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Sooner or later, you’re likely to confront some difficulties with your gearbox.

Shudder, inefficient temperature supply, demanding shifting, along with other related problems should be taken care of as soon as you can: Using a smooth transmission isn’t just convenient, significant, and discreet, but also safe for your automobile and, above all, you.

Top 13 Best Transmission Additive Brands of all 2020

Top 13 Best Transmission Additive Brands of all 2020

Bestseller No. 1
Lucas LUC10009 Transmission Fix 24 oz., Brown (Packaging May Vary) , White
Fit Type: Universal; Can be added to existing fluid without draining any out; Improves shifting
Bestseller No. 2
Lubegard 19610 Dr. Tranny Instant Shudder Fixx 2 Ounce 2 Pack
The original transmission shudder fix; Provides four times less wear than regular ATF; Voted top product by transmission professionals
Bestseller No. 3
Hot Shot's Secret - HSSTSE32Z Shift Restore Automatic Transmission Additive 32 Fluid Ounce Bottle
Reduces transmission operating temperatures with high performance ester formula
Bestseller No. 4
Lubegard 60902 Automatic Transmission Fluid Protectant, 10 oz.
Extends fluid life / Raises the thermal and oxidative stability of the fluid
Bestseller No. 5
Prolong Super Lubricants PSL15000 Transmission Treatment - 8 oz.
Includes a Formula with Anti-Friction Metal Treatment Technology; Offers to Treat the Metal Surfaces of Both Standard (Manual) and Automatic Transmissions
Bestseller No. 6
LUCAS OIL 10441 Automatic Transmission Fluid Conditioner, 20 oz
Improves shifting; Extends fluid life; AFFORDABLE SOLUTIONS; Reduces noise and shudder
Bestseller No. 7
Bar's Leaks 1416 Super Transmission Fix - 16.9 oz.
Stop Slipping, Rough Shifting, & Seals Fluid Leaks; Works in all Automatic, Manual, CVT, & Dual Clutch Transmissions
SaleBestseller No. 8
Liqui Moly 20040 ATF Additive , 250 ML
Prevents oil loss; Regenerates seals, cleans and protects; Improve steering characteristic and reduced the noise
Bestseller No. 10
LUCAS 10009-12PK Transmission Fix Stop Leak - 24 oz, (Pack of 12)
Package Dimensions: 14 L x 13.25 H x 10.75 W (inches); Package Weight : 20 pounds; Fit type: Universal

Prolong Super Lubricants PSL15000

Prolong Super Lubricants PSL15000 additive is among the very best and hottest transmission additives in the marketplace. This transmission additive may be used for both the automatic and manual transmission systems.

Prolong Super Lubricant operates by producing molecules that interact with alloy surfaces. These compounds produce a protective coating that reduces friction and heat inside the transmission method.

The PSL15000 promotes responsive and smooth gear changes, and it’s acceptable for both large – and – low-mileage vehicles. A single 8-ounce jar of Prolong Super Lubricants Transmission Additive will take care of a comprehensive transmission.

This additive’s formula comprises AFMT that chemically bonds to the surfaces of the body, providing a protective coating that helps reduce wear and tear.

A drawback to the product is the fact that it hasn’t yet been designed to operate with CVT transmission methods. This product does not function as efficiently using high-mileage SUV and trucks.

Lubegard 19610 Dr. Tranny

In case you’ve shuddering problems with your automated transmission, then Lubegard Dr. Tranny Instant Shudder Fixx could be the ideal solution for you. This additive is specially designed to remove torque converter lock-up shudder.

Additionally, Lubegard claims the Shudder Fixx reduces wear by up to 3 times in comparison with routine ATF transmission additives.

And, honestly, that is the type of functionality you’d expect from such a product because of its cost: For about $10, you receive just two oz of this additive.

For example an ATF additive, Shudder Fixx is formulated to work exclusively with automatic transmissions. But, remember that this additive is not designed to operate with CVT transmissions, or even together with the gearbox of Ford Sort F.

