to Michelin Premier A/S and Continental PureContact, these Bridgestone tires absence a producer’s road hazard warranty.


  • Fantastic stability and braking at high speed
  • Fantastic grip in both dry and wet conditions
  • Great managing thanks to rigid tread blocks, notched shoulders along with continuous center rib
  • It’s great at corners


  • The tires wear out relatively quickly.
  • Its functionality in winter is merely fair.

Cooper CS5 Grand Touring

Considered by many to be the best version in Cooper’s lineup right now, the CS5 can be among the most exhaustive Honda Accord tires available on the industry.

Silica tread compound provides a much better grip on dry streets, compounded by 3D micro-gauge grooves.

Wear Square technology enables drivers to quickly check in on the condition of wear in their treads. The asymmetric tread improves grip in various driving and road conditions.

StabilEdge can make steering more responsive, along with the 15 to 19″ tires include 60 or 70 million miles tread guarantees.

Yokohama AVID ENVigor — Best Tires For A Quiet Ride

Yokohama AVID ENVigor is a bicycle that provides you a quiet and comfortable ride. It’s a six-pitch tread variant that reduces pattern variant, thus the quietness.

You’re able to hold a dialogue with your loved ones in the car without raising your voice, unlike when using The Continental PureContact.

Its groove-in-groove technology spreads the pressure on the tire equally. The silica at the scooter ensures contact of the bike and the street.

Both of these features make your top-rated tire wear out equally. The silica additionally improves fuel consumption by lowering the rolling resistance considerably. These make the scooter cheap in both purchase and upkeep expenses.

The tires work well on both dry and wet roads since they have top traction. They can be found in the 18-inch dimensions. The manufacturer provides you with a 30-day satisfaction warranty on those two-wheeled sports tires.


  • The groove-in-groove technology improve uniform tread-wear
  • Silica compound ensures ultra-low rolling resistance
  • A top grip on wet and dry roads
  • Gives you a less-noisy driveway


  • Less effective than anticipated in the winter

General AltiMAX HP

For many buyers, the cost is the very first attribute they look at in a tire. These tires to your Honda Accord are a fantastic value if funding weighs heavily in your decision making.

With this launch from General, you are going to receive superior all-season grip with the relaxation which you would expect from a more expensive tire. And needless to say, the low cost does not hurt.

Top Considerations Before Purchasing Honda Accord Tires

There is a great deal that goes into purchasing a new pair of tires, whichever vehicle you drive. It is essential not to overlook this, or make some conclusions before you understand the most crucial things to search for.


Cost is the first consideration for any driver purchasing new tires. Just how much are you prepared to spend on a pair of brand new tires?

Based on where you go, you will find Honda Accord tires for quite different rates. Some manufacturers provide excellent handling in a not-so-great cost.

Other people claim to have all you’ll need, but their cost appears almost too good to be true. Much like any additional purchase, the final choice comes down to you. Go into it with a budget in mind, and you are already halfway finished.

A word of warning, however: high-quality tires often cost more, which is something many buyers dismiss. If you find out more about the purchase price of all Honda Accord tires and also produce numbers that surprise you, then give some idea of extending your financial plan.

Other tools, like a high-quality jack, may help prolong the life span of your automobile too.

Tire Size

It goes without mentioning that tire dimensions influence your purchasing power, but we will say it anyway since it is a significant point.

Based upon your model and year of car, you are going to want to locate tires that fit your size specifications, in the order they match.

The same is true for Honda Accord tires. Your options come down to 2 choices: either purchase trailer tires that match your Accord flawlessly or start looking into tires that need new wheels.

The apparent implication is that tires that don’t match your automobile will call for a whole lot of additional expenses. So dimensions may and will make a large difference to your cost.


Tread could be the most significant part of a tire. The dimensions and form of a tire tread right influence how well they operate in various problems. Tread falls in the types of symmetric, asymmetric, and directional.

Symmetrical tires tend to be less challenging to make and hence more affordable than the other two types. They generally provide solid street handling but a deficiency in all-around functionality on wet or gravel streets, as an example.

Asymmetric versions have outer and inner” zones”, to restrict drifting and skidding on various terrains. This also improves the tire’s managing around corners but also makes it marginally more costly.

Last, directional tires tend to be more appropriate for sports driving or snowy weather. These tires are specially designed to improve grip, which makes them efficient wet streets.

Seasonal Considerations

Something important to remember is weather states. You need to consider the weather in town at which you are going to use the car.

There are particular areas where you are going to need seasonal tires to be able to drive through the year. Thick snowfall or heavy rains that happen around precisely the exact same time each year imply you’ll wish a pair of thick weather tires.

