One thing trailer owners have a tendency to forget is the significance of owning the best trailer lock. They probably believe nobody is going to take some time and try a robbery of something as large as a trailer.

But we are living in a mad world, and there are lots of distinct cases of people making off with somebody else trailer. And when these folks merely needed a high-quality trailer hitch lock, then this nightmare encounter may have never occurred.

Top 14 Best Trailer Lock HOT Brands Of 2020

Top 14 Best Trailer Lock HOT Brands Of 2020

SaleBestseller No. 2
Master Lock - Universal Size Fits 1-7/8", 2", and 2-5/16" Couplers - Trailer Locks #389DAT
Universal coupler lock fits virtually all 1-7/8", 2", and 2-5/16" trailer couplers.; Resists rust and corrosion. Simple installation and removal.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Reese Towpower 7088300 Heavy Duty Coupler Lock, Black
Universal, fits all couplers; Secures trailer when not being towed; Ratchet design with eleven locking positions. Bright theft deterrent silver
Bestseller No. 4
Proven Industries Lock Model #2178 for 2" Coupler | RV/Trailer Coupler Lock | Trailer Hitch Lock Will ONLY FIT 2" Couplers Shown in Picture | Please Contact Seller IF Unsure WHICH Lock You Need!
✔️ Ultimate protection against theft - Bolt Cutter Proof; ✔️ 1/4" All Steel Construction - Black Powder Coat Finish
Bestseller No. 5
AMPLOCK U-BRP2516 RV/Trailer Coupler Lock (fits 2 5/16 inches Coupler)
Materials used by AMPLOCK provide good rust resistance for use in all climates; Easy to use with AMPLOCK’s push and lock system
Bestseller No. 7
Master Lock 379ATPY Universal Trailer Hitch Lock , Black
Trailer lock is best used for vehicles, trailers, and RVs; Trailer coupler lock features advanced locking mechanism to resist picking and prying
Bestseller No. 8
Trimax UMAX50D Universal Dual Purpose Trailer Coupler and U-Lock
One size fits all (from 1-7/8", 2", to 2-5/15", all coupler types); New design can be used as a Universal Coupler Lock or U-Lock
SaleBestseller No. 9
Reese Towpower 7014700 Tow 'N Store Lock Kit, Yellow
Designed to provide excellent towing; Lockable offering extra safety; Includes swiveling clip
Bestseller No. 10
AMPLOCK U-BRP2 Boat Trailer, Trailer and RV Coupler Lock fits Specific 2 inches Coupler
Easy to use with AMPLOCK’s push and lock system; Materials used by AMPLOCK provide good rust resistance for use in all climates

AMPLock U-BRP2516 RV/Trailer Coupler Lock

This caravan and trailer coupler lock is created out of rust-resistant substances that may withstand bad weather without demonstrating any signs of corrosion or damage, while still being simple to set up thanks to this specific”drive and lock” system utilized to place this up.

Each of the substances used in its construction is both high-quality and dependable, and every lock has a special key that can not be bypassed by a burglar buying their own copy of the exact same lock model.

Unlike plenty of similar designs, this AMP Lock Display can also be supposed to mold into the contour of your coupler, making it more challenging for thieves to remove them by force.

We Like It

  • Difficult to push the coupler.
  • Rust-resistant design.
  • Uses high-quality substances.
  • Reliable fit.
  • Very durable.

Our Verdict

Though you want a particular size of the coupler for the maximum from the trailer hitch lock, it’s still ideal for the correct kinds of trailers and vehicles, which makes it incredibly tough for a burglar to attempt to find the lock away without damaging the link.

Master Lock Receiver Trailer Hitch Lock

Our very first product, the Master Lock Receiver Trailer Hitch lock, is a high-quality choice that comes out of a producer, that has a sterling reputation. And it is products will appear a number of times on this listing for a number of different explanations.

Using this Master Lock trailer hitch lock, I love how they constructed this lock because its own stainless steel construction creates a remarkably durable thing that will help protect your trailer for quite a while.