See More Reviews at: Lubegard 19610 Dr. Tranny


  • Specifically formulated to Manage shudder
  • Reduce ware around four times


  • Works with just automatic transmissions
  • Just two oz of the additive at the bundle.

Twinco Seafoam Greatest Transmission Additives

The transmission additive may easily get rid of any type of seal leakages. The formulation of the fluid has no solvents. In addition, you may use the additive to decrease the demand for preventative care.

The fluid is appropriate for light-duty manual transmissions. This additive functions better restrain the working temperature for optimum performance. You may use this oil to stop the harsh shifting too.

This additive can be also very much helpful in preventing the transmission fluid foaming out of prolonging the life span of their fluid. What’s more, you don’t have to drain the rest of the fluid to utilize this additive.

The particular formulation of the fluid can facilitate and lubricated the sticky valves. The existence of polymeric movies within this additive rejuvenates the worn rings to avoid slipping.

Main reasons to Buy this:

  • High functionality and solvent-free formulation
  • Prevents slipping because of polymeric movie
  • Optimum functionality by controlling temperature

Lucas LUC10009

Lucas Lubricants produces a few of the greatest additives on the marketplace which have a reputation for good outcomes.

The Lucas LUC10009 is a fairly new product in the marketplace but nevertheless offers excellent performance and is recommended for transmission problems, like sliding transmission, leakages, and challenging changing issues.

It features the ideal balance between cost and functionality.

The LUC10009 is a 100-percent solvent-free formulation that’s been made to avoid foaming. In addition, it helps reduce the operating temperature of the fluid, stopping seal escapes.

You may use this formulation to rejuvenate old or worn-out transmission fluid–there’s not any requirement for draining. The Lucas Super Lubricants LUC10009 comes at a 24-ounce jar. It may be utilized for numerous therapies.

The best advantage users may get is it creates a polymeric film that is employed by renewing worn bands which assist in preventing transmission slippage.

This process prevents overheating, renewing fluid which becomes worn as a result of heavy hauling. The LUC10009 is just one of the very best transmission additives for slippage.

1 drawback is that this transmission additive may not work nicely with a faulty or too far gone transmission method. It is going to likewise not improve performance on badly worn outside transmission systems.

Sea Foam TT-16 Trans Tune

Sea Foam TT-16 is somewhat more than a mere transmission additive. This product can also be formulated to utilize power and hydraulic steering systems, which might make it possible for you to take care of different problems your car may have.

Unfortunately, owners of cars with manual gearboxes will not be in a position to it.

The Trans Tune Transmission Additive may be a fantastic alternative if surplus moisture is a problem for you because this additive is devised to eliminate that.

Besides that, it’s made to lessen rough or irregular shifting without changing the viscosity of your vehicle’s transmission fluid.


  • Can be Utilized in power and hydraulic steering systems
  • Does not alter the viscosity of this transmission fluid


  • Does not utilize manual transmissions

Hot Shot’s Secret HSSTSE32Z Transmission Restore Additive

The formulation of the additive functions like magic in restoring the broadcasts. Having a very long shelf-life, this additive also stands for durability and optimum usability.

In addition, the fluid functions effectively in turning the temperature down whilst working for greater functionality. You are able to use this additive to smoothen the gears for a more extended time.

With the support of this innovative formulation, this fluid is effective at eliminating friction for CVT and also the majority of the automated transmissions.

The properly balanced formulation of the additive also lowers the odds of friction between the metal surfaces.

Additionally, you can get rid of each of the fatty deposits and varnishes from every one of the metallic portions of the vehicle with no hassle.

The powerful polarity of this transmission additive brings and misplaces the residues to expand the search motor performance.

Main reasons to Buy this:

  • Removes friction and extended shelf life
  • Improves engine performance with high polarity
  • Optimal functionality for consumer satisfaction

Bar’s Leaks Transmission Repair

Bar’s Leaks Transmission Repair is devised to improve shifting and protect the gearbox.

