Whether taking your family on a road trip to the Grand Canyon or bring out your boat to the lake, then it is crucial your RV gets the best trailer tires out there. After all, you would like to make sure the security both your self and all of the drivers around you.

For this reason, it is essential that you do some significant research on the trailer tire marketplace prior to getting on the street. You have to assess what trailer bicycle is the best for your circumstances.

Luckily, this guide will serve as a purchasing guide and navigate you through the trailer tire marketplace that will assist you to make this crucial decision. Frankly, you are going to want to get as much info as you can about a bicycle before settling on one.

Reviews Top 10 Best Trailer Tires - Buying Guide

Reviews Top 10 Best Trailer Tires – Buying Guide

Bestseller No. 1
Bestseller No. 2
Set 4 FREE COUTNRY Premium Trailer Tires ST 205/75R14 8PR Load Range D Steel Belted Radial w/Feautred Scuff Guard
Set of 4 new premium quality ST205/75R14 Radial Tires, Brand: FREE COUNTRY; Featured "Scuff Guard" ring on tire wall for better tire side protection
Bestseller No. 4
4 Heavy Duty FREE COUNTRY Trailer Tires ST205/75R15 10PR Load Range E Steel Belted Radial w/Scuff Guard
Premium Heavy Duty 10 ply rated, load Range E, 2400LBS capacity!; Featured "Scuff Guard" ring on tire wall for better tire side protection
Bestseller No. 5
2 New Premium Trailer Tires ST 225/75R15 10PR Load Range E - 11132
Set of 2 Premium Free Country Radial Trailer Tires 225/75R15 10PR; Featured "Scuff Guard" ring on tire wall for better tire side protection
Bestseller No. 6
Set of 4 (FOUR) Transeagle ST Radial II Premium Trailer Radial Tires-ST235/80R16 235/80/16 235/80-16 124/120L Load Range E LRE 10-Ply BSW Black Side Wall
Treadlife: N/A; Season: All Season; Performance: Highway; Car Type: Trailer; Load Range E, 10-Ply Rated, 10-PR
Bestseller No. 7
FREE COUNTRY Set 4 Premium Trailer Tires ST205/75R15 8PR Load Range D Radial w/Scuff Guard
Set of 4 New premium qulity ST205/75R15 Radial Tires, brand:Free Country; Featured "Scuff Guard" ring on tire wall for better tire side and rim protection
Bestseller No. 8
Carlisle Paddles Radial Trail HD Radial Trailer Tire - ST235/85R16 10PR
Fit type: Vehicle Specific; Load capacity: 3638.0 pounds
Bestseller No. 9
Set of 4 (FOUR) Transeagle ST Radial II Premium Trailer Radial Tires-ST235/80R16 235/80/16 235/80-16 126/122L Load Range F LRF 12-Ply BSW Black Side Wall
Treadlife: N/A; Season: All Season; Performance: Highway; Car Type: Trailer; Load Range F, 12-Ply Rated, 12-PR
Bestseller No. 10
2-Pk Trailer Tire Rim ST205/75D15 15 in. Load C 5 Lug Black Spoke Wheel
Tire Size: 205/75D15 Load Range: C; Tire Weight Rating: 1820 Lbs. Max. Pressure: 50 PSI; Bolt Configuration: 5 Lug 4.5" Center - See diagram for fitment

Carlisle Radial Route HD Trailer Radial Tire

The Carlisle Radial Route HD Trailer Radial Tire is our runner up option for the best trailer bicycle, since it’s compatible with different trailer makes and versions, and comes in at under $100 each flight.

Ideal for both brief and long-distance hauling, this trailer bicycle is acceptable for use in a variety of applications such as angling, utility, and towable recreational vehicles.

This scooter features a distinctive wear-resistant and heat-resistant rubber tread compound which helps provide greater endurance through repeated long-distance usage. Additionally, it utilizes high-tensile steel straps to help reduce rolling resistance when raising impact resistance.

Individuals who bought and examined this trailer drill enjoyed how easy they were to set up, which they arrived in varying dimensions.