Additionally, it is incredibly flexible as it is capable of fitting classes I to IV hitches, making it ideal for my own class III hitch.

Plus it can do so due to its own locking pin hitch can match both 1/2 and ⅝ receivers.

Pretty cool, right? The extraordinary features do not stop there since it’s a watertight cap which will help decrease the effects specific weather conditions could have about the integrity of this lock.

I mean I reside at a rain nonstop type of location, so this might really benefit my specific needs, and I would imagine it’d be beneficial to anybody irrespective of the climate in which you live. Additionally, it has a push to lock mechanism which makes this product extremely simple to use.

However, these features could not make this product ideal. Several customer testimonials expressed concern regarding the flimsiness of these keys.

It appears the secrets accompanying this lock possess a regular tendency to split, which for somebody like me, who is rather careless, maybe a substantial matter.

I personally did not see many problems being reported about this product.

Consequently, if it fulfills the dimensions of the lock you’ll need since it does for me personally, I really don’t find another reason that you need to do not at least consider this thing from Master Lock.


  • Two purchasing choices: 1-pack or 2-pack
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Watertight cap
  • Push to lock mechanics
  • Supports Class I to IV hitches


  • Durability concerns enclosing keys being breakable

REESE Towpower 72783 Trailer Hitch Lock

This global trailer hitch lock includes a solid aluminum frame that connects to some lock bar made from heavy-duty steel, giving it all the durability you may need.

The Ratchet-based layout gives it eleven different locking potions, and it may match a variety of different coupler sizes, which makes it useful for a number of trailer types.

To reduce theft, it’s designed to resist most kinds of lock picking in addition to physical attacks like prying, and may only be opened with a few of both comprised keys.

As a result of this very simple installation and locking process, you’ll have your trailer procured on quite short notice.

We Like It

  • Made with durable materials.
  • Suits a range of coupler sizes.
  • Simple to set up.
  • Just opens with a secret.
  • Lockpick-resistant.

Our Verdict

This steel and aluminum trailer hitch lock might be pretty simple in layout, but it provides simple, easy-to-set-up protection which can not easily be broken or chosen in one effort.

The spare key also provides you a backup alternative if you eliminate the first.

Master Lock 389DAT — Best Total Trailer Lock

With the innovative locking mechanism that the Master lock worldwide locks for trailers is you would like to safeguard your trailer.

Construct to perfection; the lock features the ultimate safety, which is exactly what makes it our best general product. The bending mechanisms boast steel. This implies there’s not any stitching; prying or beating will split it.

With worldwide compatibility, there’s not any battle searching for perfect trailer lock. The machine can lock any coupler beginning from 1-7/8, 2, and 2-5/16 inches.

The design of the trailer lock is not trial and mistakes. Made from heavy-duty stuff, it will become difficult for thieves to compromise it.

Aside from the structural power, the lock includes a glowing color painting. This is important since it deters burglars from interfering with it. The paint also protects the lock from rust, corrosion, and extreme weather conditions.

Adding this apparatus on your trailer coupler is a momentous task. Its general construction focuses on the safety and simplicity of setup.

With an exceptional lock layout, there’s not any additional key that can open it. Thereby, it provides a trailer maximum protection.

Although this lock may be a bit smaller, it’s still as hard as it can capture, and thus the dimensions shouldn’t be a problem.


  • Deciding and prying the immune lock
  • Heavy-duty materials
  • Weather harm protected
  • Intelligent thieves deterring paint


  • A bit on the smaller side

Proven Locks 2516 AS Trailer Coupler Lock

The Proven Locks Trailer Coupler Lock is your best trailer coupler lock we will review in this report. It gives everything a client could be searching for in a trailer hitch lock and will do everything in its power to make certain your trailer will not get stolen.

It may provide this protection for a fairly simple reason; it’s 1/4 thick steel construction that’s been described as a bolt filler proof. I mean, there is nothing more you can request this lock does not provide durability wise.

