A truck toolbox is a fantastic investment in protecting gear. Installing a shoulder toolbox will help stop your resources from “growing legs” while you’re parked.

The Best Truck Tool Box may pay for themselves by simply preventing you from an opportunistic would-be burglar.

Deciding on the proper toolbox will require some study and some handy tools to have things installed. We’ve got you covered and provide you our best-rated pickup truck toolboxes.

Top Best Truck Tool Box Brand Of 2020

Top Best Truck Tool Box Brand Of 2020

Bestseller No. 2
Lund 79460SL Black 60" Aluminum Diamond Plated Wide Flush Mount Truck Tool Box with Single Lid
Measures 60-inches (L) by 18.5-inches (W) by 20.5-inches (H)
Bestseller No. 3
Weather Guard - 127-5-02 127502 Black Aluminum Saddle Box
Full weather seal keeps moisture out even in extreme weather conditions
SaleBestseller No. 4
Weather Guard 3003005301 Truck Tool Box
Package Length: 61"; Package Width: 17.75"; Package Height: 14"; Package Girth: 119; Package Length + Girth: 180
Bestseller No. 5
Lund 7511101 Black 70" Slimline Full Size Cross Bed Truck Tool Box
Constructed of heavy-duty diamond plate aluminum; Single-lid design allows storage of larger equipment
SaleBestseller No. 8
Dee Zee DZ8363 Red Label Gull Wing Tool Box
Non-Rusting .056 Brite-Tread Aluminum; Lockable Stainless Steel Paddle Handle Latches; Internal Bends Add Superior Body Strength
SaleBestseller No. 10
Weather Guard 300106901 Truck Tool Box
Fits Full Size Trucks; Seven Year Warranty; Dual gas strut supported lid with protective sleevesIncludes sliding small parts tray

UnderCover SwingCase

Throwing out the publication on conventional truck toolbox layout, UnderCover made the SwingCase to appease truck owners that wish to maintain their beds coated and usable at precisely the same moment.

Because of this, this box matches beneath the bedrail, remaining clear of a tonneau cover and opening the major usable mattress distance between the wheels.

Along with some great prices, the toolbox also supplies a lot of usefulness for professionals and everyday drivers.

Each case comes at a paired place, which means it’s possible to put in 1 toolbox on every side of your truck. A curved cutout on the base of the box enables it to fit over the wheel, flush with the bed’s side.

The best aspect of this box layout is the hinge, which allows it to fold out over the tailgate. The hinge makes it effortless to get into the box without needing to dip to the tailgate with the cover closed.

The SwingCase was created with portability in mind, which can be both an advantage and a drawback. As you’re able to slip the toolbox from the hinge to shoot it with you, the principal body is light and little.

But using a 75-pound weight limitation, the storage capability of this SwingCase is significantly more restricted compared to conventional toolboxes.

TruXedo TonneauMate Truck Toolbox

On the lookout for the best truck toolbox, which will match any truck that may also accept a mattress cover?

Yeah, this is about as slick and sexy as it gets while still having space for your tools!

While I say universal fitment, allow me to just relay the company’s words, “TruXedo’s TonneauMate is an entirely universal ruler which fits most full-size trucks.”

Nevertheless, I’d notice from the FAQs the vendor noted a few trucks. It didn’t match. So, perhaps ask before purchasing!

As soon as you get things set up, this toolbox basically”floats” between the truck bed cover and the mattress itself. That leaves space for one to slip a complete sheet of warmth to the truck bed and close the cover.

Remember to open the cap of the toolbox. Your truck bed cover has to be far enough from the way. TruXedo states it works well using Lo Pro and Deuce covers.

It is best for people who wish to load up with a mattress filled with plywood, a toolbox, and a mattress cover all at once!

TruXedo TonneauMate Truck Toolbox in a Glance:

  • Toolbox Dimensions: 55″ x 23″ x 15″
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Universal fitment
  • Can be utilized with a tonneau cover
  • Flexible mounting

Weather Guard 117502

Weather Guard 117502 is a conventional truck toolbox designed to provide easy access inside the vehicle bed, fantastic protection for resources while still driving, and far better burglar prevention compared to funding toolboxes.

