In this article, we’re giving you a thorough tutorial on how to double clutch. Double-clutch is a technique that is commonly known among car enthusiasts, truck drivers, and car racers.

From this information, you may think that this technique is only for professional drivers, there’s no way a rookie like you can grasp such a technique. Well, we’re here to assure you that nothing is impossible if you spend time educating yourself and practicing.

What Is Double Clutch And Its Function?

What is Double Clutch?

What is Double Clutch?If you’re unfamiliar with the term double-clutch transmission, then here is a simple explanation so you can have an overall understanding of this interesting driving technique.

Double-clutch is a method of shifting gear that is widely used among professional car drivers, such as truckers and car racers. The reason for this is because the trucks or racing cars usually have an unsynchronized manual transmission, which can only be operated with double clutch.

Other than that, the process of a double clutch transmission also happens very swiftly and smoothly, which is suitable for these driver’s lines of work.

Should you learn how to double-clutch?

You’re wondering if you should learn this skillful method? We’d like you to know that we very much encourage you to try and learn double-clutching. Double-clutch transmission has some beneficial advantages that would definitely come in handy while driving.

How To Double Clutch

What are these technique’s benefits?

Firstly, double-clutch transmission can aid in car maintenance. Supposedly, the double-clutch should help to match the rotational speed of the input shaft. This avoids the engines to crash during any transition, hence prolonging the car’s lifespan.

Secondly, a double-clutch will bring you better experiences when driving. Why? You may ask.

Well, for instance, if you’re in a hurry, knowing how to double-clutch is definitely a plus because this method is supposed to help you move swiftly and quickly so you can surpass the car before you with ease.
This is why double-clutching is often used in car racing. Other than that, your driving skill will become more versatile, due to the fact that this technique can be applied to a great number of cars and even big four-wheels vehicles like trucks.

Getting Started

What you should know?

Before you start to practice how to double-clutch, it is best to make sure that you and your car are both ready. In order to learn anything, you should always look up about the subject first.

For example, you can search for articles (like this one) or, if you want a more detailed demonstration, we encourage you to watch tutorial videos so you can have a clearer view of what to do.

How is your car?

Next, check your car and make sure it is in good condition. This will not only ensure an effective time of practice but also enhance your own safety, which should be the first priority.

check your car

For this part, we suggest you see which category that your car falls into and then check for the engines after, see if they still function well and if you find any broken part, feel free to get it repaired. You can never be too careful when it comes to driving.

Where should you practice?

After when you’re done with checking the technical stuff, you can look for a suitable location to practice. Search for a place that is relatively spacious and somewhat secluded.

If you go to a place that is crowded with people or objects, you won’t have enough practice because you are too busy trying not to cause any unwanted accidents. So please take our advice and choose a location that meets the requirements above, trust us, this will bring you much comfort while practicing.

How are your driving skills?

And last but not least, make sure that you’ve already attained the basic criteria, knowledge, and skills for driving a vehicle. As we said before, it is better to be careful than to be sorry later.

Only when you’ve met all the standards that we presented, you can confidently and merrily drive down your path without any difficulty. Driving is only fun when it is safe.

How To Double Clutch?

Get The Feel Of Double Clutching

If you’re unsure about how a double-clutch feels like when executed accurately, we’re going to describe it to you.
The double-clutch should happen quickly and swiftly, this doesn’t mean that you should do it in a hurry. The double clutch method takes no more than a second, it is a very smooth transition and with this technique, you don’t have to wait too long for the engines’ speed to match each other.

Apply The Right Amount Of Pressure On The Clutch

When operating a double-clutch transmission, you should press the clutch with more pressure since you are doing it twice.

Apply The Right Amount Of Pressure On The Clutch

If you worry that this may cause some damage to your car, we can assure you that, unless it has been in bad condition beforehand, any car can handle the press to do a double-clutch.

Shift Without Using The Clutch

This sounds pretty strange, doesn’t it? But yes, you can shift without the use of the clutch. However, do keep in mind that this method shouldn’t be used frequently and only applied when in an emergency.

To operate, you only need to lift your foot pressure on the accelerator and wait for the speed to slow down.

Find The Happy Spot While Shifting

This one might be a bit tricky since it really depends on the type of car that you own.

But for the most part, you only need to understand that you should raise the engine RPM speed relatively high, almost as high as the speed of the vehicle. For some, it can be from 900-1000 RPM, in others, it can go up to 1200 or 1400 RPM.

Learn To Get The Feel Of The Vehicle

When you do the double-clutch, this action should occur swiftly and smoothly. Both of your feet should work in harmony and you shouldn’t feel any resistance. Pay attention to your rev and don’t let it drop so low that it lugs the vehicle.


When it comes to learning new things, some of us may feel like it’s too hard to learn with all the technical stuff. But if we’re being honest here, pretty much everything takes time and consideration in order to be attained.

In this case, we’re talking about driving, specifically, double-clutching. Not only do you need to learn ahead of what it is about, but you also need to spend time practicing in order to perfect your driving skill too.

Some may say that learning how to double clutch is abundant now but we disagree, in fact, this is a very useful skill that might help you adapt to different kinds of vehicles.

So happy performing double-clutch and stay tuned to our upcoming reviews!