This additive really includes two options: Once pouring them in the transmission, then you need to expect reduced sound, no escapes, no falling, and no idle shifts.

Besides that, the additive must take care care of these seals and O-rings on your automatic transmission.

Bar’s Transmission Repair ought to decrease heat and friction, in addition to stabilizing the fluid, thus helping to protect your own transmission.

The bar is an intriguing alternative if you would like more of an intricate solution to your automated gearbox. The purchase price of this additive is also a fantastic benefit. Just remember that this additive is just created for automatic transmissions.


  • Attractive price
  • Stops rough shifting and provides protection


  • Just for automatic transmissions

ATP AT-205 Re-Seal Stops Leaks

This transmission fluid includes the exceptional formula that’s free of petroleum distillates. The additive does not cause swelling.

In addition, the formulation doesn’t fall the seals. The formula of the fluid efficiently prevents leakage. This transmission fluid is excellent for eliminating varnishes from some other hydraulic systems.

Even, you may take advantage of this fluid to wash and remove residues from motors and transmissions.

You might even use this fluid to eliminate tarnishes from power steering systems. What’s more, the oil heals some leakage and reseals the region quicker.

This transmission fluid efficiently mixes with almost any convectional, equipment, power steering, or artificial gas. The fluid triggers the gaskets in motors. This additive calms the rubber seals also.

Main reasons to Buy this:

  • Prevents over-swelling and Efficient performance
  • Eliminates residue from transmissions
  • A powerful formula to stop leakage

Liqui Moly 20040 ATF Additive

Apart from placing the transmission back on the right track, Liqui Moly ATF Additive can also assist you to improve the energy steering of your car or truck.

In case you have some difficulties with the transmission and steering, this additive may be the ideal option for you.

Overall, this additive ought to do is clean out the seals from power-steering systems and transmissions, moist down the changing, besides protecting the elements.

Contrary to the additive products we examined before, Liqui Moly ATF Additive is much more of glue than liquid. This simple fact makes this product somewhat simpler to use, by not generating any blending issues.

As you would expect, the ATF Additive is formulated for automatic transmissions only, so bear this in mind.


  • Improves power transmission and steering and reduces sound
  • Adds protection to the transmission


  • Not for manual transmissions

Honda FBA_08200-9008 08200-9008

Comparable to other top transmission additives previously, this Honda FBA creates the fluid modification simpler and mess-free. The additive also works really well for an automatic transmission.

Additionally, highly effective oil creates the transmission easy in any given driving condition. The formula of the fluid functions equally at a lower and higher temperature too.

This transmission fluid leaves the rough or hard changing like a breeze.

The consistency of this transmission additive also functions with different motor oils. What’s more, the fluid may wash and eliminate varnishes from compressors, motors, transmissions, etc.

The additive keeps the oil fresh for a long period to stop friction or clogging. This collection consists of four 1-quart of additive containers. The fluid includes the revolutionary formula to accommodate the majority of these Honda vehicles.

Main reasons to Buy this:

  • High performance in an automatic transmission
  • Extensive compatibility and prevents clogging
  • Removes varnishes from different components

XADO Atomic Steel Conditioner Maximum

XADO Atomic Steel Conditioner Maximum for automatic transmissions differs in another additives we examined a long time. The very first difference that grabs the eye is that it comes at a syringe.

Using the additive using a syringe must be more convenient and simple than using bottled additives.

But a noticeable drawback of this syringe bundle is that it does not hold as much additive: The Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum holds just 1 oz of additive.

This product is rather expensive also. Given that, you need to expect a pretty great functionality from the Atomic Conditioner. Overall, it’s formulated to revive surfaces and protect them from wear and friction, which in turn both boost the operation and increase the life span of the gearbox.

And, yeah, since you probably guessed, this additive functions with automatic transmissions only.


  • Easy-to-apply
  • Protects from wear and friction
  • Eliminates surface flaws


  • Expensive
  • Includes just 1 ounce. of additive
  • For automatic transmissions just

Mobil 1 112980 Artificial

This 1 quart of transmission fluid includes advanced artificial ATF formulation to support a huge array of vehicles. With the support of highly-efficient formulation, this additive also recovers and raises the efficacy of the transmission.