For the large part, this box provides most of these accounts, particularly if you’re searching for a durable toolbox with a great deal of space to use in the majority of truck beds.

In 101 cubic feet (18.5 x 27 x 71.5 inches), this saddle box is located on the bigger side of toolboxes.

The size can help to maximize the quantity of storage space you’ve got for resources provided that you are not overly worried about giving up additional space at the bed of this truck.

However, the saddle layout keeps some distance beneath the box for smaller items you might choose to set from the mattress itself.

In comparison to the majority of truck toolboxes, this one is about the higher end. For the most part, its construction reflects the greater quality, particularly the latches and joints.

Regrettably, the aluminum construction is prone to denting in case it has knocked difficult enough. The dimensions of this box can be too bulky in certain truck beds, which may lack the necessary width on the top and sides of the mattress rails.

Dee Zee Red Label Utility Chest

The Dee Zee Red Label Utility Chest is classified as the best truck toolbox at our listing since it is written from aluminum material with a protective gloss black powder coat on the outside.

Due to that, it is in a position to resist corrosion when it is subjected to the rain. Additionally, this is the best truck tool chest since it includes a builder standard stainless steel paddle handle and latches that provide optimum durability to stop people from breaking into the box.

Besides, this is the very best truck toolbox since it introduces a closed-cell foam gasket that is in a position to reduce moisture from the snow or rain from getting inside and rusting your resources.

This upper truck tool chest also presents a three-piece body, which adds more strength to the instrument box.


  • Crowned lid using a full-length hidden hinge
  • Composed from non-rusting aluminum
  • Contains builder-grade stainless steel latches


  • Previous clients complained that the seal on your instrument box was not very powerful.

Jobox Fullsize Deep Truck Box

Aluminum means that this arsenal is a bit lighter than a lot of the opponents in the marketplace. Additionally, it has a lot of features to keep things tidy, protected, and locked up.

Jobox has set a great deal of work to the lid of the box. When installed, the lid is intended to withstand crushing and impact with numerous layers of aluminum, stiff members, and foam.

They have put a great deal of focus on bending mechanics.

With shut, the dual rotary lock latches closed. When available, the entire lid is aided by gas spring lid lifts so that you don’t need to heave on it to move the lid.

I enjoy the slipping 4-compartment tray as well as the built-in storage containers on each end. If you’re searching for the best truck bed toolbox for about $500, the Jobox is for you!

Best for people who demand a toolbox.

Jobox Fullsize Deep Truck Box at a Glance:

  • Toolbox Dimensions: 71″ x 21″ x 17.25″
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Powder paint finish
  • 4-compartment sliding tray
  • The rigid structural lid helps improve durability.

DEFENDER SERIES 300401-53-01 Universal Chest Box

The Defender Series Universal Truck Chest Box is our treasured high-end truck toolbox. It is equipped to provide heavy-duty protection because it’s hook loop strikers in addition to dual-stage rotary latches.

Furthermore, this is the best truck tool. After all, it is equipped to provide maximum durability because it’s a four-piece welded construction. There’s a black powder coating that will help protect the toolbox’s fabric from rusting as it becomes moist.

Besides, this is the best truck toolbox since it includes tamper-resistant push-button locks, which are drill-resistant. Additionally, this high truck tool chest features a heavy-duty pry-resistant C-channel in addition to a welded lid construction for optimized durability.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Offers heavy-duty protection
  • Includes a black powder coating for protection against rust or corrosion


  • More expensive than some other products in the marketplace

UWS Crossover Truck Tool Box

Such as the Jobox we looked at, this UWS toolbox is a reinforced aluminum cross bed box. They have also taken strides to maintain the box as slim and low as possible while still leaving space for all your gear!

Produced in the United States, their customers well love these toolboxes. Everything concerning the box is intended to be rust-resistant.

The aluminum body and stainless-steel mean there’s virtually no prospect of whatever rusting apart down the street.