Though a few people were frustrated with all the styling of those tires, they had been impressed with their handling and believed that they were a great valued compared to other comparable choices.

With a cost of about $100 per bicycle, it is still a little expensive so far as trailer tires proceed, but the top quality workmanship associated with the brand, in addition to the simplicity of installation and use over justifies that cost.

It’s a score of 4.6 on Amazon with almost 30 individuals reviewing it, that we believe goes a very long way in convincing trailer owners to create the investment.

Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Radial Tire Key Features:

  • Interconnected tread blocks to promote more tread life
  • Speed score of L
  • Several plies for enhanced load carrying capability

Maxxis Radial Trailer Tire

All these Maxxis radial tires are capable of carrying up to 2,540 lbs, the maximum loading assortment of the 3 options. They also include an innovative tread compound which reduces rolling resistance.

This inclusion makes them excellent for improving the fuel economy of your car. Additionally, it will help prolong tread life.

1 feature we were especially impressed with is that the rubber is constructed using a double steel belt for extra strength and automobile towing capacity.

This leaves them high-quality and long-lasting tires which also improve towing stability. The tires also provide a fantastic quantity of shock absorption to provide a nice trip to your destination.

Yet, we did detect that the tires might be produced and fabricated in 2017, or so the rubber might be a couple of years old. You also don’t have a wheel when you purchase those tires, and they’re on the pricier side.

Trailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire

The Trailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire is a top of the line, high-quality product in the tire maker that caters expressly to owners. In being so, there are numerous things I adore about this product.

To begin with, the improved shoulder layout is something my distinct trailer would gain from through its capacity to enhance tread life as well as wear. See, I plan on using my trailer frequently; consequently, I need a pair of tires that will encourage extended time usage.

What’s more, the center groove together with help my trailer cope with all the wear and tear it is likely to encounter on those highways. As you may expect, I am likely to use my own trailer on plenty of highways. For this reason, the trailer I selected has to be consistent.

The middle groove gives me the feeling of consistency I desire from my trailer tires. What’s more, it offers the tire more equilibrium conveying this scooter can handle a heavy workload.

Moreover, the nylon overlay adds to the feeling of the tire having the ability to deal with the workload that I need. See, it provides this scooter another supply of stability and strength; thus, communicating this tire being a very high-quality product.

But, there are a number of things I discover somewhat concerning this particular scooter. In some testimonials, there’s been whining about the bicycle disintegrating after only a few months.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I intend to utilize my trailer frequently, therefore I can not justify purchasing a tire with some standing for falling apart after just a couple of months. Additionally, I discovered the sidewalls are a bit more flimsy than I would typically like.

All in all, the worries about the bicycle falling apart with regular utilization make this product a non-buy for me personally. I can not risk having to purchase another tire in a couple of months.


  • Has an Improved shoulder layout that improves tread life
  • Limited nationwide guarantee
  • Has a center groove for Additional stability and consistent monitoring
  • The nylon overlay construction gives these tires power and durability


  • Some reviews mention disintegrating after a Couple of months
  • Sidewalls are not as sturdy as I enjoy

Tredit Rim & Tire Assembly

The Tredit Rim & Tire Assembly are our option to the many budget-friendly trailer bicycle since it’s compatible with numerous vehicles and applications also comes in at well below $100 each flight.

Because it comes complete with all the wheel rim, this makes it a wonderful selection for people who want a simple install-and-go alternative for their own trailer. It boasts a top maximum load capacity of around 780 pounds.

Individuals who bought and analyzed this trailer drill appreciated the worth this rim and tire collection provided, and found it effortless to install. Reviewers noted the rim color was gray rather than silver coated as described but said this did not affect performance at all.

At a price of approximately $45 a scooter, this scooter is an inexpensive selection for all those searching for a trailer bicycle choice to a budget.

It’s a score of 4.9 on Amazon with over a hundred individuals reviewing it, which we believe goes a very long way in convincing trailer owners this budget-friendly pick is equally as great at providing a smooth haul as its more expensive counterparts.

