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Then simply make a scheduled appointment with a local tire installer. We have found deals as low as $10 a tire to get a technician to finish the install. Mounting new tires is somewhat tricky, and we recommend leaving it into a properly trained technician.

Top 12 NEW Brands About Best Tires For Prius

Top 12 NEW Brands About Best Tires For Prius

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Milestar All-Season Radial Tire

Some wheels are one size fits all, Milestar includes a more diverse approach, which makes it effortless for the consumer in order to custom match the scooter for his or her motor vehicle.

The MS932 is your best scooter for Prius owners who Milestar has to offer you. It is a sporty tire, that is frequently used on crossovers and game coups due to the top-notch blend of treadwear, traction, and temperature.

All these Milestar Prius Tires come endorsed with a 50K mile guarantee, which means you’ll have the ability to get on the street without difficulty.

The lateral siping assists with consistent grip in snow, rain, wind, and ice hockey — which makes it a safe alternative for households, road trips, and year-round driving.

Michelin-Energy Saver All-Season Radial Tire

Michelin is a brand that’s been at the very best and is approved by most as producing the maximum quality tires. The Energy Saver — A/S (All-Season) is just another one of the amazing tires.

Michelin has integrated Green X technologies. This optimizes the immunity of the tires from spinning, equating to better gas mileage to your driver that is gravy for Prius drivers that have among their best MPG vehicles out there.

Aside from that, the treads on the tires are of quite large quality and incredibly durable. The treads have an energy-optimized layout which lets you have a much greater experience driving your car or truck.

These are tires that enable you to drive easily, gently, and with the controller. All these are features that will be very hard to have in different tires and so are certain features that will do good for the Prius.

More Reviews: Michelin-Energy Saver All-Season Radial Tire

Bridgestone Ecopia EP422

The title Bridgestone brings to mind just quality assurance and endurance. The Ecopia EP422 is not any different. It’s packed with energy and flexibility and retains your car safe from burnouts and gas wastage.

The Bridgestone is an all-season scooter, so it could permeate the hot scalding streets along with also the snow-covered ones. This gives it the flexibility that we adore.

The Bridgestone has been designed to let a small fuel wastage as you can and knows your gas or gasoline is valuable to you. The tread pattern is unique and ideal for both rough and smooth roads, and water and snow.

On to the technical details, the Ecopia includes a tire diameter of 205 mm, a sideline elevation of 112.75 mm, and a radius of 16 inches.

The load indicator is 91, meaning that every tire can hold around 615 Kg. The speed rating is H, letting the tire to reach around 210 Km/hr without overbearing.


  • Tire markings: 205/55 R 16 91 H
  • All-season; can operate on just about any terrain and in any weather.
  • Uses fuel optimization to decrease gas or gasoline wastage.
  • Easy and hardy to deal with.
  • Doesn’t wear out easily, can resist speeds up to 210 Km/hr.
  • Supports the weight up to 615 Kg.
  • Aspect ratio: 55 percent


  • Not great for racing; not a performance bicycle.

Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Plus

The Italian firm famous for its high-quality tires reveals its supremacy using the Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Plus — a fantastic tire for people who seek high up amounts within their Prius.

The excellent thing about the P4 Four Seasons Plus is that it provides great performance in virtually every condition imaginable, make sure it hot and dry pavement, snow or rain.

Among the things which allow it to achieve that’s the tread design — it’s changeable angle grooves and a continuous center rib for outstanding performance in the rain.

Trust us while this scooter is eco-friendly, it’s still quite safe to drive in the wet. In the middle of the tire, you will find longitudinal grooves that help with traction and grip in the snow. It is just like a little cutout of a winter tire set up within an all-season tire. Professional!

You could even expect quite an excellent touring performance in the Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Plus — it is quiet and comfy up there with the best touring tires for Toyota Prius.

We aren’t done with all the superlatives — the Pirelli P4 Four Season Plus is also quite durable — the maker supplies 90,000-mile tread lifetime warranty! And possibly above all, it is not so expensive either.

Continental PureContact Radial Tire

1 thing which lots of men and women need is a suitable fuel economy when using Prius. This is normally accomplished via the usage of high-quality tires.

But, there are particular businesses that aren’t able to create their tires fuel market favorable without compromising on comfort. That is not a problem for Continental PureContact Radial tires.

The main reason they are among the best tires for Prius is that they have an excellent fuel market that doesn’t rob from the relaxation you get if driving vehicles.

The tires are also rather silent when on the street and they have an excellent ribbon that’s extremely durable.

The tires are extremely mild and have a rolling immunity that’s quite low and significantly improves the functioning of your motor vehicle. These tires can also be great for many seasons.

They are nevertheless much less good in winter in comparison with the winter-specific tires however they’re fantastic for the rest of the seasons if wet or dry.