On the flip side, all-season tires are all readily available. The only issue to remember, with them, is to judge them based on durability in order to don’t need to substitute them in the center of a lousy year.

Advantages of Tires for Honda Accord

Improved grip

Aside from encouraging the body, another main intention of a tire would be to provide grip. An excellent pair of tires to get a Honda Accord should provide exceptional traction in snow, moist, and dry road conditions.

On the other hand, the traction of your tires on various road conditions is dependent upon their construction and tread patterns.

Increased performance

There’s not any definite method to assess the all-round functioning of your motor vehicle. But, it’s a simple fact that the quality of tires determines that your stride, braking distance, and cornering.

Most performance tires possess competitive treads and are created from stickier substances. It’s highly advisable to replace aged tires if you would like to improve the performance of your Honda Accord.

Stress-free handling

The best way to negotiate corners and the way you steer your car depends heavily on the kind of tires you’re using. Tires with broad tread confront and stiffer sidewalls improve managing even if driving at a high rate.

If you’re seeking superior managing of your Honda Accord on the street, a pair of broad treaded tires are a fantastic option.

Improved security

The easiest approach to boost the protection of your ride would be to put in a pair of new tires.

Tires not just improve braking capabilities but also improve cornering, steering, and improved grip on slippery surfaces. Thus, a fantastic pair of tires retain passengers and the other street users free from risk.

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Kinds of Tires for Honda Accord


All-season tires, also referred to as all-weather tires, are all made to provide traction in various weather conditions. Because of this, they have medium tire thickness and long tread life.

Thus, they offer you an improved grip in snow, rain, and summer conditions. Nonetheless, these tires can’t function in snow.


These tires have been designed to provide improved all-season grip, a comfy ride, and improved handling. Such tires have an asymmetrical tread pattern and a greater speed score than all-season tires.

They’re suited to highways because of their high-speed capacities and operational management. Despite being all-season tires, they function badly in extreme snow conditions.


Summer tires are designed to provide comfortable driving, responsive management, and improved grip in wet and dry road conditions.

They feature improved touch stains, adequate grooves for hydroplaning resistance, without any siping abilities. Even though they work well in wet and dry conditions, these tires have been optimized for warm-weather states.


Performance tires are intended to provide improved grip and improved driving experience on moist and dry streets.

They feature a very low profile sidewall along with a rigid and broad apex to provide improved cornering and steering. In addition, they have large tread blocks for improved grip and traction on dry roads.


Perform regular maintenance services for the tires to prolong their service life. You need to rotate your tires once each 5,000 to 7,000 kilometers to promote tread wear.

Additionally, consider obtaining your brakes based on the manufacturer’s recommendations to keep proper handling.

Regularly inspect your tires for any signs of damage, like bubbles or rips on the sidewall and wires that are visible. Be certain that you also check for irregular tread wear and remove any debris which could possibly be stuck onto your treads.

All-season tires can provide you year-round performance, but you need to change to snow tires round the chilly season to improve handling and traction in snow and ice-covered surfaces.

Consider replacing all four tires at precisely the exact same time to receive even functionality in front and back tires. In case you need to replace just 1 place at one moment, consider putting the brand new tires on the back axle. Back tires wear out quicker than leading tires.



A: Do this at least once per month and consistently before a long trip. The very best time to check your tire pressure is in the morning once the temperatures are cool.

Confirm your tires have the ideal strain; too small pressure will result in sidewall wear, and too much can cause faster wear over the middle region of the tire in which it comes in contact with the street.


A: If you drive approximately 15,000 miles each year, you must ideally replace your tires roughly every four decades.

You might also do this”coin evaluation” by adding a quarter at the treads with President Washington’s head upside down. If it is possible to see the very top of the mind, you have to acquire a new pair of tires.


A: No. Tires come in various sizes, and also you ought to purchase tires that fit your tires. The size is on the sidewall of your inventory tires or at your vehicle owner’s guide.

You’ll come across a letter and number combination like 225/60R18. 225 is your tire width in millimeters, 60 is the proportion of this tire profile in contrast to the diameter, and 18 is the wheel diameter in inches.


Anytime you hit the street, you may either be grinning and marveling in your life decisions or biting your lips and cursing at how unfair life is.

I favor the former, and you’ve got a means to it. Buy any of the best tires for Honda Accord talked about.

If you’d like a mix of relaxation and best grip, you can get it. Should you find the best 205/65R16 or 235/40R19 tires using exceptional all-weathered functionality, then you will find.

Don’t just get a bicycle for movement, but also for the best driving experience.

Great fortune while at it!