Additionally, the fluid can help you save lots quantity of money you generally squander on gasoline. Even, this formula will help to improve the changing operation of your car or truck.

The artificial formula of the transmission additive additionally provides outstanding protection against use to prolong the life span of this transmission.

Additional from significant traffic congestion to preview pulling, the additive may continue to keep the transmission clean at any given driving condition.

Beneath -54-degree Celsius temperature, it’s possible to hassle-freely perform trustable lubrication for proper transmission.

Main reasons to Buy this:

  • Synthetic ATF formulation for broad compatibility
  • Better transmission with reliable lubrication
  • Outstanding protection and changing performance

zMax 51-306

If you’re interested in finding a transmission additive which costs as small as possible, then zMax’s Transmission Formula might be the ideal choice for you. It’s by far the most inexpensive additive within our listing.

It comprises just 6 ounces of the substance, which is not that far, to be honest. Owing to that, zMax Transmission Formula is not too cost-efficient, even though it should work fairly well.

This formulation delivers improved shifting performance and decreased wear on the very important areas of the transmission.

It is not actually clear which transmission forms that the Transmission Formula works with, but zMax clearly states it isn’t to get CVT transmissions. It appears, however, that buyers used it using both automatic and manual transmissions.


  • Cheap
  • Reduces wear and tear improves shifting


  • Not quite clear that broadcasts it may be utilized with


Most additive directions say you could add the transmission purifier to present transmission fluid. But it is suggested that you check the fluid levels. This is to make certain you don’t overfill.

Before incorporating transmission additive, then first you must heat up your car’s transmission and engine to working temperatures. Have your car idle for 20 to thirty minutes.

Read the instruction tag on your own additive prior to adding it to your own body. Based on the additive, then you may just require 1 bottle. But, two may be crucial for bigger vehicles.

Before incorporating the transmission additive, be sure to find the ideal dipstick. In the event you’re unsure of its place, check on the internet or in your automobile owner’s guide. Remove the dipstick and use a funnel to channel the additive to the computer system.

After adding the additive, then it is suggested that you drive your automobile for a little while, shifting through all of the gears.

Your Guide to Purchasing a Transmission Additives

Appreciating a momentum journey behind the wheel is a sense that the majority admire. While the fire is unthinkable, the simple fact is that a well-maintained machine is the only capable of serving you in the best.

Transmission collapse is a continuing problem affecting many automobiles globally. For automatic vehicles, the stress could be catastrophic compared to types engineered using a manual transmission.

A little problem can become more significant chaos that can cost a chance to rectify. Transmission additives are, because of this, the very best way to transmission failures your automobile may be facing or going to encounter any time soon.

What is Transmission Additives?

Transmission additives are all non-solvent options that stop and prevent hesitation and irregular shifting of equipment, thereby protecting bearings and gears against wear and tear. However, they provide frictional properties to facilitate smooth and precise changes.

Transmission liquid additives are made to repair fluid properties accountable for providing the ideal frictional properties, heat resistance, along with other applications.

For example, some additives are supposed to soften and ditch pig seals in addition to fix flows. For all these reasons, it’s wise that you be watching out for any transmission-related problems confronting your motor car to prevent squandering money on non-existent problems.

Different types of Transmission Additives

Why would you Need Transmission Additives?

Transmission is just one of those crucial pieces of an auto. It works simultaneously using the motor to control the automobile performance.

Because of this, transmission ensures that the car runs nicely at several rates. The same as other engine oil to your engine, auto transmission additives help to maintain transmission lubricated and functioning easily.

If the degree of cables is unequal, your transmission will probably lock heat up, and neglect, consequently attracting heavy expenses of replacement or fix the system.

Apparently, constant maintenance is vital in prolonging the life span of your vehicle. Section of your care routine ought to involve receiving your fluid flushed and changed after a certain mileage.