Additionally, it is created from a US producer, which for me is obviously something that I love to see.

When it’s made in the united states, I will enjoy it having the ability to maneuver each of the rigorous regulations that the US has there firms undergo.

However, the best thing about the product is it is incredibly simple to install. There is nothing worse than purchasing a product than finding out you don’t have any clue how to make the item work.

And given the compliments, the setup process has gotten from the product testimonials I doubt that this is going to be a problem.

The business even threw in a lifetime guarantee simply to be certain you are aware of how much faith they have in this trailer hitch lock.

Frankly, this product may be the highest-quality thing we examine on this whole list. And that is saying something because each lock is amazing in its own right.

Though this has one key issue that is holding it back from being within my Amazon cart at the moment, the cost is absurd.

It is not even near what I could afford. It is a shame too since I truly do believe this coupler trailer hitch lock will be ideal for my situation.


  • Made in the United States
  • 1/4 thick steel construction
  • Easy install
  • Can fasten security chains
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Incredibly expensive

Trimax UMAX100 — Best Hardened Steel Trailer Lock

Trimax UMAX100 trailer lock is an outstanding product that won’t ever disappoint. With this lock, you like the enhanced safety of your trailer. Featuring 360 levels hardened steel; there aren’t any odds of simple breaking.

The lock boasts glossy ballistic grade nylon casing that will absorb substantial hammer blows. Additionally, this means exceptional coating also protects the foundation from corrosion.

Additional with keyhole with a cover, it keeps dirt out. Therefore, you won’t encounter jamming when launching.

Forget those locks which just fit particular trailers. This one boasts worldwide compatibility. It may fit in couplers in 1-7/8, two, to 2-5/15 inches. Therefore, irrespective of your trailer hitching coupler, this lock matches perfectly.

At 6 lbs, this trailer lock is a bit heavier, and it’s likewise somewhat pricier, but the best thing about it’s the fact that it provides top-notch security.


  • Impact-resistant nylon cover
  • Rugged design
  • Covered keyhole
  • Universal fitting


  • A bit bulky

Andersen Hitches Rapid Hitch Keyed Locking Pin

The Andersen Hitches Rapid Hitch Keyed Locking Pin is just another rewarding product anyone searching for a trailer hitch lock ought to consider.

It’s a stainless steel construction making it a top-notch product, which will satisfy a good deal of customers’ requirements.

This stainless steel construction will even allow it to withstand any hammer blows off a thief might attempt to bring onto it.

Honestly, some clients stated how shocked they were from the quantity of harm this product could take in light of a failed attempt by concealing their trailers.

I also love how it’s equipped to match both 2 and two 1/2 inch recipients, which is fantastic for my class III hitch that is in dire need to get a lock.

And when I do purchase this product, I would not need to worry about draining my bank accounts to do so because it is lots affordable.

That is a bit surprising given that the quantity of effort Andersen Hitches placed to producing an almost rust and corrosion-proof product. It is impressive the amount of harm this lock may defy in the harshest elements.

I would feel incredibly sure to bring this trailer hitch lock onto the street with me since it is more than capable of protecting my trailer and itself from some other problems which may present themselves.

There is nothing about the product itself which I can find myself whining about.

I do, but have one difficulty with the maker of the product. As stated by the client testimonials, their customer support is downright poor as individuals would frequently complain of having problems actually getting a hold of somebody.

This issue will surely allow me to have second thoughts about purchasing this particular lock. Actually, it only seems lazy on their part.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Fits all standard two and two 1/2 inch recipients
  • Cheap
  • 99 percent of rust-free substances
  • Cam-style locking mechanism


  • Problems with client support

Cocoweb HL-58BK C-Lock Heavy Duty Hitch Pin

The excellent protection provided by this trailer hitch lock trap allows it to protect all 5/8-inch receiver layouts with no issue, providing a massive selection of protective features: a waterproof cap, dirt and dirt immunity, and also the capability to take care of rust out of long-term vulnerability to water.