Tredit Rim & Tire Assembly Key Feature:

  • Contains a steel rim
  • Contains a 2-year guarantee
  • Load Assortment of B

Kenda Loadstar ST175/80R13 Load Range D Radial Trailer Tire

This eight-ply tire measures 13 inches. It has a maximum loading capability of 1,610 pounds using a maximum psi of 65 lbs. It includes a two-year limited guarantee from the manufacturer.

What is nice about this scooter is that your tread. It features many circumferential grooves to help channel water.

Additionally, there are horizontal sipes of varying sizes around to provide the tire more advantages for improved traction. The tread also wraps round to the sidewall for grip on softer surfaces.

Sad to say, the wires within the bike that give it support and shape can fail. This may cause the tire to wear unevenly. Additionally, it may make the tire to abruptly fail with the belt exploding through the rubber.

Freestar M-108 8-Ply D Load Radial Trailer Tire

The Freestar Load Radial Trailer Tire is a regular, high-quality scooter that can fit the requirements of the majority of drivers trying to find a trailer bicycle. Using its high quality, it provides numerous things that I enjoy about this product.

By way of instance, the intricate rubber compound used to create the tires guarantees they will be durable and powerful enough for all those regular trips down the highways. I will not need to be concerned about such tires popping suddenly using this product.

Additionally, the tasteful tread makes certain that these trailer tires have a superb grip on the street. I really don’t need my trailer slipping all across the road in a rainstorm. The elegant controller ensures that this will not be a problem and I will be secure.

Along the very same lines, this tire’s deep grooves create these tires great at maintaining water out of getting a problem. See, these heavy grooves may avoid water from overpowering the tire by expelling it.

With the constant rain in my region, these heavy grooves would be quite useful. In addition, I like the cost this top-quality tire comes in; it is well within the cost range I’d picture paying.

However, there were many reports of this sidewall bulging out. This bulging could be a massive security issue for me personally. For this reason, I can not see myself getting some of those tires. It is just not something that I will view myself risking.

Together with the bulging sidewall, I can not justify purchasing this product. Frankly, I could be too paranoid about this, however, the constant stressing this scooter would bring me is not worthwhile, in spite of its cheap price.


  • Has elegant tread and cooling design
  • The complex plastic compound makes tires more powerful and more lasting
  • Adequate price
  • Deep grooves that assist expel water
  • Gets excellent grip and traction


  • Trailer Only
  • Bulging sidewall

Wheels Express 15″ White Spoke​

The Wheels Express 15″ White Spoke​ is the choice for the best boat trailer bicycle thanks to its capability to handle heavy loads with ease.

It comes complete as a pair of rubber and rim, for a choice that’s about to install right from the bundle. The bicycle came pre-balanced, which can help provide a smoother ride, and comes pre-filled with the atmosphere at just the ideal pressure.

Individuals who bought and reviewed that this trailer drill enjoyed the caliber these tires provided for your price tag, and said it’d make a superb spare.

A few reviews mentioned the tire sidewall was breaking sooner than it should’ve been expected to, however, these occurrences are not consistent enough to dissuade buyers from providing this tire ago.

The tread pattern is significantly different than most other tires, which may be a turn-off for a number of users.

At a price of about $72 a scooter, it is a rather reasonably priced option, and their simplicity of installation together with the fact that it comprises the rim, even more than justifies this cost.

It’s a score of 4.7 on Amazon with over 350 individuals reviewing it, that we believe goes a very long way in convincing trailer owners to create the investment.

Wheels Express 15″ White Spoke Key Features:

  • Load evaluation of C
  • Max load capacity of around 1,820 pounds
  • Compatible with several manufacturers of trailers

eCustomRim Trailer Tire

The eCustom Rim Trailer Tire is just another superb alternative for any prospective trailer bicycle client. For me personally, there are a couple of features that make this trailer drill the desired option.

First off, the steel construction makes certain this rim and tire are extremely durable. And that is the vital aspect I am searching for in a trailer bicycle: strength. I would like a bicycle that is likely to do at its peak level for quite a very long moment.