Few of the benefits that transmission additive could need for your automobile include:

An economizing approach; a lubricant additive is formulated to prevent or minimize modest flows by conditioning the seals. A slight leak may lead to a transmission system which works at additional high temperatures.

Alternately, the flow can get the system to operate less inefficiently leading to rough slides or changes when transmitting fluid is reduced.

Keeps you on the street and averts breakdowns; a constant reversal of transmission fluid will continue to keep the whole unit of your vehicle working economically by reducing wear parts.

If the oil begins to get older, it thickens, and the transmission starts to strain in the impurities which would have shaped.

Successful treatment will help minimize sludge and varnish from forming: The formation of varnish damages transmission as well as the surrounding components.

Proper treatment will also reduce sound and shudder which come as a consequence of low-quality fluid. On another note, inadequate excellent fluid has an influence on the transmission at the roar beneath your hood, the clanking, and the whirring.

Your transmission may also vibrate.

What Makes the Finest Transmission Additives?

Lubricant makers are working hard to style transmission fluids that provide smooth changes while protecting against wear and tear leaks.

Transmission problems are poisonous, and you may wind up wasting money on imitation lubricants. Going to the mechanic and using them urge the automated transmission additives will help save you money and frustrations.

Some factors you want to consider include; the cost of the transmission; the product should retail at a manageable rate and should be out of a respectable manufacturer.

The transmission additive needs to have the ability to address substantial problems like cleaning chewing gum, shellac, and varnish.

On another note, the product needs to include the simplicity of the application. The transmission additives which work ought to be simple to take care of and non-staining or watertight. They ought to provide a long-lasting solution, and the outcomes must be imminent.

In the end, a really top-rated additive ought to have an overall favorable evaluation from customers, which is a fantastic indication of satisfaction.

Though with testimonials, you’ve got to be cautious because many users are paid to write positively about several products.

Nonetheless, there are numerous brands out there on the industry retailing at various rates. Explore unique options before you may settle on a single.

Research one product, read testimonials, and also get recommendations from various mechanics. Most importantly, your selection will probably narrow down to preference.

Top-Rated Brands

Greatest Transmission Additives Brands

Because there are lots of options available on the current market, this manual highlights a few of the ideal transmission additives out there. Notably, performance and price variation may be evident.

Liqui Moly 20040 ATF Additive-meekly devised to avoid oil reduction and preserve your motor works without a lot of hassle. It’s considered to dampen downshifting surgeries and protects from wear, thus reducing repair price and providing longevity.

Trans-X Automatic Transmission and Power Steering Stop Leak- this therapy cleans the transmission and protects it from costly repair.

It cleans shellac gum, varnish, and another fatty hardened residue from transmission components. The retail cost is approximately $24.

XADO Revitalizant EX120 for Automatic transmissions-at a retail cost between $14 and $15, this product rebuilds and restores metallic parts as soon as it’s added to an automatic transmission. It stops transmitting shudders and reduces noise from shaking.

Hot Shot’s Secret HSSTSE 32Z Transmission Stiction Eliminator- this product is devised to provide the immediate answer on changing. It transforms transmission, and you’ll detect lower temperatures.

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A: Yes, you can choose the DIY approach. Just be certain that you find the transmission dipstick. With very little preparation, this can be a job you can finish in a couple of minutes.

Ensure that you carefully examine both your automobile owner’s manual along with the additive user directions.


A: Transmission additives will be used if you’re going through transmission slippage, stalling, rough changing, or seal escapes, and you wish to try out a less costly alternative before resorting to your repair store.


A: Unless you’re experiencing episodes of demanding transmission shifting, slipping, or hesitation, it’s not suggested that you incorporate transmission therapy.


Any problem in the transmission component of the automobile can be harmful, and that’s the reason you must pick up the ancient signs and care for your car or truck with transmission additive.

In reality, these should be utilized beforehand in order that no such dilemma ever arrives. We’ve recorded the ideal transmission additives in the top brands to pick from.

Proceed and know their features and select the best one for your car or truck.