Setup is simple since you just slip it into position and lock the trap, ensuring your hitch without needing to fuss over other alternatives.

Despite its small dimensions, the hitch pin is amazingly durable and can only be unlocked with one of both keys in regards with – thanks to this barbell locking platform, it’s a lot more difficult to drive open with tools.

We Like It

  • Difficult to start by force.
  • Waterproof cap layout.
  • Dirt-resistant.
  • Deals with rust nicely.
  • Straightforward setup.

Our Verdict

‘Straightforward’ does not necessarily mean poor when it comes to safety, and this trailer hitch lock is ideal for anyone who would like to maintain their trailer protected without heading for an over-the-top safety alternative that thieves may see as a fresh goal.

Tow Ready 63228 — Tamper-Proof Trailer Lock

The Tow prepared 63228 is among the best trailer coupler locks round. And this is due to this tamper-proof layout which makes tampering with almost any instrument nearly impossible.

Together with the heavy-duty metallic construction, this lock can be supposed to provide several years of exceptional support.

Installing locks can sometimes be a tricky job, however, as soon as you’ve got this, it is a breeze. Its layout fits the ball socket onto the preview, whereas the good pub wraps the coupler.

Additionally, there are no wrenches or other specific tools necessary to set up this particular lock.

This lock will be harmonious with any 2-inch trailer coupler. And minding just two keys, the spare one is going to spare you the frustration of getting new ones created in the event of accidental loss.

This trailer lock is especially pricier compared to other people on our record but because of its quality which makes it worth the additional bucks.


  • Hard to break
  • Has two keys
  • Simple to set up
  • All metal construction


  • Relatively pricey

BOLT Receiver Lock

In a market where almost all of the products possess precisely the very same attributes, the BOLT Receiver Lock was able to get a special feature. This attribute makes this trailer hitch lock the very user-friendly alternative we’ve got on this listing.

Along with the character is that this lock’s capability to eliminate the demand for another key.

See, if you are fortunate enough that your tow vehicle comes in one of these brands (Ram, Chrysler, Dodge, or Jeep), then you may employ your car’s ignition key to unlock and lock this product.

It may not seem like a huge deal, but for an individual who is constantly misplacing items, I must say this attribute is outstanding. Apart from this exceptional characteristic, this lock includes many others that are worth mentioning.

For example, it’s a stainless steel shutter that will avoid dirt and moisture from ruining the lock, and it is obviously a plus.

Additionally, it has a weather-resistant coat that will further reduce the impact the weather has on the functioning of the lock.

The lifetime guarantee is also a wonderful touch which shouldn’t be overlooked; always great to know that a firm has faith in its own product.

Plus they withstood the temptation of overpricing such a wonderful product, even add in an auto-return spring, and that locks automatically after the secret is eliminated, for good measure.

In the long run, BOLT did a wonderful job developing a product that stood out of the bunch and made me wish that I could purchase it.

But regrettably, I really don’t have a car from one of these brands, making this product not a usable one for me personally. Guess I will need to buy myself a car from one of these brands.


  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Will open with your automobile’s ignition key
  • Stainless steel lock notebook to help keep dirt and moisture out
  • Weather-resistant coat
  • Auto-return spring that locks immediately after crucial eliminated


  • Only works with specific vehicles from particular producers (Dodge, Ram, Chrysler, and Jeep)

Connor Trailer Hitch Lock

This very simple hitch lock pin utilizes a flexible design that may support multiple different paychecks courses, all of which are fastened in the specific same manner.

The easy”click in” operation ensures you could produce the receiver lock in to place almost immediately, and just require the key again whenever you’re prepared to open it.

Also, but it’s remarkably durable, enabling you to tow around 20,000 GTW without needing to remove it.

The inner elements are carefully made to improve its general strength and weather resistance without significantly increasing its weight, meaning it is not hard to continue when not being used.

We Like It

  • Lightweight and pliable.
  • Simple to lock.
  • Very powerful design.
  • Does not have to be eliminated while towing.
  • Supports a range of hitch layouts.