Toyo Tire Extensa High Performance

You may believe that we picked this new tires for Prius’ due to the title, but it is about the quality. While audibly similar, Toyo Tires is not made only for Toyotas, but they work well together.

The Extensa All-Season is high performance in rain or shine and will provide you and your passengers a smooth and quiet ride. The tread life is exceptional and will probably outlast a number of different tires round its budget.

Goodyear Assurance Gas Max Radial Tire

This tire appears to be almost as though it was created only for the Prius. It features exceptional tread patterns, an elongated lifetime, plus a hard rubber surface.

The Goodyear Assurance is a superb selection for driving on wet places since the bicycle treads do more than sufficient to immediately expel water and maintain the bicycle completely slip-free.

For some reason, we believe that the Goodyear tire radiates healthful energy. It’s an all-season tire, less or more designed for wet and muddy surfaces. This tire is ideal for dry, rough, smooth, sandy, slippery, wet, or snowy streets.

The tread pattern can help to boost the control and tackling and keep you protected from slipping or skidding. All in all, the tires aren’t optimized for drift racing, but certain, these performance tires may withstand the strain of a fantastic race.

Coming to fuel efficiency, the Goodyear has some of their best and most effective features. It provides low road immunity and resistance, allowing the motor to breathe. It’s 225 mm broad with all the sideline being only 146.25 mm.

The entire radius of the rim is someplace near 17 inches. Providentially, that the Goodyear also can hold up to 850 Kg. Nonetheless, it isn’t quick enough, coming in at only 190 Km/hr.


  • Tire markings: 225/65 R 17 102 T
  • Dual tread stations help expel water from the tire routine.
  • All-season, great for any kind of climate and terrain.
  • Fantastic for wet or flooded streets.
  • Doesn’t slip easily.
  • Fuel efficient; generates little to no immunity.


  • The speed rating is just T, really low for a performance tire.

Yokohama Avid Touring S

If you’d like excellent performance in many states, great treadwear functionality, and comfy ride, the Yokohama Avid Touring S is the least expensive bike that delivers all those attributes in 1 product.

This bike consistently costs approximately $30-$40 less than its rivals, per tire, making it a fantastic solution for people who wish to reduce the running costs of the Prius even farther.

The Avid Touring S provides exceptional performance on a sterile surface and is surely up there with the best.

Additionally, it offers a very great grip in the wet — although heavy rain won’t be a large barrier to this Avid Touring S, whilst relaxation and quietness are extremely good also.

They are even of those fuel-efficient type but do not expect benefits like in superior low-rolling-resistance tires. The gap will be negligible at best, however.

Uncharacteristically for a more affordable tire, the Avid Touring S features durability and will last for a little while.

There’s 1 place in which the Avid Touring S is outshone by top tires and that is winter performance. Traction and grip to the cold sidewalk are only ordinary, while the operation on snow leaves much to be desired.

Hankook Kinergy ST H735

A product from Hankook can’t ever disappoint a client, not us. Their tires are high in the class and don’t wear out easily.

Largely the tires tend to be better optimized for traveling and for passengers, but they might be utilized for races also, albeit infrequently.

A tread pattern is a good option. It features four broad and broad ribs, together with numerous sipes and ridges. This creates the ride simpler and smoother.

Obviously, the Prius itself has little to no motor roar, but the second noise which it does produce is cut off from the Hankook Kinergy. To be honest, this can be a tire for passengers, so the sound cancellation and additional luxury just makes sense.

The bicycle is 195 mm thick and the sideline is 126.75 mm top. The radius of the bicycle (in the center to edge) is approximately 15 inches, with a speed rating of weight and T load indicator of 91.

Personally, we believe this really is best for passenger automobiles since the rate stays low therefore that the focus is more about weight and luxury support. This version also features a tread guarantee of 70,000 miles.


  • Tire markings: 195/65 R 15 91 T
  • Long-lasting and durable.
  • Fantastic for passenger automobiles, optimized for noise cancellation and service.
  • May support up to 615 Kg of weight (every tire).
  • Doesn’t wear easily.
  • 70,000-mile tread guarantee.


  • Speed Might Be overly

Falken Sincera SN250 AS

Another all-season traveling tire for your Prius, but this time at the lowest cost possible. Seriously, you will not find a tire as good as this one, to get exactly the exact same cost.

The Falken Sincera SN250 prices half the cost compared to premium touring tires — excellent information for owners of elderly Prii. Oh, yes, that is the plural form of this Prius based on Toyota. Go figure.

Anyhow, let’s return to all those Falken tires. As a result of this symmetrical rib tread design, the Falken is fairly quiet for a cheap scooter — not something we connect with different tires within this budget. The Sincera SN250 AS can be equipped with numerous sites.

Falken predicts that 3D Canyon Sipe Technology. It not only seems great, but it offers benefits in moist conditions.

The identical design also needs to help in winter months and in snowy conditions, but the Falken Sincera SN250 AS is just average in this segment. Dry functionality is quite good though.

