A car alarm is a good thing to have to protect your car from unwanted people doing harm for it or from stealers. However, deactivating it is not something everyone knows how to do. That is why we always receive questions from people about “how do I deactivate my car alarm” all the time.

Therefore, in this article, we will show you three methods of deactivating car alarms with step by step guide for each. Keep on reading to see how easy they are!

How Do I Deactivate My Car Alarm: 3 Easy Step-by-step Practical Techniques

Technique 1: Taking the Fuse of Your Car Alarm Away

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Preparation Fuse Car Alarm

  • Diagram/Manual
  • Phone/tablet/laptop
  • Those things are needed just in case you do not have the diagram or manual with you at the moment. If you have a diagram or manual, skip this. 
  • Plier
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Spot the fuse of your car alarm

Spot the fuse of your car alarm

With this technique, you will have to take the fuse away to stop the car alarm from going off. So, where is the fuse?

Modern cars often have over one fuse box and it might not be easy to find where they are. The fastest way to spot them is by reading your diagram manual. If there is more than one fuse box in your car, read the manual carefully to find the one that actually connects with your car alarm.

If you do not have the manual with you, you can try to search and find the position of your fuse boxes online. If you cannot find the manual of your exact car model online, one that is considerably similar to it will help too.

In case you do not have the manual and cannot find it online either, you will have to guess where it is. If you know basic things about those basic car components, then you might be able to do so.

But if you do not know anything about those “secret” parts of your car, it would be better to ask someone else to help or move to the other technique in this article because spotting where the fuse that is connected to your car alarm is a  compulsory step, and without it, you cannot do anything further. 

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Taking the Fuse of Your Car Alarm Away

Taking the Fuse of Your Car Alarm Away

Use the plier we asked you to prepare at the beginning to take the fuse connecting to the car alarm out. After taking it away, the car alarm will immediately stop ringing. 

If you are still confused about choosing the right fuse to take out, refer to your diagram or manual again. If you cannot, then you can try by taking each fuse out until the alarm shuts down. When you have already got the right one, put the other fuse back in.

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Last check Fuse Car Alarm

Last check

Once your alarm has stopped its deafening shriek, return the fuse to where it was before. The car alarm should not be going off again when you put the fuse back in right away because when you take it out, it is reset. 

If it goes off again, that means your car alarm may have some other problems that might be beyond you. So in this case, you will need to take it to a car service and let them run a thorough check on it.

Technique 2: Unlock Your Car

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Unlock Your Car Door

Unlock Your Car Alarm

Car alarms are designed to shut off automatically if its owner (the one who has the key) opens the car door. So if you are around and want to turn your car alarm off immediately, using your car key is the easiest way.

Normally, when your alarm is going off, unlocking the car will immediately shut it down. However, sometimes, this will not work. In this case, you can try to lock and unlock the door a couple of times, this will shut it up for good.

If you do not have the car key, the right model key fob will work properly. But on the off chance that even this cannot yield any good result, move to step 2.

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Turn the Alarm off After Entering Your Car

Turn the Alarm off After Entering Your Car

First off, you need to know that not every alarm system will let you start the car while it is still blaring at full volume. So getting in the car will tone things down only when your alarm allows you to do so. This might sound complicated, but the intention of those alarm manufacturers is to protect your property better.

To stop the alarm, get into your car, and turn to accessories (ACC). This action will reset your car alarm. 


If your car alarm does not stop ringing after you use both key and key fob, that might be because it has a low battery level. In the next section, we will talk more about the relation between battery level and car alarm. But for now, just simply replace the battery and try to turn your alarm off again.

Technique 3: Detach The Connection With Your Battery

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Find the Battery

Find the Battery

Use your car manual to find where the battery is located. Sometimes you can find it easy, but sometimes, it might be covered by a protective layer that you will need to remove.

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Find the “NEG” Area

Find the NEG Area

After spotting the battery, start looking for the “NEG” or “(-)” symbol (this means “negative”) and loosen its nut (not separate it completely). Bear in mind that you just need to do this with the negative, not the positive.

Some car alarms might even have a “backup” battery, and they will instantly jump to it after the main battery dies. So, make sure that you disconnect both.

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Connect the Battery again

Wait for a few hours, then tighten the negative’s nut. Now your alarm is reset and it should not go off again. If it does, then you need to have it checked with the proper car service.


Working with the battery might put you at stake if you do not follow some safety guide, so please make sure you have the necessary protections before doing the work.

Eye protection and gloves are really important. When you are disconnecting the battery, the flash and heat getting out are certainly not going to show your sight any mercy. Regarding the gloves, the thicker they are, the better as the heat and some sharp stuff from the engine might hurt your hands.

Why Does My Car Alarm Keep Screaming for No Reason?

We had been going through the “How do I deactivate my car alarm” section, and we assume that you have known how to deactivate your car alarm successfully. But keep on shutting it down over and over can be quite a pain. In fact, the best way to solve this issue is to understand where it stems from, and then deal with that very source. 

There are a few reasons for this, but we will only get into the most common ones that make your car alarm screaming all of a sudden, and guide you on how to stop having those problems in the future.

Battery Level is Low

Battery Level is LowThis might sound relevant, but your car alarm might go off if you start the car with a low battery level. The reason why this happens is that this kind of alarm is also made to determine if your battery is low or not so that you can change it in time.

It is quite easy to do away with this issue, just simply start your car with a decent level of the battery, and never let it nearly run out. 

Your Hood Latch Has Bad Connection

Your Hood Latch Has Bad ConnectionWhen the hood latch has a bad connection, the alarm would go off out of the blue even though there is nobody approaching it.

To fix this problem, you will have to work with the connection of your car alarm hood latch (it will be somewhere near your headlights). This might not be easy and you might need to ask for someone with a mechanical background to give you a hand.

The Hood Latch is Not in Mint Condition

When your hood latch has not been maintained properly, after a while it will eventually go out of shape. When the particular part begins acting up, the sensor cannot work properly, and as a result, your car alarm will shrieking like crazy at every moment possible.

To address this problem, you will have to maintain your hood latch, and check it once in a while to make sure nothing has gone wrong with it.

Loud Sound

Your car alarm works by sensing the forces from outside to decide if it is a threat to your car. So sometimes, if it detects some suspicious noise, it is likely to start blaring at full volume. Those sounds might be from anything – slamming doors, sounds from some engine nearby, or something popped loudly. 

This is the reason why many users are driven bonkers because their car alarm just constantly goes off when the car is in a noisy area, or when their car alarm starts to scream out in the middle of the night just because their neighbor is going home late and closes their gate or door too loudly.

Unfortunately, there’s really no practical way to fix it because it is the car’s job to detect those “potential harms” for your car. The only possible solution for this is to deactivate your vehicle, which we do not recommend as it can endanger your property. But if you believe your neighborhood is fairly safe, feel free to do so.

Final Words

A car alarm serves as a perfect means of keeping your precious vehicle out of harm’s way and chases away the lousy thieves that dare to lay their fingers on it. But besides the benefits it brings, it can be quite a nuisance if it suddenly starts shrieking when there is no threat around.

But after this article, surely you have got the right answer to the question of “how do I deactivate my car alarm”, right?. We believe if you follow all the steps we mentioned, it would be easy for you to deal with this intolerable issue. That’s a wrap for this topic then, we will see you next time.