Our Verdict

So long as your trailer hitch is inside the scope it will encourage, this lock pin is good for keeping them attached together regardless of the weather and may withstand theft efforts really well even when you aren’t using any security steps alongside it.

Curt 23518 — Watertight and Simple to Run

The watertight layout of this Curt 23518 will make certain that no dirt or water gets to the inner parts. Thus, you can be certain of obtaining a very long service life for this lock.

Many users may also appreciate that it includes a simple to operate design as a result of its 1/4-turn lock activation. With this barbell-style locking pin, this trailer lock comes with an impenetrable appearance which is going to be useful for theft deterrence.

This lock features a huge enough grip since it will match most 2-inch couplers. Together with all the high strength steel construction, this lock can also be built to continue. And for much more user convenience, it is going to include two keys.

Although this trailer lock appears to be relatively brief to be used in certain vehicles, for harmonious automobile versions, it does a wonderful job.


  • Successful at maintaining dirt and water out
  • Simple to Use layout
  • Fits most 2-inch couplers
  • Highly durable material
  • Comes with 2 keys


  • The barrel is a little brief

Motormic Trailer Hitch Lock Pin Sets

The Motormic Trailer Hitch Lock Pin Place is among the simplest products to use with this whole list. It’s a very simple push to lock performance which I could figure out fast. I mean, a trailer hitch lock does not get much easier to use than that one.

Plus they make it more user-friendly by placing it all in a place that comes with different features to guarantee everything goes swimmingly. Frankly, Motormic idea of everything when they put this place together.

I can not envision a client who’d be miserable with the number of additional features you get with this order: 10 anti-rattle O-rings, two keys, additional long black, a security clip, etc.. All this comes at a reasonable price too.

I didn’t actually mention how this product can match every hitch course from I to V, which again, speaks to the way user-friendly this lock really is for the client who purchases it.

Additionally, it has a steel construction, which communicates a sense of durability and that will this product will probably be in for the long haul.

Additionally, it’s my favorite feature, the rubber cap, which protects the lock from any dirt or dirt that attempts to weasel its way in the locking mechanism.

What about this specific product is top-notch and also could be a worthwhile purchase for anybody searching for a trailer hitch lock.

However, there was something that popped up quite often in my study that was somewhat about. Multiple client reporting packaging problems when they obtained the item from the email: words such as ripped and ruined where shared.

Only a tiny issue to consider before making your final choice. If you asked me, I would take the risk in spite of all the packaging given the caliber of its functionality.


  • Fits all classes from I to V
  • Cheap
  • Steel construction
  • Rubber cover for protection from dirt and dirt
  • An easy push to lock surgery


  • Packaging Problems

Blaylock TL-33 Coupler Lock

Our final product, the Blaylock TL-33 Coupler Lock is not anything specific, but it does its job efficiently.

Additionally, it has some attributes which make it worthy of consideration for anybody looking for a coupler lock at a reasonable cost.

First off, it is made in the united states, so it passed through problematic regulations; consequently, you know that it’s a secure and useable product.

Additionally, it has a heavy-duty steel locking pole that will stand the test of time with no problems regarding rust or rust.

However, the best part is that this coupler lock has three hole places, which permits you to choose the place that works best for your circumstances.

As a consumer, I enjoy having multiple approaches I will use a product, and those 3 distinct hole places give me a few choices.

The simple fact that this coupler lock is cheap is another great touch. I mean, in case you can not manage the product, all of the features in the world do not matter.

But mercifully, the cost is not a problem with this particular model, and that I can confidently say that this is fairly priced.

But, there was one component of this specific lock which I do not enjoy; it is aluminum construction. This sort of substance is lighter than steel, but it is also more vulnerable to hammer blows. And so, I’d much prefer a lock created from steel or tempered steel cloth.

Overall, this product out of Baylock is high-quality, however, that I do not know whether I feel comfortable purchasing a lock I would not have absolute faith in about its functionality. I believe I would need to pass on this specific model.