Being really cheap to get a flying tire, you would expect the Falken Sincera SN250 AS to be more durable compared to superior tires and you would be incorrect.

Some of these tires won’t just last you for many reasons, but you also receive a 75,000-mile guarantee from the manufacturer!

Kumho 2182643 Solus TA11 All-Season Radial Tire

As is expected from all products from Kumho, the Kumho Solus scooter also hastens beautiful energy. This tire has lots of awesome features, such as noise cancellation, durability, and fuel efficiency.

The bicycle itself has a fairly huge appearance and feel, that gives it great durability and strength. The tread design is an extremely approachable design, together with four chief ribs along with several sipes and etches.

The system of tread aids to run water from the ridges and also to halt the tire from getting too moist, particularly in muddy and snowy locations. Tons of distinct features come together in the Kumho to make the ideal product.

You will find excellent sound cancellation and luxury relaxation. The wheels are as silent as a mouse as well as exactly the same.

But, we believe this is best suited for customers that wish to utilize their Prius for traveling and routine riding since the speed score is T (190 Km/hr) along with the weight indicator is 91 (615 Kg).

All in all, the radius is the premium 15 inches and the depth is merely 195 mm.


  • Tire markings: 195/65 R 15 91 T
  • Works flawlessly on moist and dry streets.
  • Can certainly tract throughout the snow.
  • Tread markers help channel water away from the tire ridges.
  • Perfect rate and weight reduction indicator for passenger automobiles.
  • Best Toyota Prius passenger bicycle.


  • Tread may wear readily.

Sumic GT-A All-Season Radial Tire

Sumic provides the Best Selling scooter of its course on Amazon, which is it. Using the H speed rating and 4-Rib routine, you will receive speed, precision, and stability with this reduced price-range tire.

The tread compound can be intended to help water evacuation, to avoid skidding and permit for grip in weather that was senile.

Another reason why these are among the best tires for Prius is that the limited warranty that covers around 45k miles. For the price tag, that’s a superior product warranty.

With all these fantastic features and the rubber which comprise them, this Sumic tire is going to do the job best for you along with your Prius.

Top Five Things to Consider Before Purchasing Prius Tires

It is very important to put a little thought into your bicycle buy. A motorist in California will have different needs than a motorist in North Dakota. Sports car owners might need performance tires, whereas minivan owners normally need some everyday drivers.

When you make a decision to purchase new tires for your Prius, then it Is Essential to consider several matters:

1. Cost

Among those age-old discussions among automobile owners would be whether to purchase an inexpensive tire and replace it more often, or purchase a costly tire and receive it rotated often.

We typically recommend somewhere from the center. For Prius owners, a bicycle that provides low roll resistance, very low road-noise, and adequate handling performance is best.

If you love driving or do a good deal of it, then you might choose to lean toward a bicycle that is a little more sporty. It provides better performance, but cost you upfront.

2. Size

Sizing is fairly simple today, with the support of dimensions selector tools found on several sites. If you are interested in tire specs however, it isn’t overly tough to make sense of yourself with no support of such tools.

Seeing the picture above, you will see the very first portion of the tag is 205/55 R 16. That component denotes the tire sizing dimensions such as diameter and width.

In conclusion there, you will see the 91 S. This 91 is the load index and the S is the speed rating. The load indicator describes how much weight the tire can encourage while rate rating identifies the maximum rate that these tires can safely manage.

3. Weather

Nearly all automobile tires fall into three broad classes: all-season winter, and summer.

All-season tires do nicely across all of the metrics, whereas summer tires glow on road conditions that are clear and winter tires provide the best traction in windy conditions.

Based on your surroundings and in which you reside, you’re going to want to pick your new pair of tires so.

4. Noise

Lousy wheel bearings, irregular wear, and alignment problems are the root causes of tire noise. But, even a few new tires are only plain wealthier than many others.

The key is that the layout of the tire treads. More competitive designs (which fared better in snow, offroad) are obviously likely to produce more sound.

From time to time, the maker simply plain makes it wrong with the plan of an all-season tire by way of instance, and it generates as much sound for a winter tire. It’s necessary to study certain versions and what consumers say about the sound level.

5. Treads

Hand-in-hand with weather considerations is the sort of treads that the scooter was created with.

More aggressive tread designs using chunkier lugs will work well in off-road states and in hauling programs but are not really needed for commuter vehicles such as the Prius (would reduce gas mileage and be noisy on the street ).

All-season and all-season performance treads are perfect for greatest MPG and a fantastic balance of handling and grip in rain, etc..

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We sincerely hope that we have made picking the best tires for Toyota Prius in 2020 simpler with all the Top 12 listing. Each one the tires contained in the listing are of high-quality, even the less expensive ones.

There are other crucial aspects when altering your best trailer tires. Always change them at a respectable store and make certain that you get a wheel alignment (if needed ) and balance at each tire change.