When it could forfeit some storage area, the lid layout means that you may see the back window better than other toolboxes.

When you want the greater profile layout, you could always purchase it from their site.

I like the lid is strengthened and full of good foam.

This keeps it all lightweight, like the Jobox, while staying inflexible, so if you close the lid, the entire thing stinks shut.

Lids that are poorly equipped can bow and bend when shutting them that may lead to a failure to latch. Best for low profile aluminum crossbred pickup truck toolbox made from an excellent aluminum design.

UWS Crossover Truck Tool Box at a Glance:

  • Toolbox Dimensions: 72″ x 24″ x 17″
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Reinforced aluminum lid
  • Stainless Steel lock hardware.
  • Micro Seal lid closed.

Brait Aluminum Tool Box

This stainless steel pickup/truck toolbox weighs only 17 lbs and is made of a 1.5-millimeter aluminum tread plate. It is 30 inches long by 13 inches high and 13 inches wide.

The tiles are fully welded, it’s a stainless steel T-bar lock, and it features stainless steel string affirms on the lid. Additionally, it has a weather seal to protect against water and dust.

The concealed, flat-style side grips are heavy-duty, along with the box comes in 2 color choices: black and silver. The lock is large, and the diamond plate looks amazing.

It’s likewise simple if you decide to mount it to drill holes. The box is excellent for storing equipment such as wires, tools, and other things.

On the other hand, the maker notes that the lid may occupy an extra 1 1/4 inches from the open place, based on its installation. Additionally, the handles can rust and, though it’s equipped with a weather seal, may flow. Additionally, it dents.

Yaheetech 30 inch Heavy Duty Aluminum Truck Tool Box

The Yaheetech Heavy Duty Aluminum Truck Tool Box is tagged as the best budget truck toolbox as it measures 30 inches of heavy-duty aluminum.

Given that it is produced using aluminum, this instrument box is lightweight, while being durable at precisely the same time without the same cost point of higher-end truck tool stinks.

More importantly, this truck toolbox includes a seal ring design that helps protect this box’s inner cleanliness from blocking your tools from undergoing any rust or damage.

This is the truck toolbox since it lowers the weight reduction which you put on it.


  • Offers an aluminum material with a chrome finish
  • Includes a hardy, bold rivet design for maximized durability
  • Cheap


  • The steel components do not have a protective coating on them.

Giantex Aluminum Truck Tool Box Storage

A good deal people do not need a toolbox in the bed of their truck. It requires up space, and they are often difficult to reach. Because of this, you can instead use this toolbox to mount on the tongue of your trailer!

A few things to remember — first, be certain that you order the size which can fit along with your trailer tongue (or whatever else you wish to mount it).

Second, because the toolbox includes built-in grips, you might choose to discover a way to mount the box so that it’s detachable to carry into the Jobsite.

Nevertheless, however, it is, the more lockable situation makes it tougher for folks to enter the box. It includes two keys so that you don’t lock your keys inside, also!

Since this truck storage container is comparatively straightforward and simple, it is among the least expensive boxes on our listing, so that it’s a good choice if you’re seeking to keep the prices low.

Best for custom or trailer mounted surgeries where you are prepared to DIY.

Giantex Aluminum Tool Box Storage at a Glance:

  • Toolbox Dimensions: 30″ x 13″ x 10″
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Lockable
  • 4 Distinct sizes available

Advantages of Truck Tool Boxes

Extra Storage

Truck toolboxes provide you with additional storage space for each one of your tools, and if you are somebody who needs to take a lot of tools at a mechanic’s toolbox or they’re more useful.

Truck toolboxes provide you with the room to transport all of your tools and arrange them without consuming too much space in the remainder of your vehicle’s bed.


Truck toolboxes are particularly handy for you if you need your tools to be organized. They are designed like big tool chests, plus they come with various features so you can easily arrange each pair.

Frequent features contain things like drawers, straps, and accessories, and you may also locate truck tool boxes constructed with particular tools in your mind.