  • Made in the United States
  • Three-hole rankings for multiple coupler programs
  • Fits two and 2 5/16 inch couplers
  • Cheap
  • Steel locking pole


  • Aluminum construction

The Way to Obtain the Best Trailer Locks

1. Compatibility

Compatibility is one of the greatest items to check when purchasing a lock. Not all coupler locks may match just about virtually any trailer.

Before purchasing, you will need to steps you preview hitch to find out the ideal coupler lock to purchase.

The fantastic thing today is that there are locks made out of worldwide compatibility. They’ve advocated compiler compatibility array. Thereby, you are able to quickly select one for the trailer range.

2. Design

These locks will distinct in the component of the trailer they will lock, and in case you’ve got a fantastic model, it ought to provide a protected enough lock to your trailer.

Coupler Lock

As its name implies the coupler locks such as the Master Lock 389DAT are intended to lock the trailer’s coupler, and thus rendering it impossible to tow without even removing the lock. Consequently, these locks will be excellent for procuring the trailer.

Pin Lock

Pin locks are going to keep the hitch and receiver together till you unlock and remove the pins. They’ll utilize pins to lock both together and will normally include two hooks and a set of keys.

The pin looks like the Master Lock 2866DAT will provide you additional security when towing the trailer.

3. Construction Material

Before anything else, the substance used to generate the trailer lock must be the first consideration.

Various materials offer varying levels of protection and also the most frequent ones are aluminum, steel, and zinc metal. Zinc metal locks such as the Master Lock 377KA are resistant to rust and rust, which allow one to utilize them in almost any weather and year.

Some substances like hardened steel provide top-notch safety but tend to be more expensive. Aluminum, on the other hand, creates a few more lightweight locks, however, they’re often not as hard as tempered steel ones.

4. Size of the Lock

The magnitude of a lock is yet another vital attribute to consider. Largely, big locks are much better as the size makes them secure. What’s more, they may be employed with numerous trailers without difficulty.

Little coupler locks work nicely for several trailers, but they occasionally get stuck needing one to use some drive.

It’s wise then, to search for a lock which may fit on your trailer coupler. This may avoid hassles, particularly when utilizing them under intense weather.

5. Locking Mechanism

A few of the locks also have inbuilt locking mechanisms. This is a superb feature that saves your money. Additionally, using a locking system on the lock, it provides more power. Oftentimes, these kinds of locks include tempered locking mechanisms.

The other sort is ones that enable third-party padlocks. All these are more elastic as you can decide on the type of lock to use.

Overall, the best locking mechanism is one that’s difficult to pry and also doesn’t provide the consumer with a challenging time when launching it.

6. Ease of Use

A fantastic trailer lock also needs to be simple to use as you don’t wish to devote a good deal of time hoping for it to start.

Something with a lock and push mechanism such as the Amplock U-BRP2516 or something similar will provide you a simple time in regards to unlocking and locking your trailer lock.


Q: How Can I Choose the Right Size Trailer Lock?

A: You need to inspect the coupler size onto your trailer if you’re purchasing coupler lock or the hitch class/size if you’re purchasing pin lock. Both lock designs have a few universal lock versions which will work for just about any trailer.

Read more answers: Choosing the Right Size Trailer Lock

Q: What do I do if I Reduce my Key?

A: the majority of these locks will probably include two keys, meaning you will have a spare key to use.

However, if you lose the two keys, then the only solution is going to be to have a locksmith to make new ones with the lock send the important number to the manufacturer for replacement.

The final choice would be to cut or flashlight off the lock.

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There’s absolutely no doubt that you have to keep your trailer protected when not in use as the odds are it is among the most prized possession. With the best trailer lock, this Ought to Be simple.

Regardless of which version you select from Yourhotcar’s listing, you will continue to be fine. However, using its universal match and innovative locking mechanism, the Master Lock 389DAT is the best general alternative.

However, if you’re on a small budget, the less expensive Master Lock 2866DAT ought to be a fantastic enough alternative for you.