In addition, the 5-lug pattern makes this trailer scooter ideal for trailer owners since it allows for a simple setup. There are loads of reviews saying how simple placing this rim and tire as compared to comparable products.

Additionally, the selection of dimensions makes this scooter extremely appealing to a broad selection of consumers. There is a dimension readily available for every conceivable circumstance. You won’t have to create a concession and decide on a tire somewhat smaller or larger for this product.

Along with the rim being contained is a beautiful touch. You won’t need to think about your rim matching on the tire since it comes with it. In addition, it helps that eCustom made every attempt to make sure that this scooter provided a smooth and safe ride.

For this reason, I will not be worried about any harmful situation arising out of my tires being bouncy. In reality, this scooter ensures that I will not have some ride-ability difficulties, which can be very big and my long hauls.

However, each product has a flaw, and this trailer drill is not any different. Some reviews have reported these tires to have a tendency to survive just a couple of months prior to going totally bald. This feature is something I can not in my trailer bicycle.

With all these distinct amazing features, I would really like to obtain this scooter for my trailer.

Nevertheless, the widespread reports of this getting efficiently useless after a few months are something that I can not look beyond. This really is a no-buy for me personally.


  • Steel construction to ensure high durability
  • 5-lug bolt layout makes it ideal for trailers
  • Caters to all clients using a myriad of different sizes
  • A smooth and secure ride
  • Rim added
  • Cheap


  • Longevity worries

2-Pack Radial Trailer Tires About Rims ST205/75R15 LRC 5-4.5 Dark Spoke Wheel

This five-lug trailer drill includes a dimension of 205/75R15. It is in load array C using a burden rating of 1,820 lbs. The most tire pressure is 50 psi.

This tire works with most popular boat manufacturers, such as Alumacraft, Continental, Crestliner, Karavan, Lund, Mako, Nitro, Ranger, Regency, River Pro, Sea Ray, Smoker Craft, Stratos, Striper, Sun Tracker, Tahoe, Tracker, Triton, Triumph, and Yamaha. The bicycle comes pre-mounted onto a rim.

It is possible to take advantage of this time for much more than just boat trailers. Additionally, it is compatible with many popular utility and cargo trailer manufacturers.

These include Big Tex, Carry-On, E-Z Hauler, FastTrac, Lark United, Miska, Performance Trailers, PJ, Quality Trailers, Remeq, Road Force, Teske, Top Hat, Triple, and Wells Cargo.

The drawback of the tires is they have very particular size compatibility. If you do not require these specific dimensions, then those tires won’t function. You also don’t have the alternative of altering the wheel, which means you are stuck with all the black.

Grande Ride Premium Trailer Tire

The Grande Ride Premium Trailer Tire is what you would expect from a trailer bicycle. However, it does have something things about it that make it somewhat different from the contest.

For example, it comprises a nylon overlay that encircles the whole tread region. In doing this, it provides the tread space with additional protection and promotes security on the street.

And since a radial trailer tire, it has a superb grip to be sure the ride is as easy as possible. There is nothing worse than looking back in your trailer and viewing it bouncing or influence.

Furthermore, these tires are extremely handy in the mounting stage only because they do not demand a good deal of weight for balancing. This aspect makes the whole becoming a brand new trailer drill a smoother process.

Additionally, I love the way they are selling these trailer tires at a 4-pack. It provides the consumer a means to conserve a substantial quantity of money, mainly, if you are seeking to receive four brand new trailer tires.

In reality, if you are getting four tires, then this may be the best price in this whole article. To put it differently, Grande Ride is providing you four high-quality tires to the purchase price of 2 Maxxis tires. Now, that is a bargain.

But, there are a number of difficulties with these tires. As you would expect, these are trailer just tires, which may be bothersome. But that is not the most important problem; the sidewalls on such tires are proven to bulge out.

Together with the sidewall’s inclination to bulge out, I can not in good faith buy these tires. Additionally, the 4-pack, even though a deal, is not what I am searching for in the present time.