These truck toolboxes are built with the streets in your mind. Nobody wants their gear to be bouncing around and end up in a large heap, and obtaining a truck toolbox is a fantastic method to be certain they stay where they are supposed to be–regardless of what the streets are like.


Toolsets get costly fast. Hence security is almost always a huge thing. Truck tool boxes arrive with locks which can only be opened with all the matching keys so that your tools will remain in their box. Nobody will have the ability to start the box for your tools.


Most truck tool boxes arrive with clogs and durable coatings to block your tools on the interior from becoming damaged and rusting due to water.

Additionally, many truck application boxes also include special coatings on their surfaces to avoid rusting. In general, truck tool boxes may protect your tools in the snow, rain, ice hockey, and even UV beams.

Recognizing Toolbox Construction Materials

Like everything we buy nowadays, substances are becoming lighter, more powerful, and easier for producers to create. At times, but we see producers cut corners where it matters. Truck bed toolboxes aren’t the place to skimp out on great excellent construction in my estimation!

Welded Boxes

Welding is my favorite way of toolbox construction. Welded seams on toolboxes are often spot-welded, and inadequate place welds may come apart fairly easily through the years or with rust. Start looking for great penetration on spot welds and be certain that the alloy has properly secured.

Riveted Boxes

Rivets are just like welding when items are said and done. While it might be difficult to tell, one thing to look for is that your pickup truck toolbox is created with the ideal rivets.

Rivets should always be hard or more difficult than the material that they hold collectively. Thus, aluminum rivets holding together a steel box will eventually fail and fall apart. Steel rivets have to be used with metal boxes.

Email the maker if you are unsure what sort of attachments are put to use in your arsenal.

Steel Boxes

Steel is a superb material as it is powerful and reasonably priced. Regrettably, besides, it rusts like mad.

Steel boxes have to be coated somehow. Paint or mattress liner covering the uterus will help stave off the rust, but it just buys you time. Plain light steel will rust when left out for years — it is only the way of things.

Stainless Steel Boxes

Stainless Steel is, naturally, the reply to preventing rust when toolboxes are very likely to become wet or left outside. It is more costly than light steel; however, stainless steel can endure several dozens (or hundreds) of years more than steel in rough components.

Stainless steel is my substance of choice for strength and endurance.


Lightweight like vinyl yet more rust-proof than stainless steel aluminum, is essentially a win-win. Typically, the largest drawback with aluminum is that it may be more expensive than other substances.

Aluminum may differ from weak to almost as durable as steel based on its construction, metal, and thickness. In general, it is a selection for truck bed toolboxes.


As you are going to be saving tools (heavy gear, metal gears, etc.) on the truck, I’d honestly just outright avoid plastic toolboxes.

Vinyl can maintain up, and it is rust-proof, which is large win steel. Your tools are very likely to gouge and scratch the box. Additionally, if you throw things in and from the mattress (or load something hefty ), the odds of damaging a plastic toolbox are higher than those of a hardy steel box.

One enormous advantage of plastic is that it will be considerably lighter than steel, so if maintaining weight reduction is a priority, so the plastic can make a situation.

Another thing to remember is that if you do some hot work like plastic toolboxes, they are somewhat vulnerable to burning or melting.

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A. This depends on how much you desire to shop and how much access you want into the box. Saddle boxes are generally simple to get in the mattress’s surface, but torso boxes often offer you the maximum truck bed storage.


A. The width is the most crucial thing. The toolbox has to be as broad or shorter than the mattress. Height and thickness are less important if you don’t want to conserve as much bedroom space as possible.


A. Any little thing you desire. Tools are typical for functioning auto owners, but toolboxes can hold regular things that you don’t need to leave vulnerable from the vehicle bed.

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Last Ideas

To get a toolbox that delivers a great deal of room and convenient mounting alternatives, check out our top pick, the Weather Guard 117502.

For your budget-conscious, you do not need to devote a good deal. A fantastic budget choice that’s compatible with the majority of truck covers and beds is your UnderCover SwingCase.