When it comes to searching for posts about “How To Improve FM Signal On Radio With A Single Wire Antenna”, you are not likely to receive many comprehensive answers. The same as for online videos as they rarely make DIY contents about this. So they don’t meet your demands at all. And you’ve been struggling to find the RIGHT instruction to improve FM Signal.

Improve FM Signal On Radio

Don’t worry because this crystal clear and specific DIY instruction is going to help you solve the problem with a few tools and very little effort.

How To Improve FM Signal On Radio With A Single Wire Antenna?

This process consists of two separate parts which are customizing the antenna and, later on, boosting the signals.

Customize the antenna

First off, you need to customize and put your antenna in a perfectly stable state, only then will it be able to function at its finest.

Required items to customize this

Before taking action, make sure you have gathered all the necessary equipment. To nail this little project, you need to prepare these following items (do not miss out on a single thing!):

  • Wire strippers
  • Electrical tape
  • 2-wire cable conductor
  • A ruler
  • Dipole antenna

Total Price

The items mentioned above won’t cost you too much. You can find them at the nearest electrical local stores or purchase online. The total cost is approximately $30.

How to do it

Improve FM Signal On Radio With A Single Wire Antenna

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Loosen parts of the antenna

Loosen parts of the antenna

As known, the antenna is located in the jack, and you have to pull it from there. Then you need to segregate the screws which will play the role of the antenna’s terminals. After this, the wire is able to be released. Uncoil and stretch it.

On the other hand, make sure you extend the antenna completely. This can increase its reception surface.

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Reconnecting with the tuner

Reconnecting with the tuner
Yes, no other position, there is the tuner. You must attach the antenna to there once again. Then start the operation of the radio and choose any station you prefer.

Now, you must raise the antenna up to the level you desire, pull it out to its full length even. If your radio somehow winds up being surrounded by strong signals, you should pull the antenna from side to side to identify the changes in frequency. You can also try moving to higher areas like the rooftop for better signal

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Secure the antenna by tape

Secure the antenna by tape
When you find the best position with the strongest radio signals, you can tape the antenna there permanently.


It varies among experts and amateurs. People with certain knowledge about electricity and single antennas will accomplish faster which is about 40 minutes. On the other hand, it depends on the adjustments and fixing process to gain better signals. But, once again, this is purely a DIY project at home so it won’t take up a whole day.

Boost the radio signals

After customizing the antenna, it’s time to take some extra actions and improve the FM signals. It will not take long, and yet, in return, you can give your radio a total boost in performance. So, worth a shot, don’t you think?

  1. Straighten your radio’s power cord
  2. Switch the radio to “Mono” mode for clearer reflection
  3. Extend the antenna and move the top of it in various directions. By doing this, you can find better signals.
  4. Use the dipole antenna which was bought earlier and connect it with the Frequency Modulation (FM) input of your radio. It has the shape of the letter “T” that helps advance the received signals.
  5. After the attachment is finished, you need to move the radio wire around to check the stations which you often reach, then plug its wire into the input jack of the radio.
  6. The last step is to relocate the antenna. The higher you place the antenna, the better it will function and benefit your radio reception. Besides, you can place it near the available station as possible.

Note: After fulfilling all the steps above, you may need to adjust the antenna a few more times until it is properly plugged in and receive clarity of signal and voice with no disturbing noises left.

Follow this video to know more:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any way to maintain the FM signal?

A powerful radio is essential. However, the most vital aspect is to utilize wave splitters to channel the signals better to the device.

Where should you place the antenna?

As mentioned above, you should place the antenna on high spots such as on top of your house roof, in the attic, on the balcony to receive the best signals and the least interruptions.

However, it is really important to place it at reachable positions for later adjustments. And don’t forget to set a fixed spot as there will be extremely windy days and birds or cats corrupting your antenna.

What can have an impact on the signal frequency?

Although there are multiple technical factors included, signal frequency is mostly affected by height and distance from where the antenna is placed to the nearest station.

Does replacing the aluminum foil on your antenna bring any benefit?

One little action, yet great result awaits! By changing the aluminum foil on your antenna, you will be able to expand its surface area which will help amplify the waves and receive better signals.

Unfortunately, this technique only applies to TVs, not for radios. But we decided to add it anyway since not many people are aware of it.


And that is it! Pretty simple right? Just follow our guide step by step and you’ll gain your wanted results. Also, don’t forget to help other friends if they encounter the same problem. With only 7 simple steps, you surely will nail the best results and be able to enjoy the wonderful tunes.
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