  • Nylon overlay that spans the whole tread region
  • Has a Superb grip and does not make a Great Deal of sound
  • Only requires a tiny burden for balancing after mounted
  • 4-pack
  • A deal


  • Just works for trailers
  • Some problems of the sidewall bulging out

Important Features to Consider

Not all trailer tires have been made equal. Trailer tires need to have a thick construction, along with a top speed score. Here Is What to consider when assessing the choices looking for the best tires to your trailer:

Tire type

It is possible to easily determine the kind of tire from the initial letter from the identifying code: P means passenger automobile, LT signifies light, and ST suggests a special trailer. Trailer tires will begin with ST, for example, ST 225/75R15.

Tire width

When you’ve chosen the right kind of tire, you ought to discover the ideal width. The amount recorded after the bicycle type indicated is that the diameter of the tire in millimeters. If the code is ST 225/75R15, the diameter of the scooter is 225 mm.

Tire height

The following number, you want to check for is that the number after the slash, which suggests that the tire’s height.

As soon as it is not actually a dimension, it signifies that the proportion of the tire’s width. In our instance, ST225/75R15, the elevation of the bicycle is 75 percent of its own width of 225 mm.

Tire construction

Radial tires have rubber-coated steel wires running vertically across the bicycle and therefore are better for long-distance traveling, as they remain cooler due to the simple fact that they provide less rolling resistance. Additionally, they have an extended tread life.

Tires using the letter in their code are radial tires. Diagonal bias tires utilize layers of nylon fabric cords crisscrossing at 30° angles and therefore are better for shorter distances or off-pavement scenarios.

Diagonal bias tires have a shorter tread life than tires and are indicated by the letter D from the bicycle code.

Wheel diameter

The final number in the order before the distance is the width of the wheel. In our instance, ST225/75R15, that the wheel is 15 inches in diameter.


All trailer tires are going to have maximum recommended loading. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations so as to acquire the best haul out of the trailer tires.

Speed score

If you’re going to be running your trailer tires down the street, you will want to pick out a tire having a high speed rating.

Newer trailer tires signify that their rate score using a letter on the sidewall, together with M for 81 mph, L for 75 mph, and J to get 62 mph.

Cost point

Lastly, consider how much you’re prepared to spend on tires. Trailer tires change in cost from $50-$200 per tire or longer.

One thing to remember is that you ought to replace trailer tires in places, instead of individually, that will raise prices.


We recommend rotating the tires every 5,000 to 7,000 miles per hour Routine maintenance will guarantee the tread is.

Be certain that you inspect the quantity of tire pressure in each tire. Check the company’s manual to determine their proper amounts.

Check to find out if the lug nuts are tight and safe and in their proper torque prior to beginning any journey.

It’s possible to check the tread amount of your tires using the cent test. This is achieved by adding a cent to the tire’s tread groove with Lincoln’s head facing you upside down. If it is possible to see all his mind, the tread depth is too low and has to be replaced.

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A: This is based upon the characteristic of the tires, how often they’re used, and what surface you’re driving.

Experts recommend replacing a trailer bicycle every seven or so years. If the tread is getting the bicycle is showing signs of age, it’s best to have it replaced as soon as possible.


A: Consider checking the tire pressure of every trailer tire once per month or prior to any travel. It’s also wise to check the tire pressure using any significant change in temperatures. A speedy switch from warm to cold can reduce the maximum pressure in the tires.


A: There are a variety of differences between trailer tires along with passenger automobile tires. The tread onto a trailer drill is generally not as thick as that of an automobile tire.

Additionally, automobile tires are developed to function better at high rates, whereas trailer tires are made to transport weight and might not ride too at elevated rates.


After reading all of this information regarding trailer tires, you are probably eager to find the ideal ones and make your trip began. And now that you have had to single out the best trailer tires, so it is time that you set them in your own trailer and get in your way.

But be sure that you do have the correct trailer tire to your requirements. After all, you do not wish to get stuck onto the side of the street over the next few months yelling at a low-quality trailer bicycle because it neglected.

Merely to be certain this does not occur, why not reread the report? It could not hurt.

We’d love to thank you for reading this report. Discover more about how to pick the best RV tires using our reviews and evaluations.

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